Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Young Whippersnapper Mars Finally Outpaces Old Man Saturn

Photo: Willow

The planet of will, goals, physical energy, and movement, Mars, is just moving out of range of a conjunction to Saturn that has been in effect since early August.

Mars is the planet that wants to go. Saturn is the planet that puts the brakes on, demanding a sober second look. So our movement toward goals (including goals related to sex life) has been under a certain degree of necessary restriction and limitation for over a month now.

Prior to the Mars-Saturn conjunction, which was exact August 25, Mars spent more than eight months transiting a sign it doesn't love transiting - Libra. Mars finds it difficult to get things done in Libra, especially with the speed and directness it enjoys. Taking other people into consideration, as is required with Libra, is not tops on Mars' list.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mercury Moves Into Potentially Volatile Territory: the Dangerous Job of Justice-Fighting on an Unjust Planet

 Photos: Willow

Messenger planet Mercury is entering some feisty and potentially explosive territory in Libra as we move to the Pisces Full Moon conjunct wounded healer Chiron on September 8 (exact 7:38 p.m. CST).

Words and information are charged, and the opinions and perspectives voiced - perhaps after long periods of silence - could cause the scales to swing wildly before finding a new balance.

But find a new balance we will, and this goal is something to keep in the front of our minds as we move through some tense Mercurial aspects just before Mercury enters its next retrograde shadow at 16 degrees Libra on September 13. (Mercury will be retrograde October 4 - 25.)

The upcoming Pisces Full Moon conjunct Chiron heightens emotional and psychic sensitivity to the max from September 7 to 9. We're all in need of a little healin' under these astro influences, as the current state of the planet seeps into our personal emotional states, and the Pisces Moon's rays illuminate the unbreakable connections we have to the struggling lifeforms on this struggling planet.

Nowhere is the struggle more apparent than in the Pacific Ocean, which has now been contaminated every single day for three-and-a-half years (and counting) by radioactive fallout from the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster while elected officials, business leaders, and media did and do next-to-nothing. 

Fukushima researcher and YouTuber, Dana Durnford, has just begun a 60-day trip along the British Columbia coast to document sick, dying, and missing species of sea life and vegetation over hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of shoreline.

Before even starting on the trip, Dana received death threats and threats of physical violence from people who are not too happy about him blowing the lid off the effects of Fukushima nuclear fallout along the coast. These people would rather keep their heads (and the heads of the public, in general) buried in the radioactive sand than have Dana's information depleting their beautiful British Columbia businesses and property values.

The information and photographs Dana is collecting are critically necessary to gain a true understanding of the devastation going on with sea life and vegetation along the West Coast. There is a collapse of sea life underway that has establishment scientists "baffled" and "perplexed" - at least, in front of the cameras and the mainstream media journalists.

Dana and his crew are out there documenting the real story, complete with Geiger counters.

And there are many people who would prefer that the information Dana and crew are so dutifully digging up stayed buried. This is deep Plutonic territory, and Plutonic territory is known to be both potentially dangerous and explosive.

As messenger planet Mercury transits Libra, the sign of justice, Dana and his crew are acting as the physical embodiments of these astrological energies.

Dana and crew are on an information-gathering (Mercury) voyage for justice (Libra) - justice for the living creatures of Earth who are and will be negatively affected by Fukushima fallout for centuries or millenia to come, justice for the animals and people that are already sick, dead, or dying from the ill effects of the nuclear industry, justice for the people who knew how bad this one was from the beginning, justice related to the ongoing media blackout and to the lies, half-truths, and omissions committed by establishment scientists, journalists, and government officials.

The information Dana is digging up is just one example - one macro example - of the potentially explosive truth, opinions, and perspectives being served up as Mercury moves through its transit of Libra.

These energies also have the potential to affect our personal relationships as well as our social standings, in general - all Libra territory.

Our tongues are charged. Our conversations are loaded. There are things that must be aired now in order to achieve justice and balance in our personal lives and relationships, as well as in society at large.

