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Deconstructing the Worldwide Media Blackout on the Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: California Wine is Just the Tip of This Radioactive Iceberg

An extremely watered-down, not-so-news story has hit the mainstream media in the past week or so about Fukushima-signature fallout being found in California wine.

From July 20, 2018: "Fukushima's Nuclear Imprint is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don't Panic)

Mind-bogglingly, this story has caused a big, old stir.

I recently noticed that The Weather Network has run the story, and commenters on their website are calling it "alarmist," suggesting TWN is irresponsible for even publishing such a story.

Honestly, mind-boggling doesn't even begin to cover it at this point. 

This wine story is so watered down and omits so many key facts that it's laughable, but even this, even this, piece of "Fukushima is no biggie" mainstream media propaganda is getting people all hot and bothered?

Nowhere in the story does anyone mention that Fukushima-signature fallout (Cesium 134 and 137), as well as other radioactive isotopes, have been found in produce, seafood, sand, and rain all along the West Coast of North America (and beyond) since the nuclear disaster began in 2011 and continuing to this day.

(But as soon as it's found in Napa Valley wine - generally an upper and upper-middle class area - all of a sudden, it's a huge story.)

Nowhere in the story does anyone mention the fact that man-made radioactivity bio-accumulates in the body, so a single serving of radioactively-contaminated food or drink may not have a huge impact on health, but hundreds or thousands of servings over the course of five, six, seven, and more years? That's definitely something to be concerned about. That involves continual bombardment by combinations of man-made radioactive isotopes that our bodies would not come into contact with naturally. The doses keep getting higher as they accumulate in the body. There's a threshold there. 

Cesium resembles potassium and concentrates in the brain, muscles, heart, ovaries, and testicles.

Strontium resembles calcium and concentrates in the bones.

Radioactive Iodine resembles iodine and concentrates in the thyroid.

Plutonium resembles iron and concentrates in the bones, liver, and blood cells and is highly toxic to ingest, aside from its radioactivity. 

Nowhere in the story does anyone mention that there is actually no safe level of man-made radioactivity to ingest. Nowhere does anyone mention that ingesting or breathing in radioactive isotopes or particles, creating a constant state of internal irradiation, is much different from natural background radiation, which is external

Constant exposure to even low-level radiation can cause major health damage, including cancer, auto-immune disorders, heart attack, stroke, thyroid disorders, and genetic mutations. There is certainly no medical or scientific consensus that low-level radiation exposure is harmless, as is constantly parroted in mainstream media reports, including in this wine story.

As stated, there are masses of documented examples of Fukushima-signature radioactivity being found in produce, seafood, sand, and rain since 2011 and continuing to this day.

A measly 15 samples of Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California were tested in 2012. All 15 fish contained Fukushima fallout.

Even bastion of establishment science Scientific American magazine reported that radioactive iodine from Fukushima had been found in kelp beds off the coast of California in 2012. Insanely, scientists did not test for any of the longer-lasting radioactive isotopes! This was not followed up on in the story. And this is considered thorough and honest journalism? We learned better skills in our first week of journalism school...

How about the salmon stocks collapsing this year? There's a real story for you. 

Test the salmon, and I'm sure you will find all kinds of Fukushima fallout, as well as deformities and illnesses. But of course, it's *crickets* from mainstream media and establishment science on that one.

In fact, Canadian Indian tribes did take it upon themselves to test salmon in the Columbia River in 2016. The Okanagan Nation Alliance tested sockeye salmon in B.C. and found Fukushima-signature fallout, Cesium 134. Of course, this is work that the Canadian and U.S. governments should be doing if they were in any way legitimate at this point...

A study done around the same time by the Upper Columbia United Tribes also found Fukushima fallout (Strontium 90) in both sockeye and Chinook salmon.

And now, in 2018, the salmon stocks are collapsing in the Columbia River and others.

Can we really believe this is nothing but coincidence?

Ex-diver-turned-citizen-journalist Dana Durnford is currently finishing his follow-up voyage along the British Columbia coast to check the state of post-Fukushima sea life. He has found a situation very similar to the one he found in previous voyages in 2013/14: a relative wasteland, thousands of missing species. And this has all come about since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began contaminating the Pacific in 2011. Dana has the Before and After photos to illustrate it.

