Monday, May 30, 2011

Neptune, Sedna and the Story From the Bottom of the Ocean

God of the Sea Neptune is basically stopped in the zodiac at zero Pisces, turning retrograde June 3, and is permeating the energetic atmosphere with its themes. Neptune Rx will be back in Aquarius August 4, re-entering Pisces again for the duration of its transit February 3, 2012.

For those staying with the events unfolding on the planet, there is an ocean of awareness sitting on us right now, holding us under the weight and pressure of it as radioactive water and particles enter the Pacific Ocean from Japan. This is on top of the oil, Corexit and synthetic micro-organisms already in play from the ongoing Gulf of Mexico disaster. The oil has never stopped flowing, and the Corexit keeps being sprayed, forcing it to the bottom of the ocean like a dirty secret. And on top of the multitude of pollution crimes that have been committed against our oceans by industry every year for more than a century now. These disasters draw our collective attention to it all, finally. We're at the saturation point. Beyond.

The scene is dragging at us, ringing through every cell. The water in us will not allow this to be denied as Neptune places its full weight upon us. But still, the sheer vastness of the scenario is too much for us to fully comprehend. We snap in and out of it, back and forth from daily life to the broader, global understanding giving us chills. We keep moving through life, as if it were a dream, with the collective situation sinking into our pores, washing over us with intermittent waves of anxiety, dread, hopelessness, despair for the future of humanity and all life on this planet. The loss of what has been taken from us by those driving multiple reckless industries leaves us blinking, stunned, at times unable to believe what has been brought down, is being brought down.

At times, we panic and feel we'll go under, buried under the weight of it all.

And yet, we can relax because we're already there.

Mercury has just moved past a conjunction to Sedna at 22 degrees Taurus May 29. Venus and Mars in Taurus follow closely behind (Venus June 2 and Mars June 9).

Sedna, Inuit Goddess of the sea and marine animals, sits under an ocean of desolation at the bottom of the Arctic sea, tossed in by her father who then cut off her fingers as she clung desperately to the side of his boat. According to the Inuit legend, her severed fingers became the seals, walruses and whales. The wonderful sea creatures now being poisoned and killed are part of her, created from her. And Sedna sits under the weight of the awareness of all that is going on, the misery being brought down on her creatures and herself, enduring it from her isolated vantage point and waiting for the situation to irrevocably permeate the collective consciousness.

- Radiation Concentrations Found Along Pacific Seabed 300 KM-Long
- Marine Life Soaking Up Radiation Along Fukushima Coast
- Sick Fish in Gulf are Alarming Florida Scientists
- Alarming Amount of Oil Still Coming Onshore
- Why Are Sharks Washing Ashore Dead Near Tampa Bay?
- One Year Later: Mainstream Media Finally Reports on Sickened Gulf Residents
- We Are Seeing More and More People Who are Desperately Ill
- At Least Six Different Types of Vibrios Found at Deepwater Horizon Site
- Crude Oil in Seafood Not Detectable By 'Smell Test'

Sedna was first discovered November 14, 2003 and is the most distant known body to orbit the Sun. The co-discoverer of Sedna, Michael Brown, said Sedna was chosen as the name for the body because it is the "coldest and most distant place known in the Solar System," so the name of the Inuit Goddess beneath the Arctic was fitting.

Sedna travels in a highly eccentric, long and elongated orbit, which is the longest of any body currently known in the Solar System (11,400 years). This indicates the extreme journey Sedna has to take and the extreme consciousness it represents and brings to the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Brown believes Sedna is the most important trans-Neptunian body discovered to date and that understanding its unusual orbit will likely provide valuable information about the origin and early evolution of the Solar System.

So you see the energies being drawn in to this point as we head into the Gemini New Moon eclipse June 1, the triple eclipse season and the Cardinal Grand Cross. It's pretty extreme. For those who feel connected to the awareness of this isolated Inuit Goddess, listen as Sedna softly transmits to us from its position, three times further from the Sun than Neptune.

Allow and move through the feelings of isolation, desolation, despair, hopelessness the current situation on the planet bring with it. Let your heart overflow with love and compassion for our fellow human beings and fellow Earthly creatures being hurt, injured, sickened and killed. Hold them in your consciousness and let them know they are not alone. Let Sedna know she is not alone. And don't be afraid of the awareness coming to us from the bottom of the ocean.

May 29 - Mercury conjunct Sedna in Taurus
June 2 - Venus conjunct Sedna in Taurus
June 9 - Mars conjunct Sedna in Taurus
May 8-12, 2012 - Sun-Jupiter conjunct Sedna in Taurus

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ripple Effect Ceres-Pluto in Capricorn Themes and Radioactivity in Food

When Ceres and Pluto came together in early Capricorn this past October during the Venus in Scorpio retrograde, I knew hidden and obscured food issues would be pushed to the surface, especially relating to the corporate control and pollution of food and soil. But we really could have done without such a literal interpretation of this conjunction as radioactivity in the food...

