Monday, June 28, 2010

The Eclipse Hangover and Shifting Human Destiny

A dignified human existence. A dignified existence for living things. A planet restored to a natural balance and harmony, the way we know it can and should be.

The cellular soul memory of what once was. The deepest heart's knowledge of how it can be here, how it should be - redeemed, reinstated. Heaven on Earth. The pitch black falls away like a bad dream. Waking from our night terrors, together. We're not alone.

We know the score at this point. We know what has gone on and is going on in the Gulf. We're not burying our heads in the Gulf coast sand.

People are getting sick. Gulf coast refugees have started to move. Louisianan Kindra Arnesen is one of them - forced to relocate her family due to her daughter's rashes and upper respiratory problems since the disaster. Kindra got a backstage pass to the BP "ponies and balloons" show, and I encourage everyone to listen to what she has to say about what's going on.

Now, at this point, fully aware of the situation, we can work on visualizing a shift. We can apply our consciousness to a solution coming through so strongly that it unravels the knots of our helplessness, our grief, our anger, our depression. It releases the Gulf and all living things from the toxic spew, restoring things to a point of health and natural equilibrium.

We intend to manifest:

A fully restored, clean and clear Gulf of Mexico, including all coasts and marshes. A safe place for people, animals and plants to live. Clear water and restored oxygen levels for the Gulf and for the planet.

But hey, let's not stop there. Let's really flex our manifesting muscles and go for a clear and toxin-free world...

The health of the people fully restored.

Energy returned to those who have had it sapped by the activities of industry, commerce and warfare.

Natural, effective healing methods available and accessible to all.

A peaceful and effortless falling away of the power and control structures working to keep humanity enslaved.

World ecosystems allowed to come to a natural state of function and balance, free of manipulation.

Deep, all-encompassing healing and renewal for people, animals, plant life, the planet as a whole.

Peaceful, inter-relating societies around the world, working to solve our problems, free to apply our genius in practical, wise and far-sighted ways.

A grand-scale shift to clean, free energy, out of the death throes of the enforced Oil Age.

A better world is possible. Not just possible, but necessary for the further development of a humanity I wish to take part in.

A shift out of the paradigm of the lucky ones versus the sacrificed. Let's get this straight: No one wants to be sacrificed. No one should live a life of suffering so that others can elevate themselves with that suffering.

We do not accept the sacrifice of life on this planet. We do not accept attacks on our health, our quality of life or our well-being.

And now we start to move, start to earnest. We all work with the pieces we have to work with.

We can keep our heads above water here, above the malaise and the despair and the isolation that eats at the fabric of us, by understanding that we're here together, experiencing what we're experiencing.

Venus is in Leo right now, and our hearts are being stretched vigorously. At times, it feels as if there is nothing left to give. Overnight, we are being worked on, guided and stretched to go just a bit further. My chest is aching, as if it has been pried apart. I wake feeling as if I've had a bowling ball sitting on my breastbone all night.

This process has been ongoing. We all feel it should have been completed by now - way before now. We're in quadruple sudden death overtime, exhausted but trying to keep going. Because we've come this far. Too far to give up now. Streamed in from all over this universe, the most beautiful, diverse and loving lights it had to offer. The veterans. The experienced. The ones who keep motherfucking going. The ones who have the moves, the spins, the tricks. The souls that keep putting one foot in front of the other even when the physical self is exhausted, despairing, enervated by the sickness and the ridiculousness and the just plain wrongness of what is going on here.

The universe is playing it's A-game on this planet right now. And that's us. Don't you forget it.

Saturn heads to the anaretic degree of Virgo - the final degree of our self-mastery, heavily challenged. The point of the zodiac where all the pieces are finally fit into the whole, where all the details matter. Where everyone counts.

The health or non-health of the whole. Saturn at 29 Virgo.

This is not only the last degree of Virgo. It's the release point for an entire process of self-development, -discovery and -mastery represented by the first six signs of the zodiac, Aries through Virgo.

So you see why, at the end of this astrological Piscean era, we're fucking tired.

A lot of us were born tired.

But we're here now. We're here for now. So we dig in. We accept the weight of this moment, these times, as hard as it is. And we do what Daddy Saturn says.

We've got just over three weeks until Saturn enters Libra (July 21) and opposes Uranus for the last time, at zero Aries (July 26). Cycle upon cycle completes and begins simultaneously at that point, including a whole new 14-year Saturn cycle through the next six signs of the zodiac, Libra through Pisces. Our challenges then are to turn the self outward - to other people, to the world at large, to God. We start to reveal what we've been working on up to this point, to see how it interacts, to see how it measures up.

We lay ourselves and the self-mastery we've reached up to now on the offering stand at that point.

So let's make sure we're putting forth our best effort during this tail end of Saturn in Virgo, despite our aching exhaustion, our despair, our worries that what we do does not have an effect, anyway.

It all matters, even when we can't see how. This is a Saturn in Virgo lesson.

So let's visualize an Earth and an Earthly existence that truly befits us. That'll guide us home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cardinal T-Square Eclipse: Dicey at Best


Yesterday, I had a really nice time talking with Robert Phoenix on his Free Association Radio show. Check it out in his archives if you missed it yesterday. We talked a lot about what is going down in Toronto this weekend - the G20 Summit involving $1.2 billion spent on security complete with sound/energy weaponry to be used against citizens.

I live in a country of about 30 million people. A $1.2 billion show of force around a 72-hour meeting of the "Global Governors" paid for by tax dollars? Pretty insane. Extremely insane.

