Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aftermath of Pluto in Leo Rage

OK, so my feelings toward the Pluto in Leo generation have officially turned to rage, kicked up by today's Moon in Leo and Venus in Aries square to retrograding Pluto in Capricorn.

This square is bringing to awareness how structurally messed up things really are and how our personal directions are being confined by the necessary clean-up and transformation of the fucked-upness reinforced for so long by the Pluto in Leos holding power.

So in honour of this aspect, here's a highly inflammatory post slagging the Pluto in Leos in a way that is deeply satisfying to me...

This is what really gets me. That so many members of this generation still haven't truly taken on responsibility for the Aquarius end of the equation. They're using the energy of the new to play the same old ego games within the same old ego constructs.

They're getting slightly trickier about it, though. Because now that society has gotten on board with the whole "global planet" thing, the Pluto in Leos have had to bring at least a semblance of social responsibility into their game. But don't be fooled - for the most part, it's still the same old game.

At this point, the social responsibility and focus on the broader good many of them are willing to take on is in direct proportion to how much personal acclaim, recognition, and rewards they will receive for doing so.

Most still trip over their own egos long before they get to real Aquarian consciousness.

When you spend an excessive amount of time and energy drawing attention to all the wonderful things you supposedly do for the community rather than just doing those wonderful things, well, you've got a skewed idea of what is really going down.

Draining energy from the collective to feed the bottomless pit of attention-questing ego validation...

I think of Scorpionic/Plutonic dynamics as a figure eight (8). 8th House = house ruled by Scorpio. So think of a person on one end of the figure eight and whatever/whomever that person is in relation to on the other end, exchanging energy in that sort of figure eight dynamic.

What so many members of the Pluto in Leo generation seem to do is set up power dynamics where whatever they do or say results in energy being fed back to their egos/sense of self-importance. This can then easily lead to only doing what will lead to this ego-feeding.

And if they don't receive the personal acclaim and promotion they seem to think they deserve, watch out. It gets nasty.

I'm so aware of this these days that it doesn't take much old school Pluto in Leo bullshit to get my eyes rolling. So many interactions seem to involve wasting time and energy wading through their ego constructs. They use the magnetic nature of Pluto, pulling every trick in the book to - consciously or unconsciously - siphon energy off to meet their personality and ego demands. This wouldn't be a problem if they had done the Plutonic work of stripping away all unnecessary ego detritus first - but so many haven't, leaving us with garbage dynamics.

A lot of Pluto in Leos are too busy tripping over their own egos, while demanding that you bow to their awesomeness, to understand that there are larger forces at work than just them, their personal desires, and the self-promotional quest for recognition.

You want to impress me? Get the fuck over yourself and interact in the moment as equals. Do the right thing just because it's the right thing to do. Cut the cord to the long list of personal accomplishments you parade out at every opportunity. (And just to be clear - the Pluto in Leos certainly don't have the market cornered on ego detritus these days.)

I wonder if it's actually the winds of change stirring these dynamics up in such a repugnant way? The Pluto in Leos can feel things starting to shift and see that the younger generations have their own ideas about how to do things, and this causes them to panic and do everything in their power to puff themselves up and reinforce their power and control.

Anyway, I'm really getting sick of the disclaimer that, yeah, I know, not all Pluto in Leos are this way. There are individuals who don't fall into and reinforce these same old traps. But this is what a lot of people around my age are feeling. If you are one of the Pluto in Leos who do not fall into these dynamics, bravo to you! Thank-you. We need more of you. But if you can't see the way your generation, en masse, has gone and continues to go off the rails, well, we've got problems.

So I'm going to repost part of a previous Pluto in Virgo/Pluto in Leo article. Just to reinforce my displeasure at what the Pluto in Leos seems to insist on reinforcing.

"Baby Bush's regime is a pretty fitting symbol of what went wrong during Pluto in Leo.

Massive, overblown egos, petit tyranny, treating everything as if it's a game (including war), excessive material accumulation, thinking only about oneself and one's own desires, interacting with everything as if its merely an extension of oneself, short-term gratification over long-term planning, ego-driven actions instead of objective understanding of a larger vision, addiction to personality and personality-driven drama, forcing one's personal will even when it is not in the best interests of the community/group, questing for personal glory and attention above all else, childish lack of impulse control.

This sounds harsh, sure, but I speak from experience. I worked with a Pluto in Leo over the past two years (the owner of the store where I worked) and have had contact with many members of this generation. These are some of the things I have personally run into.

Clinging to old forms of personality-driven power instead of moving on into something better.

