Thursday, November 19, 2015

Powering Up Into Full-On Aquarian-Era Relationship Dynamics With Mars and Venus in Cardinal T-Square

Maintain your fences.
Photo: Willow 

Mars is currently transiting Libra (the sign of its detriment) until January 3, 2016, while Venus is also in Libra (the sign of its domicile) until December 4, 2015.

When desire planet Mars is in Libra, we want relationships and a social life, but we also want balance, peace, and harmony.

You can see the conflict right off the bat, considering the often non-peaceful state of human affairs on this planet today...

Mars is often an inflammatory body, and transiting Mars in Libra indicates the possibility of an irritating and sometimes angering effect in the social realms. (Constant war manoeuvres and manipulative false flag events staged by Global Government will do that.) 

A "charged social setting" can be expected under this transit, and Mars will be stirring this particular pot into the new year. Social factioning can also be expected, so navigate the dividing lines as carefully, diplomatically, and peacefully as possible without compromising yourself. 

This is the war planet (Mars) in the sign of peace (Libra). It's the planet of sex and unabashed desire (Mars) in the sign of social niceties and romance (Libra).

Again, you see the conflict.

Both Venus and Mars in Libra are involved in cardinal t-square formations over the next few weeks as they first square Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn and then oppose radical, revolutionary Uranus in Aries.

Venus will move through the at-times frictional Pluto-Uranus gauntlet exactly from November 20 to 23. This action is sandwiched between Neptune's direct station on November 18 (7 degrees Pisces) and Chiron's direct station November 27 (16 degrees Pisces). Saturn in Sagittarius will also form a square to Neptune in Pisces on November 26.

In addition to the ramping up of the global war machine (or maybe just the mainstream press coverage of it), this indicates a potent shedding process in relationships and in ways of relating as we transition more fully out of Piscean-era relationship constructs, rules, and ideals.  

We're officially busting our relationships and social scenes into cooler, fresher, and more Aquarian-styled territory, as we move deeper into the new eight-year relationship cycle kicked off this past summer with the Venus retrograde in Leo.

Under these aspects, it's possible to leave much of the longing, the pining, the fantasizing, the whinging, and the crying behind us. That Piscean-era sad sack, heart-wrenched, love = pain stuff can be dropped like the stinking pile of crud that it is - but only if we're willing to make the move. 
Mars kicks up these relational era-shift themes again as it re-activates the cardinal t-square from December 6 to 10.

If we didn't get the memo the first time around, Mars is going to whip things up into a situation that requires definitive action on our parts.

If we did get the memo, we will be required to hold a hard Aquarian line in relationships and social settings. We're moving ahead. There's no time for karmic loops or love delusions that get us nowhere.

We're looking for self-contained. We're looking for detached yet friendly. We're looking for interactions and relationships that are clean, independent, no hidden strings, no draining dynamics.

We're looking for interactions and relationships that allow us to be exactly who we are, while allowing room for others to be exactly who they are, as well.

We're looking for interactions and relationship dynamics that don't require a pound of flesh. 

A little turbulence - personally, professionally, or both - could be experienced during the acute cardinal t-square periods as we are positioned and oriented for social/relationship success in the new astrological era.

We are now operating under a new relationship rulebook, and these cardinal t-squares give us a little extra push, a little extra courage, to experiment with this and to implement it in our daily lives. We are supported now by the dynamic energy of these transpersonal planets to make moves and to take quantum leaps in relationship that we didn't even think were possible. 

At the same time, human relations have a definite edge to them during these periods of time (November 20 - 23 and December 6 - 10), as we are forced to drop outmoded ways of relating while simultaneously adopting more vital methods.

These are transpersonal planets we're dealing with, so we're dealing with broad, collective shifts and how they trickle down to our personal relations. In other words, this energy has a mind of its own. It has its own blueprint for how things are supposed to look and be in human relationships in the early stages of the astrological Aquarian era, and we have to follow along as closely as we can.

