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A Re-Post With Wounded Healer Chiron Making a Final Pass Through Late Pisces - "Chiron in Late Pisces: Spiritual Solidarity with Leslie Demeniuk and Those Unjustly Imprisoned, Past, Present, and Future"

Wounded healer Chiron, currently retrograde, slips back into late Pisces on September 26, stirring the highly karmic "end of the zodiac" zone until re-entering Aries on February 17, 2019.

With Chiron in this extra-potent area of the zodiac, we're coming into contact with some big collective karma and big collective lessons - the Grand Finale of the entire Chiron in Pisces transit. 

In Pisces, we're coming into a fuller understanding of the connections between collective wounds and pain and personal wounds and pain. In most cases, the things that wound and hurt us are things that are wounding and hurting many others around the world. Understanding and applying this can bring us to a state of spiritual transcendence about our own suffering and the suffering of others.

Pisces is a sign related to institutions and prisons, and with Chiron in late Pisces, we see a very painful theme involving individuals serving prison time as proxies. These proxies are bearing the extreme burden of prison sentences that should actually be served by those heading reckless and violent corporations and institutions that are causing so much harm and destruction in human society. 

This article from August 1, 2017, when transiting Chiron was in late Pisces, clearly outlines one element of this very broad issue. The North Node of the Moon (successful, soul-driven path forward) is at 29 degrees Pisces in Leslie Demeniuk's natal chart, and this point is currently being re-activated by transiting Chiron:


Chiron in Late Pisces: Spiritual Solidarity with Leslie Demeniuk and Those Unjustly Imprisoned, Past, Present, and Future

 Photos: Willow

"This is a call for spiritual solidarity with Leslie Demeniuk and for all those unjustly imprisoned on Earth, past, present and future. 

Leslie is a 48-year-old woman currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole at Lowell Correctional Institution, a women's prison in Ocala, Florida.

(Lowell Correctional Institution has been described as "a special hell for women," where it is common for female inmates to die under suspicious circumstances. There have been accusations by prisoners of sexual exploitation, beatings, and torture of inmates by guards.)

Leslie is a victim of the pharmaceuticals industry – of their dangerous and deadly drugs, of their lies, of their cover-ups, and of their diabolical greed, which places profit over human life. Leslie is a victim of the patriarchal hierarchy known as the medical establishment, where doctors and medical professionals often refuse to listen to patients, arrogantly (or at the very least, ignorantly) continuing with practices that contravene the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm:

"I will apply diatetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice. 

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect."

It is the pharmaceuticals executives of GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer Inc. who should be serving this prison time, not Leslie. Leslie – like millions of others around the world  – is a victim of a reckless and irresponsible industry focused on profit, rather than real care and consideration for human beings.

In 2001, Leslie was going through a divorce and custody battle and was experiencing depression - a natural reaction considering the circumstances. Leslie saw a nurse practitioner at a local clinic and was given trial samples of the new generation anti-depressant Zoloft (manufactured and sold by Pfizer Inc.), as well as the anti-anxiety medication Xanax. 

(Of course, the instant reaction from the mainstream medical establishment is: drugs.)

After she began to take the pharmaceuticals, Leslie had an immediate adverse reaction, which involved swelling and hives. She called the clinic to report the symptoms and was told to continue taking the pills. After two more weeks on the drugs, she experienced hallucinations, suicidal thinking, and an overwhelming urge to drink alcohol. The suicidal thinking went to the extent that she picked up a gun and was very close to killing herself. 

Leslie attempted to report these side effects to her doctor but was not able to book an appointment for three weeks. Instead, she went back to the nurse practitioner who originally gave her the samples of Zoloft and Xanax, and he immediately switched her to Paxil (manufactured and sold by GlaxoSmithKline), another new generation anti-depressant. This was done despite Leslie questioning the nurse practitioner about the safety of such a switch.

New generation anti-depressants are linked to a side effect involving an overwhelming urge to drink, and Leslie experienced this, as well, abusing alcohol at the time that she was taking the pills. 

Three days after starting the Paxil, in a state of drug-induced chemical psychosis, Leslie shot and killed her sweet babies, twin 4-year-old boys, and attempted to overdose herself on pills.

By all accounts, Leslie was a very loving, caring, and devoted mother, and this terrible act was completely out of character.

Leslie was tried in a Florida court in 2006, before the full extent of the side effects of these drugs were known in the mainstream public.

In 2004, GlaxoSmithKline won a motion in court that allowed it to keep information about studies, trials, and investigations regarding the risks and safety of Paxil out of Leslie’s trial.

Chemical psychosis and violent behaviour now linked to anti-depressants like Zoloft and Paxil were not well-known side effects in the mainstream public at the time, and this court ruling barred Leslie’s lawyers from bringing the company's own data in as part of her defense. In a case that could have set a much-needed court precedent in situations of drug-induced psychosis and violence, this ruling protected the drug companies. 

Despite the defense presenting an internal memo from 2000 in which a company scientist for GlaxoSmithKline acknowledged a link between antidepressants and homicide, the knee-jerk public reaction to a mother killing her own children resulted in Leslie being convicted of two counts of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

Since Leslie’s trial in 2006, it has become much more widely known that SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs like Zoloft and Paxil can cause suicidal thinking and actions as well as violent/homicidal behaviour in people having adverse reactions to the drugs.

Leslie is but the tip of the iceberg, representing many more victims who, in a pharmaceutical-induced state of chemical psychosis, have committed suicide, assault, or homicide.

How many other victims of the pharmaceuticals industry are spending time in prison under similar circumstances? The real numbers would be staggering. I suppose these can be called iatrogenic (physician-caused) prison sentences...

A list of other examples of SSRI-related homicides committed by adults can be found in this article, "Precription-Only Homicide and Violence" by Dr. David Healy.  

The link between violence and SSRIs (as well as other pharmaceuticals) has been well understood through anecdotal evidence for many years. The pharmaceuticals corporations, mainstream medical establishment, government regulatory agencies, and media have been much more reluctant to acknowledge the link, however. 

A Swedish study released in 2015 studied more than 850,000 individuals taking SSRIs and found that individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 had a 43% increased risk of committing violent crimes while taking SSRIs versus when they were not. (Source.)

Many mass shootings in recent years have involved people on SSRIs, particularly young people. "In the last 28, years, there have been at least 47 acts of violence committed by those on or withdrawing from psychotropic drugs, leaving 194 wounded and 133 killed." (Source: "Psychotropic Drugs: A History of Violence," Citizens Commission on Human Rights

(And remember - these only represent the incidents that have been conclusively linked to psychotropic drugs like SSRIs, not the real numbers.)

As early as 1990, researchers and psychiatrists were warning of increased risk of suicidal thinking and actions when taking SSRIs. Victims of these drugs have been screaming about side effects ever since. However, there has been a concerted effort by pharmaceuticals corporations to downplay or cover up potential side effects.

In 2004, SSRI manufacturers were forced to place a black box warning on the drugs about the increased risk of suicidal thinking and actions in young people only. (In one of those "cosmic coincidences," this black box warning was added the same year GlaxoSmithKline won the right to keep safety information about Paxil out of Leslie's trial.) This black box warning, of course, does not go nearly far enough, merely scratching the surface of the true risks associated with these drugs, which affect adults and young people alike. 