You can see Dana's most recent YouTube update here, or you can see the photographic evidence at his website: The Nuclear Proctologist

This should be worldwide news. But not only does mainstream media not cover Dana's critical research, he has actually been hauled into court on multiple occasions and given gag orders in an attempt to silence him.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) itself, known for lying about the situation at the nuclear plant and low-balling numbers, has admitted that at least 400 tons of radioactively-contaminated water are flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day, without cessation, and that this has been going on since at least 2012. This is, of course, not to mention the massive amounts of radioactivity and radioactive particles that were released into the atmosphere and jet stream from the explosions at the nuclear plant, including from spent fuel rods. There is also evidence that criticalities are still taking place at the site. New fission products Xenon, Krypton-85, Tellurium-132, and Iodine-131 have been discovered at various times and in various locations.

In light of all this, how is this story about Fukushima fallout in California wine even surprising to people, let alone shocking? Let alone "alarmist?"

The real irresponsibility of the mainstream media is not in publishing a story about Fukushima fallout in wine. It is in not providing any real context for that story. It is in enforcing the worldwide media blackout on the subject. It is in downplaying and watering down the very real threat that Fukushima fallout poses to life on this planet. It is in misleading people, misinforming people, and lying by omission - practises that have been employed since March 11, 2011 and that are blatantly obvious in the quality of "journalism" being put out today, including in that California wine story.

The public should be absolutely outraged that this is the level of journalism being put out about such a critical and life-and-death situation as Fukushima.

And yet, instead, people are angry that the media is even mentioning it at all, even in this incredibly watered-down fashion?

From the July 6, 2018 article, "Chiron Retrograde in Aries/Pisces: Pulling Our Heads Out of the Radioactive Sand...or Bust!"

"There is certainly an element of surreality that must be navigated, particularly involving the gaping chasm between the truth and how people are actually living en masse, and Chiron crossing zero Aries and moving back into late Pisces will be highlighting this..."

This gaping chasm could not be any more apparent than in the public reactions to this California wine story. 

The surreality is hitting a high point on the subject of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis...

Seriously, get in the game, Human Race.

Don't let the mainstream media play you for a fool, as it is doing.

Put things in context yourself. Fill in the blanks yourself. Get a handle on the big picture, which they are intentionally obscuring from you, and get in the game! This won't wait.

- All Willow's Web Astrology articles on the Fukushima nuclear disaster since 2011 - 


 - The news compiliation site has been a critical source of information since 2011, but there have been no new posts since February 2018. The loss of this resource cuts the public off even further from the truth about Fukushima and Fukushima fallout. -  

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Full Moon in Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse: Celebrating Our "Weirdness" and Eccentric Fabulousity!

 A groovy-electric Aquarius Full Moon ahead, baby!

The Moon is now growing full, pushing its way to a powerhouse Aquarius Full Moon total lunar eclipse on July 27 (1:20 p.m. PDT) within a tight fixed T-square configuration and a loose Fixed Grand Cross.

This Full Moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius is the longest eclipse we will experience in the 21st century with a 103-minute totality, and this gives it some extra kick. 

In the icy air sign of Aquarius, also conjunct lunar apogee Black Moon Lilith in late Capricorn, this is a Full Moon eclipse that celebrates the weird and the wonderful. It celebrates the people who don't fit in, who can't go along with the standard protocols, and who lead in order to advance the scene for humanity, even when it means sacrificing personal comfort, professional standing, social acceptance, or financial security. 

This includes people working from outside the system and also people working from within. It's the shared vision for a better future for all on this planet and the willingness to work, always, toward that vision that create the common bond. This common bond and common drive connect us from our often-disparate social positions.

This is a Full Moon that celebrates the fabulousness of being exactly who we are and letting the chips fall where they may.
So here's to all the square pegs in round holes out there! 

We've arrived! 

We've achieved! 

We've overcome! 

And damnnnnnn, we're fabulous.

I know it's trendy these days to call yourself "weird." It's become a sort of status symbol to take on an image of carefully-curated eccentricity. 