So stand back and insulate yourself from any pissy Plutonic exchanges or dramatics over the next few weeks. They're designed for movement. Some of the "honesty-and-reality checks" coming from others around these times may cut to the core. 

At the same time, open all the doors and windows to facilitate the fresh, Uranian/Aquarian breeze blowing through relationships and social scenes of all kinds.

Relationships, as we bust loose into the rip-roarin' Aquarian era, are harder-angled and more eccentrically-constructed than the Piscean era versions. They're harder to get a handle on. They're more unpredictable, off-and-on, hot-and-cold. They involve unusual (yet exciting) combinations of people. These emerging new-era relations are challenging, to say the least, and this is part of the frustration during the current transit of Mars through Libra. But they're also oh-so-exhilarating.

You mean we don't have to set relationships up in the same, old, stale-ass ways? We don't have to follow the same stultifying social conventions? We don't have to put up with the same old crap? You mean we don't really have to put up with any crap, if we don't choose to?

It's true. Try it.

Things are different now in relationships and in social settings. Who we're attracted to and who is considered a good match for us (in love, friendship, or business) may be shifting dramatically now. What we want and need in relationships and in social settings may be shifting, stripped down to the essentials, to the immediate.

Independence and self-reliance are becoming much more valued traits. "Co-dependence as love" is less attractive by far. 

Don't try to force things (or people) to meet your expectations or long-held ideals. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't look how you thought it would look. This will be many times better.

For more on the sassy little end-of-the-year mutual reception we have with the relationship planets in signs of their detriment: A Couple Welcome Shifts With a Side of Mutual Reception Relational Angst as We Close Out 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Neptune and Chiron Station Direct in Pisces, Bringing the Anesthetic Effect

Psychedelic Haight-Ashbury, no Photoshopping
Photo: Willow

We've just experienced a strong concentration of energy along the Virgo/Pisces polarity, which - this far into fin-de-Piscean-era - can be a bit much to handle.

A Venus-Mars-Jupiter sandwich in Virgo opposite wounded healer Chiron in Pisces was the main event for late October/early November 2015, and we have just barely moved beyond the acute stress and problems kicked up under that configuration. (Both Venus and Mars have now moved into early Libra.)

Jupiter makes everything bigger, while Virgo is related to, among other things, mental stress, worry, and problems. So we have problems (Virgo) being made bigger (Jupiter) and more stressful as one effect of this Jupiter in Virgo transit. Oh, good times.

Coming out of that configuration, we now have both Neptune and Chiron stationing direct in Pisces with Chiron still within range of the opposition to Jupiter (which will be exact again in February and August of 2016), and this can have a bit of a wet blanket effect, depending on your personal astrology.

Physical reality can feel heavy and burdensome as Pisces energy concentrates in the astro atmosphere, and this effect is exacerbated at the moment as the karmic South Node of the Moon has just entered Pisces, as well (November 11). People are under the effect of illusion and delusion more strongly now, and decisions and commitments can be reversed very easily. Things are not entirely as they seem (ahem, watch for those false flags) with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces flooding the psyche so strongly.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, though! Take a meditative approach to cleaning, cooking, hygiene, and daily details, and give yourself plenty of praise and encouragement (Jupiter) for completing even the smallest and simplest of tasks (Virgo). You flossed your teeth, cleaned your shower, clipped your fingernails? Go, you!

This is a re-post (with updated transit information) of an article from the last time Neptune and Chiron stationed direct, in November 2014. The themes are still just as applicable:

"Pisces is the sign of the most sublime spiritual bliss and also of the harshest disappointments, loss, and devastation known to humankind. It's the idea of the lotus flower, blossoming beautifully out of some of the dankest and most difficult muck this planet has to offer. It is the idea of being invisibly bound together by the trials and tribulations of the human condition but also by the love, sweet love, that brings us through it all.

All this is woven into our reality this November as we have two bodies stationing direct in Pisces - Neptune (in its home sign) stations direct at 7 degrees Pisces on November 18, while wounded healer Chiron stations direct at 16 degrees Pisces on November 27.