In a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline in 2017 over the suicide of Illinois man Stewart Dolin, evidence was presented showing that people taking antidepressants like Paxil (the SSRI Leslie was taking at the time that she killed her sons) were almost nine times more likely to exhibit suicidal behaviour. Stewart's widow, Wendy, was awarded $3 million from GlaxoSmithKline in 2017, though the ruling is being appealed.

Since Leslie’s trial in 2006, the entire climate and the entire body of public knowledge around this subject have changed as the truth about the dangers of these drugs has come out.

At this point, millions of people have experienced similar side effects, millions of people have been victimized and have lost their lives or the lives of loved ones because of the irresponsible and reckless prescription/dispensing of pharmaceuticals like Zoloft and Paxil.

On December 8, 2009, I finished the last of three antibiotic pills prescribed to me by a walk-in clinic physician for what was believed to be a mild urinary tract infection.

By the next day, I was crawling around my apartment on my hands and knees because my tendons had turned to mush and I could not put weight on my Achilles.

I was having an extended, drug-induced panic attack with morbid and suicidal thoughts coursing through my brain without cessation. I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t sleep. There was intense pressure in my head. I had a severe headache to the point that I could barely move my head off the pillow. My ears were ringing loudly. My vision was not lining up correctly. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw colours and shapes and figures and flashing lights, as if I had a strobe light going off behind my eyelids. I couldn’t use artificial light or look at my computer screen without pain. I had fatigue so crushing that crawling to the bathroom and back took a couple hours to recover from. My entire body felt poisoned, and eating food made me feel worse. I was so weak, I could barely lift my arm to my mouth to feed myself (subsequently losing 30 pounds in three weeks). I was convinced I was going to die.

Like Leslie, taking a pharmaceutical prescribed to me as harmless by a medical professional (in this case, the fluoroquinolone antibiotic Cipro) had transported me into a living Hell.

That Hell has involved years of debilitation and pain that continue to this day.

Like Leslie, I experienced chemical psychosis induced by the drug I took. Suicidal and morbid thoughts ran through my mind constantly (remaining with me for years until I smoked cannabis medicinally for a period of time, and they mostly stopped). My body and mind had been turned into a living Hell by the drug. The world around me seemed like Hell. And I was being convinced by the effects of the drug that suicide was my only hope, my only escape, from this intolerable Hell I was experiencing.

By extension, it is not difficult to imagine that in the state of chemical psychosis Leslie experienced, killing her boys and herself was the only way to release them from this Hell-world they were inhabiting. 

Leslie Demeniuk is a victim of the pharmaceuticals industry in one of the most heinous ways possible. She has lost her darling sons and also her own freedom. She has not received justice and is now paying for the crimes of others with her own life. 

Perhaps equally, however, Leslie is a victim of a culture that pathologizes natural human emotions in times of trauma and crisis. She is the victim of a culture that drugs people with potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals rather than providing any real support or assistance through traumatic events.

Why are people not referred to counselors or therapists, for example, before they are put on potentially dangerous drugs? (Answer: the money)

Someone to talk to, someone to help with child care, cooking, or cleaning, someone to cheer her up, someone to make her laugh – these simple, human acts are not being provided within the medical establishment or by the fragmented and stressed society at large. This leads to a treacherous disconnection from the basic support that could mean the difference between health and breakdown, between life and death, for a mother (or anyone) feeling desperate, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and alone.

It is an entire culture that failed you, Leslie, and it is failing all of us, too, in one way or another.

You, sweet lady, with your Darkest Moon, your Black Moon Lilith point, in Cancer. The vilified mother, tossed to the wolves by a society that cannot stand to see its own reflection, its own failings, its own hypocrisies. You hold that mirror up, Leslie, and you're banished because of it.

Transiting Ceres (nurturing) and Venus (women) are currently conjunct your Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, and we can see how the shortfalls that failed you are failing all mothers, all caregivers, all people. We can see the suppression of natural emotions as people - particularly mothers - try to keep up in an insane and inhumane system, and we can see the dysfunction that inevitably results from this emotional suppression. We can see the hidden shame, the dark feelings, the emotional extremes (Black Moon Lilith) of over-taxed mothers (Cancer), doing their best within this insane and inhumane system. 

The mother who drinks one too many glasses of wine every night, the mother who takes one more sleeping pill or pain pill or anti-anxiety pill than was prescribed. The coping mechanisms.

Your North Node dharma path on the final degree of the zodiac, 29 Pisces, conjunct natal Chiron. A supremely karmic path to walk. Institutions, prisons, drugs, smokescreens, obscuring of reality, individuals victimized by collective circumstances. The end of the line where all the chronic problems, all the loose ends, all the leftover dysfunction and pain and shameful understandings are dumped. A pain that has no discernible beginning or end. Bearing the burdens of victimhood, devastation, and loss for the collective. Walking a path that illuminates the victimhood of us all via your own story, weaving invisible threads, connecting dots, joining hearts and spirits through time and space. Walking the path of the mercilessly abandoned, of the supreme scapegoat, of the psychically tortured and imprisoned. 

But eventual redemption, transcendence – if not in this world, then in the next. Natal wounded healer Chiron in early Aries is walking with you on this path, conjunct your North Node, blazing you through this brutal pain for an ultimate understanding of the love that sustains and binds us and for an ultimate understanding of yourself as a person within this broader context. Walking this path under the painful (Chiron) identity (Aries) of a murderer, wearing the mark of a heinous criminal. But that's not who you are.

Leslie Demeniuk is not a criminal. Leslie Demeniuk is a good and loving mother who lost the most that any mother could ever lose – her darling children. The loss of a lifetime of freedom most likely pales in comparison to that.

Leslie is a victim of a greedy and evil industry, just like the hundreds of millions of others who have been adversely affected by dangerous pharmaceuticals, kept on the market and prescribed daily without adequate warning or precaution. This group includes me. 

Let’s hold that Dark Moon mirror up to the real criminals – the ones in suits and ties sitting in corner offices at pharmaceuticals corporations, the ones in white coats recklessly scratching death sentences or life sentences on prescription pads, the ones behind pharmacy counters dispensing horror and hell in little bottles, the ones in governmental offices giving it all a green light.

Leslie's story can be seen in the series Women Behind Bars, Season 1, Episode 11, available for viewing on Netflix.

Though the tone of the Women Behind Bars series is quite sensationalistic and somewhat blood-thirsty in your standard "American (In)Justice" sort of way, it also illustrates just how many people (in this case, women) are in prison, enduring terrible conditions, who should not ultimately be there. At the very least, who should not be serving such lengthy sentences considering the circumstances. Women snapping and killing their long-time abusers, women who are present when their abuser kills another person, women who have few to no viable options for getting out of the bad situations life has dealt them, often since childhood.

As wounded healer Chiron transits the final degrees of Pisces (institutions, prisons) from 2017 to 2019, this issue comes to a head. 

Individuals are bearing the burden for intentionally-engineered social conditions that divide us into the fortunate and the unfortunate, the haves and the have-nots, the success stories and the failures. Individuals are bearing the brunt of an intentionally-stratified, fiat currency-driven, and unequal society. Ultimately, this social structure is a toxic failure driving people into anxiety, depression, and ill health.

