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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jupiter in Aries Opposite Saturn in Libra, the Benefits of Being True to Ourselves and Maturing The Nasty Libra Tricks

The Jupiter - Saturn opposition coming up next Monday, March 28 happens at 14 degrees Aries/Libra, triggering the energetic themes and events brought up by the 2009 Venus retro period. Venus stationed retrograde March 5, 2009 at 15 degrees Aries.

All the personal planets in Aries will trigger this hot spot opposition point, conjuncting Jupiter and opposing Saturn in Libra over the next six weeks.

Mercury, currently in its retrograde shadow and just past this point, will go back and forth over this area. The first pass was March 17. Mercury goes retrograde March 30 and passes this point for a second time (retrograde) April 14/15. It goes direct April 23, and the final pass direct is April 29/30.

Look at what was going on in your life at the time of the Venus retrograde in Aries (February through May 2009) - especially in relationships - to see how much progress you have made since then and what might need a little more (or less) exertion on your part.

One of the themes of that retrograde was watching for the trap of the false karass - with astrology being one of them. This is a really interesting aspect to watch, as I see these themes coming on strongly in the astrology world. Astrology blogs, astrologers and astrology audiences are differentiating rapidly. Stronger astrological identities are being forged, and the distinctions of politics, perspective, beliefs and motivation are becoming more important.

I like this because, with a prominent Pluto in Libra, these themes are with me all the time.

The only way we can be one, big happy astro family is if we're honest about the fact that we aren't.

The previous Venus retrograde in Aries set the stage for the current Jupiter transit in Aries (entering Taurus June 4), and here we see one of the cardinal rules of astrology - working successfully with a transit as it unfolds sets the groundwork for future success with transits involving similar themes/signs, which repeat in cycles or waves until we get it down. Astrologers don't advise you to work diligently and responsibly with what's going on in your life just to step on your buzz. It's a proactive strategy for longer-term success. If we shirk our duties with transit themes, we have to work doubly or triply hard playing catch-up later.

The 2009 Venus retrograde in Aries had to do with forging an honest and authentic balance between ourselves, our identities, our personal goals and motivations and our ways of being in relationship with other people. To reap the benefits of the current Jupiter in Aries transit, we had to beef up our Aries muscles (authenticity, self-exertion, self-direction, will, independent action, identity) within relationship during that Venus retrograde - differentiating from other people when necessary, being true to ourselves even when it was uncomfortable socially, and learning to follow our anger impulses as a directional force and impetus to action.

Jupiter has a reputation for being nothing but good - inspirational expansion, horizons broadening in beneficial ways, faith and knowledge increasing. But Jupiter, as the largest planet in our solar system, makes everything it touches bigger, including our weak spots and especially areas we have been perpetually glossing over or shirking.

Jupiter allows us to fly by the seat of our pants to a certain extent based on an excess of ancestral knowledge, hard-won wisdom and inherent gifts. We have padding in the bank of a jovial largess variety - but only up to a point. Past that point, Jupiter can create a sort of too-much-too-fast over-expansion, over-confidence in our abilities and a subsequent falling on our face. Jupiter can trigger lackadaisical tendencies, skimming by on the bluster of our gifts or beneficial traits, that can catch up to us when in tense aspect to the other planets - as it is now with Saturn. There are limits to its luck and buoyancy - much as Jupiter dislikes this fact.

It's going to be very interesting with all the Aries energy coming into play opposite Saturn in Libra retrograde. We're going to be seeing new facets of identity in the people with whom we are in relationship, and it's going to be shocking (Uranus). Who people really are and what they really think, believe and feel beyond the Libran facade is emerging in a big, colourful way. Our identities (Aries) want to expand (Jupiter), and with Saturn retrograde in Libra, we are restructuring our relationships and our sharing of social responsibility and authority to give them room to breathe.

It's not always popular to be true to ourselves, but for those who have done it come hell or high water, this Jupiter transit brings big movement and expansion.

On the other hand, people who have relied on Libra tricks - maintaining a false social veneer, playing to the crowd, hiding or compromising their expanding identities to maintain a relationship, social prowess or popularity - are going to have a tougher time. Co-dependency issues will rear their heads - the problems associated with subverting our will and identity in favour of another, constantly deferring to the opinions and beliefs of others, and lacking the courage to stand on our own two feet. People who have been basing a big part of their identity on another person will be strongly encouraged to stop.