The dual stations in the sign of Pisces can bring some grogginess, some dreaminess, and some general mind fog. Everything is a bit weirder and a bit more surreal under the energy of these stations. The veil between the material and the immaterial is just a bit thinner. Taps on the shoulder from the universe are a bit stronger. We perceive the other side communicating with us a bit more clearly.
I've written about Neptune stations in the past, and I will include it here for your perusal. The themes are similar for the Chiron in Pisces station November 27:

From "Neptune Stations Direct and Brings the Foggy, the Floaty, the Wispy, and the Surreal," November 9, 2012:

When a planet appears to slow in the zodiac to station either retrograde or direct, we often experience a palpable concentration of that planet's energy and themes.

Neptune is the planet associated with, among other things, dreams; illusions; spiritual communion and guidance; psychic connection; the unconscious; sublime artistic ability; surreality; escapism; oceans; fluids; flooding; permeation; blind spots; smokescreens; fraud; deception; and addictions...

With stationing Neptune permeating the astro atmosphere, we can expect a few of the following symptoms to be kicked up... 

- Dreams can be much more vivid and involved. They can have a "journeying" quality, as if we have traveled through many other worlds, and we can wake up feeling more tired than when we went to bed. Prophetic or foreshadowing dreams are more common.

- Sleep can be deeper, as if we're falling off into utter abyss and have to drag ourselves out and back into waking life. We may sleep longer or more often than usual, and people can continue to have a sleepy, dreamy quality throughout the waking hours. The standard afternoon coffee just doesn't cut it!

- We can experience disrupted sleep with odd periods of wakefulness in the night.

- "Cosmic winks" and communication from the universe are more apparent. It can sometimes feel as if the radio or TV is communicating directly to you. A stronger than usual feeling that you are not alone.

- Daydreaming increases. Imagery from the mind's eye is clearer and more active than usual and can be distracting in day-to-day life.

- Our psychic space is more permeable when Neptune is strong, and we have to carefully filter the heightened impressions we're receiving.

- People can be more impressionable, easily swayed, and prone to wishful thinking, particularly with love relationships. We can be convinced of things when Neptune is strong that we could not be convinced of at other times. The standard, "What was I thinking?" In the same way that we can believe a dream we've had is real, it's possible to believe things are one way when all logical conclusions (and later, hindsight) would indicate otherwise.

- We can be more easily deceived by people, missing major character flaws because we're blinded by the good in them, by their "spiritual auras," or by their potential.

- Plumbing problems are more likely. A low water level for flushing toilets, in particular, is common during Neptune stations.

- Personal plumbing issues are also more likely. Urinating more than usual or having to use a (hopefully natural) diuretic to assist urination. (Uva Ursi works well.) Urinary tract irritation is more common when Neptune is strong, so avoid soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol, and increase intake of water and real cranberry juice.

- There can be a strong jonesing for drugs and/or alcohol.

- But we are also more easily altered and affected by drugs and alcohol.

- Food allergies and sensitivities can be heightened. We're craving "fun and easy" foods, but they can have ill effects.

- We can be more sensitive to perfumes and scents.

- There can be a giddy, giggly, intoxicating quality in the air. Neptunian whiffs of ether.

- People can be more sensitive than usual and their feelings more easily hurt. There is stronger sensitivity to the suffering in the world, and people are more easily brought to tears when Neptune is strong. The Neptunian waterworks. People may choose more isolation than usual to offset this heightened sensitivity.

- We can spend money on things, particularly on frivolous things, that we wouldn't ordinarily spend money on. When Neptune is strong, we crave escapism, entertainment, and ease from the daily grind. Pizza delivery and Chinese take-out must see an increase in business!

- The simplest daily tasks can seem irritating and overwhelming. Multi-tasking is more difficult.

- People may embrace their inner dirty hippie and skip a few showers. Personal hygiene is one of those daily tasks that can seem impossibly arduous when Neptune is strong.