One of the primary reasons for the breakdown of Leslie's marriage - leading to her depression - was her husband's service in the U.S. military, which involved long periods of time away from home working in war zones. Leslie's ex-husband Tommy Demeniuk is also a victim in the worst possible way of the pharmaceuticals industry and of the military industrial complex, two industries which are intricately connected. Though he likely doesn't see it this way, Tommy is a victim of a society stratified by class where poor and working class people are paid (relatively very little) to fight the wars of rich men and women. In this skewed system, the poor and working classes are forced to supersede their own best interests, risking everything to secure wealth, resources, and territory for the rich. 

I’m so sorry, Leslie. I’m so sorry you didn’t get the support you needed when you needed it and that this toxic culture filled the void in the horrific way that it so often does. I’m sorry so many of us are being victimized in this way, that so many of us are not getting the support we need within these Pluto in Capricorn-era patriarchal hierarchies, driven by money and illusions of success rather than caring, consideration, mutual support, basic common decency, and respect for human life.  

And so we must reject this culture that keeps us so stretched and stressed, so isolated and exhausted, so depleted and at-the-brink. So disconnected from each other in fundamental ways.

We must reject a culture that fails the caregivers, the mothers, the nurturers of society (Cancer) - those who have given so much - when they need some of that care themselves.

We must hold the hands of those at the edge, on the verge of tipping into the bleak. And we must courageously reach out for a hand when we find ourselves at this point.

The establishment does not care about us. It was not designed to care. Caring wastes time; it cuts into profit margins; it gives competitors the edge. 

So we must care for ourselves and for each other – radically and lovingly, fiercely and fully, gently and sweetly.

We must do better. We must make up for the failings built into this system to harm us. We must warn each other about the traps designed to ensnare us. We must link our fingers into a net - so strong - to catch us when we fall. We must create asylum, refuge, secret pockets of sanity and humanity stumbled upon magically when we most need to find them.

We deserve better. You deserve better, Leslie. So we must make it better, together.

Transiting wounded healer Chiron forms conjunctions to Leslie's North Node on the final degree of the zodiac, 29 Pisces, in 2018 and 2019. This is followed by her Chiron return at 4 degrees Aries in 2019 and 2020. The healing cycle is coming full circle. The healing Leslie needs as an individual is the healing we all need. 

Please support the freeing of Leslie Demeniuk and all those serving prison time for the crimes of the pharmaceuticals industry.

Please research the potential side effects of any pharmaceutical (or even herbal remedy) before you take it. Do not take your physician or pharmacist's word for it.

In the hearts and minds of those who seek real justice and equality on Earth, we know that the social structures as they exist cannot go on. As transiting Jupiter in Libra forms its final square to Pluto in Capricorn (exact August 4), this could not be more apparent.

Until our efforts bring about the grand-scale changes needed, we stand in spiritual solidarity with those unjustly imprisoned on Planet Earth, past, present, and future. We link arms, we hold hands, we join at the heart with anyone who has been unjustly imprisoned and with anyone in a state of socially-engineered desperation or isolation who feels as if he or she is in prison. 

A better world is not only possible - it's necessary. Thank-you for being here and for helping to make things better."


Now, in late 2018/early 2019, as we receive the full blessings and spiritual awareness of the Chiron in Pisces transit, integrating the full master Pisces lessons, we can see previously-invisible threads connecting personal to collective, individual to sociological. Armed with this healing Piscean awareness, we can now make the shift to creating a better world in a much more active, direct, and immediate (Aries) way.

As Chiron first planted its flag in early Aries (April 17 to September 26, 2018), we saw some very inspiring action - both individual and collective - as we took on this chapter of more active (Aries) healing (Chiron).

The victims (Pisces) are fighting back (Aries), and they're fighting back together, in common force, in devastating waves, in order to stop the chronic victimization that is going on.

In order to heal, we have to stop the sources of the poison and harm. We have to pull them out from the roots. It's as simple as that. Treating surface symptoms is only a temporary solution.

In August 2018, with Chiron in earliest Aries, we saw a $286 million court ruling against genetically modified organism and chemical corporation Monsanto. The court found in favour of Dewayne Johnson, an ex-school groundskeeper in California, who is dying of cancer caused by Roundup exposure. Glyphosate-based Roundup is Monsanto's best-selling herbicide, the most popular herbicide in the world.

At this time, there are 8,000 more court cases pending related to the harmful and deadly effects of Roundup exposure. This is the same ubiquitous herbicide that is now being found in our urine, in our bodies, in mother's breast milk...  

As written about on this blog, Monsanto was gobbled up in a $66 billion merger by Bayer Corporation, the maker of the drug that poisoned me, as well as many other deadly and debilitating pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The Bayer-Monsanto merger became official in May 2018, just as Uranus (biotechnology) entered Taurus (farming, agriculture). You can find out more about that merger in Dark Moon podcast #2.   

Since the $286 million ruling for Mr. Johnson, Bayer shares have dropped 11 percent. 

It seems Bayer will be paying for its own crimes against humanity and life on this planet, as well as those committed by Monsanto.

Instead of wiping Monsanto's bad reputation clean with this merger, one of Bayer's stated goals, Bayer will be dealing with Monsanto's dirty laundry for decades to come. In combination with its own extensive dirty laundry, this could be enough to bring down or to at least seriously curtail the toxic and deadly activities of this corporation.


Here we see some of the "full circle" element of the sign of Pisces. What goes around really does come around...eventually. No misdeed is ever really covered up or made invisible. With Chiron in latest Pisces, I hope this lesson comes fully to roost for all individuals using a corporate shield to deflect their own misdeeds, irresponsibility, and criminal activities.

And here we also see a new and more active chapter opening, symbolized by wounded healer Chiron in Aries (2018 - 2027). We see a chapter where people just aren't willing to take it anymore. We see a chapter where, if we don't want to be victimized by the endless scams and schemes and traps that have been set out for us, we have to fight. We have to be active, alert, vigilant, willing to take action when an opening presents itself.

Look for those openings, and take them whenever you get a chance. The healing wave comes under Chiron in Aries only when the individual (Aries) is willing to take a stand and to take action in his or her own personal life. It's the millions and billions of individual actions in aggregate that make up this Chiron in Aries healing force. Know the healing power of your own actions, your own efforts, your own warrior-fight. Own that healing power, and use it well during this transit. 

Chiron goes direct at 27 degrees Pisces on December 8, 2019, re-entering Aries on February 17, 2019. 

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Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: the Re-Valuing of Astrology and the Mad Scorpio Skillz

I work at a couple casual jobs to supplement my astrology practise and writing, and I discovered that my Scorpio co-worker enjoys astrology. I sent her a copy of her birth chart and told her a few things about it, and she surprised me with this beautiful pottery mug as a thank you. I was delighted and a little amazed. This might seem like a small thing, but it was actually a somewhat profound experience for me. It's quite rare to come across a person who truly values astrology and astrological insight in my physical (non-online) life. 

Unfortunately, real astrology and astrological work continue to be chronically de-valued within most of society, even as "sound byte" pop astrology surges in popularity. I talked a little about that phenomenon in this video: "What is Astrology?"

Many people who do appreciate and utilize astrology maintain it as a "dirty little secret" in their lives for fear of judgment in a society that brands astrologers and people who "believe in" astrology as kooks or at the very least as silly and naive.