But to actually be considered one of the "weirdos" of society (even when you don't consider yourself to be weird) is often not a very pleasant thing. The conjunction of this Full Moon to Black Moon Lilith brings in some of these harsher elements. Being considered a "weirdo" or an "ill-fit" by mainstream or pseudo-alternative societies often involves isolation, ostracism, vilification, opposition, and straight-up attacks. It often requires one to forego the comforts and rewards of fitting in - socially, professionally, financially, with family.

This isn't the type of "weird" that involves eating brunch off a shovel, learning to play the ukelele, or wearing ironically outdated eyeglasses.

This is the type of weird that is often dangerous to one's personal well-being.

This isn't carefully-curated eccentricity. 

It's one's natural way of being coming into frictional, sometimes explosive, contact with "the way things are" and with the people who are mostly doing just fine with the way things are.

To be a person leading toward a vision of improved conditions for living things on this planet often means being highly opposed by people who pretty much like things the way they are, thank-you-very-much. It means being highly opposed by the people rising through the ranks of the illegitimate structures as they currently exist, by the people who are benefiting from the illegitimate power dynamics.

When you get right down to it, the people who are comfy-cozy in the current structures (including the pseudo-alternative structures) do not want to change things all that much, other than a few reforms around the edges.

But Aquarius is the revolutionary, the radical, the person willing to give his or her all to get to a better way. If the system is fucking some people over in order to benefit other people (and yup, it certainly is), this is a system that is ultimately inadequate for the true needs of the people. It's a system that is not fair, and it is a system that should not stand in its current form.

The influence of Black Moon Lilith on this Full Moon eclipse indicates that we must become more aware of the ways in which the current systems are harming some while benefiting others. The inverse relationship there. We must become more active in addressing the ways that people are being shut out. Those who are left on the outside looking in are also required to stand up and make themselves more visible and more heard in a world that would prefer they remain obscured, at a distance, in the shadows.

Those living a soul-connected life cannot in good conscience just go along with things in injurious systems such as these. 

Aquarius is a sign unafraid of breaking protocols when those protocols are inadequate, unadaptive, and stifling, when those protocols only work for some of the people involved, not all of the people involved. Aquarius, at its best, is a sign that works for universality, not exclusivity. It works for the common good, not for the (relatively) privileged few.

I've always been considered "weird" by the more mainstream society, and no, I don't say that as any sort of status symbol or hipster-ish horn-tooting. Being considered "weird," someone who did not fit in with anyone, anywhere, was something that hurt me terribly as a younger person.

I never considered myself weird. I still don't. I think I'm one of the most common sensical and salt-of-the-earth bitches you'll ever meet. 

Telling the truth, following my conscience, and standing up for what I feel is right have caused me to be booted out of more jobs and social settings than I care to count. This modus operandi has caused me to lose social and professional opportunities, friends, boyfriends, financial security, the support of my family. I couldn't dumb myself down and go along with what I saw happening in the mainstream media, and I can't water myself down and go along with what I see happening in the astrological establishment, either.

Most recently, I was forced to leave a once-a-month job demonstrating products at a health food store after being reprimanded by the store owner for talking to customers about the difference between organic and non-organic products. I was also reprimanded for communicating customer concerns about increasing corporate ownership of health products. I was told I was only to speak about the so-called "positive" aspects of the products. In other words, I was required to lie by omission in order to make sales, in order to keep things New Agey happy-happy by glossing over the true reality of the situation.

(And the true reality of the situation is that there are 36,000 registered natural health products on the market and only a measly 8% are organic and non-GMO. Put that in your pipe and smoke it the next time you're swallowing your daily vitamins and supplements or downing your morning protein shake...)

The point of this is not to try to make anyone feel sorry for me. Pity the fools who are enforcing these insane and manipulative societal standards and rules! Not the people unwilling to play along. I'm the least deserving of your pity in these scenarios.

The point is: what one person defines as "weird" or "controversial" is actually completely natural and normal to another person. To me, what and whom mainstream society deems "weird" have always paled in comparison to the weirdness of mainstream standards and the commonly-held understandings of normalcy and the socially acceptable.

If you have to lie, fake, gloss over, manipulate, dumb yourself down, and conform to insanity in order to be considered socially acceptable, the socially acceptable of the world can have it! It's a sham. It's garbage.