More Iodine-131 has been discovered in milk in California. It has also been found in fish in Hong Kong. Because Iodine-131 is said to have a half-life of 8 days, this indicates that the releases of radioactivity are ongoing and require continual follow-up. Cesium-137 has been found in milk in San Francisco, in strawberries, kale, mushrooms, spinach, arugula and grass in northern California, in rainwater, in topsoil.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency initially refused to do any testing of Canadian milk for radioactivity after the Japanese nuclear disaster began, despite requests from British Columbia dairy farmers themselves to do so. But it seems the CFIA has now decided to do a half-assed job (taking a page from the United States Environmental Protection Agency) and released test results May 25 on 24 samples of milk.

Twenty-four samples? Over almost three months?

It sounds like the same testing standards that were used to test Gulf seafood.

Drink up, people! If nothing was found in 24 samples, obviously the CFIA was right to insist that people were just being silly and alarmist even requesting the tests in the first place.

There are some big holes in these testing standards aside from the tiny sample size:

- They are testing for Iodine-131, Cesium-134 and 137, but they are not testing for plutonium or strontium. Even trace amounts of those would be catastrophic news.

- They are listing the results as MDC: Minimum Detectable Concentration. That doesn't tell us what concentrations were found, who determines the levels considered safe (considering the overload of radiation we get in daily life, I don't think any increase in radioactivity is safe, personally), or if the levels have increased since the nuclear disaster began.

- The CFIA is doing an obligatory job. With something Plutonic like this, you have to dig, dig, dig and leave no stone unturned. You have to monitor and read even trace amounts and take even the slightest fluctuations into consideration. Pluto is the "tip of the iceberg" planet where seemingly small events indicate much larger issues.

- As far as I understand it, the bigger problem is microscopic radioactive particles, which have been detected. The levels of radioactivity involved might be considered low, but it's the ingestion of the particles that causes the problems. Once ingested, the body can't get rid of them, and they accumulate over time.

- All this depends on the CFIA being a transparent, trustworthy organization with the people's best interests at heart doing real testing and providing real results. This is the group that refuses to label genetically modified foods, allowing genetically modified crops free rein in the Canadian landscape. Under Pluto in Capricorn, "transparent" and "trustworthy" are not words I would use to describe government agencies like the CFIA or the U.S. EPA.

As Neptune stations on the zero degree of Pisces, the media blackout on this issue continues to create an absolutely surreal atmosphere where the vast majority of people are none the wiser, simply going about business as usual.

My heart is with the people of Japan.

Enenews: Energy News

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Neptune Stations in Pisces and We Head to the Gemini New Moon Entryway Into the Cardinal Grand Cross/Triple Eclipse Summer of 2011

Flooding in southeastern Saskatchewan

As I've written about, the current cardinal t-square formed by Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn becomes a quite unsettled (and unsettling) Cardinal Grand Cross mid-June through the end of August. We're under very similar astro conditions as we were last summer, only tighter and more condensed. The parallels are striking - and orchestrated.

- Last summer, the Canadian prairies, where I'm located, were flooded. This caused massive crop failures - if farmers were even able to get a crop in after an unusually cold and wet spring. Honeybees starved to death due to the lack of flowering crops - not a good omen.

This spring, we have more of the same: unusually cold temperatures and heavy precipitation. Farmers can't get on the land due to flooding. People along the rivers have been evacuated from their homes, and they're calling it a once in 300 years flood.

- Last spring and summer, the prairies had wild weather all summer long, including baseball-sized hail, destructive winds and tornadoes.

This spring, various U.S. states are experiencing deadly tornadoes and baseball-sized hail. A HAARP-induced tornado Sunday night in Joplin, Missouri killed at least 116 people and destroyed large swathes of the 50,000-person city.

More artificially-created, unnatural disasters are to be expected. Don't blame Mother Nature or even global warming on these ones. Their hands are being forced.

- Last spring, the major, gut-wrenching disaster was the oil/Corexit/synthetic micro-organism horror show in the Gulf of Mexico.

This spring, it's Fukushima. (Both events are under media blackout.) The most recent readings released to the public show radiation releases from Reactor 1 shot up from 45 sieverts per hour to over 200 sieverts per hour on May 22/23. For perspective as far as how much radiation this is: an exposure of six sieverts per hour results in almost immediate human death. With a timeline of nine months until containment (as if anyone could really pinpoint it), the entire northern hemisphere is at risk for contamination by radioactive fallout - all while the government and media tells us next to nothing. Almost 5,000 Japanese nuclear power plant workers have been found to be suffering from internal radiation exposure after inhaling radioactive materials near the disaster site.

- In April of last year, a volcanic eruption in Iceland spread ash across northern Europe, stranding 10 million air travellers.

This May 22, just after Family Radio's "Rapture Weekend," another volcano blew in Iceland, kicking up similar clouds of ash and causing more air traffic problems.