We need some movement. We need some progress. We need some new direction. We need to blow some lids off some things that are keeping us oppressed. And Mercury is traveling through some potentially dicey territory in order to get us there. Let's just say, the topics being raised now and throughout the Mercury retrograde period (October 4 - 25) will not necessarily be comfortable to talk about or to deal with, but they are necessarily being raised.

Mercury is currently conjunct female warrior asteroid Pallas Athene in Libra (exact September 11 at 13 degrees), and both Mercury and Pallas Athene are square Pluto in Capricorn and opposite Uranus in Aries. This forms a highly-charged cardinal t-square configuration that is pretty much just waiting to be triggered.

The combination of female warrior Pallas Athene, Lord of the Underworld Pluto, and wild card Uranus is potentially quite volatile, creating some social friction.

Mercury conjunct Pallas Athene is a textbook aspect for verbal spats and heated debates. In the sign of Libra, topics will often involve fairness and justice issues, social standards, or relationship dynamics. 

One person's battle for justice can be entirely different from another person's battle. One person's version of "fairness" and "truth" can be completely at odds with another person's version.

Human relations and social progress are certainly not simple concepts at this time on Planet Earth. It's a wild and colourful and chaotic mix. Navigating this charged cardinal t-square configuration is going to require all our Libra skills of diplomacy, moderation, and social balancing in order to maintain an even keel.

The conjunction of Mercury and Pallas Athene in Libra indicates that we will have to fight every step of the way in our quest for what's right. Not everyone on this planet is interested in ultimate truth and justice. (As the Mercury-Pallas Athene conjunction occurs September 11, just remember Building 7.) Many think things are just fine the way they are, and those people often have a lot of firepower behind them.

The information and conversations that will be flying around will have the potential to change things considerably, bringing some ugly and uncomfortable issues to the surface, and there are many who would prefer to keep all that nastiness shoved under the rug.

Entire careers are built on keeping secrets from the public.

Entire relationships and social scenes can be built on falsehoods or underhanded dynamics.

There will be people battling hard to keep a lid on information that could badly affect their bank accounts, relationships, or statuses in society. There will be people battling hard to maintain their denial, all while the fight for truth rages on.

The involvement of Pallas Athene indicates that some socially-strategic manoeuvring is necessary now. There is certainly an edge to our interactions, but we are also required to maintain a pleasant and non-offputting social demeanour. We're balancing the urge to battle, debate, and argue with the responsibility to maintain the valuable social fabric around us.

Certain subjects will act as social or relational tripwires. Waves are going to be made as people speak up about issues that can simply no longer go on unaddressed.

People will be holding back some anger, and it will be hard to hide how we really feel under the pressures of this t-square configuration - even when that is not socially convenient. Watch for and avoid poisonous, passive aggressive barbs from those who can't successfully manage their anger in a social or relational setting. Assist those people to speak their anger more directly and to channel it more successfully, no matter what feathers they ruffle while doing so.

Listen for the information bombs Mercury in Libra is digging up as it squares Pluto in Capricorn (exact September 9 at 4:40 p.m.) - or drop a couple of necessary info bombs of your own. Maintain mental and verbal equilibrium without being drawn into unnecessary spats or drama. 

Speak out in your own personal battle for justice or join with others as Mercury conjuncts female warrior Pallas Athene on September 11 (11:12 a.m.). Fight for the relationships or social scenes you deem worthy of your efforts.

Lead into new territory as Mercury opposes Uranus in Aries on September 13 (2:16 a.m.). Find the words or perspective that busts things loose, advancing things on a societal or personal relations level. Watch for the mental or verbal openings that could move you out of oppressive social and relational dynamics.

Major changes in mindset are possible under this Mercury-Uranus opposition and throughout the Mercury retrograde process. Mercury will be coming back to this aspect, stationing direct opposite Uranus in Aries on October 25. The energy and new ideas generated by the Mercury-Uranus opposition will be carried into the Mercury retrograde process October 4 - 25. We're breaking free from some old-era ideas of love and relationship here, and some old perspectives on partnership are being replaced by those with new life.