It is only by being a square peg in the round societal holes, by being true to myself come what may, by never fully fitting in anywhere, that I came to belong in the only group where I will ever truly feel at home - with the fellow square pegs! With the other people who don't fully fit in. With the other people willing to be true to themselves no matter what the situation. With the other people who see through it all.

We're the last of our kind - and this makes us fit together. This provides the common ground. The hard edges and rough angles and awareness of how disjointed our place in the world really can be - this is what tells us we're home!

And with this Moon (home) growing full in a powerhouse total lunar eclipse in Aquarius (difficult individuality), we're officially home. 

We've crossed the threshold into the astrological Aquarian era, shattering the false "oneness" ideals of the now-gone astrological Piscean era. 

We've carved out our places, places that allow us to be exactly who and how we are. People and situations that want us to be exactly who and how we are, that wouldn't want us painfully constricting ourselves to fit roles and rules and social mores that simply do not fit, that simply do not make sense. 

This Aquarius Full Moon provides a beautiful (if slightly messy and hard-edged) culmination point as far as our rightful places in the community, and this includes the community of people who don't belong, who have to clear their own eccentric orbits in order to stand in their rightful places on Planet Earth.

With this Full Moon at the furthest possible distance from Earth in its orbit, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, we're going all the way with it. We're reaching out as far as we possibly can, stretching as far as our emotional landscapes will allow, clearing as far-reaching a path as we can from our personal orbits.

The difficulty of this eccentric orbit-clearing is palpable this week as the Moon grows full. 

The Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius, conjunct Mars Rx in Aquarius and opposite the Leo Sun, falls tightly along the Leo/Aquarius nodal axis, in a tight square aspect to Uranus in Taurus and in a loose square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio.

This creates a tight fixed T-square configuration (Uranus in Taurus, Sun-North Node in Leo, and Moon-South Node-Mars Rx in Aquarius). When you add Jupiter at 13 degrees Scorpio, this fixed T-square becomes a Fixed Grand Cross - four squares or two oppositions in the fixed signs.

Squares are probably the most frictional aspects in astrology, and we have a heaping helping of them in the skies at the moment, extending into the first half of August. But they are also probably the most dynamic and growth-spurring aspects, as well. They are, ultimately, some of the most progressive and strengthening and perfecting aspects. Purposeful challenges.

The friction of being who we are in a world that most often demands conformity,  homogeneity, and adherence to hierarchy is very apparent under these skies. It's tough. But the progress we're making - oh, the progress. It's epic, friends. If we can stand our ground within our circumstances now - as frictional and frustrating and near-intolerable as that may prove to be at times - there's no stopping us. They literally can't stop it. They can't hold it back.

The lunar eclipse madness begins in earnest on July 25 as the Sun in Leo forms a square to Uranus in Taurus at 2 degrees while communication planet Mercury stations retrograde at 23 degrees Leo (10:02 p.m. PDT).

This is followed by a Sun in Leo opposition to Mars Rx in Aquarius at 4 degrees on July 26, marking the half-way point of the Mars retrograde of 2018

With all this fixed sign action, things are getting a little tight - and they stay a little tight as we ride the wave up to the Full Moon crescendo point on July 27.

The Aquarius Moon will square Uranus in Taurus and conjunct Mars Rx in Aquarius on July 27 before forming the opposition to the Leo Sun that marks the Full Moon total lunar eclipse. 

The Moon in Aquarius will continue to a square to Jupiter in Scorpio on July 28.

In the denouement of this Full Moon, Mars Rx in Aquarius will form a square to Uranus in Taurus on August 1. This is followed by the Sun in Leo forming a square to Jupiter in Scorpio on August 6 before forming the Sun-Mercury interior conjunction with Mercury Rx at 16 degrees Leo on August 8.

Mercury Rx in Leo forms a second square to Jupiter in Scorpio on August 10 at 14 degrees, just ahead of our third and final eclipse of this triple eclipse season - a New Moon partial solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11.

Clash! Bang! Clang! These Uranus-fueled fixed squares are a little energetically noisy, to be certain. We're being held in place now - in potentially frustrating ways - in order to carve out the last bit of positioning, the last bit of needed space to fully unfurl into our gorgeous and eccentric Aquarian-era orbits.