I've said in the past, “It's not all about you.” To which, this Baby Boomer replied, “Yes, it is.”

What can you do with this mindset? It's like arguing with a toddler.

Pluto in Leos are the Children of the Zodiac. But unfortunately, a lot of them took that too literally and simply refused to grow up. Their power went to their heads. Their bloated egos became the driving force in their lives. And it became more about having the most and best toys, homes, cars, clothes, art, vacations, etc....or pining away for those things. Rampant material accumulation (living like Kings and Queens - Leo) with little regard among the mainstream with how that would affect the planet. Capitalism became a game to a lot of them, addicted to the ever-increasing power that fed their egos. They couldn't get beyond themselves in any truly lasting, meaningful way to see that they had any kind of responsibility to humanity itself or to the world.

But they did and do.

Pluto in Leo's generational imperative did involve fun, play, art, beauty, living the good life - but it also involved the stripping down of ego constructs, finding their hearts, and transforming beyond greedy little children playing a game of “King of the Castle.”

The polarity point of Leo is Aquarius, so the Pluto in Leos had/have a necessity to think about the future, the big picture, the planet as a whole, the community and their real responsibilities there – not just those that would bring them the most personal glory. They were challenged to use their personal talents and abilities to create something for the whole, to create a real win-win world, rather than using them to overpower others and attain attention and status. They were challenged to look beyond their own material wants and desires for personal recognition.

And some have, to be sure. But many have not. En masse, I would say, they have not.

Baby Bush and company are a fitting symbol for this navel-gazing failure to understand the whole and any responsibility to it. The lack of preparedness for Hurricane Katrina, for example.

Bush was off fighting a war overseas in order to secure Middle East oil and was too busy chasing power and glory, despite many warnings, to develop a contingency plan for New Orleans in case of catastrophic hurricane. The (horribly inadequate) plan in place was simply that residents would drive out of New Orleans, despite the fact that thousands of residents did not have access to vehicles. You know - the poor folk, Georgie? I know you haven't had much contact with “those people,” but if you could have gotten your head out of your own ass for a couple minutes...

There's some sick oil dependency for ya. “Just drive!” That solves everything for an oil baron Texan, doesn't it? Unable to get beyond his own immediate perspective, he did not understand the situation, did not listen to advisers and went about doing things “his way.” Which, of course, was no way at all, and more than 1,800 people died in what was an atrocious lack of responsibility, creating a disaster that could have been much better contained.

I read a while ago that scientists estimate every square mile of ocean has 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in it, all ready to be swallowed by marine life.

This statitistic is just mind-boggling to me and shows what the Pluto in Virgos (born 1956 - 1973) are coming into after the “live today, plan tomorrow” shit show of the Pluto in Leos.

And maybe all is not lost and the mainstream Pluto in Leos will get it together and start working for the whole, instead of looking out for number one.

If their retirements are in jeopardy, maybe this is the ego transformation they need, coming later in life? That they will have to continue to work for the Pluto in Virgos under a very different system of doing things? Not “their way” anymore.

As I said earlier, Leo is a fixed sign, and the Pluto in Leos are not going to give up their place at the head of the table easily.

But with the shift into Pluto in Virgos being in the driver seat combined with the full-on shift into the Aquarian paradigm, the Pluto in Leos are going to have to get with the program. They can either start living for the betterment of all of humanity and living things, having some long-range vision, or they will become more and more redundant, clinging to their big heads and personal way of doing things, anyone else be damned.

As far as the Aquarian portion of the Pluto in Leo's generational exam, I would have to give them a big old C-. Just like Baby Bush's average at Yale.

Here you can see how it is all connected. One generation successfully achieving its imperatives, doing its generational (Plutonic) work, carries forward. The progress made assists forthcoming generations. But if one generation drops the ball in a big way, the next generation will be playing major catch-up. Unfortunately, Virgo is a sign that often has to take on the work of others, work that has been neglected by other people. It is a sort of karmic catch-all at times. So through no fault of their own, the Pluto in Virgos will now have to start their process in a complete and utter mess. The immaturity and lack of large-scale vision for the planet of the preceding generational leaders makes it so."


A fellow Scorp... said...

The Plutos in Leo don't realize yet that the party's over - but we Plutos in Virgo are standing by with our brooms!

To be fair Willow, we Plutos in Virgo (good little housekeepers that we are) don't want to clean up too much mess yet while the P's in L are creating havoc. It's always easier to clean up once they've left the house.

Love your rants!

Willow said...