("I don't believe in astrology. I use it because it works." - Antero Alli)

This kind gesture and act of recognition from my Scorpio co-worker reminded me of one of the best qualities of Scorpio - the ability to suss out the neglected, the under-valued, the put upon, the languishing, and to feed it some desperately-needed energy and support, to inject new life. This is one of the most magical and under-recognized abilities of the sign of Scorpio.

This mutual exchange between me and my co-worker was one of the good Figure 8 dynamics associated with the sign. And I like it. I like it a whole lot.

Venus entered Scorpio this morning, and we now start to get down to brass tacks as far as the meaning and themes of the upcoming Venus retrograde in Scorpio/Libra (October 5 - November 16). With a Venus retrograde in Scorpio, along with Greater Benefic Jupiter completing its transit of the sign, the time is ripe for the re-valuing of astrology and all the Scorpionic skillz that are so often under-recognized, under-respected, and under-valued.

It's time to stop the chronic mockery and under-valuing of astrology. It's time to give astrology and real working astrologers the respect they deserve. This is only fair. And with Venus retrograding back into justice-oriented Libra, fairness is a big element of this retrograde process.

As an illustration of the insidious (and quite insane) de-valuing of astrology and astrologers, I'm re-posting an excerpt from an old article about a truly shit-tastic comment left on my blog like a steaming pile of cow dung (Scorpio/Pluto relate to excrement, too, let's not forget). I've fielded similar commentary throughout my decade+ as a professional astrologer, continuing to the present day.

There are a whole lot of assholes out there. And doesn't Venus in Scorpio know it? 


...[T]his brings up themes of the valuing and undervaluing of astrological knowledge and infomation. The divinatory, digging, researching, uncovering, drawing-up-to-the-surface energy of astrological work.

I've been writing about the undervaluing of astrology for a while now, which is rampant in this "easy access" internet age, as well as the undervaluing of Scorpio energy, in general. This is emotional, psychological, sexual, metaphysical, healing, X-ray vision energy. Hidden processes that are easily put down, degraded, stepped on.

From a previous post:

"Scorpio works in the energetic realms - mostly hidden. Taurus works in the physical world - quite visible and what most consider "work." Taurus is a sign related to what is most commonly valued these days: money (and all the concrete things you can buy with money). Scorpio relates to complex energetic currencies...

Scorpio is a healing energy. It intuitively knows where the trouble is and gets right to work, divining and digging to trigger multi-layered release points. It isn't just treating symptoms, either. Scorpio knows it's either go deep or go home, and it puts forth immense stores of energy to go to the mat for people, driving right to the root of the problems that keep them locked up, inauthentic, programmed, and less effective than they could otherwise be.

Scorpio digs the poisoned thorns out - and if it's masterful enough, it gets them all.

But Scorpio's mastery is also it's downfall. Here's where the betrayal aspect of the sign comes into play. Scorpio is a liberating energy, an almost magical transformer of all things oppressive and stagnant and intolerable - and its emotional, psychological and psychic currency is woefully undervalued. Quite often, it's used and abused with little to nothing offered in return. It's left holding the bag with nowhere left to put the shit.

What Scorpio does is mostly in the energetic realms, and because so few people have developed the sight to see this type of energy work, people take it and run. Often, they take it and run right back into the same unhealthy patterns and dynamics Scorpio was expending so much energy to extricate them from in the first place.

This theme has been coming up strongly since last fall's Venus retrograde in Scorpio and has been triggered again now that Venus is back in the sign:

The currencies of sexual, emotional, psychological, and psychic energy as well as masterful Scorpionic healing abilities require a conscious re-valuing and re-working, eked out one interchange at a time."

Well, today, I'm not allowing myself or my site to be put down, degraded, or stepped on. Today, I'm doing some eking.

This morning, with the Sun (external presence and self-expression) conjunct Mars (attacks) in Aries, I got a lovely gem of a comment in the comments section telling me that this blog is not worth the price of a subscription. In other words, it's not worth the price of half a Starbucks per month to read. That's the price of the cheapest subscription option.

"I read your blog faithfully, but there's roughly similar information free all over the web. I agree with your GMO stuff, but it's not worth a full subscription. I wonder if others feel similarly. If you're feeling an energy drain, you could ask what's off with the tone of the blog. Why is it not inviting more traffic & more private clients or more community? This has a lot to do with the Pluto Saturn mutual reception at the moment--I personally feel we all have to watch our tendency to lose the wisdom potential here if we give in to being Aries Uranus firebrands, freakin' people out. In the end, it's always about building & deepening relationships while giving up need for absolute control -- this is the secret recipe for Cap-Scorp happiness."

All the astrological and sociological information I put out here, in this reader's humble opinion, can be found for free elsewhere on the internet. Therefore, it's not worth a single dime to this person to read this blog.

What a worthless, worthless site I put out here.

I wonder why these people even keep reading it?

Incidentally, this comment comes from an individual who claims to read this blog "faithfully."

I don't need that variety of faithful reader.

So here's a Metaphysics 101 lesson for this reader and for readers like this person:

When you take from a site like this "faithfully" without giving anything back but your bullshitty and eroding comments, you are creating an energy drain. When you read a site like mine while holding an attitude like yours, you create an energy drain. When frenemies and haters read this site and use the information as if it is free for them to use, they create an energy drain. And when you further devalue this site with your passive aggressive (and semi-nonsensical) commentary, you are exacerbating that drain exponentially.

This reader wonders if anyone else feels the same about the relative worthlessness of this site.

I wonder that, as well. I wonder that because people who feel that way are not welcome to read this site and have no business being here. From this point on, if you hold that attitude, you are reading here against my will.

Don't take that lightly. I certainly don't."


Back to 2018...

With Venus (value) now in an extended transit of Scorpio (energetic realms), the sign of its detriment, there is a requirement to extricate ourselves from people and situations where our energy is not being properly valued. There is a requirement to suss out those who are truly deserving of our time, attention, and efforts, to involve ourselves only in dynamics of satisfactory mutual exchange. Some reconfiguration may be required.

In these artificially sped-up times, energy is often at a premium. Make sure your energy is being properly recognized, valued, and utilized. If it isn't, you need to do a little more work there. You need to stand up for yourself a little more. You need to recognize yourself a little more. You need to value your own mad skillz a little more, whatever form they may take. And you might need to withdraw your energy and presence from situations or relationships that do not provide a fair and mutual exchange.

(And here's another Hot Tip: if you've been reading this blog and taking value from it for years and can only offer a steaming pile of eroding, passive-aggressive cow plop in comment form in return, don't bother. Don't bother coming back to this site. Don't bother following my Twitter or watching my YouTube videos or podcasts. You're not welcome to my work. You're doing some very gross things with yourself and with your energy, and I don't care to be privy to it. Neither do the rest of the readers who don't have some sort of diabolical bone to pick with me.)

We may have to dig deep for proper treatment during this Venus retrograde process. We may have to stubbornly stand our ground in order to receive our full value.

Things get a little cunning here, a little snaky. They get a little murky and potentially underhanded. 

Be forewarned: experiences and confrontations with the ugly underbelly of human relations is prime Venus in Scorpio terrain. Scorpio is a power-related sign, and people will often stoop to some pretty ugly tactics in order to secure and maintain personal power and status.