Understand the volatility and the simmering social/relational angst of the next weeks, but keep this knowledge close to your chest. Watch your tongue, especially when being pulled into verbal battles, because your words will resonate. Use the energy of the t-square configuration as fuel for social and relational navigation and progress.

The zippy little messenger planet has to blow some things wide open, all while maintaining a cool and even-tempered mind and tongue. There will be things said (or not said out of social obligation) that will make us all a little hot under the collar.  Make your points clearly, but don't let things devolve into the truly hateful or nasty.

We must enter the fray in the battle for justice as Mercury transits Libra and we move into official Libra season September 22. No more sitting on the sidelines. But we must all fight the battle in our own ways.

Female warrior Pallas Athene in Libra squares off with the King of the Dead, Pluto in Capricorn, on September 6.
Pallas Athene is conjunct Mercury in Libra September 11.
Pallas Athene forms an opposition to Uranus in Aries, potentially kicking up some out-of-nowhere social battles, on September 15/16.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mercury and Venus in Mutual Reception Bring the "Partnership Tune-up" Zone

Don't kiss any frogs during Venus in Virgo! (Unless it's a cute one like this.)
Photos: Willow

OK, busy beavers! Virgo season is in full swing, the time of year when we work to put everything in order, preparing - in the northern hemisphere at least - for the fall and winter ahead.

Virgo is associated with maintenance, work, projects, jobs, planning, and taking care of practical details that have fallen by the wayside. When the Sun moves into Virgo each year, we technically have another month of summer to enjoy, but with school starting, vacations ending, and the hot weather starting to cool, Virgo season brings a new seriousness and a practical, no-nonsense focus along with the chill in the air.

There's a lot to do, a lot to tune up, a lot to make orderly and functional - and we know it. If we let things slide now, we could be caught unprepared for the long, cold winter ahead - literal or figurative.

Virgo's ruling planet, messenger Mercury, has just entered Libra, the sign of relationship, beauty, and balance, for a transit that will last until September 27. Relationships and social themes are on people's minds, and thinking is geared more strongly to "we" than to "me." 

On September 5 (11:07 a.m. CST), Venus, the planet associated with love, beauty, money, and relationships, moves into crisp, clean Virgo for a transit that will last until September 29.

This means Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception from September 5 until September 27 with each planet transiting the sign ruled by the other.

So what does that mean?

It means that September 5 through 27 is a great time for relationship tune-ups of all kinds! We're applying the analytical and critiquing skills of Virgo to our relationships, determining areas that could use a little work, and we're also going over our own qualifications as "relationship partner" with a Virgoan fine-toothed comb.

September is a great month to hone in on the specific qualities we require in potential partners, friends, and business associates. It's also a good time to determine the qualities, habits, and lifestyles we simply cannot accept in the people around us.

With a strong Virgo influence, especially Venus in Virgo, we can be negatively affected by the habits and character weakness of the people we bring into our lives. Only the tightest of standards apply for potential candidates when Venus is transiting Virgo.

This month is a good time to "clean up" our relationships, setting things straight and setting things right, while actively addressing any problem areas.

But it's also a good time to determine how we stack up on the partnership front.

There is a lot of focus these days on "getting the type of partner and relationship you want," but there must be an equal amount of focus on being the type of partner we truly wish to be, and this is especially the case when Venus is transiting Virgo. 

Virgo is a sign associated with the quest for perfection, particularly the perfection of self through plain, old hard work and service. 

Relationship planet Venus transiting Virgo, as it will be September 5 to 29, has an associated theme of hard work and personal development in order to be the best possible partner we can be within the best possible relationships.

So already-existing relationships get a tune-up September 5 - 29, but we are also looking at areas that we could strengthen and improve personally in order to be better partners or to attract better partnerships.