Plant your feet, plant your flag, and take every last bit of the space you need.

Eclipses indicate backdrop changes, and this extra-long and extra-potent Aquarius Full Moon total lunar eclipse indicates a complete, era-shifting backdrop change.

We're stepping into an Aquarian-era world where to not go along with the insanity and corruption and violence of the current systems, structures, and schemes does not make us a weirdo, a freak, an oddball, an outcast. Just the opposite, actually.

We're stepping into a world where we are honoured, rather than vilified, for following our consciences and for being who we are, hard angles, rough edges, and all. We're stepping into a world that needs us to be exactly who and how we are.

We're making this better world, one frictional exchange at a time, one push-back at a time, and we're making it together. Let's help each other when we can in these clutch positions. The whole world depends on us standing our ground and on supporting others who are fighting the good fight every day.

Happy Full Moon-ing, WWA readers! Thank-you for having the courage to be real, to be soulful, and to be authentically yourselves, come what may, in these increasingly shallow and artificial times. You make my Moon go 'round!

 Aquarius Full Moon total lunar eclipse - July 27, 2018
Click to enlarge. 

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Monday, July 16, 2018

What is Astrology?

 Willow's Web Astrology blog "birth" chart - February 26, 2008
Click to enlarge.

"What is astrology?" may seem like a simple question, but it is not always so simple to answer. Astrology is practised in many different ways by many different astrologers.

In this YouTube video, I talk about my own practise of astrology, which is professional intuitive astrology practised as a spiritual art.


* YouTube Video: Willow from Willow's Web Astrology on "What is Astrology?" *

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio: the Bombshell Announcement of the Elimination of Greyhound Bus and Freight Service Across All of Western Canada

Well, this is some huge (Jupiter) bad (Scorpio) news (Mercury). 

As transportation and communication planet Mercury in Leo formed an exact square to stationing Jupiter (big) in Scorpio (eliminations) on July 9, it was announced that Greyhound will be eliminating all bus routes and freight service across Western Canada. 

That's the vast provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Other than one route, which will remain in British Columbia, the entirety of Western Canada, where more than 11 million people live, will have no bus service other than local service in the cities.

I don't know whether to cry, puke, or laugh at this point.

Western Canada has one of the most regressive public transportation situations in the world right now. 

And who does it hurt most? The people who are already struggling hardest in this society: the poor, the elderly, the disabled, students, rural people, people who don't or can't drive.

People living in the insulated Middle-Class Bubble want to be snide and facetious about so-called "First World Problems?" 

I bet most third world countries have public transportation.

There are plenty of real and hardcore problems in Canada, many involving class stratification and the invisibility/constant screwing over of the "underclasses." 

But this doesn't affect one-vehicle-per-person car drivers, so who cares, right? 


And I don't know about one of Greyhound's stated reasons - that ridership is down so extensively. The last time I took the Greyhound from Saskatchewan to B.C., it was absolutely packed with people. This is going to negatively affect so many people, I couldn't even begin to put a number on it. I'm definitely one of them.

In a way, though, the shock of this announcement has been dulled.

The announcement of the elimination of Greyhound bus - a private corporation - in Western Canada comes soon after the elimination, amidst huge protest, of the entire government-run provincial bus system in Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC).

The announcement of the elimination of STC also occurred with transportation/communication planet Mercury in a square aspect with another body - in that case Pluto.

Mercury = transportation
Pluto/Scorpio = elimination

From a previous post:

"[I]n late March 2017, just as Mercury in Aries formed a square to Pluto in Capricorn, it was announced that the neo-conservative Brad Wall government in Saskatchewan was eliminating the public bus system for the entire province in order to save one tenth of one percent of the overall budget. This was a shocking and horrifying announcement for many, including me. I literally couldn't believe that a decision this ass-headed would be allowed to go forward and wrote an article about it at the time, "We Get Knocked Down, But We Get Up Again: Regressive Transportation Policy Under the Mercury-Pluto Square.""

The decision by the Wall government to unceremoniously eliminate STC is particularly sickening, considering it destroyed the 70-year-old provincial bus system, which cost a measly $17 million per year to operate, while pumping $1.9 billion into a single bypass over a single Saskatchewan city - the government city of Regina where, coincidentally, the provincial legislature is located. 