- Last summer, the G8 and G20 meetings took place June 26-27 under a cardinal t-square/energetic Grand Cross as well as a wickedly potent Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse exactly conjunct Pluto at 4 degrees. The meetings took place with Uranus on the zero degree of Aries, moving into its long-term square position to Pluto in Capricorn, and planning for the Uranus-Pluto square series was laid out.

This summer, NATO is involved in a brand new war against Libya, headed by Canadian General Charles Bouchard. The initial attack was scheduled to begin on the vernal equinox 2011 as Uranus re-entered the zero degree of Aries. (The invasion of Iraq was scheduled to begin on the vernal equinox 2003 as Uranus ingressed Pisces.) NATO warplanes have been bombing Libya since then with the heaviest shelling to date happening this morning. Three people are dead and at least 150 injured, many gravely.

Osama bin Laden's death was announced May 1 just before Obama's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey show, giving his approval ratings a boost as he leads the United States into another attack on a sovereign nation. Other reports claim bin Laden has been dead for years. Now, aggressive language is being ramped up against Pakistan for supposedly harbouring bin Laden, justifying an attack against that country.

It's all a farce.

As we head into another potent eclipse season within Cardinal Grand Cross, the socio-political scene across the globe is incendiary, and the orchestrated war machinations take direction from the energy and decisions made at those G8/G20 meetings under the Plutonic lunar eclipse.

Obama has recently made purposefully confusing statements about Israel and Palestine, with CBC reporter Neil McDonald writing: "A diplomatic fog surrounds U.S. President Barack Obama's explosive remarks last week about the borders of a future Palestinian state...The diplomatic fog, as is often the case, is deliberate."

You nailed it, Neil.

Neptune is currently stationing retrograde at 0 degrees Pisces (going retro June 3), and communication tensions related to this strong Neptunian overlay infuse the Gemini New Moon eclipse June 1. Everything has that tinge of foggy surreality - especially when related to the media (Gemini) - and this energy is being purposefully utilized to veil, divert, confuse, and sway mass opinion.

We're in a confusing and arduous place with this Neptune station, moving through life in a world where dream (nightmare?) and waking life are difficult to differentiate.

The Sun in Gemini is currently moving out of a square to stationing Neptune in Pisces. As the Neptune-influenced Sun moves through the eclipse and to a June 13 conjunction with the South Node in Gemini (followed by Mercury, Venus and Mars), media-related diversions abound. The line between truth and manipulated information is as blurry as a surrealist watercolour, and we're only getting the latter from most sources.

And still the Sagittarius North Node demands that we stick to the truth - staying firmly within the bounds of what we know and feel to be true, what we have faith in. This is the shield that keeps us sheltered as we move through the kicked-up Geminian detritus of half-truths, partial-truths, artifice, lies and utter bullshit. This is how we stay straight and true as an arrow, moving through the bluster of words and frequencies attempting to toss is this way and that.

- Gemini New Moon: June 1, 2011 at 4:03 p.m. Central, partial solar eclipse at 11 degrees
- Sagittarius Full Moon: June 15, 2011 at 3:14 p.m., total lunar eclipse at 24 degrees
- Cancer New Moon: July 1, 2011 at 3:54 a.m., partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees

- Cardinal Grand Cross (Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn opposite Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars in Cancer) in effect June 16 to August 29, 2011

Points of intensification:

- June 18 - 22 as Mercury in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- June 25 - July 2 as Sun in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- July 1 - Cancer New Moon partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer within Cardinal Grand Cross formation
- July 6 - 13 as Venus in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- August 8 - 25 as Mars in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross

Now, I'm pretty sure those who read this blog are able to handle and absorb the facts of our planetary situation, but for those who find information laid out like this overwhelming, I will remind you of the love, spiritual guidance and people fighting the good fight that you are always connected to, never separated from. We're experiencing this mystery together, and the love and spiritual power we belong to is so much stronger than the forces attempting to break it.

No matter what happens, you are loved, you are beautiful and you are whole. Every nasty trick and shitty turn of events is just one more layer to experience (with black humour, if possible), move through and shed. They never touch the core of you. They don't even come close.

The loving spirits we're connected to know what we're going through. The information we're collecting, the perspective we're gathering, and the work we're doing are invaluable. None of it goes to waste. All of it matters. We're here now for a reason, and for those of us who have the skills, getting to the root, to the full ground-level reality of what's going on here is where we're most effective. This is how we add to the cumulative knowledge of what's going on and what can be done about it. This is how we hit the energetic marks where things can change.

Not many can go there, right to the central points, so there is honour in doing so. It hurts. It's hard. It's scary. It's lonely. And you're honoured for doing so. Feel the lineage behind you. Feel the grit it's gone through. And honour yourself for being another sexy, hardcore motherfucker in a line of sexy, hardcore motherfuckers who had the courage to go there. Thank-you for having the courage to stay with it. It's not easy.

I don't live in terms of things being "light" or "dark," "positive" or "negative." I personally believe that the light-dark paradigm is an artificial one, perpetuated through New Age to keep people from their true effectiveness. To me, that way of looking at things is overly simplistic. It keeps people using training wheels. I just don't see things in those terms, flipping back and forth like a switch. I don't feel the subjects I write about are "dark" and that I then need to run out and take a bunch of hits of Neptunian ether "light" to counteract the effects.

