Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Venus in Aries Leaves the Retrograde Shadow

In honour of Venus in Aries busting out of the retro shadow into new territory tonight (at 15 1/2 degrees Aries or so), I'm linking to a still-relevant post on rejecting false karasses in favour of real, authentic places for our real, authentic selves (no self-censorship) within communities/groups.

Kicking False Karasses to the Curb...

The Moon in Aries conjuncts Venus in Aries tonight at the very same time that Venus leaves the retrograde shadow (9:23 p.m. MT). Oh, astrology.

Mars and Venus in Aries are both heading to sextiles with that Aquarius triple conjunction (Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune), activating these issues again in our lives. Mars in Aries will sextile the bodies in Aquarius May 26 (just after Jupiter conjuncts Chiron (May 23) and just before it conjuncts Neptune (May 27)); Venus will sextile them June 2.

The Venus retro in Aries was designed to strengthen the relationship we have to ourselves. To get in touch with the warrior within - the one who will take no shit from the people around us, who will bow and bend to no one, who will stand up and demand to be heard (and demand that what we're REALLY saying is heard - not what someone THINKS we're saying).

Through the retrograde process, we have hopefully strengthened the relationship to our real, authentic, no-holds-barred selves to the point that we're bringing it all to the table in our interpersonal relationships. All of us. Not downplaying or whitewashing out a bit. Because getting to that place and living from that place is very important now in creating the right place for ourselves within the unfolding Aquarian paradigm.

The Venus retrograde was also designed to strengthen our personal relationship to the constructive, motivating force of our own anger.

Honouring our feelings there, understanding their validity and determining what actions they're asking us to take.

And this leads me to something that really pisses me off that I would like to address now.

And that is the term "rants." I despise this term. Yep, it's a very strong reaction. And when I go to the root of those feelings, I realize I despise this term being applied to my writing/work (and to anyone's, actually) because, to me, this term has been used in the past to invalidate passion and righteous anger. It's a term that seems condescending, making less of that which it refers to.

I see people use this term relating to their own work/point-of-view as a sort of apology for their candor. I also see people using this term to distance themselves from the truths being spoken...making it seem as if the person speaking/writing is an "amusing hothead" and little more. It subtly attempts to invalidate what is being expressed.

And I think it sucks.

I will never apologize for my work or perspective, especially not to make someone feel more comfortable within his or her own mindset. And I will never do myself the dishonour of applying that term to what I do.

The level of self-censorship going on in this culture makes me unbearably sad, but it also disgusts the hell out of me that people will allow themselves to be stifled in these ways. That they will "tone down" what they really think and feel so as to not ruffle any feathers.

I say, ruffle more feathers! If you're speaking the truth from your personal perspective and what you're saying strikes a nerve, that means it's triggering something that is meant to be brought to collective awareness.

But this happens. In a world that constantly resists your point-of-view and rejects what you have to say, people end up questioning their own sanity. (Even though it's the mainstream groupthink that is actually insane.)

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