Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Know What Term I'm a Little Sick Of? Cardinal T-Square.

Baseball-sized hail wreaked havoc in southeastern Saskatchewan this past Saturday, July 31. Since just before the Full Moon Capricorn eclipse on June 26, Saskatchewan has experienced the wildest weather in memory, being pounded by storm after storm of hail, mass quantities of rain causing flooding, and tornadoes. One hundred fourteen communities have declared themselves disaster areas this summer due to flooding, and there has been massive crop failure due to both a cold, wet spring and now flooding. I'm not a person who believes most weather patterns are natural at this point (an earthquake AND a tornado just before the G8/G20 Summits?), but this is quite symbolic of the astro energies we're dealing with currently.

We're getting hammered. Tempered on all fronts by the weight and pressure of the cardinal t-square configuration.

Action planet Mars in Libra completes its grind through this uber tight t-square late tonight with an opposition to Jupiter in Aries and a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Heavy is understatement.

Mars is still within range of its conjunction to Saturn, and our actions carry an extreme amount of weight. We're in a time frame when the decisions we make and actions we take (or don't make and take) have such broad, long-term effect that if we were fully aware of the possibilities, we would probably freeze and curl into a little ball. All four seasons are changing in our lives simultaneously.

Luckily, we're humans, and we're never 100% aware of the stakes. Also luckily, the amount of pressure involved here makes it nearly impossible NOT to take some sort of action. To curl up into a little ball would probably mean being crushed under the weight of it all. At this point, it's difficult if we do and difficult if we don't, but the cardinal impetus squeezing the crap out of us says we have to go. Things have crumbled all around us, and taking the next step and then the next, even when we're dragging ourselves through it, is the only way to forge our way out of the wreckage.

"Tipping the scales moments" is putting it mildly. These are the types of energies where the fate of humanity on this planet lies in our skill (or lack thereof) in dealing responsibly. The weight of a billion interactions that have preceded us hangs in the air, and this is where things are decided.

Feeling pressured is understandable. The responsibility is pressing. The stakes are high. The complexity is incomprehensible. But again, we can't think about that. We just have to carefully determine what is right, what our souls tell us is right, and do it.

It's going to be tight. There's only so much we can do at this point with insanity being unleashed all around us. There is only the thinnest of threads to follow through it. But we're doing it. We knew we could, and we're doing it. We had the best chance of getting it right. The right mix of finely-honed skills, fire, determination and experience for these times. So we were called in, elected as the ones best able to take a shot. To take the shot for all those who came before, who wait in the etheric wings with bated breath. As we crawl on bleeding elbows through barbed wire and thistles to get to the release point.

As of midnight tonight, some of the pressure breaks as Mars slowly starts to pull out of the t-square formation. It will be fully out of orb by the time of the third and final square of Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn August 21.

Don't be too relieved just yet, though. Venus enters Libra Friday, August 6 (9:47 p.m. Mountain) in tight conjunction with Eros, and those two run the cardinal t-square gauntlet, too, August 7-9. This won't be a relaxing weekend, so the Monday to Friday-ers hoping to escape the pressure with a weekend trip out of town will be out of luck.

Just to add to the fun, as of 3:50 p.m. Friday, the Moon will be in Cancer, becoming the fourth cardinal leg. For just over six hours, we have a full, exact Cardinal Grand Cross in our sky. (Pulling out of range by the early morning of Saturday, August 7.)

Venus and Eros finish their last aspects and start to pull out of the t-square late August 9, the same day of the Leo New Moon. This is the release point of the previous Cancer New Moon solar eclipse July 11, so this New Moon is going to be a relief in more ways than one.

As of August 10, we have released the most potent aspects of the recent eclipse season and personal planets Mars and Venus will have made it through the cardinal t-square gauntlet - the only personal planets (other than the Moon) that will take part in this cardinal t-square.

As of August 21, Saturn will have completed it's final square to Pluto in Capricorn from Libra, and we are past the most potent and constricting point of the cardinal t-square.

With Saturn involved, taking this stuff in chunks of time can really be helpful. Saturn transits often feel as if they will go on forever. So even though things may feel insane right now, a major layer lightens after the August 9 Leo New Moon. And by September, things really start to ease.

Sure, we'll be into the retrograde shadow degrees of a massively potent Venus retrograde in Scorpio by then, but honestly, at this point even a Venus retro in Scorpio will feel like something we're better able to handle.


Cairo said...

I've been a lumpen ouchcube on the couch for a month now but something this morning shifted. I went to the paint store and got a lively palette o' colors and I started in on a few places. Not sure this is the universe's grand plan for me but it's movement, playing with colors, excuses for big gulp sodas and the music playing too loud.

You never can tell what different colored walls can lead to. A new view to snap you out of the old visions.

This feels good.

Willow said...

Go Cairo! New colours are a great idea.

Morvah said...