- It can be difficult to make ourselves fully understood, as if we are yelling underwater. People may pick up on one layer of what we're saying without grasping the full meaning.

- Generally, a lot of projection is flying around. People could be interacting with their own fabricated versions of who you are, rather than anything based in reality.

- Strongly Neptunian/Piscean people can usually be spotted by a sort of dreamy, shrouded, faraway look around the eyes. The area around the eyes can appear a little shadowed and hollowed-out."

So cut yourself (and others) a little slack this month as the unseen realms demand more of our energy and mental/psychic space. Understand that we're all a little haunted right now, and we're all a little confused at times. Maintain focus (especially while driving!), stay active however you can, even in the smallest of ways, and don't let the Piscean/Neptunian anesthetic effect take you under. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Canada's Vested Interest in the Protection of the Nuclear Industry Via Continued Lies About Fukushima

Dana Durnford, the man who spent months documenting missing, sick, and dying marine life along the British Columbia coast, was recently arrested and charged with criminal harassment for calling out two soft-on-nuclear individuals in a YouTube video. (You can see Dana's work at his site, The Nuclear Proctologist, or on his YouTube channel, BeautifulGirlByDana.)

In an ongoing illustration of the backwards-ass world in which we live, a man who is telling the truth about Fukushima is being made a criminal by those who are downplaying the very real dangers of Fukushima fallout, thereby exposing the public to more health risk through ignorance.

The federal government-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported in April 2015 that radioactive fallout from Fukushima had just been detected "on North American shores for the first time."

As is the standard line from establishment media and government regarding Fukushima, the public was told that the findings were no big deal, nothing to worry about.

(The truth is, there is no level of man-made radioactive isotopes that is safe to ingest. It all carries a risk. Even low-level radiation exposure can cause catastrophic health damage.) 

From the article:

"Trace amounts of radiation from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan have been detected on North American shores for the first time, but researchers say the amount of radiation is not a concern."

Two of the "researchers" interviewed in the article, Jay Cullen and Ken Buesseler, are the standard nuclear industry gatekeepers being held up in mainstream media as experts in order to placate the public.

These men, being held up as "experts" on the Fukushima fallout situation in Canada and the U.S., are testing sea water samples, rather than sea life (algae, kelp, fish, seals, whales, etc.) where the radioactivity actually accumulates, to determine the level of contamination. Testing sea water samples is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Their methodology is flawed, making any results they find close to meaningless. But that doesn't stop mainstream media from holding up these Fukushima-downplayers as supposed experts every chance it gets... 

Now, in order to understand the level of lying, manipulation, and complicity among the establishment scientists and media outlets, we have to look to the roots of the situation. We have to look to the allegiances. We have to follow the money trail.

Jay Cullen, for example, is employed by the University of Victoria on the British Columbia, Canada coast.

The University of Victoria is funded by the Canadian federal government. 

Canada is the number two exporter of uranium worldwide and a major exporter of nuclear reactors, just like the ones that have been melting down non-stop, 24/7, for four-and-a-half years now at Fukushima, Japan. In fact, it is almost certainly Canadian uranium spewing out of those reactors and contaminating all of North America (and the rest of the planet more slowly).

The Canadian federal government makes big money from the sale of uranium and nuclear reactors. Maybe more importantly, its uranium makes Canada a big shot on the world stage. It makes Canada a strategically powerful entity for the overall global war machine, of which it is an active member.

So we have a government-funded "scientist" telling the gullible public that everything is A-OK with the supposedly tiny and inconsequential amounts of radioactive fallout that have been detected in ocean water on the B.C. coast. And we have a government-funded journalist and media outlet reporting this news to the public, asking the questions, directing the discourse, and looking the other way when presented with evidence of the variety that Dana Durnford has uncovered. And the government that funds the scientist, the university, the journalist, and the media outlet earns a big chunk of its income (and its global political clout) from the activities of the uranium/nuclear industries.

Not only that, but Cullen's research is partially funded directly by a pro-nuclear Canadian government agency.