My soul craves give-it-to-me-straight reality. That's what I find beautiful and inspiring. I know it and feel it, anyway. I'm not able to deny it. So to know the way things are on a deep level gives me strength. It validates that I am not crazy and that my experience of this planet is on the money.

I'm not attracted to gloss, watered-down social artifice, or artificial light. I like reading about reality, and that's what I like writing about, so that's my contribution. It's the type of information I find important and pertinent to the situation of being human on this planet at this time. So, to use a hockey metaphor, I have to keep driving to the net, and I can't and won't apologize for the information I include on this blog.

From now on, I write what I write, and the chips can fall where they may.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vesta Conjunct Pallas Athene in Aquarius: Fighting for Our Investment in the Future

Asteroids Vesta and Pallas Athene are currently conjunct in Aquarius as Pallas slows for a retrograde station May 31. Under this aspect, we're fighting for the soul-level investment we've made in the future direction of life on this planet. We're fighting for a free humanity, and the effort takes all we have this week. 

Pulling into the retrograde station, we're starting to tire. The fight has been long and hard, to say the least. Working for a broader vision of freedom, justice and equality on this planet has kept us battling, on the outside looking in in many ways. We knew the direction we had to go. We saw the path laid out in front of us. And we followed it, come what may. We've accepted our outside-the-mainstream status as bizarre, eccentric, odd, weird, misunderstood, and we've stood apart while holding the vision. 

We held the vantage point and kept driving forward because we knew what existed on this planet fell far short of where we needed to be. 

But with Vesta and Pallas Athene in tense square aspect to the Mercury-Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus, we're starting to wonder if it's even worth it anymore. We're starting to question whether we have it in us at this point. We're starting to ask, where's the incentive? 

Don't let up. Don't give in. We've put too big a personal investment in (Vesta) at this point to let it slip away now, so close to the tipping point. 

One foot in front of the other gets the job done this week as Pallas Athene inches forward, inches forward, planting the flag at 15 degrees Aquarius before falling back into a retrograde that goes all the way back to 27 Capricorn. Pallas will go direct again September 24. 

With Pallas Athene, the fight is a creative fight, so find whatever creative outlets and creative mojo you can find to eke out those last bits of driving feminine warrior spirit energy. Join with others of similar mind if you can and draw on the energy of the groups of people who also fight these fights in their own ways. 

Pallas stations as we experience the Gemini New Moon partial solar eclipse June 1, kicking off triple eclipse season and the Cardinal Grand Cross summer of 2011. The battling, never-say-die feminine spirit infuses the proceedings. 

Vesta, too, soon goes retrograde - June 21 at 19 degrees Aquarius until turning direct again September 16 at 6 degrees Aquarius. 

Vesta represents a great soul-level investment. It is the flame we continually tend, keeping it alive and burning despite the personal sacrifice and diligence that entails. In Aquarius, it relates to the future of humanity on this planet. It's the direction taken right out of the Aquarian era gate. It's our own vision of the future that we tend, outside the carefully manufactured options presented to us that take us into more of the same. 

Use the energy of the Taurus squares over the next two weeks to dig in and commit fully to your own version of the Aquarian future, staying grounded within some very bizarre and ungrounded societal and planetary scenarios.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Taurus Stellium Trines Pluto in Capricorn as the Canucks Celebrate the Birthday of the English Matriarch

This upcoming weekend is the first long weekend of the spring in this country, and many Canucks far and wide will be camping and drinking and whooping it up - or at the very least, taking an extra day off work - after coming out of the long, dark winter.

This holiday (falling on the first Monday on or around May 24) is unofficially called May Long but, outside Quebec where it is called Patriot's Day, it is actually a celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday - Canada's first sovereign and the matriarchal head of the British Empire at the time of Canada's confederation. In other words, this holiday is yet another shout out to Canada's toxic Mummy Dearest mother figure and the overlying and underlying power structures of the British Empire.

The Moon entered Capricorn this afternoon and will conjunct Pluto early tomorrow morning, setting a deep, dark, Plutonic emotional tone as people start to get the party started for the weekend. As usual, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface than is apparent to the beer-drinking barbequers on this traditional day of national celebration.

By tomorrow, Mars, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Taurus at 7 degrees exactly trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn. The sign of tradition and living of the good life (Taurus) coming into flowing aspect with the corrupted power structures of Pluto in Capricorn.

Yesterday, I was at the shop where I'm doing readings and selling my jewellery, and I could feel people on the avenue starting to ramp up for the holiday. It was hot, sunny, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Until the tell-tale white streaks appeared out of the back of an aircraft.

I watched from the counter as the aircraft sprayed one long streak through the otherwise entirely blue sky, and over the next couple hours, the standard hazy, filmy chemtrail clouds started to form.