Virgo is quite a no-nonsense sign, and it is generally very active and hard-working. It wants to identify a problem and then work to fix that problem as soon as possible.

So you could spend this transit of Venus in Virgo whinging and moaning about your faulty relationship or your chronic lonely-hearted single status. (This will be a particular temptation as Venus opposes wounded healer Chiron Rx in Pisces September 16 - 18.) But a far better use of this time is to actively work toward any improvements that are within your power, as well as fuller health and function, in general, whether in a relationship or out.

Are you moping around, letting your interests and life languish, as you wait for someone to notice you? Are you slacking off on hygiene, nutrition, or exercise because you think there's no one around to impress? Are you indulging in bad habits (including self-pity parties) because you figure, what's the point anymore?

That ain't the move.

There are some simple and specific things we can do to improve our partnership potential this September. These involve cleanliness, organization, and improved maintenance of body, home, and vehicle, trimming all fat. They involve improvements to mental health and overall perspective and outlook (again, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with the mind). This also involves getting away from a detrimental focus on our own personal problems (including relationship problems or being single), and one of the best ways to do that is by helping others.

What could be more attractive than someone who is helpful to others? Not much when Venus is transiting Virgo.

Now is the time to spruce things up and to make sure you are proud of yourself in every way as a potential partner. Pick up some new skills or hone existing skills that would make you even better.

The search for love and the search for improved relationships of all kinds is active this September. Limit your moping, and hold off on the self-pity parties, especially under the Chiron in Pisces influence.

Work hard and kick butt under this Mercury-Venus mutual reception, and all you practical, no-nonsense lovers out there will find yourselves in better position as the month comes to a close.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Age of Aquarius: a New Era of Energy Weaponry Used Against the People

A sonic weapon referred to as a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) was unleashed on a crowd of peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri by the St. Louis County Police Department in mid-August 2014.

Demonstrations and marches by citizens have been ongoing in Ferguson and across the United States in protest of the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed African American boy who was shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9. The final shot, the shot that killed Brown, was to the head. Eyewitnesses say Brown's hands were in the air and he was attempting to surrender to Wilson just before he was shot to death.

The use of this sonic weapon by police against peaceful protesters in Ferguson is just the latest assault from a new arsenal of technological weapons designed for an era of energy warfare.

The piercing tone of an LRAD can cause permanent damage and even death to those assaulted by it.

From a June 3, 2010 article, "Staying Safe in Toronto During the G20 Summit":

"From Lyn Davignon of the National Non Profit Party:

"This type of weapon disrupts the central nervous system, causes aneurisms, stroke, heart attack, blood clots, damages the eye retina causing blindness, causes permanent hearing loss, can cause permanent damage to your equilibrium (balance), and can kill anyone with a pacemaker.

In addition, it can cause structural damage to buildings...Sonic weapons have been used in Iraq by the US military. First tested at the University of Lyon, France in the 1960s, a six second blast of a 50 watt sonic weapon nearly killed the researchers...It caused structural damage to the building and was deemed to dangerous to continue testing.""

Amongst much "Age of Aquarius" rhetoric about technology being used to improve the lives of the common people, energy weapons are being rolled out and used by Global Government forces against peaceful protesters and citizens in unprecedented ways.

Aquarius is a sign associated with science and technology. It is symbolized by two waves of current or electricity. As we move further into the astrological Aquarian era, tied to the precession of the equinoxes, we can expect unprecedented technological advances and discoveries, including in the form of energy weaponry.

The use of this energy weaponry in warfare and to maintain control of the public will be well established by the time Lord of the Underworld Pluto transits the sign of Aquarius (2023 to 2043). The fight to liberate technological advances and discoveries (as well as energy itself) for the collective good of humanity will be equally strong Pluto in Aquarius themes.

Energy weapons now at the disposal of the global police state (rising throughout the Pluto in Capricorn years 2008 - 2023) include tasers, electromagnetic frequency, and sonic weapons like LRADs.