While Robert and I were on the air yesterday, there was a 5.0 magnitude earthquake that shook Ontario and Quebec, including Toronto.

(Canadian humour aside: the best post-earthquake quote I heard was: "In Toronto, the aftershock was that Toronto wasn't the epicentre.")

Then later last night, a tornado hit Midland, Ontario destroying more than 70 homes, several businesses and throwing them into an emergency state.

There were some injuries, but thankfully no one was killed in either the earthquake or the tornado.

Midland is about 80 kilometres southwest of Huntsville, Ontario - Ontario cottage country where the major player Global Governors will be meeting this weekend for the G8.

I have a hard time believing the timing and location of these events could be purely coincidental.

During this past week, heavy rainfall caused major flooding in widespread areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Basements are flooded, crops are drowned and a major highway has been washed out. In the area where I'm from in Saskatchewan, they got between four and seven inches of rain in one day. Even the old timers can't remember that happening before.

This is following an abnormally wet spring where farmers couldn't even get their crops in in many cases. Now, many of the the crops that were seeded have been drowned or hailed out after this storm.

This is the breadbasket of Canada - and elsewhere. Over five million hectares could not be seeded, and this does not count the number of hectares that are now drowned or hailed out. Rural areas have declared themselves agricultural disaster zones. This means farmers and their families are now facing the loss of an entire year's income. In an industry of insanely high input costs, if they can't somehow stay afloat, it will more than likely mean the loss of their farms and their ways of life - not to mention the loss of farmers, which we can't afford to lose.

The primary industries, people. They're our backbone. I know people have become completely disconnected from where food comes from. (The supermarket?) But it's the toil of these farm families that keeps food on our plates.

Like fishing, another primary industry that has just been horrifically attacked, these are vocations that are often handed down from generation to generation. The wisdom comes through the lineage. Sons and daughters learn from their parents and grandparents who learned from their parents and grandparents before them. This knowledge is gleaned and refined over generations, always changing and adapting to the prevailing conditions. Far from the stereotype of the dumb farmer, anyone who is successful in this way of life these days is highly skilled, intelligent, adaptive and resilient.

I cannot overstate the importance of continuing the family farming heritage - for all of us.

Farmers have been played big time over the years, worn down by the constant ups and downs of the market. High input costs. Low commodity prices. The effects of the manipulations on weather. Ineffective government program after ineffective government program, designed to get them caught up in bureaucratic red tape, often putting more of their own money into complying with the terms than they ever see in return.

Basic, staple goods should not be being toyed with in the highly manipulated rollercoaster stock market. Number-shifting suits in office buildings should not be lining their pockets by intentionally screwing with the lives and work of farm families. If family farmers are crushed, that leaves our food supply wide open for agri-business corporations with their genetically modified, highly chemicalized "food" production. All part of that plan.

So it's important.

The Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow (12:55 p.m. Mountain), locking us into full-on cardinal t-square/eclipse energy. Mercury enters Cancer early tomorrow morning (4:32 a.m.), bringing our minds and what we're talking about fully into it, as well.

The Moon enters Capricorn tomorrow evening (8:21 p.m.), and the Full Moon eclipse is in full swing tomorrow night. The Moon will be exactly full at 5:32 a.m. Saturday morning, just a little over an hour after it conjuncts Pluto Rx at 4 degrees Capricorn.

The police and military take their positions.

The G8 leaders start to nestle into Ontario cottage country. And the G20 players hide away behind those fences in Toronto, driven in in a fleet of black luxury vehicles complete with high security police escorts. The cavalcade.

And we're the alternative cavalcade - working in the spaces between those squares. Rocking, shifting, doing anything to stop the lightning-fast fusing. Wiggling, wiggling and working within the confined Virgo spaces we have to work with. Reaching together for the alternative to the plan that has been laid out for us by the Global Governors.

I've written an extensive post on the astrology of this weekend:

Summer 2010 Eclipse Season: G8, G20 and Martial Law A-Plenty

I've also written quite a lot about the LRADs, including a post on how to stay safe in Toronto this weekend:

Staying Safe in Toronto During the G20 Summit

Stay safe, all in Toronto. Stay safe this weekend wherever you are.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cardinal T-Square Summer 2010: Things Are On the Move

The Sun, newly in Cancer, brings us fully into the cardinal t-square involving the Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, both squaring Jupiter and Uranus, conjunct in early Aries.

We head now to the Full Moon Capricorn eclipse exactly conjunct Pluto Rx at 4 Cap on June 26.

Things are moving - both in devastating ways and in wholeheartedly exciting, "deliver us" kinds of ways.

Deliver us - from evil, from corruption and greed, from illegitimacy and control, from dirty tricks and falsity, from the forces and people who are attempting to steal our health, our well-being and all that we hold dear on this planet.

Deliver us - beyond reinforced structural toxicity. Beyond follow-the-leader pyramid-scheme hierarchies and illusory experiences based in mass, collectively-reinforced psychosis.

Deliver us - into a world where the power of our love and our raw individuality, connected to God, our source, the loving creation force, is the vital, motivating force. The only real force. Where we know God's will, and it's our will, and we do right by it. We commit. Where we are no longer artificially separated into "the lucky ones" and "the sacrificed." Where we are free to apply our genius to solve the grand-scale problems we face here, rather than being milked and used to further damage and dismantle life on this planet.

There's a force rising here.