I watched the people going by on the avenue, none the wiser. No one looked up from the busy goings-on. But I could see the whole scenario unfolding in the sky.

It was a hot, windy day, and I had the door open to let the breeze in. Bad idea. By later that evening, my lungs were reacting. I woke up throughout the night feeling chest constriction. By morning, my throat and airway felt raw, which has continued throughout the day. I'm a person with a history of asthma and allergies - my body has been rejecting this sorry, post-industrial revolution excuse for "air" since pretty much birth - so adding a layer of chemtrails is not a good thing.

We aren't going to be so lucky as to have a hot, sunny May long weekend. It's like clockwork every time the sun is shining. This morning, the sky was cloudy, and rain drops came down intermittently. I couldn't help but think that with the combination of chemtrail chemicals, leftover Corexit from the Gulf of Mexico and possible radioactive fallout from Japan, being caught out in the rain, especially with bare skin as I had, was not an innocuous thing. I also started to wonder if it would be wise to start wearing a mask while outdoors.

The Plutonic layers of the situation are bizarre, indeed - especially as the mainstream has no idea any of this is going on.

The Sun enters Gemini on Saturday (May 21), and the duality, the co-existence of multiple realities, becomes a prevalent theme.

In light of this, I say, hey, if we're going to celebrate the birth of the English matriarch, let's dig right in. Let's celebrate surviving the raw lungs, dry coughs, runny noses and fake clouds full of chemicals! Let's celebrate living through the multi-layered abuses from our power structures - the long tradition of living through them - as we watch powerful, murderous figures dupe the mainstream into thinking they warrant our celebration. Let's get right to that Plutonic edge with our Taurean good times and good food and good pals.

All hail the Queen! Cough, cough.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pluto in Capricorn Opposite Canada's Sun in Cancer in Cardinal Grand Cross Formation: And So it Begins

From my May 8 post on the Canada Day eclipse/Cardinal Grand Cross:

"Canada's benign, peacekeeper image, so strategically useful on the world stage, is in the process of being stripped bit-by-bit by a Pluto in Capricorn opposition to its Cancer Sun. Squared by transiting Uranus in Aries, the shocking extent of Canada's role within the global war machine emerges as the facade is stripped. The fundamental understanding of Canada's identity on the world stage - past, present and future - shifts rapidly and repeatedly over the next four years."

According to a Wikileaks document obtained by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and reported on tonight, Canadian military forces were secretly committed by a Foreign Affairs official to aiding the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

On March 17, 2003, days before the invasion, then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien announced in the House of Commons that the Canadian military would not be part of the invasion of Iraq.

According to the Wikileaks memo, on that same day, meeting secretly with American and British diplomats in Ottawa, Foreign Affairs official James Wright said Canadian forces already in the Persian Gulf could be used on the down low in the mission.

From the CBC story:

"According to the U.S. account, Wright "emphasized" that contrary to public statements by the prime minister, Canadian naval and air forces could be "discreetly" put to use during the pending U.S.-led assault on Iraq and its aftermath.

At that time, Canada had warships, aircraft and over 1,200 naval personnel already in the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, intercepting potential militant vessels and providing safe escort to other ships as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, the post-Sept. 11, 2001, multinational war on terrorism.

The U.S. briefing note states: "Following the meeting, political director Jim Wright emphasized that, despite public statements that the Canadian assets in the Straits of Hormuz will remain in the region exclusively to support Enduring Freedom, they will also be available to provide escort services in the Straits and will otherwise be discreetly useful to the military effort.

"The two ships in the Straits now are being augmented by two more en route, and there are patrol and supply aircraft in the U.A.E. [United Arab Emirates] which are also prepared to 'be useful.'

"This message tracks with others we have heard," the U.S. diplomat wrote in his briefing note to State Department bosses in Washington.

"While for domestic political reasons… the GOC [Government of Canada] has decided not to join in a U.S. coalition of the willing,… they are also prepared to be as helpful as possible in the military margins.""

Chretien (or Cretin as my grandmother would call him) also downplayed the role of the "few" Canadian soldiers that were to be involved in the invasion.

Those soldiers included a Canadian General, Walt Natynczyk, and were helping to plan the invasion up to the highest level of command - something of which even the Canadian Defence Minister was not initially aware. Plutonic shadow military at its finest. Natynczyk was also installed as deputy commander of 35,000 U.S. troops and other allied forces eight months after the invasion.

Pluto in Capricorn is currently conjunct Canada's Black Moon Lilith and opposite its Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer in a long-term unearthing of all the nasty bits being held beneath the Cancerian protector image. It's all very Plutonic: there seems to be a shadow version of the Canadian government and Canadian military at work unbeknownst to even high-ranking officials. (Wow, what a shocker!)

In a full case of Plutonic obfuscation, the Canadian forces were not even aware if what they were doing in the Persian Gulf was, indeed, part of the invasion. From the CBC article:

"Eugene Lang, chief of staff to then defence minister John McCallum, says there was no end of internal debate over whether the Canadian Forces were being put into a mission impossible.