The overuse and misuse of tasers by police forces in Canada and the United States are well-documented, including on handcuffed and unarmed people as well as on the disabled.

As just one example, Robert Dziekanski, a Polish immigrant who spoke no English, was tasered to death in Vancouver airport in 2007. Dziekanski had traveled by airplane for the first time in his life and was unsuccessfully attempting to find his mother at the airport, who had mixed up her son's time of arrival. After wandering the airport for nine hours, Dziekanski became agitated. The unarmed man was tasered repeatedly by RCMP officers, leading to a heart attack and death.

In one of many recent cases, 38-year old Philip Coleman, in the midst of an episode of mental illness, was tasered 16 times in 22 hours by Chicago police, including while in handcuffs. This excessive tasering caused his death in December 2012. Prior to that psychotic break, Coleman had never been in trouble. He held a Master's degree.

Constant bombardment by electromagnetic frequencies is creating an epidemic of depression and suicidal thinking in people throughout Canada and the United States.

Electromagnetic frequencies are also being used to torture innocent citizens, referred to as targeted individuals, around the world, creating artificial schizophrenia-like symptoms. Frequencies are directed at individuals to induce "synthetic telepathy." This synthetic telepathy literally gets inside people's minds, implanting voices and sounds while reading the targeted individual's emotions. This harassment is often incessant with pre-recorded loops being directed into people's heads. You can see a firsthand account from targeted individual Marsha Green here. There are seven parts to Marsha's story on YouTube, starting with Part One.

In addition to tasers and electromagnetic frequencies, sonic weapons - weapons that assault with a combination of sound and frequency - are new to the technological Aquarian-era arsenal.

The type of sonic weaponry now being used by police to assault peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri has slowly been accepted by the mainstream populace as a standard policing technique for crowd dispersal over the past five years. LRADs were first used against protesters on U.S. soil at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in September 2009.

However, the viciousness of the weaponry used by militarized police forces in Canada and the United States against peaceful citizens and protesters has been gradually escalating since the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle, Washington in November/December 1999.

Referred to as the Battle in Seattle, masses of protesters surrounded the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in late 1999, protesting the lack of transparency and public consultation related to the globalized trade negotiations being worked out behind closed doors by business and government delegates at the meetings.

Protesters in Seattle were tear gassed and pepper sprayed in an effort to disperse the crowds. However, the police in Washington were unprepared for the tens of thousands of protesters that arrived to protest the WTO meetings, and the meetings eventually had to be shut down.

By April 2001, the global forces had learned some new tricks.

 Riot police behind the massive erected fence at Quebec City
Photos: Willow

At the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) meetings held in Quebec City in April 2001 - more behind-closed-doors globalized trade deals designed to extend the North American "Free" Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to Central and South America - a massive, three-metre high fence that stretched for miles was erected to keep protesters away from the negotiating business and government elite.

Peaceful protesters standing around the perimeter of the fence, including your friendly anarchist astro-reporter, were CS gassed (a derivative of cyanide), pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, and doused with a chemical-filled water cannon.

Calling for peace at the fence
I took photographs with disposable cameras, which were lower quality, but I was afraid police would confiscate or destroy my real camera.

The beginning of the CS gassing of protesters

A chemical-filled water cannon dousing protesters from behind the fence

A volunteer medic rinsing the eyes of a protester overcome by pepper spray

Gas masked drummers

Protesters stood their ground, wearing gas masks or bandanas tied around their mouths and noses doused in apple cider vinegar in order to cut the potency of the gas. 

The CS gassing and pepper spraying continued relentlessly for close to 48 hours until the air was so thick with pollutants that no one could stay in the area.

In fact, there was so much CS gas and pepper spray used against protesters that it blew back on the convention hall where the meetings were taking place, forcing the end of the FTAA meetings. Poetic justice.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called in from across Canada as security for the FTAA meetings, along with the Canadian military and local Quebec police. This was the early stages of an American-style militarized police force being created in Canada for use against protesting citizens.