As those who would destroy us along with this beautiful planet and all its creatures stir and harness their dirty, corrupted energies, the loving and the righteous is there in lock-step.

And that's us. Don't you forget it.

We have the power to edge this here, but it's going to take all the courage we have, both individually and together. We have to give it all we've got - all we've got left. And we have to go all in, as terrifying as that can be. Give all the love in our breaking hearts to the vital current moment.

And my heart's breaking. I can't deny it. The loss of personal health is devastating. The loss of health of family and friends is devastating. The deaths and the senseless destruction. Knowing what's coming, what people are going to be facing, is devastating, too.

The Plutonic razing of all illusion and delusion. Laying bare stark reality and then saying, OK. There you go. That's where you are. Now find the love and follow it. Bring it through you, despite your fear, despite the pain. And know that you're OK on the other side of this, no matter what happens. Even when things aren't OK. Even when they haven't seen the light of OK in months or years.

What's going on in the Gulf is far worse than people are being told. They've breached deep within our Earth, puncturing 30,000 feet beneath the ocean floor. They have created fissures - not a single leak. Many leaks in a destabilized ocean floor that they are now further destabilizing by drilling "relief wells." The pressure coming up from that puncture is so great that human beings do not currently have the technology to stop it - even if the forces in control wanted to stop it. They don't.

The workers on the Transocean knew a disaster was about to happen. They warned about it. The toolpush, Jason Anderson, argued with his "higher ups" the morning of the explosion about the recklessness going on. He's the man who was so worried about BP's lack of safety standards and corner cutting that he got his affairs in order and wrote his will the last time he was home with his family. He was one of the 11 killed in the explosion.

Over one million gallons of Corexit chemical dispersant have been dumped in the Gulf water, against the orders of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is now in our water, evaporating into our air.

The name Corexit is no coincidence. Corexit is a neurotoxin being applied to the gaping wound within the Earth. Attacking the core energy. The central nervous system.

There has been a systemic attack going on here for decades now, and it has trickled down, morphed, spread. Anyone can see clearly now that there is no real separation into "the lucky ones" and "the sacrificed." There is no situation where certain races or money-holders or spiritual lineages get off scot-free from the systemic poisoning of our systems - not if you're a biological human being.

And really, we know that. That's core spiritual knowledge that runs through all human beings - all who have not been artifically separated from the working connection to their souls and inherent spirituality. We know our connection. Our interdependence.

This is not grandscale karmic comeuppance here "teaching us a lesson," as people are being fed in New Age circles. We have not "allowed" this to happen - playing on guilty consciences. Those aspects are tiny parts of the true situation that are being latched onto and manipulated, as New Age does.

We've been attacked. And when you attack the central nervous system, the systems start to fight themselves, attack themselves. Scorpio tricked into turning its poisonous tail on itself.

The Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) that will be used against protesters at the G20 Summit this weekend in Toronto, Ontario are sound/energy weapons that also disrupt and damage the central nervous system. Coincidence? Not one little bit.

In Chiron in Piscean fashion, at the very end of the astrological Piscean era, we are having our inter-related energetic nature used against us by forces that seem to believe (whether true) that they will remain beyond it, unaffected.

The Sun in Cancer (home) is squaring Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries (soldiers), and we're heading to Canada Day July 1 and the Fourth of July in the United States. Independence Day. Ahem. Sandwiched between the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn (June 26) and the New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer (July 11).

Home. Warmth. Family. Children. Protection. A safe little nest. All we hold dear.

Squaring war, fighting, soldiers, bare survival, gutteral instincts, Fourth Reich, hell on Earth.

For decades (centuries) now, soldiers have been being used as guinea pigs, subjected to the most heinous of energy and chemical weapons, radiation and experimental vaccinations.

They have been exposed to radioactive dust from depleted uranium munitions designed to penetrate tanks in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Not to mention the radioactive hell left behind for the citizens.)

Soldiers sent to the Middle East during the second Gulf War were dosed with a number of vaccines, one of which is an anthrax vaccination. They were also dosed with the fluoroquinolone antibiotic Cipro - made by Nazi pharmaceuticals corporation Bayer - which was initially developed to ward off anthrax.

So these men, the fittest and strongest, have been assaulted in a multi-layered attack. And I know from my experience with Cipro that they are in a living hell right now.

Over one million soldiers are suffering, many horribly, from Gulf War illness and cannot get assistance from their government. At the same time, many doctors along with the U.S. government are working hard to reinforce the idea that Gulf War illness does not exist. Much the same as how mainstream doctors refuse to admit horrific adverse reactions to fluoroquinolones are possible and keep prescribing them irresponsibly, as a first-line antibiotic.

Forty-two percent of veterans of the second Gulf War are sick. That's over 400,000 men from the second war alone. Fifty-eight percent of those are young men between the ages of 18 and 29. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, neurological problems, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Lou Gehrig's (ALS), multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus.

I can't express the helplessness of having your nervous system attacked and poisoned. The crushing nature of it. The vulnerability.

When does this become not OK? Where is the real catalyzing point? Dear God, we've been working for it...

Vietnam couldn't do it - not in a sustained way. Drugs and hedonistic sex and the introduction of cool, new consumer toys became the escape hatch then, just as ascension and 5th dimension and New Earth and UFOs taking us away from it all are now.

Agent Orange poisoning, napalm, babies born deformed. Now the babies of the Gulf soldiers are being born with related birth defects. The Cancerian home has been penetrated. Who protects the soldiers when they can no longer protect themselves from their own government?