"What Jay Cullen failed to mention to the Toronto-based Global and Mail is that the 630,000 dollar grant to his inFORM project came from the MEOPAR foundation, whose Board chairman is Robert Walker, former CEO and President of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL). The federal Crown corporation is Canada’s largest nuclear laboratory, which developed the CANDU reactors and was the wartime uranium-supplier for the Manhattan Project, which built and detonated the world’s first atomic bombs."

Can we really expect even a shred of truth about the Fukushima situation from such channels?

I suppose the CBC journalist, paid by the nuclear industry-protecting Canadian federal government, was unaware that there had been no real, ongoing testing for radioactive fallout from Fukushima before these findings were reported. (Even the results in question are based only on tests of ocean water, not on the sea animals and plants that absorb and bio-accumulate the radioactivity like sponges.)

I suppose that CBC journalist was unaware that the federal government refused to test air, water, soil, or food for radioactive fallout in any systematic, ongoing, or thorough manner since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan began in March 2011.

And I suppose that CBC journalist was unaware that radioactive fallout from Fukushima, Japan had already been detected (even with incredibly spotty testing) all along the West Coast since soon after the disaster began.

Fallout from Fukushima has been documented in fish and seaweed off the Alaska coast. It has been found in almonds, prunes, soil, tuna, and milk in California. It has been found in Canadian milk and water reservoirs. And this only scratches the surface. 

An article in Scientific American, for example, reported in March 2012 that radioactive iodine from Fukushima had been found in kelp along the California coast. Radioactive fallout was found in all the kelp that was tested. However, only Iodine 131, which has an eight-day half-life, was tested for by these scientists, despite the fact that many other more dangerous radioactive isotopes were released from the nuclear reactors as well, along with the short-lived iodine.

From the article:

"The scientists only measured iodine 131, although other isotopes were in the plume from Japan that also accumulate in kelp. One of them, Cesium 137, has a 30-year half-life."

Yes, and Strontium, which was also released from Fukushima, has a half-life of 28 years. Plutonium, which was released from Fukushima, has a half-life in the thousands of years. 

You see, you have to test for something (diligently, in an ongoing manner, and using the proper methods) in order to find it.

If you don't test for it, you don't find it.

If you don't test for it in the right ways, you don't find it.

And you can then tell the public it has nothing to worry about, just like Jay Cullen and Ken Buesseler are doing.

Just like Health Canada is doing.

I wrote in May 2011 about how Health Canada initially refused to test milk samples for radioactive fallout from Fukushima, despite requests from British Columbia dairy farmers to do so. After reluctantly testing only 24 samples of milk over three months, Health Canada declared the milk perfectly fine and uncontaminated.

It took independent tests ordered and paid for by private citizens (at $400 a pop) to uncover Strontium contamination in B.C. milk. Source: Canada's Land of Milk and Strontium Later, it was uncovered by these same private citizens that Strontium 90, one of the radioactive isotopes released by the nuclear reactors at Fukushima, had been found in the milk samples by the Health Canada tests. The radioactive contamination was not considered worth mentioning by Health Canada because the levels that were found fell below the "allowable limits," which are determined, yes, by the Canadian federal government.

I've written on the subject of Fukushima gatekeepers before, on New Year's Eve 2013: New Moon in Capricorn: Fukushima, Gatekeepers, and the Big Responsibility of Thinking For Yourself.

The subject remains just as relevant today. 

What follows are some updated excerpts from an article first posted on this blog on May 8, 2011 called, "Canada Day Cardinal Grand Cross Eclipse: Well, Golly Gee Whiz. Look Who's Fueling the Global Nuclear Industry." The article was written ahead of a Cardinal Grand Cross on Canada Day 2011 involving the personal planets in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. The article outlines the vested interest the Canadian federal government - and all paid agencies of that government - have in protecting the nuclear industry.

(The article was also censored on AstroDispatch at the time, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy.)