The bypass was poorly designed - it was not made wide enough to transport farm machinery across it in a largely agricultural province - and the bypass has also now been found to be crumbling underneath as vehicles drive across.

Already four times the original estimate, this faulty bypass is certain to cost Saskatchewan taxpayers much more.

The elimination of Greyhound in Western Canada leaves 415 people unemployed, just as the elimination of STC left 224 people unemployed. 

I don't know how much worse it can get for non-drivers in Western Canada, but I won't tempt fate by saying it can't get any worse...

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Nazis Got Me With Fluoride Pills!

This is a song I wrote in the folk-punk genre about being poisoned by the antibiotic Cipro, produced by the always-illustrious Bayer corporation. The poisoning by this fluorine-infused devil drug has resulted in Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Toxicity Syndrome which I and millions of others struggle with every day. 

Johnson&Johnson is another corporation that produces these horribly dangerous fluoroquinolone antibiotics, and there are many other corporations producing generic versions. 

I wish I could sing well enough (even for folk-punk standards, which aren't that high!) to sing this song for the public, but alas, I'm a writer for a reason. heh

The Nazis Got Me With Fluoride Pills!
By Willow of Willow's Web Astrology

The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
I swear I've never been so ill
As when the Nazis got me with fluoride pills

I went to the doc with a minor plight
I had me a pain and my peein' weren't right
He gave me three pills, said take all these
Three days later, I was down on my knees

The pain struck me down and my body fell apart
The sickness came upon me, truly broke my heart
Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't lift my head
The thoughts coursed through me I'd be better off dead

The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
I swear I've never been so ill
As when the Nazis got me with fluoride pills

I took to the 'net to figure out my curse
There were many more like me, some even worse
We'd all been struck down by profiteering dicks
And brainwashed doctors making people so sick

Bayer poisoned me and so many friends
When will this corporate insanity end?
IG Farben and the war machine
How could humans even be this mean?

The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
I swear I've never been so ill
As when the Nazis got me with fluoride pills

We all started talking, started sharing our tales
About the devastation from these dirty drug sales
We all knew something really weren't right
So we linked our arms and we started to fight

You can cripple our bodies but our spirit's still strong
Can't you tell as I sing my song?
In the end, the good always prevails
But until then, take heed of my tale:

The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
The Nazis got me with fluoride pills
I swear I've never been so ill
As when the Nazis got me with fluoride pills


Friday, July 6, 2018

Chiron Retrograde in Aries/Pisces: Pulling Our Heads Out of the Radioactive Sand...or Bust!

 The back of my zine, The Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Collapse of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem, compiled for the six-year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2017 and unfortunately still just as relevant today...

Wounded healer Chiron turned retrograde yesterday and will now backtrack after planting a flag on new ground in Aries. 

Chiron stationed retrograde in early Aries (2 degrees), a very potent birth point in the astrological zodiac. A fresh new chapter is upon us, but first we must revisit some old ghosts to officially release them from our orbit.

The transit of Chiron through Aries (2018 - 2027) indicates a period of time when we must fight - and fight hard - to break ourselves out of old, wounding dynamics and illusions. This will require some specialized skills over the next year or so as we carve our way out of the potent backwash of the astrological Piscean era once and for all. 

Chiron in Aries, this fiery symbol of healing, indicates that we are willing to put up this fight because there is really just no tolerable alternative. People are willing to take new routes, to try new things, and to stand up for themselves and for life on this planet in more vigilant and active ways. 

Our healing path officially adopts a "take no prisoners" energy as we step out of the orchestrated downward spirals.  We aren't going down with this ship. We aren't going down the Piscean-era drain. And Chiron planting its flag in early Aries since April 17, 2018 indicates that we've set our course. 

Chiron will be retrograde in Aries until entering late Pisces again on Sept. 16, 2018. It will remain in late Pisces until February 17, 2019 when it re-enters Aries. The Chiron direct station occurs at 27 degrees Pisces on December 8, 2018.