And I see the reports of what has been unleashed in the Gulf - the neurotoxin Corexit, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, methane, possibly even radioactive elements coming from near the core of the Earth. I see reports of people getting sick already. Dead sea animals floating on the surface. Our sweet, sweet sea creatures.

And I wonder if we are going to be able to come together here. That's what's necessary. But the pull of "the lucky" versus "the sacrificed" is so strong here. No one wants to be sacrificed. We all want to be winners.

And that will be manipulated.

Will all that is so hard to face and accept, the people living it, be rejected, marginalized, separated off, as has been done? Or do we get it together now? Does the love fill the cracks and bring us back together as a whole? Do we go beyond our manufactured, segmented, single-serving lives?

I could cry and scream and rage for a thousand years, and it would not express it. There is no energy left for that. Uranus and Jupiter are in Aries, urging us forward. Gotta move. Gotta go. Gotta survive. Just get through it.

After a summer of cracking into the Aries themes, we're back in tail-end Pisces territory with retrogrades. Uranus goes retrograde very soon - July 5 - and Jupiter July 23.

We're riding some unbelievably emotional dips and peaks here. But they're smoothing out, even in the midst of the hell-scenarios. There's a calm centre we can hold, even a buoyance I've experienced lately, that we can share with each other even while we're horrified by what's going on around us. Surfing.

We've been prepared emotionally here by the series of eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. Last summer was the raw, initial tear. The rip out of any kind of linear regularity or feeling of place. We were giving up our Cancerian versions of home in light of the propulsion into Aquarian times.

December/January's eclipses coincided with the Haiti earthquake with between 200,000 and 500,000 people dying. More shock and awe. Stirring the tortured soul energy of the Arawak-Taino people, slaughtered en masse by Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) in his search for the New World.

And now we are within range of the third set of eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. We're hardened a bit now. Weary. And when you're so very weary, all you can do is let your soul take the lead. That's what we do now. We make every day count. We say the things we want to say to the people who mean something to us. We make things right and keep things right in our lives, with each other and with God.

Third set of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses. Fifth and final Saturn-Uranus opposition July 26. Third and final Saturn in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn August 20.

Big cycles completing. Something bigger than we can imagine emerging. Keep going.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Juno Opposite Pluto and the Non-Plutonics Just Don't Understand

The Scorpy types. The Plutonics. We're a little cliched in astrology circles simply because there has been so much written, discussed, hashed over on these subjects. But really, there's a reason for the cliches and the time spent. Without astrology and a semblance of an understanding of the processes and cycles Plutonics go through, how would we even survive? Even with astrology, it seems touch and go at times.

And this is not to be depressing, negative, or pessimistic, all you non-Plutonics out there. It's just reality. If you don't go through these processes, if you don't live them on a daily basis, I don't think you could understand it. I know the same can be said for a lot of situations and conditions people live through - you don't understand it until you live it. I understand we all have our difficulties to bear. And I know there are other planets, dwarf or otherwise, that bring their own forms of misery. Uranus and Neptune both create almost impossibly difficult circumstances of their own, as do many others.

But this is an over-riding, day-to-day truth that all Plutonics have to work - hard - to accept. That we're pretty much alone with it, especially amongst people who are happily living outside a full awareness of what we're working with.

There's a difference between a Pluto transit to one of your natal planets or a transiting planet in Scorpio touching off a Plutonic hell-ride and having a natal Sun, Moon, or stellium in Scorpio or a tight natal aspect to Pluto. I know the transits are unbelievably harsh at times, but they will pass. Your natal chart won't.

So with Juno opposite Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn on its way to Libra right now, I'm pondering these issues and trying to come up with some perspective, mostly unsuccessfully.

How to create successful (Capricorn) and soul-satisfying (Pluto/Juno) relationships with non-Plutonic people. How to keep your shit to yourself, your unending processing to yourself, but at the same time find the day-to-day love, sharing, acceptance, mutuality, and intimacy desired within a real relationship. Because Plutonic types need that. If they don't have it, they'll stay out of relationships altogether.

How to keep from envying or resenting those who don't have to slog quite so heavily though the Plutonic muck, which would put an end to any kind of mutuality or equality that could have been. (Yes, I know, we should all be able to rise above these base human emotions. Tra-la-la. Easier said than done.)

And how to find the strength, energy, and courage to love the other person as they need to be loved while simultaneously going through all this craziness.

How to even believe you deserve another person's love and affection when you're at your most hell-tastic, exhausted, and repulsive, when your energetic being feels like a series of nuclear explosions going off, when the nuclear fallout is coursing through your system, removing layers that you really actually thought you were going to need. Erupting volcanoes painfully twisting and morphing your elemental structure into something Pluto finds more pleasing, for as long as it deems necessary.

And when you're mourning for those lost layers, those released selves, those versions of yourself that you really, actually liked. Those hoped-for versions of life and relationships and planetary conditions that you held, deeply cherished, as secret in your heart. Because maybe if you kept them secret and very, very quiet and told no one but yourself, Pluto would leave those ones alone.


T'was not to be.

And when you've gently kissed those other versions of yourself goodbye and guided them into their places in the constellation that is you beyond this Earthly plane, how to trust that there is someone who could love what's left of you, to love it how it needs to be loved. And how to trust that you have enough left in you to love them.

How to trust that another person could hold you how you need to be held, without adding any more shit to the heaping plate you've already been served by God or fate or the universe or your natal chart or the gung-ho mission you're got for yourself on this planet.