Knowing who you are, what you know and what you believe on a deep level and staying true to that in relationship is key for the remainder of the Jupiter in Aries transit. There will be instances until June 4 when we have to stand up for ourselves along these lines, and this takes courage.

These themes become huge between May 1 and 15 when we experience a stellium of planets in Aries - Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter - trining the Sagittarius North Node. Uranus will be in early Aries, shocking us with insights about who we are, who the people around us are, and what that means for our future directions.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Square Jupiter in Aries. And On With the Show.

Venus is coming up on a conjunction to Pluto at 6 degrees Capricorn Wednesday evening (7:52 p.m. Central), and this conjunction is square Jupiter in Aries.

We're starting to pick up where we left off as far as the new directions initiated during this past cardinal t-square summer. We've made a few false starts coming out of the gates, chomping at the bit as Jupiter and Uranus dipped into the first sign of the zodiac for just a taste of fresh territory. Retrogrades this fall and winter into late Pisces brought some nebulousness, illusion, anxiety and confusion as far as which was the fresh track forward and which was a siren song drawing us back into the same old, same old karmic loops.

This dissipates somewhat as Uranus enters Aries March 11, but we have Chiron re-entering Pisces tomorrow for an eight-year stay until February 2019. The wounding illusions do remain potent. You didn't think the Piscean era was going to go that easily, did you? Keep peering through the veils.

We've had a sober second look and a (necessary) dampening of the Aries charge through these retrogrades in watery Pisces. We've cooled our jets a bit and gotten a deeper understanding of the Plutonic undertones demanding our full awareness. The collective situation in which we find ourselves on this planet remains hugely influential as far as the most potent directions open to us. Understanding the sometimes dark and disturbing Plutonic context bolsters our courage, reminding us of our influence at this tipping point time in human history.

From this summer when Jupiter squared Pluto:

"There is a real soul reckoning afoot. Those complicit within corrupt and murderous structures, those cutting corners, those looking the other way or skimming by while reaping the rewards for doing so are going to be faced with some major decisions about what is truly important to them during their trip to this little planet."

Root motivations of the people we are involved with, especially in business, become crucially important. Only true compatibility along those lines is going to fly as far as we need to go.

We move into a period of rising tension until the end of February as Jupiter in Aries closes in on its last square to Pluto in Capricorn. Expect some meltdowns and some breakdowns in partnership as the cardinal impetus moves us, no apologies, onto our most vital track forward.

We're starting to move again, picking up speed as Jupiter clears the square (February 25), as we are propelled into Uranus in Aries March 11 and a super-charged Spring Equinox March 20 with the Sun conjunct Uranus at zero Aries. Big changes, big movement coming.

As Uranus ingresses Aries, ends the mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius, and tips the scales toward a stronger Aquarian overlay (flavoured by Aries), there's no more pretending. We're not one big, happy Piscean family, anymore. Though energetically interconnected on this planet, we never really were. Honouring our distinctions, being true to our differences and finding the points (if there are any) where we can be allies as individuals become the keys to our success.

Wednesday's conjunction between Venus and Pluto in Capricorn has been delayed by Venus' retrograde through Scorpio and late Libra (October 8 - November 18, 2010) in much the same way that Ceres' conjunction to fellow dwarf planet Pluto was delayed. Ceres came within one degree of an exact conjunction to Pluto in April 2010 at the Scorpio Full Moon before turning retrograde, gathering necessary strength and inspiration in Sagittarius for its meeting with the Lord of the Underworld October 19. The conjunction of Ceres and Pluto happened during Venus' retrograde through Scorpio, and it strongly colours relationship themes until June of 2012 when we experience the second Venus Transit (basically, an eclipse involving Venus) and a Venus retrograde in Gemini.

We've only just begun feeling the reverberations from this Ceres-Pluto conjunction. Trust me.

And now Venus steels itself for its own conjunction.

Let's just say, the ladies of the zodiac are finding it a wee bit distasteful coming this close to the depth and breadth of corruption and abuse of power Pluto is forcing to collective awareness in the sign of structures. The feminine force is aware of the level of toxicity running through "the way things are" and of the destruction being brought down on life on this planet through it. It's not all that keen on coming into contact with what Pluto is digging up.