This indicates the potential for layer-upon-layer of healing and resolution, healing and resolution that have been generations in the making. We can release many wounding dynamics and many karmic loops over the next months, but it will require the skill, the heart, and the steely resolve of the warrior (Aries). 

The transition from the astrological Piscean era to the astrological Aquarian era has not been an easy one. Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and the end of the astrological Piscean era has coincided with the intentional collapse of the Pacific Ocean ecosystem via covert nuclear warfare against all life on this planet - the orchestrated (and ongoing) nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, radioactively contaminating Japan, North America, and the rest of the globe.

Diver-turned-citizen-journalist Dana Durnford is currently on a follow-up voyage along the coast of British Columbia, Canada, to document the state of the sea life, post-Fukushima. This is work that, of course, our government, establishment scientists, and mainstream media would be doing if these groups were in any way legitimate. But they aren't. And so Dana is forced to nickel and dime it and put himself at risk to document this ongoing collapse for the public.

Dana's initial voyages in 2013/14 uncovered thousands of missing species in tide pools along the B.C. coast. His sobering photographic evidence can be seen at his website: The Nuclear Proctologist

You can also see some of his photographs in this recent YouTube video, beginning at 21:32.

New, independent radioactivity data has also been publicized by Fukushima activist Kevin Blanch from a woman and mother named Rachel who was living in Japan at the time that the nuclear disaster began. Again, she collected this data on her own and at her own expense - work that the government, establishment scientists, and mainstream media should have been doing if they had any legitimacy at all.

You can see Rachel's wonderful reporting in multiple videos on Kevin Blanch's YouTube channel, including:

Fukushima news; Historic never seen before Radiation data, June 6 2018

Fukushima news; Fukushima cover up exposed, Kevin D. Blanch Ph.D. The Great Pacific Genocide

I can't verify his complete legitimacy (especially after mentioning his personal connection to Illuminati puppet Lady Gaga), but Kevin definitely has some goods. A post-Fukushima cancer survivor, he has been reporting for months on the fact that the numbers of Chinook salmon are at 5 - 20% of the 10-year mean in the Columbia and Copper Rivers this year. This is yet more evidence of what we already know - the Pacific Ocean, becoming more radioactively contaminated every day from Fukushima, is experiencing an ecosystem collapse. Thousands of species of plant and animal life are being affected, and this echoes all the way up the food chain to starving polar bears in the Arctic and sick human beings around the globe.

I did an article on the astrology of the seven-year anniversary of Fukushima in March 2018. The astrology featured a Mars in Sagittarius square to Chiron in Pisces at 28 degrees of the signs. The article reported on the fact that mainstream media and establishment scientists are using "climate change" as a cover for effects that are actually being caused by Fukushima fallout:

From March 1, 2018: Mars Square Chiron Marks the Seventh Anniversary of the (Ongoing) Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

The astrology of that seven-year anniversary indicated quite clearly (and devastatingly) the intense difficulty we have in getting to the truth and in getting that truth circulating amidst a mainstream media blackout, along with paid online trolls,  gatekeepers, and controlled opposition agents.

From December 31, 2013: New Moon in Capricorn: Fukushima, Gatekeepers, and the Big Responsibility of Thinking For Yourself

I've come into contact with many of these paid trolls in my own reporting and activism on Fukushima, and I've seen the public figures shilling their watered-down commentary all over the mainstream media and internet.

But it doesn't stop there!

We have a whole raft of people promoting themselves as serious critics of the current global fascist regime but who are actually paid agents of that regime. 

These people, often with huge public platforms and many starry-eyed followers, are controlling the information that gets out to the public, ensuring that people do not use their own minds and research skills and that they do not get to the real roots or real truth of the situations facing us on Planet Earth. 

These paid gatekeepers and controlled opposition agents use mind control techniques, mesmerizing people into handing over their own brains, their own will, and their own creative power while falsely believing that these phonies "have it covered" and are "on the case."

They do not, and they are not. End the acolyte-ism!

Many of these gatekeepers and controlled opposition agents subscribe to the sick and perverted occult belief system of the global elite, which includes New Age ideology as a primary mechanism of spiritual and mind control

Penetrating, deconstructing, and nullifying this ideology in all its insidious forms is certainly required as we open a new healing chapter with Chiron transiting Aries.