How to trust that the depth of acceptance necessary would be there for you in a sustained way.

It's a rough one, even with other Plutonic types.

With Saturn soon to be conjuncting all the natal Plutos of the Pluto in Libra generation, this is topical.

There is a certain element of this Plutonic stuff that makes relationships seem almost unfathomable at times. But it's relationships we Pluto in Libras are here for. Truly a case of what nourishes us also destroys us.

I often feel like an alchemical chain reaction instead of a person, especially these days.

I remember when I was younger and I realized for the first time that I was energy - that this physical form was not really what I am. It made me cry because I knew that that realization had changed everything. Me knowing that meant I would never be "normal." I would never have the understanding and awareness of being human that most people had, and I knew how isolating that was going to be.

Having a strong Scorpionic or Plutonic signature in your chart often means that you will be dragged through hell - sometimes off and on, sometimes seemingly continuously - during your lifetime on this planet. You will be aware, often painfully so, of underlying realities that other people remain blissfully unaware of. That's part of the burden and part of what makes it so heavy. You will often crave relief from your conditions to such an extent that you wish to no longer be here on this planet traipsing through them. It's not a death wish. Most of us don't want to die. It's just an all-encompassing desire to no longer live through this particular brand of isolating misery. Simply put. And these days, with energetic warfare at full tilt, it's not uncommon to feel like a sick, irradiated animal who just wants to crawl off into the shade of a tree somewhere and wait for it to pass.

Pretty hot, huh? Pretty sexy?

And all this is pretty fucking heavy, especially for those who do not live in such conditions or awareness. We Plutonics get that. We get that it's tricky to be around us at times. Hell, WE don't want to be around us at times.

And so all this complexity. How to work with all this complexity in relationship to other people.

I don't think we have to come up with all the answers at this point. Saturn transiting Libra and then Scorpio will bring this all into play.

I guess we're just getting a preview with Juno in Cancer opposite Pluto at 4 Capricorn - the degree of the upcoming eclipse/cardinal t-square, squaring Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. The cardinal t-square's in full effect.

The Sun enters Cancer June 21 at 5:28 a.m. Mountain.
Mercury enters Cancer June 25 at 4:32 a.m.
Full Moon in Capricorn in cardinal t-square formation June 26 at 5:30 a.m.

I wouldn't be expecting much restful sleep.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Aries: the Fourth Reich is Still Vicious and the New Agers are Still Dumbasses. More Change Required.

Jupiter has just formed a conjunction to Uranus at zero Aries (5:27 a.m. Mountain), and I have to say so far, I'm not that impressed. I know we're in early days yet, but let's take a little look-see at some of the scenarios we've got going, shall we? 

We've got a bunch of possibly inhuman, definitely inhumane sociopaths trying to start another World War. (Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn) 

The same bunch of sociopaths has now poisoned the entire Gulf of Mexico and is possibly pushing for full-on End Times scenarios by bringing all the world's oceans into the mix. (Chiron in Pisces) 

And then we've got the New Agers and the New Age/One World Religion-influenced energetically dry humping this aspect for all its worth, waxing poetic about the mind-blowing consciousness shifts and the New Day and the ascension to wherever in Christ it is they think they're going. 

They haven't learned much from the 1960s - the last time Saturn and Uranus opposed. Same escapist fantasies playing out in just slightly different ways. The war in Afghanistan just usurped Vietnam as the longest-running U.S. war... 

This doesn't look all that much like a new day to me. It looks very similar to the last time Uranus rolled around the zodiac to Aries. That was April 1927 to March 1935, coinciding with the birth and rise of the Third Reich, the Aryan Nation and all that fun stuff. And let's recall that Hitler was a big fan of Helena Blavatsky, founder of modern-day New Age, and kept a copy of her book The Secret Doctrine at his bedside. 

New Age spiritual hierarchy and political hierarchy go hand-in-hand. It's fascism - whether political or spiritual. 

The war-and-hatred-mongers of the "Holy" Roman Empire (First Reich) morphed into the World War I German state (Second Reich), the Nazis (Third Reich) and now the NWO-ers (Fourth Reich), moving through time and space in lock-step with hideous organization... 

We've got reports out now that the Bush Administration conducted illegal and unethical human experimentation and research on detainees in CIA custody - you know, those people in prolonged detention, now being reinforced by Obama, who may not have even been charged with a crime. 

I wrote on this blog a while back that we weren't far off Nazi scientific experiments on captive human beings. So I was wrong. We're there. 

It has also just been reported that Obama has secretly deployed special forces to 75 countries around the world. This is while he was ordering SWAT teams sent to every offshore oil drilling platform in the Gulf, where many different countries are drilling, including China, as I was told by my Chinese English conversation partner. I'm not thinking that's going to go over so well. 

We've also got the stage set for more hostility and ramping up toward Iran, ostensibly over their nuclear facilities, at the G8/G20 Summits coming up June 25-27 in Ontario, Canada. 

Overt and strategic acts of aggression on the world stage. Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Distasteful, distasteful. So far, it looks to me like the same tired and cliched bunch of crap we've been dealing with all Piscean era and beyond. Uranus and Jupiter both retrograde back into late Pisces within three months. 

There are inspiring signs of life, don't get me wrong. We're making huge progress, and the supposed power held by these forces is much less than the power we hold - but that doesn't help the people, animals and plantlife being hurt and killed in their wake. That is most certainly not illusory. 