But come into full contact and awareness it must, as this is how the feminine (and women) gain the potency, effectiveness, authority and influence to move this shitshow into a better and more sane way of doing things. Push has come to shove. We don't survive if things continue the way they are - definitely not on a soul or spiritual level and probably not even on the physical.

"The relationships we enter into now cannot be entered into lightly. We need people in our lives who can be counted on when the chips are down, in light of the times in which we are living. There will be many decisions about what relationships to enter into, what ones to keep and how to restructure them and what ones are no longer viable moving forward."

As Venus crosses paths with Pluto, we should be closer to settling out in the alchemical relationships, especially business-wise, that will buffer the storms of seven squares between planet of revolution Uranus in Aries and planet of from-the-core transformation Pluto in Capricorn.

But keep tending the connections, keep pruning where they need to be pruned.

Pluto relates to the evolution and transformation of the collective through the soul-driven experiences and work of the individual. Pluto requires that we hit our evolutionary marks during our lifetimes so that, at the end of our lives, we're fully satisfied. Pluto doesn't want anyone regretting that they could have done more, they could have gone deeper, they could have been more effective, catalyzed more change, altered the course more strongly. So it's demanding. It's demanding as all hell.

And it's compelling the feminine to take action - as part of the process of coming to the table as full business partner, full decision maker, full power sharer, full authority figure. The feminine (and women) are working away behind the scenes now, coming together in strategic new formations.

It's all new steps, and we're learning, together, as we go.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Jupiter in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn: Uprisings Are Expected. The Global Governors Are Waiting. Freedom is a Complex Dance.

In the thick of last fall's Venus retrograde in Scorpio, we had a very important conjunction of the North Node, Ceres and Pluto in early Capricorn. This conjunction flew under the radar for many astrologers, but in fact, these two dwarf planets coming together with the North Node was pretty big news.

Ceres and Pluto have a long and hardcore history between them. Pluto kidnapped Ceres' daughter and dragged her off to the Underworld to be his forced bride. Ceres responded by making the Earth barren and cold. And things have been pretty rocky ever since.

Ceres, asteroid of cereals, grains and the fertility of the Earth, coming together with Lord of the Underworld Pluto on the successful forward path (North Node) in October 2010 dug up plenty of information about the way our food sources and the growing of food, in general, are being manipulated. This remains a potent theme for the entire 18-month Venus cycle.

At the root (Pluto), the advance of the corporate oligarchy is coming about to a large extent through the manipulation of our food (Ceres). This relates to the implanting of genetically modified material into our food supplies by massive chemical corporations more at home producing chemical warfare for the military industrial complex than staples for your kitchen. And it also relates to the purposeful inflation of food prices through manufactured shortages and rampant speculation.

Here is the real Plutonic dirt: the exorbitant inflation on food is, in big part, a result of criminally deregulated derivatives markets and the stampeding of capital, beginning in 2008, from the collapsing U.S. mortgage scheme into a generally much more stable arena: food.

From an August article on the subject:

"One of the things coming to light under this transit is how food has become part of the derivatives scheme, creating a massive speculation bubble based on wild gambling on agricultural commodities prices. In 2008, this speculation drove food prices up (wheat by 80 percent, maize by 90 percent, rice by 320 percent) driving 200 million more people into starvation...

A lot of things have been blamed for the rising cost of food - fuel costs, supply problems, overpopulation, cash crops, diverting food crops to create ethanol. These all contribute.

But a major factor, probably the major factor, not often mentioned is the derivatives scheme on food and resulting price jumps. It was really this that spiked prices to the point that 200 million more people could not afford to fill their stomachs. This was the basis for the 2008 food riots in 30 countries. Haiti, Mexico, Egypt, Bangladesh, Mozambique...

When Haitians were eating biscuits made from clay and lard to stop their gnawing hunger, they had these speculators, their clients and the people who allowed (and continue to allow) the deregulation of the financial system to thank...

Once the mortgage scam collapsed, the ticks had to go looking for a new dog. They found one with our food supply. These speculators bet on the price of food rising, and the higher the price of staple goods like wheat, rice, corn, soybeans the bigger the profits for the speculators and their clients...