One primary trick is for people who are part of the New Age machine to promote themselves as New Age critics, as "renegades" or "rebels" who broke from the herd. From their (often mind-boggling large) public platforms, they proceed to make watered-down and ineffectual "critiques" of this machine while still firmly within its folds, reaping the rewards that membership provides.

I've been parasitized and ripped off by many of these New Age tools since the beginning of my astrological career (including most recently by this fool). These people aren't original. They don't have anything of real importance to say. They never get down to the true roots or reality of the matter. They're schlepping old, stale, mind control techniques wrapped up in a trendy new bow, and you know what? It all stinks to high heaven. 

"There is hardly any mental misery worse than that of having our own serious phrases, our own rooted beliefs, caricatured by a charlatan or a hireling."

- George Eliot/Mary Anne Evans

As Chiron stations retrograde, communication planet Mercury is in Leo (fame, celebrity) in a square aspect to Jupiter (truth) in Scorpio (exposing illegitimate power).

Cutting ourselves loose from these highly-popular and often-intelligent masters of deception is a strong theme of this Chiron retrograde, as Chiron retrogrades back into late Pisces, the most illusory and potentially deceptive of all signs.

Cosmic Spotlight planet Jupiter is stationing direct on Lucky 13 degrees Scorpio at this time (July 10), and its concentrated energy and themes (within the square to Mercury in Leo) are strongly infusing the Chiron retrograde period. This helps us a lot. These throwback charlatans - working with superficial layers rather than going to the roots - can be exposed and dethroned under this energy.  

The penetration of the last layers of Piscean-era maya is at hand - but it's the last layers that are the strongest, that people will cling to with the greatest tenacity.

On one hand, we have an ongoing collapse of sea life in the Pacific Ocean ecosystem that has been accelerating since 2011. Thousands of species are experiencing mass die-offs. Thousands of species are sick, dying, mutated. 

And yet, we have people swimming in the ocean on a daily or weekly basis without a care in the world.

We have people hitting up that trendy sushi restaurant on a regular basis without a thought about the safety of what they're eating.

We have people paying exorbitant amounts for property along the North American West Coast for the privilege of living beside a radioactive and increasingly-deadly sea.

We have a global power elite that is using the astrological energies and astrological symbolism to plan its nefarious deeds, including timed war attacks. 

The 29 Pisces/zero Aries point - the ending and the beginning of the zodiac - was used to set off the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011 on the very day that Uranus moved from 29 Pisces to zero Aries.

As wounded healer Chiron recently crossed this point, in mid-April 2018, a bombing attack on Syria was orchestrated and executed by the United States.

Chiron will cross this symbolically-loaded point two more times - in mid-September 2018 and in mid-February 2019.

This will be followed by the re-entry of Uranus into Taurus on March 6, 2019. Uranus ingresses around March equinox have been used as time points for major war offensives in the past, which I've outlined here:

From April 15, 2018: False Flags, the Friday the 13th Bombing of Syria, and Timed War Attacks with Chiron at 29 Pisces/Zero Aries

From May 15, 2018: Uranus Ingresses and Timed War Attacks 

There is certainly an element of surreality that must be navigated, particularly involving the gaping chasm between the truth and how people are actually living en masse, and Chiron crossing zero Aries and moving back into late Pisces will be highlighting this... 

Chiron Rx is going back for some sacred cows, friends. We have to get all of it - all the bullshit, all the manipulation, all the diversion, all the lies, all the illusions, all the phonies, all the falsity. We have to peel away anything that is keeping us from being as effective and as potent and as righteous as we need to be during these times, and it goes right down to the soul.

I provide this information not to scare you. I provide it to empower you.

This is our fight. We we born for it. Over a long enough timeline, good always prevails. 

The new chapter has been initiated. We aren't going back to the same darkness. Chiron in Aries has lit a torch that illuminates this new territory for us, as we are urged onward. 

Thank-you for your bravery, for your soulfulness, and for your fight. You are so needed and so appreciated. 

Let's rock this transit. We're in it to win it. Freedom for Planet Earth...or bust!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Triple Eclipse Season and Jupiter Stationing Direct in Scorpio

Aquarius Full Moon total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 - the longest eclipse we will experience in the 21st century
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