Two short documentary segments about the FTAA protests can be found here: Part One and Part Two

The addition of Long Range Acoustic Devices has substantially escalated the viciousness and danger of the weaponry being used against protesters, marking the big leap into Aquarian era-style energy weapons.

In September 2009, the G20 (Group of 20) meetings were held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - more behind-closed-doors meetings of the business and government elite from 20 of the richest countries in the world. It was at these G20 protests that sonic weapons were used against citizens for the first time in U.S. history.

Following the lead of the Pittsburgh police force, four Long Range Acoustic Devices were purchased by Toronto City Police as part of the $930 million security budget for the G20 meetings held in that city in June 2010. This was the seamless acceptance of military-grade sonic weapons into a Canadian city police force for use against its own citizens. This was the seamless acceptance of fascist torture devices - without question, without protest - by the general Canadian population. This was horrifying Canadian history in the making, and it unfolded with almost no notice in mainstream media.

The use of LRADs against peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri is just the most recent case of heinous assault against citizens by militarized police forces with a new arsenal of energy weapons at their disposal.

It is the responsibility of all peaceful and humane citizens of Planet Earth to oppose the slow march of globalized fascism and its escalating use of energy weaponry every step of the way.

Do not become complacent. Do not allow the use of these energy weapons to become acceptable, normal, or the standard practise as we move into the Technological Age, the Age of Aquarius. 

The use of these weapons is shocking, horrifying, a sickening assault on the energetic human lifeform and on all lifeforms.

These energy weapons must be opposed completely and in all cases.

Peaceful protesters. Not-so-peaceful police state.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Urge to Create Comes into Tense Aspect with the Urge to Get the Fuck Out of Here

Photo: Willow

Love, beauty, and relationship planet, Venus, entered Leo, the sign of the performer, the artist, the showstopper, and the drama queen, in the wee hours this morning where it will remain until September 5.

Venus is currently forming a gorgeous "Conjunction of the Benefics" with Jupiter, which will be exact on August 17 at 7 degrees Leo. This conjunction of the Lesser Benefic planet (Venus) and the Greater Benefic planet (Jupiter) indicates a potent creative surge that is gaining steam and will be almost unstoppable as we hit the middle of the month. This is big, bold, creative energy, and it's looking for an outlet through us.

At the same time as the benefic planets are coming together in the zodiac, however, the malefic planets Mars and Saturn are coming together in conjunction at 17 degrees Scorpio on August 25. Venus in Leo will square Saturn and Mars in Scorpio August 26/27.

This is an excerpt of the article "The Urge to Create Comes into Tense Aspect with the Urge to Get the Fuck Out of Here." It is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons, or it can be purchased for $5.50 by PayPal or email money transfer. 

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Howling at the Aquarius Full Moon Opposite Black Moon Lilith in Leo

The Moon is full in Aquarius this weekend with prime viewing on Saturday night. This Full Moon is at perigee - the closest the Moon comes to Earth in its orbit - so make sure to howl! This is the biggest, boldest Full Moon of the year.

The Aquarius Full Moon at 18 degrees occurs opposite a pile-up of planets and points in demonstrative and dramatic Leo - the Sun and Mercury tightly conjunct, Jupiter, and Black Moon Lilith.

This brings a bit of a party vibe with the desire to see and be seen. Many will want to dress up a little, imbibe a little, and show themselves (and their friends) off.

With our lady Black Moon Lilith at this Full Moon party, however, we can expect some personality friction if we are not careful to allow everyone his or her own space to shine. As stated in a previous post, with the planets and points in Leo squaring Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, we are working with the idea of "creative and personality-based jurisdiction," ensuring there are no crossed wires, hurt feelings, or stepped-on toes.

This Full Moon is in egalitarian Aquarius, and remember: Aquarius thinks you're just as special as the next guy!

This Full Moon also occurs in fixed t-square with Saturn in Scorpio, adding to the underlying charge and personality subtext. It will be easy to unintentionally rub people the wrong way under these astro influences, and it will also be easy to be triggered ourselves.