From an article by Johann Hari "How Goldman Sachs gambled on starving the world's poor - and won":

"Here's how it happened. In 2006, financial speculators like Goldman's pulled out of the collapsing US real estate market, and they were looking for somewhere else to make their stash of cash swell. They started to buy massive amounts of derivatives based on food: they reckoned that food prices would stay steady or rise while the rest of the economy tanked. Suddenly, the world's frightened investors stampeded onto this ground and decided to buy, buy, buy.

So while the supply and demand of food stayed pretty much the same, the supply and demand for contracts based on food massively rose - which meant the all-rolled-into-one price for food on people's plates massively rose. The starvation began.

The food price was now being set by speculation, rather than by real food. The hedge fund manager Michael Masters estimated that even on the regulated exchanges in the US - which take up a small part of the business - 64 percent of all wheat contracts were held by speculators with no interest whatever in real wheat. They owned it solely to inflate the price and sell it on.""

Now, in early 2011, following massive flooding and crop failures in the spring and summer, prices have been pushed even higher than 2008 levels.

The recent uprisings in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt are pretty simple, really: people can't afford to buy food. Or anything else. They're hungry. They're unemployed. They're desperate. They see little future.

It's a common refrain, a pre-planned sociological theme across the globe.

And the people are rightfully fingering corrupt government structures - more corporate interests than representatives of the people.

Jupiter in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn, exact February 25, blazing the same trail Uranus will follow when it enters Aries March 11. At that point, we will have the planet of rebellion, revolution and sudden change (Uranus) locked into a series of seven squares to Pluto in Capricorn (consolidation of power among the corporate-sponsored Global Governors) until 2015.

There's only so much pressure and deprivation that can be tolerated. Those applying the pressure and deprivation know this. It's a matter of survival.

Uprisings of the people are expected. And the Global Governors wait to use them to their advantage.

As the mainstream media-imbibing public looks on, talking about the spread of democracy in Egypt (ha) or humanity standing up and saying no more, we are prescribed the usual solution brought to us by United States fighter planes, helicopters, tanks and artillery.

The Canadian and U.S. middle managers Harper and Obama bleat the same interchangeable words into the cameras. We no longer have even the appearance of two separate countries.

The Global Governors ride the wave of public revolt up to the peak and take their places atop the same corrupt hierarchies with a slightly new cast of characters.

Freedom is what we're here for, it's true. But it isn't happening overnight. We grind it out, wriggling out of the shackles together, step-by-step, each revolt injecting fresh energy, inspiration and movement for the longer-term dynamics of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. We wiggle through the cracks and make them wider.

It's exhausting, devastating to know what is going on, to live accordingly amongst people who go on as if nothing is amiss, who don't really give a good Goddamn unless it directly affects them and their's. They don't see that it already does. That a pre-set history is in danger of repeating. That the last time Uranus in Aries squared Pluto we had the rise of the Third Reich leading into the second World War. That their willful ignorance gives it all a pass.

But we have to stay with it. We have to maintain the Plutonic X-ray vision, make the connections, share them and gain strength from the body of knowledge, from the spirit rising from it. We find our openings within the vise-like Pluto in Capricorn grip - and take them.

And we thank our fellow human beings in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and around the world for doing just that.

We'll be ready when it's our turn.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jupiter is in Aries. You Are Here.

Jupiter entered Aries yesterday morning at 11:11 a.m. CT. Yeah, yeah. 11:11. CENTRAL time only, y'all. So I guess only those of us on Central Time are the Jupiter in Aries chosen ones?

We emerged yesterday from another layer of tail-end Piscean era with the big one yet to come March 11 - Uranus re-entering Aries.

Today, the Moon enters Libra at 5:59 p.m. and makes the very first aspect to Jupiter re-planting its flag in Aries. (Jupiter was in Aries June 5 to September 8, 2010 before retrograding back into Pisces.) This inaugural aspect is an opposition, exact at 6:22 p.m. A fresh new line is drawn. 'You are here.' And where you are has a lot of possibility that was not available - was not ready - when Jupiter was in Pisces.

At the same time, it's challenging as we work the balance between our expanding individuality and emerging personal directions (Jupiter in Aries) and the relationships and relationship dynamics that serve as our emotional anchors (Moon in Libra). Being ourselves 100%, honouring the feisty Aries fire spurring us on while also working together without stepping on anyone's toes. It's a delicate balance.