I have to say, the lack of holistic spiritual insight and understanding coming from the scientific community (and from the pseudo-spiritual community) these days leaves me grimacing, but if there is one thing Uranus is known for, it's lightning fast change. So fingers crossed that the master Piscean lessons will gain traction just in time. We keep reinforcing them in hopes of that... 

But of course, most people let up and look away at exactly the wrong times. Saturn in Virgo is grinding out the details we need to pay attention to. It's demanding correction from us. And instead, you have people floating off into their fuzzy wuzzy crown chakra pink clouds or burying their heads in distraction. 

Tsk, tsk, says Saturn in late Virgo. Get it together. 

Speaking of, I've noticed the New Age beast morphing a little lately with the Aries influence. This morphing is coming about also due to Saturn in Virgo - it only took the New Agers two-and-a-half years to finally figure Virgo out and work it into their schtick. 

So the big new trend is "edgy" New Age. "I'm an individualistic rebel" New Age. The new fad: setting yourself up as non-New Age, which is a very common practise - I've written about that before - but specifically as some sort of renegade or edgy truth-teller type who's on the outs with the mainstream New Agers. These people have twigged to the fact that the "love and light, bliss bunny" schpiel is a little (a lot) played. They've figured out that that's not going to do it for anyone with even an ounce of cool, sociological awareness or critical thinking skills, so they're starting to mock that paradigm a little as "soft" - to set themselves up outside it. They also bring "the shadow" in, to the point that this is a current NA key term. Listen for it. 

As with everything New Age, they'll glom onto whatever they can to further their underlying agenda and ideology, including the darker, more taboo energies of the zodiac like Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, Eros, Eris, whatever. Of course, it's all superficial, and anyone with keen discernment can pick this out. When you cut right through all the pseudo-alternative bullshit, it's the same ideology, the same spiritual materialism. They're snapped into the same system of spiritual hierarchy where they're higher up on the manufactured ladder of "superiour spiritual consciousness" and they have to save the poor, ignorant masses by imparting their guru-inspired brilliance. They spout the same idioms - they just sneak them in with a little more panache than your stereotypical traditional New Ager. 

Like Obama, they've figured out how to manipulate with the egalitarian Aquarian "be your own leader" language. I've got a couple people who try to post comments on my site who do this. (REJECT!) They try to cosy up to me and mirror the things I'm saying, but then they try to sneak in their little grain of New Age poison. The most recent one being that I've "given consent" for being poisoned by Cipro and basically that I should just shut my mouth and bliss out about it all. 

You know why people have to go through shit like this? Because dumb fucks like you have spent your entire lives abnegating responsibility, keeping your heads buried in the powdery fine Arizona desert sand, blessed by Tibetan monks and pissed on by sacred camels that shit precious gemstones. 

You know why life is so hard or so intense for the people who actually care about what happens on this planet and live accordingly? Because you don't. You talk and say nothing. You walk all around the issues that actually matter. You pass the buck. And the buck stops with the people who are sterling-charactered enough that they'll dig in and get the job done, even when you won't look at it. 

So don't give me all that "spiritually superiour to the common person" horseshit. Most of them are way up on you without even trying. And most people are faced with rock-and-a-hard-place decisions due to collective circumstances on this planet, so spare me all that free will junk, too. 

My critiques here may seem a little acerbic to people who don't work with the energies I do, but believe me - me mouthing off about this, anyone mouthing off about this, is necessary and will stay necessary for the next decade at least. 

Uranus in Aries means we all have to be exactly who we are, exerting our identities and shooting from the hip whenever necessary to forge ahead into a real Aquarian paradigm. If we don't break out of the programmed identities and desires, we don't get to any real freedom or peace. We slide backward into more of the same, and I don't have the energy for that game anymore. A lot of us don't. 

When we look at the situation with Uranus in Aries this time around, it's different from last time in that the Second World War came after the last Uranus transit of Aries, during Uranus in Taurus. This time, the warmongers are trying to trigger a war right out of the gate - before we've even fully cleared Pisces. That's interesting. And it seems a little foolhardy and slapdash to me. They've really got to have every last detail, every bit of luck on their side to get this horror show off the ground. 

Saturn in Virgo doesn't like a rush. It has to do everything just so. And I'm not sure every last i has been dotted and every last t has been crossed. The pressure from the square to Pluto in Capricorn combined with the timing of the astrological Aquarian era has them rushing, slapping things together that need time to gel and fuse. So we'll see how this all shakes down. 

What we can do is keep going, keep the faith, keep digging, stay aware, keep staring them down. We can keep driving for the alternative with as much vigour as we can muster. We can stay with God, the loving source, the creator, spirit, the universe, your moral compass, whatever you call it - that's what we can do. And that's enough.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

BP and Obama are "Trying Everything" - Except Anything Effective

Horror. That's what has descended on this beautiful little planet at the end of the astrological Piscean era. Dead dolphins and sea turtles are now washing ashore. Birds and other wildlife are mired in thick, toxic sludge. The people of the Gulf have had their hearts shattered, absolutely crushing soul-level blows. We all have - all loving, feeling human beings on this planet. We know.

And it's all going like clockwork for those who see the destruction of humanity and life on this planet as a stepping stone to bigger and better things on the interplanetary stage. Oh, aren't you all going to be shining stars for what you've done here. Let me give you a little golf clap.

For these forces, dusting off life on this planet is just one more thing on the To Do checklist. The End Times prophesies are being set off purposefully like dominoes. Flick. Flick.