Hell, I wish I could write like that! This is the closest to what I think and feel that I have found though personally at this time I can't write, paint or anything other than work, put sprouts in salads etc. I don't suppose anyone has noticed, social conditioning demands that we do our imploding unobtrusively - for all I know everyone is fucking weeping inside - we just leave it to the likes of you to say so. Thanks for your little light, it's brighter for being real. Hugs across oceans.x

sevensistersastrology said...

I hear ya!! i cant wait till this crap is over...im SPENT!! I feel like i've been thru a war. Others around me are falling apart too. Time for clean up...

Anonymous said...

I've given you an award! http://www.thedomesticwitch.com/2010/08/paying-forward-awards.html

Anonymous said...

How does this compare to an astronomical t -cross ? HaHaHaHaHa
Couldn't help myself. As usual Willow....you say it best w/ sheer and utter profoundness. No one compares.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I freaked out when I read this: "Just to add to the fun, as of 3:50 p.m. Friday, the Moon will be in Cancer, becoming the fourth cardinal leg. For just over six hours, we have a full, exact Cardinal Grand Cross in our sky."
I am getting married tomorrow! Yes, Friday, 6th, at that exact time! Ok, ok, is a "Cardinal Grand Cross" a bad thing? If it is, the minister is my friend and we can do the paper signing on Tuesday next week because the date adds to 3 and 3 is a fertile number. I was born 12/nov/73 and my fiance on 13/01/64. We've been married before but no kids. We are planning to start a family next year :-)
Awesome blog, totally adding it to my RSS feeds :-)
PS: I am trying to publish this with my wordpress name and it's not working. so here it is:

Willow said...

Thank-you, Serenity! From one substantial blog/ger to another.

hahahahahaha !Lo, you are freaking hilarious. Love ya. And thanks for the props, also.

Sunnyspoon: I'd say a Cardinal Grand Cross on your wedding day could just as easily be looked at as a super potent cosmic honour! Your union coming together fully on this day and at that time...wow! I'd say the two of you have some important power and responsibility to wield as a couple and that your energy dynamics are going to have some big ripple effects. So I would not worry - anytime something naturally falls on a day like that, I think it's best to see it as a blessing and just go with it. So congratulations and enjoy every minute of that Cardinal Grand Cross wedding day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Willow!
I'm so happy!

Cairo said...

Willow, the chart for " Venus enters Libra Friday, August 6 (9:47 p.m. Mountain)" has a lonely Sun. All there by himself! No aspects. Now it is just a few hours away from 15 degrees in Leo, a quarter cross degree. The cross quarters are the seasonal doorways. Does this mean perhaps that the door is unblocked?
Easier entrance?

Given that the other monster transits have left some of us on the weak side or just a "who gives a fuck" attitude...perhaps that's what we need to overcome. Forget everything else, just get through that damn door.

Just riffing here, don't have a clear idea on it.

And Sunnyspoon, congratulations, I'd love to be at your wedding bash. It's going to be fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like people are taking a hammering.

It seems like a lot depends on what people do (or don't do) at this time i.e. right now! I just get this sense of urgency. Time is running out to 'clean house'. But then, I have Pluto in Virgo in my 11th house, so I'm all in favour of getting the whole planets population to 'roll their sleeves up' and DO something about this mess we are in. Because if we don't, no one can.

Don't expect others (individuals or groups, including governments and corporations) responsible for this mess to fix it, because they can't.

Willow said...

We all need to do what we can do, for sure. A massive mobilization.

It's complex, though, because people are often being stopped from doing what would come naturally (helping, doing something). An example being the Gulf situation - the organic ways to clean the oil were rebuffed in favour of highly toxic Corexit. People who knew how to properly use booms were not utilized. Even broader, alternative energy sources have been kept out of the hands of the people for decades or centuries.

In Haiti, people's donated money and effort is not getting to the people who need it and there are still two million homeless people living day-to-day without the resources they need.

People do need to do whatsoever they can, but it's a mistake, I think, to beat humanity up in certain situations when power structures are acting as gatekeepers on this front and creating controlled catastrophe.

We have to understand what these power structures are doing/what the motivations are and how they are running contrary to what decent people would like to see happening. It's only at that point, I think, that you can really get to the most effective angle and DO something. Tricky power dynamics and tricky times.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the people need to KNOW... I mean really KNOW what's going on.

By illuminating all the dark and ugly corners of reality and giving people the 'bad news' - that might wake them up. Then they will be in a position to take their power back and avoid this controlled catastrophe being imposed on them via ignorance. Ignorance really is quite dangerous.

The consequences of not 'waking up', well, I think that's probably going to be pretty damned terrible.

Have you ever noticed just how few people there are in the world trying to 'wake people up'? Lets hope you can keep doing that, because I think its pretty important!

Venus Astrology said...

"We're getting hammered. Tempered on all fronts by the weight and pressure of the cardinal t-square configuration."

Yeah, it's a b..ch.