Thursday, June 3, 2010

Staying Safe in Toronto During the G20 Summit

The announcement that Toronto city police have purchased four Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) means Canada will now follow the United States' lead with the use of sound/energy weaponry against demonstrators. LRADs were used against protesters in Pittsburgh in September at the previous G20 Summit.

These weapons are highly dangerous, especially for energetically sensitive people, and should be avoided completely. Ear plugs or industrial hearing protection can help, but at a close enough range, I'm not sure even that will be enough to stop the effects of these things.

They're softening things by calling these LRADs "communication tools." Communication tools that can cause permanent hearing loss and inner ear damage, blood clots, aneurisms and can stop a pacemaker? The sound emitted is also being compared to the sound of a jet - sorry, but a jet was not purposefully designed to emit a frequency destructive to human beings.

From Lyn Davignon of the National Non Profit Party:

"This type of weapon disrupts the central nervous system, causes aneurisms, stroke, heart attack, blood clots, damages the eye retina causing blindness, causes permanent hearing loss, can cause permanent damage to your equilibrium (balance), and can kill anyone with a pacemaker.

In addition, it can cause structural damage to buildings...Sonic weapons have been used in Iraq by the US military. First tested at the University of Lyon, France in the 1960s, a six second blast of a 50 watt sonic weapon nearly killed the researchers...It caused structural damage to the building and was deemed to dangerous to continue testing."

Demonstrators can already expect massive police and military presence - to the tune of $930 million worth. This is almost ten times the original budget for security. Things have gone from insane to insaner. CS gas, pepper spray, water cannons filled with chemicals, rubber bullets - these are all to be expected and will be used on peaceful demonstrators. I was on the receiving end of these tactics at the Free Trade Area of the Americas protest in Quebec City in 2001, and it's not fun. They can have ill effects on your health and should be avoided. CS gas, in particular, contains organo-compounds that react with hormone levels, resulting in spontaneous menstruation. Very creepy.

Combined with the LRADs, this makes for a dicey scene, indeed.

I've written about the astrology of this weekend, and the energies call for strong caution and due care and attention to personal safety and well-being. Crowds can be stirred quite easily with the Pluto-infused tension of the eclipse/cardinal t-square energies. Emotions could be manipulated here, so be aware of your surroundings and the energetic undercurrents. Follow your own instincts - not the movements of the crowd.

Agents provocateur will be most likely be implanted in crowds to incite aggression and property damage, justifying police and military crack-down.

Police officer agents provocateur implanted to stir the shit were captured on video by legitimate protesters in Montebello, Quebec in 2007 at protests of the Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings involving Stephen Harper, George Bush and Felipe Calderon. The agent provocateurs were picking up rocks and being aggressive. They were called out by protesters and then dove into the police line. At that point, it is visible that the "protesters" are wearing police boots - the same boots worn by police officers.

There's a fine line between voicing your dissent and putting yourself in harm's way. Anyone in Toronto or Huntsville this summer, please be very careful and use your discretion.

Here is a list of events going on around the city from


The events are rated as far as expected police presence. One star means police presence will be light. Three stars means it will be heavy.

One of the safest events is the People's Summit going on at Ryerson University the weekend before the actual Summit. (June 18-20) This is civil society's alternative counter summit to the G8/G20 and will include community organizers, activists, non-governmental organizations, independent media, workers, impacted communities and artists. The people.

But for those who would like to demonstrate during the G8/G20 meetings (June 25-27), those events are listed, also.

There are also resources for activists on the site.

I'm praying for calm and for everyone to stay safe while holding a loving force and a loving presence in the face of this fascism. Please make that the number one goal here and do not let your passions be manipulated. We're so much stronger than they. The love cannot be broken. Stay aware, and stay safe.

In solidarity.

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