"How do you know if something is connected to terrorism or Iraq? When you are intercepting unknown boats, you don't know what you have taken over until you have taken it over."

Lang says that after "painful" consultations with federal lawyers, the Department of National Defence issued Canadian naval commanders in the Gulf clear orders not to engage in anything to do with Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"But who knows whether in fact we were doing things indirectly for Iraqi Freedom? It is quite possible.""

There are astrological parallels between the invasion of Iraq and the current attacks against Libya. Both were planned to begin on March 20 - Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere - and both were planned to coincide with the beginning of new Uranus cycles. As I've written before, Uranus relates to the shocking and unpredictable - except when its movement is being used like clockwork to plan events such as military attacks.

The U.S. invasion of Iraq was scheduled for Spring Equinox 2003, just after Uranus entered Pisces March 10. A Canadian General and other Canadian soldiers were secretly involved in the invasion and mission.

The U.S.-led attack against Libya was scheduled for Spring Equinox 2011, exactly eight years after the invasion of Iraq, just after Uranus entered a new sign, Aries, March 11. Now out in the open, the NATO mission is being led by Canadian General Charles Bouchard and involves 435 Canadian soldiers so far.

March equinox marks astrological new year, which is the day the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, in the Western tropical system. It is a highly potent day to initiate new things, and in these cases, the things being initiated are quite literal: Aries is a cardinal, masculine sign ruled by war planet Mars and is associated with, among other things, beginnings, war, warriors and aggressive action.

The Aries Stellium Completes Under a Full Moon in Scorpio

The Aries stellium we've been experiencing for two months finally burns itself out this evening as Mercury and Venus ingress Taurus, joining Mars and the Sun in the fixed sign of the bull.

As the moon grows full in Scorpio (exact in the early morning of May 17) and opposes the Sun in Taurus, the super-charged, full-blast initiating energy of the Aries stellium shifts. The last of the embers of the blazing, initiating fires wink out and we enter quieter territory. The green, green grass of Taurus may take a while to fully soothe our singed selves after two full months of blazing, fiery, Arien roar, but by this evening, our toes touch down, and we can take a breath on solid ground.

Venus enters very comfortable territory in its domicile of Taurus at 5:12 p.m. Central this afternoon until ingressing Gemini June 9. Mercury enters Taurus just an hour later at 6:18 p.m. until ingressing its domicile Gemini June 2.

Mercury and Venus are heading to a second conjunction at 0 degrees Taurus at 4:25 a.m. tomorrow morning, creating a cementing and solidifying touchpoint for the new directions coming out of the Aries stellium trine Sagittarius North Node. Work to ground what you like in your life. Things start to dig in.

Mercury and Venus were also exactly conjunct May 9 in Aries before Venus pulled ahead a little. Mercury was still slow at that point, gaining speed direct after its retrograde in Aries (March 29 - April 22). It has now regained full speed and catches up to and passes Venus in the zodiac, giving us a bonus conjunction, this time in Taurus.

Jupiter has also almost had its fill of ram, ram, ramming into new territory and moves into Taurus for its year-long stay June 4 until ingressing Gemini June 11, 2012. As of June 4, the dispositor of our path-guiding Sagittarius North Node becomes earthy, sensual, organically-timed Taurus, which we will need to keep us grounded during this summer's Cardinal Grand Cross and triple eclipse season.

We're hurtling toward this time frame, which begins with the Gemini New Moon partial solar eclipse June 1. The two-month Cardinal Grand Cross is first triggered June 3 - 5 with the Moon in Cancer and then June 16 as Mercury enters Cancer.

Mercury, the Sun, Venus and then Mars transiting Cancer keep the Cardinal Grand Cross hot, triggering Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn in waves until late August. Shattering changes spurring new initiatives and new leadership - a continuation and furthering of what was initiated last summer under similar configurations.

Two of the major Cardinal Grand Cross players station over the next while, increasing the potency and permeating the astro atmosphere further. Saturn stations direct at 10 degrees Libra June 12 and moves forward in the zodiac until stationing retrograde on the anaretic (29th) degree of Libra February 6, 2012. Uranus stations retrograde at 4 degrees Aries July 9 until stationing direct December 9, 2011. This is in addition to a Neptune retrograde station at 0 degrees Pisces June 3. Neptune dipped into its domicile of Pisces and now heads back into tail-end Aquarius for a bit of unfinished Pisces-to-Aquarius-related business.

The Aries stellium of planets trine the Sagittarius North Node definitely fired people up as far as socio-political ideas and personal beliefs. From a previous post:

"The North Node is in Sagittarius now disposited by Jupiter in Aries. Getting clear on our personal beliefs (and maybe more importantly, on what we don't believe), speaking up about it when necessary and directing ourselves accordingly are the keys to our successful progress here."

This energy was meant to get that Sagittarius North Node humming, with people directing themselves by their own guiding personal beliefs and truths, beyond culturally dogmatic or socially artifical constructs that were not getting to the heart of the matter.