What is blatantly clear is that we have the solutions to solve our problems. We have the expertise and means to stop the leaks in the Gulf and to clean up the oil in the water without the use of almost a million gallons of toxic chemical dispersant. We have the means to move beyond oil energy altogether and have for decades. All this was uneccessary. But we're being stopped from doing so. This horror is being allowed to happen - and it's being made worse by the actions of British Petroleum, with the United States government and its cohorts complicit.

Nick Pozzi is a Houston-based engineer who oversaw the clean-up of an 800-million gallon oil spill in Saudi Arabia in 1993. Pozzi says that 85% of the spilled oil was recovered in that clean-up operation. He presented the solution they used then - deploying supertankers to vacuum the oil from the ocean, both from the surface and deep below - to British Petroleum and the Coast Guard and was summarily dismissed.

Pozzi has even been on Fox News talking about it. ABC News has reported on BP withholding information in the early days of the leak about how bad it really was. This is all hitting the mainstream media.

There's more in this article by Yobie Benjamin of the San Francisco Chronicle.

So Obama claiming they're "trying everything"? Nope. They're trying everything ineffective. Big difference. British Petroleum is "solving things" by pumping more toxic chemicals into the sea - the dispersant Corexit, which has been banned in Britain for a decade. The use of dispersant does nothing to clean up the oil and actually makes things worse by dispersing it and adding another toxic chemical into the mix.

Here's some news video showing the problem underwater, exacerbated hugely by the use of dispersants: BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare

There's also a new report that Transocean toolpush Jason Anderson was extremely worried about BP's safety practises and voiced his concerns to his wife Shelly. He was so worried, in fact, that the last time he was home, he got his affairs in order and wrote his will. He was one of the 11 men killed.

So these pseudo-leader middlemen are stirring as much dark, tortured energy as they can, all over the globe. It's a timed conjuring, harvesting and consolidation of the most anguished vibes on this planet, gathering them together for one last push. Trying to kill the loving creation spirit.

They've already lost the war. We've won - if only spiritually. But they're rallying the dark and dangerous for one last hurrah. Maybe it's like a kid who is losing a game of checkers and dumps the game off the table just before the defeat. He knows he's losing, so he decides to just destroy the game altogether?

I'm really not sure. How could any sane human beings really wrap their heads around something this twisted and sickening? Their rules of the game are completely opposite our's. That doesn't go far enough - they're not even in the same universe.

There seems to be a view that this planet - specifically the destruction of humanity and life on this planet - is a sort of stepping stone to what comes next for these sick buggers. They seem to believe that bringing about the destruction is a necessary ramping up of energy to give them blast-off or attract the attention of their dark allied forces. It all dovetails so nicely with the Christian fundamentalist End Times prophesies where utter destruction is the only thing that brings Jesus back to the planet so all the true believers can ascend to wherever the fuck they think they're going. Sick convergences going on.

And they've got that hot little cougar number to rally the troops on this front - bringing political and religious fundamentalism together. It doesn't matter what tripe comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth. Frat boys want to fuck her. And as long as dudes want to fuck her, she's got them by the balls. They'll follow wheresoever she leads. Drill, baby, drill, indeed.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now wooing the Christian fundies, as well. Harper's NWO-driven vision of my country's future goes from insane to insaner. Hey, they're all on the same page here. Might as well hop into bed together.

I've noticed an almost euphoria among these so-called leaders around this event. As if they're holding back giddiness, covering it with looks of false concern for the cameras. Stevie Harper's getting really good at it. He's taking his training well.

On the mundane level, there is a massive attack on DNA going on - both individually and for the planet. A depopulation scheme, a redistribution scheme. I'm not sure. It's about control, and there's something in Louisiana, specifically, that they want to take over.

Then there is the destruction of a primary industry - fishing. Fishing is an ancient, cyclical, energetic act. Going out with the tides, bringing the harvest in. It's activity based on the seasons, the sun, the moon, the tides, earth energy. Like farming, another industry under attack by the corpo-governmental oligarchy, fishing holds the energy of a certain natural, Earth-based wisdom. The act of fishing reinforces it. The movement creates crucial connection points, a rootedness. The fishermen who go out to sea and come back in, out to sea and come back in strengthen these threads or links to Earth-based living.

What is being allowed to happen in the Gulf further destroys our control over our food supply. Attacking primary industry - like fishing, like farming - is attacking the lifeblood, attacking the backbone of human society.

Ceres conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

So they're really hitting us where it hurts here. We know that. And they're hitting where it will hurt all of us (Chiron in Pisces). But I suppose this is what it takes. As long as it's just a percentage of the population suffering, the majority seems to be OK with letting things slide. Now, even the comfortable and privileged are forced to understand. When it starts directly affecting them and their's, they start to get it. I wish it could have been another way.

Regardless, we're here now, and we have to stay clear, stay focused. There are responsibilities we have as human beings living on planet Earth in these times, and we have crucial influence and effect. Don't fall for it. Don't make yourselves powerless. Draw in and draw on the strength of the good and loving people around you. There are still so many good people in this world who care. Draw on God, source, creator, the love that flows through you every day, come what may.

I think what we can do is bear witness. We can write, talk, share, connect, get clear on what's going on and on who's doing what.

For those of us who do energy work, we can help the tortured energies being stirred pass right off this planet by getting to and understanding the roots, understanding what has been brought down in the past. Evacuation of souls. We can look at the pain and misery that is being held here on this planet and by truly understanding, we can release it before it is ensnared again and manipulated into causing more destruction.