Attention is a bit of a frictional subject these days, in general, and there is an inverse relationship here that must be watched carefully. There are people who naturally get a lot of attention and support for almost anything they do - perhaps a disproportionate amount. And then there are people who do what they do masterfully and without a lot of fanfare.

People who generally get a lot of attention may be triggering those who deserve more, while those whose stars are on the rise may be triggering those who have gotten used to being in the spotlight.

With the North Node transiting Libra, there is a social re-balancing underway, and some who have been neglected on "attention and visibility" fronts will be getting a boost, particularly with the squares to Saturn in Scorpio.

We're learning to share the fruits of Jupiter, newly in Leo, which brings a boost to creativity, personality, visibility, and general applause.

Frivolousness and self-aggrandizing behaviour will be put in tight social check, however, so keep attention-getting behaviour to a minimum over the next few weeks, instead allowing natural radiance and support to come to you.

If you know you are a strong Black Moon Lilith-type or have a particularly charged personality, understand that less is more. Feel out any points of resistance to your presence, to your personality, or to what you're throwing down, and make like true Black Moon Lilith: yield, move, change things up, disappear for a while. Your presence resonates, whether you desire it to or not, and this continues strongly through August as the personal planets in Leo pick up the BML charge.

The energy is big and potentially-volatile at this perigee Full Moon, so maintain that objective Aquarian detachment from the scene (and from yourself) whenever necessary.

There is a strong theme here of being exactly who you are - weirdness, wildness, and all - so that you fit exactly into your rightful community. But this also about knowing how to fit into that community so that you are accepted by those from whom you desire acceptance.

We are the builders, the shapers, the movers, the shakers, the creators, and the risk-takers of the future we wish to see on this planet. Let 'er fly a little this weekend! Focus on the future you wish to see, the future you are creating one step at a time, and stay inspired despite the difficulties of the times.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Jupiter in Leo and the Creative Gauntlet is Thrown

Saskatchewan wild prairie flowers
Photo: Willow

Communication and intellect planet Mercury entered Leo July 31, joining the Sun and Jupiter in the leonine sign of heart, performance, and creative expression.

With three bodies plus Black Moon Lilith now transiting Leo (joined by Venus in Leo August 12), we are really starting to tap into the creative fire and the expansiveness of heart indicated by Jupiter in Leo.

Things are getting bigger. Things are getting bolder. People who have been holding back can hold back no longer. We're able to open up those hearts and express some things that have been waiting until just this time to be expressed. We're stirring the fires of love, passion, creation, artistry, style, humour, and fun in ways that we've waited 11 years - since Jupiter's last transit of Leo August 2002 to August 2003 - to access.

This is an excerpt of the article "Jupiter in Leo and the Creative Gauntlet is Thrown." It is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons, or it can be purchased for $5.50 via PayPal or by email money transfer. 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pro-Israel Media Deconstruction 101

Mainstream media coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine has always been ludicrously skewed to the Israeli/Zionist perspective. This is nothing new, and anyone with any media literacy is well aware of this.

Despite the fact that Palestinian casualties always outnumber Israeli at least 50 to 1, it is Israeli casualties and losses that top the newscasts. This has always been the case. Israeli life is worth more than Palestinian life in the mainstream media, plain and simple.

Last night, I saw a standard propaganda piece covering the Israeli attacks against Palestine in Gaza, and it serves as a perfect illustration of the propaganda machine at work. The "news" presented is one-sided, out of context, and creates manufactured support for unconscionable Israeli actions. 

This "news" story focused solely on the Palestinian rocket attacks coming from the ground. One of these rockets struck near an Israeli hospital and killed two people. This was the top story.

Not once was it mentioned in this "news" story that the Palestinian rocket attack was in retaliation for a previous attack launched by Israel that hit a Palestinian hospital, killing four people and wounding 30 medics. 