Coming out of these trines, we should know exactly where we stand and where the people around us stand.

With the Uranus ingress of Aries March 11, we tipped the scales toward a stronger Aquarian overlay, out of tail-end Pisces. The lazy, hazy, glossed-over version of unity coming out of tail-end Pisces no longer gets the job done. It never really did. Under a stronger Aquarian overlay, our individuality and our true, raw personal perspectives and beliefs matter.

I've written about this before as it pertains to astrology:

"Astrology blogs, astrologers and astrology audiences are differentiating rapidly. Stronger astrological identities are being forged, and the distinctions of politics, perspective, beliefs and motivation are becoming more important."

So it was interesting to see how these themes came up during this period of time.

My most recent post on the Canada Day eclipse, Cardinal Grand Cross and Canadian uranium industry was censored on AstroDispatch. This is the problem that arises when another professional astrologer (a quite competitive one) is in charge of a situation that involves group effort and a range of perspectives.

I don't appreciate being censored. I don't think there was anything so inflammatory in that post that it needed to be censored. And I don't think one individual's personal politics should reign supreme over all others on that site. I'm guided to do the work that I do and to the topics and information I cover. It pertains to issues that need to come up into the public's awareness, and believe me, doing a post like that one takes a lot out of me energetically. I'm not doing it for fun or for blog hits or for popularity. And I don't believe it's the right of any other individual to cut that or any other post off at the knees in a public arena.

Coincidentally (or not), this censorship happened a few days after I was drawn to the comments section of another astrologer's post on the Osama death announcement. A commenter had written that he/she did not think astrology and politics should be mixed and was quite indignant about that post "crossing the line." I replied to the comment, writing that nowhere does it say astrology and politics should be separate and that I actually thought the most potent astrology of the day did take on the pertinent socio-political issues.

I think it's important to realize that the personal is political. People's decisions about what to do, what to say and how to live their lives are political. One astrologer's decision to write a post about uranium mining and the nuclear industry is political, just as another astrologer's decision to censor that post is political. This takes on even more relevance considering the media black-out on the nuclear diaster going on in Japan.

In other words, an astrologer who chooses not to touch the controversial socio-political issues of the time for whatever reason is making a personal political choice just as an astrologer who chooses to write and speak about them is.

There is a lot of hiding and glossing over of personal politics and true personal perspectives going on in the astrology of the day. A lot of astrologers choose not to say how they really feel about things so as not to alienate their followers, supporters or paid customers.

This is fine as long as people are aware that it's going on, but unfortunately, it's mostly hidden.

No one is completely neutral or objective. That doesn't mean personal politics enter heavily into paid readings - I'm sure most pro astrologers, like me, are careful along those lines.

But in the case of a site like AstroDispatch where astrologers' work is grouped together and lip service is paid to its diversity, a single astrologer's personal politics arbitrarily dictating what posts "cross the line" and where that line even is is not something I can personally support.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Canada Day Cardinal Grand Cross Eclipse: Well, Golly Gee Whiz. Look Who's Fuelling the Global Nuclear Industry

The July 1 New Moon eclipse in Cancer amidst the Cardinal Grand Cross happens on Canada's birthday, and this nation is poised to take on new position and influence within the broader global agenda.

Uber Global Governor Stephen Harper is at the helm for the next four years with a brand, spanking new majority neo-conservative government (won with only 39% of the popular vote), and this global position is going to involve a whole lot of war activity. We see an aspect of this with the installation of Canadian General Charles Bouchard as head of the illegal NATO campaign against Libya. But that, friends, is just the tip of the depleted uranium-tipped iceberg.

Canada's benign, peacekeeper image, so strategically useful on the world stage, is in the process of being stripped bit-by-bit by a Pluto in Capricorn opposition to its Cancer Sun. Squared by transiting Uranus in Aries, the shocking extent of Canada's role within the global war machine emerges as the facade is stripped. The fundamental understanding of Canada's identity on the world stage - past, present and future - shifts rapidly and repeatedly over the next four years.

With World War I already on the docket, the British North America Act was drawn up by the "Fathers of Confederation" (no sign of the Mothers) and signed May 8, 1867 as the Sun crossed Pluto in Taurus with Mercury, Neptune and Venus in Aries.

The Act came into effect and Canada "officially" became a nation July 1, 1867. This is Canada Day, the date used as the nation's official birthday - like July 4 Independence Day in the United States.

On July 1, 1867, as the union came into effect, the Sun and Uranus were conjunct in Cancer.

The Moon was in Balsamic phase, and as Canada's day of birth unfolded, the moon went dark in Cancer before a Cancer New Moon exactly conjunct Uranus. So Canada's date of official confederation was set to occur on the Cancer New Moon - echoed this Canada Day with the Cancer New Moon eclipse. (The recent federal election May 2 also utilized Dark of the Moon/New Moon energy - this time in Taurus to re-elect Taurus Sun Conservative leader Stephen Harper.)