Venus in Scorpio will form three sextile aspects to status-conscious Saturn in Capricorn throughout the retrograde process (September 12, October 24, and December 16, 2018), and some opportunistic or status-seeking behaviours may have to be shut down around those times. People will be looking to shore themselves up, and they may be willing to tap into what's rightfully yours as part of that pursuit. 

The See You Next Tuesdays may be coming out of the woodwork at times during this Venus retrograde through Via Combusta Scorpio/Libra. People may take the opportunity to step on you for their own personal gain. They may be looking to mis-use your skills, talents, energy, and efforts to boost themselves and their own status. They may do you dirty in some way and then try to sweep it under the rug.

It's up to us to outsmart these dynamics, stepping out of reach and leaving the dirty deed doers hanging in the wind. If we do find ourselves ensnared in some just-not-right scenarios, it's up to us to gather our courage and to put up a fight to extricate ourselves - subtly and on the downlow, if possible. Openly, if not. 

Meet passive-aggressive with aggressive-aggressive. Show people in no uncertain terms that you will not accept mistreatment, even in the most insidious of forms. Force the dirty stuff to the surface. Don't just swallow it or allow it to be buried. Do whatever is in your power to stand up for what's fair and what's right, and assist others in this pursuit when you can.

Trust me on this: throwing down some hardcore lines in the sand for people now, with Venus direct in the retrograde shadow, will save you a whole lot of hassle and stress later as Venus moves back over this territory in retrograde motion. Taking yourself out of reach of underhanded or undermining individuals and dynamics now saves you from some very unpleasant and enervating entanglements later.

Venus leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius, post-retrograde, on January 7, 2019.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mars Direct! Making Our Preferable Future Vision For Life On This Planet Into A Concrete Reality

Mars is poised for direct action at 28 degrees Capricorn tomorrow morning (7:05 a.m. PDT), and we shoot into the workweek on a serious mission...

With Mars concentrated in late Capricorn until re-entering airy Aquarius September 10, we're masters of our own work, our own status, and our own domains, and we're looking to put that mastery into concrete action in immediate ways. 

See a problem? Solve it.
See a loose end? Tie it. 
See a weakness? Strengthen it. 
See an opportunity? Take it.

Mars, exalted in Capricorn, is associated with competition and setting oneself apart, and with Mars in the latest degrees of Capricorn until September 10, intensifying these qualities could put you ahead of the competition:

- responsibility 
- respectfulness 
- professionalism 
- efficiency/time-saving
- leadership with vision
- management skills, especially while under pressure
- maintaining a stiff upper lip, even within trying circumstances
- focusing on the bottom line, on the dollars and cents
- being willing to work longer and harder than the next person

Mars first entered the degrees of its retrograde shadow way back in April, which I wrote about at the time: "Mars Enters the Retrograde Shadow of a Highly Uranian Retrograde Period."

From that article:

"Mars goes retrograde once every two years, and in basic terms, Mars retrogrades involve reviewing the personal trajectory we have taken in the prior two-year period, determining how effective our actions and ways have been.

During these retrogrades, we re-visit our use of will, desire, motion, physical energy, aggression, and sexuality, and we also make adjustments as we set off on a new two-year action and goal cycle.

We re-visit what we wanted and whether we achieved it, but we also review the continuing value of certain goals altogether. What we once wanted may not be what we want now. Mars retrograde periods give us a chance to update our goals, our trajectories, and our methods for achieving our goals."

So with the Mars retrograde in Aquarius/late Capricorn now under our belts (June 26 - August 27), we've had our review time, we've checked in with our personal goals, desires, and trajectories, and we're now officially entering a new, two-year goal cycle designed to make our preferable future vision for life on this planet (Aquarius) into a concrete reality (Capricorn) on both micro and macro levels.

We're working with a foundation that we've just finished laying out and solidifying. This foundation is the launching point (as well as a source of crucial support) for the next two years of growth and development in our lives. The house(s) where 28 degrees Capricorn to 9 degrees Aquarius falls in your natal chart indicates the primary arena where we find this foundational launching point. It's the activities and themes of this particular house where we are required to take full responsibility - like a boss!

With a mix of Capricorn and Aquarius themes colouring our movements and trajectories over the next two years, we're working with a potent combination of conservatism (Capricorn) and radicalism (Aquarius), tradition (Capricorn) and future vision (Aquarius), the conventional (Capricorn) and the unconventional (Aquarius).

Over the next two years, we're bringing new ideas and new ways - particularly of a more egalitarian, anarchistic, or future-oriented persuasion - into old and often crystallized hierarchical structures, and this can be dangerous work. The influence of potentially-volatile Mars (anger, aggression, inflammation) indicates the necessity for the steely-eyed resolve and cunning wisdom of the warrior as we take on these pursuits.

However, the planetary rulers of both Capricorn and Aquarius are in a flowing and congenial trine aspect as Mars goes direct, and this indicates that we may have more success activating the "egalitarian Aquarian shift" than we might have imagined or than we might have experienced previously. In many cases, it's just time. The water-bearer's ways are received like (geo-engineered) parched earth receives rain.

As an example: following the $286 million ruling in favour of Dewayne Johnson, an ex-school groundskeeper dying of cancer due to Roundup herbicide exposure, there are 8,000 more Roundup-related court cases against Bayer, the now-owner of Monsanto, and Bayer shares have fallen 11% since news of the ruling. 

As Mars goes direct, the planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is stationing direct (September 6) at 2 degrees Capricorn within an exact trine aspect to Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus, at 2 degrees Taurus.

Again, this indicates some distinct cosmic assistance as we attempt to reconcile the current (often violent and deadly) authoritarian hierarchies with the winds of egalitarian-Aquarian change that are blowing, blowing, blustering and blowing...

From the July 7, 2017 patron article, "Saturn in Capricorn: An Astrological Overview for Long-Term Strategic Planning":

"We don't want to be under anyone's thumb, no matter how supposedly benevolent the thumb-bearer. There is no more energy to uphold unsatisfactory power dynamics and hierarchical establishments. There is no more energy to prop up the same-old, same-old. As the energy abandons these structures and frameworks, there is an organic leveling of the power scheme. There are openings that can be capitalized on and beneficial changes that can be made. It's all about positioning ourselves to be in the right places at the right times so that we can effect this type of beneficial change, so that we can bring in new ideas and methods...

There is a new definition of authority on its way during the Saturn in Capricorn transit. It is authority that does not require force, coercion, manipulation, dishonesty, ass-kissing, or mind control. It doesn’t have anything to do with ego. It can’t buy its way into position and power. It can’t simply cozy up to the “right people” to gain status. Being born into the right family or into the right neighbourhood will not guarantee this type of authority. It is authority that is non-hierarchical, fluid, earned, entrusted, freely and naturally-given."

With Mars direct in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus (exact for the final time September 18), we're taking on our own authority as agents of Uranian change. We're taking control of our own power and influence - which is much greater than the authoritarian hierarchies would like you to believe! 

We're seeing the immediate openings, the immediate avenues for the injection of new methods, and we're taking action.

We're joining forces (Mars) with friends, comrades, and those of like-mind (Aquarius).

We're taking responsibility for bringing in the necessary catalyzing influences, and we're taking responsibility for being the necessary catalyzing influences.

We're holding firm to our soul-responsibility and soul-sovereignty. It's these things that tell us when to over-rule the standard protocols, when to slip in a practical and much-needed adjustment to the way things are being done. A suggestion. A slight alteration. A more direct route. A more common sense solution. A more humane method.