Not once in that same "news" story was it mentioned that the Palestinian rocket attacks are in retaliation for the bombs that have rained down on Gaza over the past two weeks and for the damage now being done via illegal ground invasion. This broader context was completely, mind-bogglingly, omitted.

(Media reports without broader context are less valuable than a steaming pile of feces. At least feces can be used as fertilizer.) 

Not once was it mentioned in that "news" story that Israel has launched its own rocket attacks in Gaza as it carries out the illegal ground invasion. The weighty fact that "more than 1,000" rockets have been launched by Palestine was included in the story, but the even weightier fact that more than 2,000 rockets have been launched by Israel was conveniently omitted (not to mention the bombs).

Israeli forces have now destroyed more than 500 Palestinian homes and displaced more than 100,000 people.

They have attacked civilian homes, hospitals, mosques, and a stadium.

Not once in that same "news" story was there mention of the more than 600 Palestinian casualties of the most recent Israeli bombing and rocket attack campaigns. Not once was it mentioned that 80 percent of those casualties were civilians or that almost 100 of them were children.

If 100 Israeli kids were dead by the hands of Palestinians right now, we'd be in World War III. Make no mistake about it. The outcry over 100 dead Israeli kids would be echoing through CNN and MSNBC and CBS and ABC and Fox and PBS and every mainstream media news outlet in existence.

In fact, it was the trumped-up story of three murdered Israeli teenagers that was used to justify the recent attacks against Palestine. The murder of 500+ civilians and 100 children was justified by the deaths of those three teenagers, despite the fact that no culprit has been found or proven.

Israel is currently bombing a country that it illegally occupies. It has now launched an illegal ground invasion of a country it illegally occupies. And it is using weapons supplied to it by the United States of America, Britain, and other Global Government allies.

Because of the illegal occupation, Palestinian people have been forced into ghetto life, living as refugees without adequate access to the basics of life. They are forced to go through multiple checkpoints just to go about their daily lives.They are being occupied by a foreign military every day of their lives, a foreign military that rains bombs down upon them and their families at whim.

I recently saw a study that said that only 14% of Americans are sympathetic toward the Palestinians.

This shows the vicious efficacy of the pro-Israel propaganda machine.

The population of the United States of America is the most media-brainwashed and media-manipulated population in human history. I don't think there can be any doubt about that.

In order to throw off the murderous and fascist power structures that are killing us on this planet, increased media literacy and criticism are crucial. The ability to deconstuct the skewed information coming to us through mainstream media newscasts is critically necessary.

Until then, you will have a population justifying mass murder and wanton destruction as "protecting Israeli citizens."

There are many, many people - including astrologers - who are hiding in the weeds on this issue. They are choosing not to speak up, not to criticize Israel's actions. They are choosing to overlook their own country's support of Zionist-led mass murder. They choose to skirt away from a controversial issue like this because they see the big 86% statistic that feels no sympathy for the Palestinians. They want to maintain their popularity. They don't want to rock the boat.

This is the slow march toward the Global Governance stranglehold. This is the slow march toward global fascism, and it's speeding up. It starts in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and it spreads.

Silence is complicity now more than ever.

And popularity means shit.

Speak out, speak up, extricate your mind and your own perspective from the mainstream media garbage. Or it's on your soul that you stayed quiet and went along during this time on Planet Earth.

* This article deconstructs pro-Zionist bias in the mainstream media which creates false support for violent Israeli-Zionist actions, including from U.S. and Canadian citizens.

This should be obvious to long-time readers, but I equally condemn violence and murder committed by Israeli Zionists and by Palestinian Hamas members (or other violent groups). I also make a distinct differentiation between Israeli and Palestinian citizens who oppose the violence and murder and the so-called leaders who are ordering and committing it. 

There are many people of all religious faiths around the world who see this violence and warmongering for what it is: a system of violent and inhumane global fascism, often referred to as "Global Governance," that must be opposed by all human beings who wish to live in a better world.