The dark and shadowy side of Cancer, which I wrote about last summer during the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses, is woven into the foundation of this country. From the beginning, it was built on native genocide and forced assimilation and the exploitation of poor immigrant settlers who came to do back-breaking, life-snuffing labour because they had nowhere else to go after being forced from their own homelands in one way or another.

Let's just say those enjoying the spoils are dancing on some very deep graves.

Currently transiting Pluto in Capricorn is opposite Canada's Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer, making its first exact opposition January/February 2012 and its final pass November 2013. Transiting Pluto is also conjunct Canada's Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, pushing to the surface dark and twisted elements generally kept quiet, including the role Canada has played and continues to play in furthering inhumane agendas on the world stage.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As the Stars Foretold, New Moon in Taurus Brings New Harper Government

There's some amazingly bad news coming out of Canada this morning for anyone opposed to the trajectory of the current global agenda. Stephen Harper, our Taurus Sun Global Governor/Conservative Prime Minister, has been re-elected, and this time, in a majority. The Taurus New Moon unfolds into a new Taurus Sun-led government, right on schedule.

I felt that Saturn Rx on Harper's North Node-Juno conjunction at 12 degrees Libra would produce another minority government, but the Aries stellium on his South Node-Mercury has propelled him to independence. Free to pursue the corporatist war agenda at his will.

This is a man who has been held in contempt of Parliament, who refuses to hold press conferences or answer questions from journalists, who conducts governmental affairs under a cloak of secrecy. Under his "leadership," the House of Commons was all but abandoned, including a prorogueing during the 2010 Olympics. Harper has proven to be an insular, difficult, 'my way of the highway' type of Prime Minister under a minority government, and unfortunately, we haven't seen anything yet.

Harper spoke to the Bilderberg group prior to his installation as Prime Minister in 2006, and his government has gone full speed ahead into North American Union merger. Canadian troops were sent into the quagmire in Afghanistan and are now involved in the attacks against oil-rich Libya. A Canadian General leads the NATO mission there.

Development of the toxic and deadly tar sands in Alberta has steamrolled ahead under this government despite protest from native people who are being slowly poisoned by the carcinogenic tailings. Fossil fuels and nuclear power are the energy solutions under this government, guided strongly by corporate interests. The Harper Government is for the further development into genetically modified organisms. The moratorium on GM alfafa is now more than likely toast and the non-GM/organic industry goes with it. Harper has proven hostile to women's groups, slashing their funding. He has slashed government funding of social programs in all kinds of ways as he pours money into the wars against Afghanistan and now Libya. The list could go on and on...

This much Aries (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Black Moon Lilith) in the election chart conjunct Harper's South Node certainly does not bode well for peace.

Aside from the seemingly impossible Conservative majority (I'm not ruling out election fixing, to be honest. This man and Baby Bush are cut from the same cloth), there were other shockers in this election:

The New Democratic Party (leftist/labour) usurped the other establishment party, the Liberals, and is now the Official Opposition.

In a major upset, the leaders of the Liberal and Bloc Quebecois parties didn't even win their seats. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is stepping down.

And Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, became the first ever Green member of Parliament after winning her seat. The Green Party hasn't even been allowed in the televised debates up until now, so this win should change that.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Moon in Taurus and the Canadian Federal Election

It's Election Day in Canada, and it's unfolding under the Dark of the Moon in Taurus. I'm sure the date of this election is no coincidence. Stephen Harper, the Bilderberg-approved head of the newly re-branded "Harper Government" is a 9 degree Taurus Sun. The New Moon happens on the 12th degree.

By 1:51 a.m. Central tomorrow morning, things have been astrologically set to unfold into a Taurus New Moon and a new Taurus-led Stephen Harper government. It will more than likely be a minority government again, something Harper can't stand. So that's one ray of sunshine. Can't fight that Libra North Node conjunct Juno, Stevie! Especially now that transiting Saturn is conjunct it.

Most know I'm a big non-fan of Harper and of the neo-con Harper Conservatives. But I'm not really a fan of any of the candidates, to tell the truth. At a certain level of governmental hierarchy, they all play the same game these days. I don't see any of the candidates as strong enough leaders to pull us out of the quagmires we've entered. I don't think you reach that level of government at this point if changing direction dramatically is your goal.

Do I think an NDP or Liberal government will get us the hell out of Afghanistan and Libya? No.

Will a national leader from one of those parties ban genetically modified alfalfa and kick the rest of the crap out of the country? Will they extricate this nation from the North American Union? Will they stop development of the tar sands and of the nuclear industry and move into the free energy sources that have been so far suppressed? Will they dismantle corporatism and class injustice and restore power to the people? I don't think so.

Regardless, anything that decreases Stephen Harper's power is a good thing in my books.

At the same time, the mass media diversions away from the Japanese nuclear disaster are coming fast and furious. First was the royal wedding and now, lo and behold, Osama bin Laden has been killed! This will most certainly make the rogue attacks on Libya easier to swallow by the North American public.

Just in time for Obama's appearance on Oprah. How convenient.