Ugh. I have to say I hate the term rants. This is my work...

The problem I see is that while the Pluto in Leos are whooping it up trashing the hotel room one last time, people are living in states of misery in desperate need of systemic clean-up and effective leadership.

I think this is what is being lost in the shuffle. This stuff can't wait. People are hurting, in desperately bad situations. And the absolute immaturity and selfishness that this generation is showing right now by clinging to old power constructs despite the situation is truly sickening to me.

I really think it's time to shut this Pluto in Leo shitshow down, rather than letting them leave on their own terms. As we all know, Pluto in Leos aren't going to give up power/the spotlight very quickly or easily on their own. The Pluto in Virgos really need to show them the door...but from what I can see, they're not. They're trying to accomodate them...which is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I have issues with the US Pluto in Cancer generation as well. I detest the extreme patriotism which allowed the Bush regime to torture and do whatever. It is not okay to blindly support the US government because that's what the US did during WWII. It is not unpatriotic. I've still not gotten past the debacle of Vietnam.

We live globally now... I lament their clannish tendencies -- not everything Amercian is good! It is not unpatriotic to examine the parts of the whole. Has anyone else noticed that America has to have a war on something? A War on Drugs, a War on Fat, or a War on Terrorism.

The Pluto in Cancer generation certainly encouraged the Pluto in Leo group toward excess from what I've personally witnessed. So many view their children's big houses and big corporate profits as a reflection of their successful parenting or Divine right (That God thing). And far too many of Pluto in Cancer elites let the Bush regime policies slide unchecked because of his sweeping estate tax reform -- passing on wealth to the next generation, who happen to be mostly the Pluto in Leos. Simply put... they were bought!

Much to think about, yes? So I m left to wonder what our shadow will be for the Pluto in Virgo generation? Maybe the Pluto in Libra generation can point it out to us.

Cheers Willow!

Willow said...

Agreed! This definitely didn't start with the Pluto in Leos, but this is where we find ourselves as Pluto enters Capricorn and we see all the horrors of our current power structures - with Pluto in Leos at the helm (still being strongly influenced by Mommy/Daddy, sure).

We basically just replayed Vietnam with Iraq/Afghanistan, I think. The photos of babies born deformed from DU exposure are right up there for me with photos of the My Lai massacre. It's one and the same.

So I'm focussing on the here and now just to try to stop the cycle...but you're right, the roots definitely go deeper.

I also have huge problems with the Pluto in Cancers. A lot of Pluto in Leos seem to have pathological Mommy/Daddy issues that come out in effed up ways.

I mean, Baby Bush was just following the track his father (and the "American fathers" before him) set out on! He's a Cancer Sun, so you can see how he was an extension of that Pluto in Cancer killing-for-partiotism-and-our-right-to-eat-apple-pie stuff. Extreme security fears leading to the most heinous of brutality/crimes against humanity, etc.

Possibly the buck stops with the Pluto in Libras. Cancer and Libra form a square - hard aspect. With Pluto in Capricorn forming a T-Square. Uranus will soon be in all this makes a Cardinal Grand Cross - a new directions.

I think for the Pluto in Virgos, it comes down to what I was saying in previous posts...if you can't take the shot for real justice, leave the best possible circumstances for the Pluto in Libras to take it. Don't just clean up the mess and try to pretend it didn't happen.

Because if that's done, we just set ourselves up for the next Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan/whatever.

Pluto has to get to the root, so the Pluto in Virgos have to get to the root of systemic abuses to really change things...not just pick up where the Pluto in Leos left off and create a superficial functioning. ("Look! Everything is fine now!") You have to expose the roots in order to really end the cycles and transform. So being brutally honest is key.

Right now, there's too much Pluto in Leo going on for any real honesty about the circumstances (Virgo) we find ourselves in.

Willow said...

I would hazard a guess that much of the current New Age movement is related to that Pluto in Virgo shadow...misuse of the concepts of holism, oneness, etc. (One World Government, One World Religion)

Erm...but honestly, the majority of Pluto in Libras aren't exactly doing a bang-up job, either.

Most of my generation, at present, seems content to work the same old structures being held in place by the Pluto in Leos for their comfort and material spoils. Libra definitely has a love of the good life...sextile to Leo. So you can see how those two can fit together in bullshitty ways.

Social justice isn't even a conscious thought for a lot of Pluto in Libras...or if it is, it's a token, trendy thing tacked on to the aforementioned materialist lifestyle. Nothing they would actually consciously live aligned with.

Luckily, Pluto imposes itself on the important issues. hee hee