We can have compassion while staying in our detached little Aquarian zones. And we can change things.

Things didn't go the way we wanted them to, but as Saturn finishes its transit in Virgo, we come to the mustering point. We draw together now, gather strength and cross the finish line. From there, it's a whole new checkerboard.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Staying Safe in Toronto During the G20 Summit

The announcement that Toronto city police have purchased four Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) means Canada will now follow the United States' lead with the use of sound/energy weaponry against demonstrators. LRADs were used against protesters in Pittsburgh in September at the previous G20 Summit.

These weapons are highly dangerous, especially for energetically sensitive people, and should be avoided completely. Ear plugs or industrial hearing protection can help, but at a close enough range, I'm not sure even that will be enough to stop the effects of these things.

They're softening things by calling these LRADs "communication tools." Communication tools that can cause permanent hearing loss and inner ear damage, blood clots, aneurisms and can stop a pacemaker? The sound emitted is also being compared to the sound of a jet - sorry, but a jet was not purposefully designed to emit a frequency destructive to human beings.

From Lyn Davignon of the National Non Profit Party:

"This type of weapon disrupts the central nervous system, causes aneurisms, stroke, heart attack, blood clots, damages the eye retina causing blindness, causes permanent hearing loss, can cause permanent damage to your equilibrium (balance), and can kill anyone with a pacemaker.

In addition, it can cause structural damage to buildings...Sonic weapons have been used in Iraq by the US military. First tested at the University of Lyon, France in the 1960s, a six second blast of a 50 watt sonic weapon nearly killed the researchers...It caused structural damage to the building and was deemed to dangerous to continue testing."

Demonstrators can already expect massive police and military presence - to the tune of $930 million worth. This is almost ten times the original budget for security. Things have gone from insane to insaner. CS gas, pepper spray, water cannons filled with chemicals, rubber bullets - these are all to be expected and will be used on peaceful demonstrators. I was on the receiving end of these tactics at the Free Trade Area of the Americas protest in Quebec City in 2001, and it's not fun. They can have ill effects on your health and should be avoided. CS gas, in particular, contains organo-compounds that react with hormone levels, resulting in spontaneous menstruation. Very creepy.

Combined with the LRADs, this makes for a dicey scene, indeed.

I've written about the astrology of this weekend, and the energies call for strong caution and due care and attention to personal safety and well-being. Crowds can be stirred quite easily with the Pluto-infused tension of the eclipse/cardinal t-square energies. Emotions could be manipulated here, so be aware of your surroundings and the energetic undercurrents. Follow your own instincts - not the movements of the crowd.

Agents provocateur will be most likely be implanted in crowds to incite aggression and property damage, justifying police and military crack-down.

Police officer agents provocateur implanted to stir the shit were captured on video by legitimate protesters in Montebello, Quebec in 2007 at protests of the Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings involving Stephen Harper, George Bush and Felipe Calderon. The agent provocateurs were picking up rocks and being aggressive. They were called out by protesters and then dove into the police line. At that point, it is visible that the "protesters" are wearing police boots - the same boots worn by police officers.

There's a fine line between voicing your dissent and putting yourself in harm's way. Anyone in Toronto or Huntsville this summer, please be very careful and use your discretion.

Here is a list of events going on around the city from


The events are rated as far as expected police presence. One star means police presence will be light. Three stars means it will be heavy.

One of the safest events is the People's Summit going on at Ryerson University the weekend before the actual Summit. (June 18-20) This is civil society's alternative counter summit to the G8/G20 and will include community organizers, activists, non-governmental organizations, independent media, workers, impacted communities and artists. The people.

But for those who would like to demonstrate during the G8/G20 meetings (June 25-27), those events are listed, also.

There are also resources for activists on the site.

I'm praying for calm and for everyone to stay safe while holding a loving force and a loving presence in the face of this fascism. Please make that the number one goal here and do not let your passions be manipulated. We're so much stronger than they. The love cannot be broken. Stay aware, and stay safe.

In solidarity.

Chiron Retrograde

Chiron is about to go retrograde on the first degree of Pisces tomorrow. We now go back over things related to the ancient water on our Earth and the ancient water consciousness that moves within us, connects us. This includes the ongoing Gulf oil disaster and various other events being kicked up by fin de Piscean era. Israel's attack on humanitarian aid boats in the open sea is one of these events - combined with the shocking aggression and violence that we can, unfortunately, expect from those using Uranus in Aries energy nefariously and for hateful ends.

Saturn has just gone direct in late Virgo and will re-enter Libra July 21, opposing Uranus for the last time at zero Aries/Libra July 26. Uranus, of course, entered Aries May 27 and is now in the earliest part of the first degree.

We have quite a few fairly major ingresses going down in the next little while. Not surprising.

Jupiter enters Aries June 6 and conjuncts Uranus June 8. Big Aquarian era energy marker.

Mars enters Virgo June 7 after almost eight months in Leo, including a wintertime retrograde. This coincides with the last seven weeks of Saturn in Virgo, so we have to be giving it our all here. We have to apply our conscious driving force to the finishing touches of any remaining Saturn in Virgo details because we don't get another chance this good for almost 30 years.

Mercury enters Gemini, a sign of its rulership, June 9 after almost two months in Taurus, including a retrograde period. Communications pick up speed and frequency.

So a lot of energy shifts in the next week. I'm hoping this is a refreshing push forward, allowing us to wade in a little and get used to the water before we get into the intense cardinal t-square/eclipse action this summer.