We're working within the confines and limits of our established positions (Capricorn), and this keeps us safe. 

With Mars in Capricorn forming a square aspect to Venus in Libra (exact September 8 at 29 degrees of the signs), masterful manners, social graces, consideration for others, and partnering skills keep us progressing while putting any excessively opportunistic tendencies in check - in ourselves or in others. 

Under the Venus in Libra - Mars in Capricorn square, we're doing our best to respect the hierarchical players (the people "just doing their jobs"), even when we don't respect the hierarchical game(s). 

People matter. And most people don't want to be turned into compliant androids to be moulded and shaped and directed and exploited by the current power structures and power players of Planet Earth. Most people really do deserve better than these conditions, and we have to connect with the slivers of humanity that remain, even when we want to throw our hands up in frustration and abandon people to the muck and mess of it all.

There is much change required as we shift from authoritarian-hierarchical to egalitarian-self-sovereign, and it is within the establishments and the hierarchical structures that the catalyzing changes are most needed.

The necessary changes are driven by individuals doing what comes naturally, doing what's most logical or practical or humane in that moment. They're driven by individuals living by their own consciences, acting under their own authority, all while knowing that they would one day have to answer for not doing so in these critical times on the planet. 

This is low-key revolution.

This is under-stated radicalism.

This is individual impulse and instinct telling us when we can bend or stretch or even full-out over-rule the standard protocols, choosing a better method or route or option. 

We're putting the revolution into action in immediate and personally-meaningful ways. We're putting it into action in a step-by-step, methodical, and concrete manner.

Action planet Mars is moving forward after two months of retrograde motion. 

Let's saddle up and get this show on the road!

Mars will remain in latest Capricorn until re-entering Aquarius on September 10, finally busting into new degrees of the zodiac on October 8.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Via Combusta Venus Retrograde: Reaching Escape Velocity From Old Hurts, Heartbreaks, and Relational Trauma-Prints

"A Via Combusta Venus Retrograde: Reaching Escape Velocity From Old Hurts, Heartbreaks, and Relational Trauma-Prints" is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons

If you regularly find Willow's Web Astrology articles valuable, please consider becoming a patron. WWA patrons receive juicy and detailed astrological articles to their email inboxes that are not available on the public blog.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Dark Moon Podcast #3 - Deconstructing the Cult Mind and Pyramid Scheme Power

I'm happy to announce that Dark Moon Podcast Episode #3 has just hit YouTube. In this podcast, Yerevan and I are joined by Jon Darkly, and we discuss:

"Deconstructing the Cult Mind and Pyramid Scheme Power"

The conversation we had was quite powerful in a quiet and on-the-downlow sort of way (my favourite). Thank-you to Yerevan and Jon for joining me in this podcast, and thank-you to Jon for recording the show after Yerevan and I ran into yet more technical difficulty.  

You can find previous episodes of Dark Moon Podcast here:

Dark Moon #1 (May 15, 2018) - "Uranus Ingresses and Timed War Attacks"

Dark Moon #2 (June 10, 2018) - "Bayer-Monsanto Merger & Plant Communication"

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Fukushima Tweet Storm August 11, 2018 for the New Moon in Leo Partial Solar Eclipse

"I'd do anything for you, baby."


"Anything at all, all you have to do is say the word." 

"OK, then. Tweet about on August 11 during the Fukushima Tweet Storm and help make Fuku a Twitter Trending topic."

Drive your love interest(s) wild with maya-destroying sociopolitical tweeting action! 

Love, art, and relationship planet Venus is just about to enter it's own sign of justice-oriented Libra on August 6 (4:27 p.m. PDT). With Venus transiting the sign of the scales, wooing our amours by standing up for what's right is oh-so on-point.

We're currently moving to a New Moon partial solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11 (2:58 a.m.) with Mercury Rx (communication) in Leo (creative expression) in a square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio (spotlight on the subtext).

Digging up some hidden (Scorpio) truths (Jupiter) about Fukushima and broadcasting them via our own fun and funky social media (Mercury in Leo) is right on track. Use your personal creativity, style, and influence to put Fukushima on the map in the collective psyche.

The last New Moon solar eclipse we experienced in Leo in August 2017 coincided with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, so I would say a Tweet Storm on Fukushima for this Leo New Moon eclipse is right on track. A storm being used for good instead of ill!

Make it fun. Make it funny. And at the same time, show how hot + woke you are: a truly winning combo that will put you way ahead of the CNN and Fox News-consuming competition! 

Tweet or retweet about on August 11, 2018 during the Fukushima Tweet Storm and help make Fukushima a Twitter Trending topic!

If you're looking for source material, has many eye-opening media reports compiled over the past seven years.

The forum CafeRadLab is also a wealth of information, driven by independent Fukushima researchers.

Dana Durnford's YouTube videos on his most recent voyage are highly pertinent, along with his archive of previous shows. 

There are also many Willow's Web Astrology articles on The Astrology of Fukushima starting from March 2011 that could use a little push into collective awareness.

Spread the word about the Fuku Tweet Storm, and see you on Twitter August 11!

Willow's Web Astrology on Twitter 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Willow's Web Astrology is Plagiarized By a "Truth-Teller (TM)" Who Then Lied About It When Caught

My most recent article on Fukushima from July 28, 2018, titled, "Deconstructing the Worldwide Media Blackout on the Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: California Wine is Just the Tip of This Radioactive Iceberg," was plagiarized by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show.

Hodges' version of the article was published on his own The Common Sense Show site, as well as on his show's Facebook page, on July 31, 2018. (

It was also published July 31, 2018 on the Before It's News site, titled, "Evidence is Mounting That Fukushima is a Progressive Extinction Level Event." 

Ironically, Hodges styles himself as a "Truth-Teller (TM)," and Before It's News is a site devoted to reporting truth that has not made it onto mainstream media.  

Hodges has used the exact same (quite obscure) research sources - every one of which I had to dig for extensively - in the exact same wording and sequences I used in the original article. He even references "crickets" coming from government like I did in the original. And if you click on the "400 tons of radioactively-contaminated water" hyperlink in his version (at the end of the article under "Quiet Revelations)," it goes to one of my articles on my website from May 21, 2014: "If You Are Still Eating Pacific Ocean Seafood, Now is the Time to Stop." This is just as it appeared in the original article on my site.

When I emailed Hodges about the plagiarism, requesting that he either credit me in the article or remove the content, I received this diminishing reply from him:

"In looking at your article and my article, I pulled from original sources and you did same. I also pulled from previous research I did. Your article is not worthy of notation because none of the material was original to your site. Otherwise, I would have cited it. You don't own the topic and you don't own the original sources."

This is a blatant lie. This is my original journalism and research that he is stealing and passing off as his own.

From Hodges' plagiarized version (final paragraphs of the article), July 31, 2018: 

"This means that in addition to the fish food supply being endangered, so will crops because radioactive fallout in the rain will fall on the crops.

More evidence comes from the Okanagan Nation Alliance tested sockeye salmon in B.C. and discovered that Fukushima-signature fallout, Cesium 134 was found in the local fish. Of course, this should have concerned the Canadian and U.S. governments, but the crickets are still chirping.

After 2012, someone flipped the switch and the media stopped covering this event in it entirety.