"Canada's benign, peacekeeper image, so strategically useful on the world stage, is in the process of being stripped bit-by-bit by a Pluto in Capricorn opposition to its Cancer Sun. Squared by transiting Uranus in Aries, the shocking extent of Canada's role within the global war machine emerges as the facade is stripped. The fundamental understanding of Canada's identity on the world stage - past, present, and future - is changing rapidly. 

Canada is the second largest producer of uranium in the world. It was the largest producer of uranium in the world up until 2009 when it was overtaken by Kazakhstan.

To be more specific, northern Saskatchewan - my home province - is the second largest producer of uranium in the world. This is where the uranium is mined - mainly from McArthur River, the largest uranium mine in the world.

We're doing what we can to get back to number one, too. Uranium production in Saskatchewan is on the upswing after the opening of a new mine at Cigar Lake in March 2014.

The world's largest publicly-traded uranium corporation, Cameco, is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. "Is your nuclear reactor running low on fuel? Cameco may be able to help." It was once a Canadian Crown Corporation, held by the Canadian people, but is now majority owned by parties from the United States. These parties from the U.S. more than likely lead back to Big Oil, which owns a fair percentage of the world's uranium production.

So guess where the uranium is coming from for the globe's nuclear reactors? And for depleted uranium munitions and bombs? That's right. From those benign peacekeepers to the North, eh?

And from the most below-the-radar province in the country (maybe tied with Prince Edward Island). Saskatchewan: flat as piss on a plate. It's the only province in the country where you can watch your dog running away for three days straight. Hayseed farm boys, wheat fields, pump jacks, sunsets, good fishing.

And the heart of the global nuclear industry.

The mining of uranium in Canada began in 1942 under direction from the military. (Straight to the Manhattan Project with ya!) By 1959, 23 mines and 19 treatment plants were in operation. Canada now has 18 nuclear reactors with plans (still?) to build nine more over the next ten years. Sixteen of the reactors are in Ontario with one in Quebec and one in New Brunswick. In 2008, 53% of Ontario's power came from nuclear energy.

Canada is a major exporter of nuclear reactor systems worldwide, called Candu (Canada deuterium uranium), and has sold systems to India, South Korea, Romania, Pakistan, Argentina and China. There's that good, old Saskatchewan "Can do!" spirit again.

I remember as a kid going on a school trip to this crappy converted motorhome-type thing that had been turned into a promotional "scientific" display for the Candu nuclear reactors. It was in a neighbouring town about 20 minutes away. Yes, when you grow up in Saskatchewan, this is the type of field trip you go on. One of the main displays was a group of everyday items, and the person leading the tours asked us which of the items gave off radiation. Kids would guess, and the leader would say, yes, that gives off radiation. And what else does? After a couple kids' guesses, I realized the pattern and cut the guessing game short: "They all do."

Ding ding ding! Yes, nine-year-old girl, it's true. All these common, everyday items give off radiation. Therefore, the uranium industry in your province is completely safe and should be supported by you and your peers throughout adulthood.

(Instead, it fueled a suspicion of nuclear power that led to complete opposition of nuclear energy.)

The same schtick we got from the "Radioactivity Wagon" as schoolkids in the 1980s is now being applied to the nuclear crisis in Japan. So-called experts are telling people that the low levels of radiation being found in food and rainwater are perfectly safe. You get more radiation from an airplane ride! An X-Ray! From eating a banana! Never mind that our bodies know how to process the radiation that is naturally-occurring in foods. They do not know how to process the man-made radioactive isotopes being produced at Fukushima...

This is the same ideology behind the supposed innocuousness of depleted uranium being used in munitions and bombs. We're told it's safe because it's depleted uranium, see? The levels of radiation are not enough to harm a human being, they say.

What the supposed experts and depleted uranium proponents (some of whom e-mail me every time I mention d.u. in a post - must be on someone's payroll) are not telling us is that it's not exposure to the environmental radiation that causes the biggest problem. It's the ingestion of the radioactive dust (breathing it in, eating contaminated food, or drinking contaminated water) that causes the greatest harm to human health.

During the production of enriched uranium, depleted uranium is produced as a waste product, which is then used in bombs and munitions.

According to Jim Harding, University of Regina professor and author of Canada's Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System, despite assurances from officials that Canada's uranium is used only for "peaceful" purposes (IE. in nuclear reactors, which I would argue are not peaceful at all), depleted uranium all ends up in the same stockpiles. There's no separation of Saskatchewan depleted uranium from the rest of it, so Saskatchewan's uranium is being used in depleted uranium munitions and bombs, just as it was almost certainly used in Fat Man and Little Boy and in the nuclear testing before and after the dropping of those bombs.

Harding says the technology for depleted uranium came out of the Manhattan Project. There was so much public horror and uproar related to the dropping of the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima that nuclear warfare had to go stealth - which it did with depleted uranium. This is slow radioactive poisoning rather than instantaneous annihilation, and it sneaks along beneath the public's radar. How many people realize that we've actually had a covert nuclear war going on on this planet for decades now?

Depleted uranium is used to coat munitions so they are hard enough to penetrate tanks. When the munitions penetrate the tanks, they get very hot and basically turn to dust. (Same story with the bombs.) The dust is radioactive and is left behind for people to ingest - and for the wind to blow around the world. Once the dust is in the system, the body cannot get rid of it. This is what is causing the horrifying epidemic of birth defects and deformities in babies in Iraq as well as the spike in cancers, predominantly leukemia. Depleted uranium has also been used in Kosovo and Afghanistan and there is suspicion it is being used in Libya.

It's the same scenario with the radioactivity coming from the Japanese nuclear reactors. The levels of radioactivity being reported might be considered relatively low (ha), but the breathing in and ingestion of radioactive particles through food and water creates an accumulation in the body, with the possibility of long-term damage."

The health risk posed by constant exposure to low-level radiation (like the radiation from Fukushima) has been criminally downplayed by the powers-that-be in the past.

Even the Global Government's own establishment World Health Organization has come out recently (October 2015) with a report saying: "Low doses of ionizing radiation increase risk of death from solid cancer."

In "duh!" news from this report:

"New results from a study coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, show that protracted exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation increases the risk of death from solid cancers. The results, published today in The BMJ, are based on the most powerful study to date and provide direct evidence about cancer risks after protracted exposures to low-dose ionizing radiation."

Low-dose ionizing radiation like the variety spewing into the Pacific and into the atmosphere non-stop for almost five years now...

This new statement coming from the WHO is contrary to the official lines that have been spouted constantly in mainstream media from establishment government, science, and medical channels. We are being told constantly that "there is nothing to worry about" regarding low doses of radioactivity in our environment, and this, of course, as all intelligent beings already know, is hogwash.

There is health risk from constant exposure to low-dose radiation. There is health risk from the accumulation over time of man-made radioactive isotopes in our bodies that are breathed in or ingested from food, water, or milk. There is health risk from ingesting radioactively-contaminated seafood.

And anyone lying about this, anyone downplaying this in "official tones," is increasing that health risk.

These people are the true criminals, not Dana Durnford. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Life in the Dark and Dormant Places at the Scorpio New Moon

We experience a New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio tomorrow at 11:47 a.m. CST, indicating emotional resurrection, mystery, new life brought to dark places, a sexual surge.

Things long dormant start to move. Painful at first, maybe, but the desire for life overpowers the fear or pain. The desire to get out of the dark becomes the strongest motivator there is. If there's a chance that the long night of the soul is over, we'll take it.

New insight, intuition, and soul stirrings open doorways that were previously locked and deadbolted. Places inside ourselves we had locked away - through hurt, neglect, or betrayal - start to come back to life.

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is a beautiful one: "A Woman Drawing Aside Two Dark Curtains That Closed the Entrance to a Secret Pathway."

Over this next 28-day lunar month, the still and secret places in our psyches and souls can be touched, rejuvenated, resurrected. How incredible. After all that, our souls want to try again.

We simply can't resist.