The biggest threat comes from TEPCO, proven liars about the Fukushima event. But even these liars have been forced to admitted that at least 400 tons of radioactively-contaminated water are flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day. Additionally, the atmosphere and jet stream are polluted from the explosions at the nuclear plant. New fission materials of Xenon, Krypton-85, Tellurium-132, and Iodine-131 have been discovered."

This is from my original article on the media blackout: 

"How about the salmon stocks collapsing this year? There's a real story for you. 

Test the salmon, and I'm sure you will find all kinds of Fukushima fallout, as well as deformities and illnesses. But of course, it's *crickets* from mainstream media and establishment science on that one.

In fact, Canadian Indian tribes did take it upon themselves to test salmon in the Columbia River in 2016. The Okanagan Nation Alliance tested sockeye salmon in B.C. and found Fukushima-signature fallout, Cesium 134. Of course, this is work that the Canadian and U.S. governments should be doing if they were in any way legitimate at this point...

A study done around the same time by the Upper Columbia United Tribes also found Fukushima fallout (Strontium 90) in both sockeye and Chinook salmon."

And this: "Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) itself, known for lying about the situation at the nuclear plant and low-balling numbers, has admitted that at least 400 tons of radioactively-contaminated water are flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day, without cessation, and that this has been going on since at least 2012. This is, of course, not to mention the massive amounts of radioactivity and radioactive particles that were released into the atmosphere and jet stream from the explosions at the nuclear plant, including from spent fuel rods. There is also evidence that criticalities are still taking place at the site. New fission products Xenon, Krypton-85, Tellurium-132, and Iodine-131 have been discovered at various times and in various locations."

Hodges also mentions contamination of Bluefin tuna, caught off the California coast in 2012, which I use as another example of known contamination in my article.

This is obvious pilfering, including hyperlinks to the same fairly obscure research sources I dug up and used. The links do not copy and paste, but you can check them in his article at either site where it has been published. They're identical.

There is zero chance he came up with the identical subject matter, identical sequences of words, and identical obscure research sources in an article published three days after mine, as he claims. These are not commonly-reported facts or sources, to say the least, especially in combination. The information in my article has literally never been published in combination before, and I had to dig for each one of the research sources I cited, particularly the examples of ongoing fission. This took hours of intensive research and writing on my part - to then be cherry picked, with no credit, for Hodges' own article in a matter of minutes.  

And if that weren't enough evidence of his pilfering, he has left a hyperlink to an old article of mine in his lifted version! 

Hot Tip For Plagiarists: if you're going to steal another person's hard work and research (and then lie about it when caught), don't leave a link to the original site where you lifted it!

Hilariously enough, that has happened to me twice now!

I was also plagiarized in 2011 by New Ager "Tyberonn the Earth Keeper." His underlings lifted almost an entire article from my site (New Age-ifying it around the edges) and sent it out in Tyberonn's newsletter (as if it were coming from him) without my permission and without giving me credit - but accidentally left a link to my site in the body of the article!

You can read about that here and here.  

These people think they can get away with it because they believe I am a lowly Blogger writer with no real public sway or readership.

Well, they're wrong about that. On all fronts.

But even if no one read my site (Ding, dong! I have a worldwide readership. I'm just a low-fi punk who keeps a Blogger site with no bells and whistles), plagiarism is theft! It's unethical. It's scummy. It's truly disgusting.

One of the reasons so many female writers, astrologers, and creatives don't get their public due is that men like these steal from us to prop up their own bloated public platforms. We're being stolen from and siphoned from on a regular basis, and this erodes our own public standing and our ability to achieve recognition for our work and ideas.

And no, this doesn't happen only to women. I get that. But the male-female power differential in our society is a key problem with these dynamics. In a world where males most often have greater public status and recognition (and the power that comes with those things), it's very easy for men to misuse women in this way. 

The vast majority of professional astrologers are women. But the Big Name Astrology Guru Superstars are almost all men. Why is that? 

The stealing of creative work is absolutely rampant these days, and I mentioned the fact that the personal planets in Leo squaring Jupiter in Scorpio could make this a prominent theme in the June 3, 2018 patron article, "The Personal Planets Conjunct the North Node in Leo: A Creative and Heart-Centred Crescendo Point":

"At the same time, there is a whole lot of stealing and pilfering and plagiarizing going on in the world of art and creativity, particularly in this digital age when it is oh-so-easy to lift the creative efforts of others and pass them off as one’s own. The personal planets in Leo squaring stationing Jupiter in Scorpio may dig some of this up, as well, shining a spotlight on some of that nefarious activity.

As a person who has been plagiarized and/or ripped off at least a few times now, I can say: this is very bad juju, people. Nasty energy. Nothing you would want to involve yourselves with.

Give credit where credit is due. Period."

Mercury (currently retrograde) in Leo is forming an extended square to Jupiter in Scorpio into early September, and the stealing and siphoning of ideas, information, and journalistic work (Mercury) would be particularly highlighted.

All this has to stop. This scummy, dishonest, manipulative behaviour has to stop. 

Plagiarism is not flattering. It's not a form of admiration. It's energetic theft, as well as theft of our hard work, talent, and skills. It's the theft of our due public status.

From the July 1, 2018 patron article, "Triple Eclipse Season and Jupiter Stationing Direct in Scorpio":

"With bad-ass warrior woman Pallas Athene in the sign of kings and queens this summer,
squaring Jupiter in Scorpio, we are strategically working to topple petit tyrants from their self-imposed thrones, undermining all those who abuse their power, status, privilege, talent, and fame from the local level to the global level and everything in between.

As stated, Cosmic Spotlight Jupiter in Scorpio is shining its light on some of the underlying subtext, bringing us into deeper understanding of what lies beneath the maya-facades and how best to address and navigate it. This includes detrimental power dynamics in interpersonal relationships, particularly the misuse of sexuality, sex appeal, charisma, talent, and attractiveness (Scorpio)...

Dishonesty, manipulation, and abuse of power over others have become disturbingly

The aforementioned themes may be particularly prevalent as communication planet Mercury in Leo forms its three exact squares to Jupiter in Scorpio – July 9, just as extra-potent Jupiter stations direct; August 10 with Mercury retrograde as we move to the Leo New Moon solar eclipse the next day; and finally August 27 just as Mars stations direct.

We may be required to actively call some of this stuff out, to verbally draw a line in the sand as far as what is acceptable to us and what is not in this new astrological era."

Well, I'm verbally drawing my line in the sand, just as I've done every time I've discovered my work and ideas being stolen, and I'll keep drawing that line as many times as I have to. 

I work incredibly hard on this astrology, writing, and research. I pour my heart and soul into this work, and I have for over 10 years now, for very little financial compensation or public recognition. So it's an incredible violation to have my life's-blood work stolen and passed off by unethical people who are misusing power, energy, and public status.

Everyone makes mistakes. But when someone is caught out and then lies about it or downplays it, instead of taking responsibility and making amends, he or she has to lose a great deal of credibility in our minds. Don't keep propping these people up.

With Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8, 2018, it's now or never. The spotlight is on this muck - the abuses of power and misuses of energy, sexual and otherwise. All this long-hidden bad behaviour, so often committed by males from patriarchal platforms, so often swept under the rug, is coming to an incredibly ugly and vile head. We have to expose it, put it in check, and make it entirely unacceptable every clear chance we get.

Editor's Note: After contacting Before It's News, a (somewhat buried) hyperlink to my original article was added to Hodges' article. The hyperlink is in the paragraph about Okanagan salmon and reads: "...discovered that Fukushima-signature fallout..."

I believe direct quotation and citation of the article are more appropriate when entire paragraphs of text and multiple research links are used (in this case, with slight re-wording), but I will be satisfied with the addition of the link to the original source of the writing and research, which is my July 28, 2018 article, "Deconstructing the Worldwide Media Blackout on the Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: California Wine is Just the Tip of This Radioactive Iceberg."

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Deconstructing the Worldwide Media Blackout on the Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: California Wine is Just the Tip of This Radioactive Iceberg

An extremely watered-down, not-so-news story has hit the mainstream media in the past week or so about Fukushima-signature fallout being found in California wine.

From July 20, 2018: "Fukushima's Nuclear Imprint is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don't Panic)

Mind-bogglingly, this story has caused a big, old stir.

I recently noticed that The Weather Network has run the story, and commenters on their website are calling it "alarmist," suggesting TWN is irresponsible for even publishing such a story.

Honestly, mind-boggling doesn't even begin to cover it at this point. 

This wine story is so watered down and omits so many key facts that it's laughable, but even this, even this, piece of "Fukushima is no biggie" mainstream media propaganda is getting people all hot and bothered?

Nowhere in the story does anyone mention that Fukushima-signature fallout (Cesium 134 and 137), as well as other radioactive isotopes, have been found in produce, seafood, sand, and rain all along the West Coast of North America (and beyond) since the nuclear disaster began in 2011 and continuing to this day.

(But as soon as it's found in Napa Valley wine - generally an upper and upper-middle class area - all of a sudden, it's a huge story.)

Nowhere in the story does anyone mention the fact that man-made radioactivity bio-accumulates in the body, so a single serving of radioactively-contaminated food or drink may not have a huge impact on health, but hundreds or thousands of servings over the course of five, six, seven, and more years? That's definitely something to be concerned about. That involves continual bombardment by combinations of man-made radioactive isotopes that our bodies would not come into contact with naturally. The doses keep getting higher as they accumulate in the body. There's a threshold there. 

Cesium resembles potassium and concentrates in the brain, muscles, heart, ovaries, and testicles.

Strontium resembles calcium and concentrates in the bones.

Radioactive Iodine resembles iodine and concentrates in the thyroid.

Plutonium resembles iron and concentrates in the bones, liver, and blood cells and is highly toxic to ingest, aside from its radioactivity. 

Nowhere in the story does anyone mention that there is actually no safe level of man-made radioactivity to ingest. Nowhere does anyone mention that ingesting or breathing in radioactive isotopes or particles, creating a constant state of internal irradiation, is much different from natural background radiation, which is external

Constant exposure to even low-level radiation can cause major health damage, including cancer, auto-immune disorders, heart attack, stroke, thyroid disorders, and genetic mutations. There is certainly no medical or scientific consensus that low-level radiation exposure is harmless, as is constantly parroted in mainstream media reports, including in this wine story.

As stated, there are masses of documented examples of Fukushima-signature radioactivity being found in produce, seafood, sand, and rain since 2011 and continuing to this day.

A measly 15 samples of Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California were tested in 2012. All 15 fish contained Fukushima fallout.

Even bastion of establishment science Scientific American magazine reported that radioactive iodine from Fukushima had been found in kelp beds off the coast of California in 2012. Insanely, scientists did not test for any of the longer-lasting radioactive isotopes! This was not followed up on in the story. And this is considered thorough and honest journalism? We learned better skills in our first week of journalism school...

How about the salmon stocks collapsing this year? There's a real story for you. 

Test the salmon, and I'm sure you will find all kinds of Fukushima fallout, as well as deformities and illnesses. But of course, it's *crickets* from mainstream media and establishment science on that one.

In fact, Canadian Indian tribes did take it upon themselves to test salmon in the Columbia River in 2016. The Okanagan Nation Alliance tested sockeye salmon in B.C. and found Fukushima-signature fallout, Cesium 134. Of course, this is work that the Canadian and U.S. governments should be doing if they were in any way legitimate at this point...

A study done around the same time by the Upper Columbia United Tribes also found Fukushima fallout (Strontium 90) in both sockeye and Chinook salmon.

And now, in 2018, the salmon stocks are collapsing in the Columbia River and others.

Can we really believe this is nothing but coincidence?

Ex-diver-turned-citizen-journalist Dana Durnford is currently finishing his follow-up voyage along the British Columbia coast to check the state of post-Fukushima sea life. He has found a situation very similar to the one he found in previous voyages in 2013/14: a relative wasteland, thousands of missing species. And this has all come about since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began contaminating the Pacific in 2011. Dana has the Before and After photos to illustrate it.

You can see Dana's most recent YouTube update here, or you can see the photographic evidence at his website: The Nuclear Proctologist

This should be worldwide news. But not only does mainstream media not cover Dana's critical research, he has actually been hauled into court on multiple occasions and given gag orders in an attempt to silence him.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) itself, known for lying about the situation at the nuclear plant and low-balling numbers, has admitted that at least 400 tons of radioactively-contaminated water are flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day, without cessation, and that this has been going on since at least 2012. This is, of course, not to mention the massive amounts of radioactivity and radioactive particles that were released into the atmosphere and jet stream from the explosions at the nuclear plant, including from spent fuel rods. There is also evidence that criticalities are still taking place at the site. New fission products Xenon, Krypton-85, Tellurium-132, and Iodine-131 have been discovered at various times and in various locations.

In light of all this, how is this story about Fukushima fallout in California wine even surprising to people, let alone shocking? Let alone "alarmist?"

The real irresponsibility of the mainstream media is not in publishing a story about Fukushima fallout in wine. It is in not providing any real context for that story. It is in enforcing the worldwide media blackout on the subject. It is in downplaying and watering down the very real threat that Fukushima fallout poses to life on this planet. It is in misleading people, misinforming people, and lying by omission - practises that have been employed since March 11, 2011 and that are blatantly obvious in the quality of "journalism" being put out today, including in that California wine story.

The public should be absolutely outraged that this is the level of journalism being put out about such a critical and life-and-death situation as Fukushima.

And yet, instead, people are angry that the media is even mentioning it at all, even in this incredibly watered-down fashion?

From the July 6, 2018 article, "Chiron Retrograde in Aries/Pisces: Pulling Our Heads Out of the Radioactive Sand...or Bust!"

"There is certainly an element of surreality that must be navigated, particularly involving the gaping chasm between the truth and how people are actually living en masse, and Chiron crossing zero Aries and moving back into late Pisces will be highlighting this..."

This gaping chasm could not be any more apparent than in the public reactions to this California wine story. 

The surreality is hitting a high point on the subject of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis...

Seriously, get in the game, Human Race.

Don't let the mainstream media play you for a fool, as it is doing.

Put things in context yourself. Fill in the blanks yourself. Get a handle on the big picture, which they are intentionally obscuring from you, and get in the game! This won't wait.

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 - The news compiliation site has been a critical source of information since 2011, but there have been no new posts since February 2018. The loss of this resource cuts the public off even further from the truth about Fukushima and Fukushima fallout. -