All morning and afternoon, the Moon is in late Virgo, opposing Uranus in Pisces and conjuncting Juno, just stationed retrograde at 29 Virgo.

Emotionally, we're reconciling the past two years - two quite traumatic years for many - as we see-sawed between disorienting Uranus in Pisces shocks to the collective
system and crushing Saturn in Virgo depression and lethargy during the opposition cycle between those two planets. Now, that is mostly impression, recovering energetically from the aftermath.

As the Moon enters Libra and opposes Jupiter, we can feel that we are on new ground - whatever it will bring.

And yet, it's not all fresh starts and blazing exciting new trails. The Moon continues through Libra into a square with Pluto early tomorrow morning, and we're made aware of the broader Plutonic circumstances uneasily simmering beneath the surface.

For the past two years, we have also experienced the Pluto in Capricorn wrecking ball laying waste to financial and employment structures while consolidating power at the top in fewer and fewer hands.

We are heading to a Jupiter in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn February 25, and our propulsion forward is met with the resistance of behemoth and often traumatic structural change and lock-step movement toward corporate homogenity. Our fresh starts strain at the reins against some heavy and pressurized collective circumstances on this planet.

Nonetheless, daylight has broken here - at least on one layer. And we ready ourselves for motion.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jupiter in Aries Puts the Brakes On and Slides Backward Into a Square With Pluto

The quick burst of fiery forward expansion and movement we experienced as Jupiter and Uranus transited Aries over the past couple months has just come to a creaking halt. Jupiter went retrograde in Aries yesterday morning, joining Uranus, and our earliest of Arien progress is now being fused into place (or discarded if it is not to Pluto's liking) by a square to Pluto in Capricorn tonight at 10:20 p.m. Mountain.

We've reached an initial landing point, anchored a crucial starting place for next spring. The Sun in Aries 2011 is our grandscale birth point - at that time, we've reached daybreak, although we do not yet know what the light of day will reveal.

We're just finishing the planting of the initial seed points for the next five years with a six-week cardinal t-square on the early degrees along with the fifth and final Saturn-Uranus opposition July 26. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that that opposition cycle is completing, but we have to make it a quick one - we're being propelled into new territory on multiple fronts. Things are not as they were, and we're getting an instinctual feel for what that means moving forward.

At the same time, we are gradually moving back over this earliest of new territory and into the swampy, highly karmic morass of tail-end Pisces at the tail-end astrological Piscean era. Believe me. Very few of us are looking forward to this. But re-enter it we must. Because we never really left. There is mucho unfinished business – mostly collective, but also personal – including that little situation going on in the Gulf of Mexico. You might have heard something about it?

The reality of this situation has yet to sink in for many (a big part of which being the manipulation of related information through the media), but Jupiter and Uranus transiting back into the last degrees of Pisces – the last degrees of the astrological zodiac – will be a heavy reminder. Uranus Rx re-enters Pisces August 13 and Jupiter Rx September 8.

We're all antsy for movement, but for those who have not yet been released from the inertia and heaviness of two-and-a-half years of Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces, the traversing of Jupiter and Uranus of late Pisces will be a last drawing on of spiritual guidance. Hitting the final marks that click disparate parts into place and light us up with the full Piscean understanding of the situation of life on this planet. In particular, the connection of states of being and shared suffering around the world.

Once infused with this grand finale Piscean awareness, we are given some time to come to a state of acceptance before being spurred fully into new actions and directions indicated by Jupiter (January 2011) and then Uranus (March 2011) re-entering Aries.

As Jupiter and Uranus move back into late Pisces, keeping an eye firmly on our spiritual reasons for being here during these times, as well as on the impermanence of our trips, can help us find the courage to stay effective in the current moment while elevating us out of the oily, toxic mess threatening to pull us under.

We're in a period of potent and dynamic change and upheaval – indicated astrologically by the cycle of squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (coming to exactness between June 2012 and March 2015). Think late-1920s/1930s vibe – the last time Uranus was in Aries, at that time squaring Pluto in Cancer.

Those who have not adjusted accordingly their actions, goals and personal directions in light of the stark and disturbing information Pluto has been throwing up into collective awareness from Capricorn for the past couple years will have a rough time of these squares. For people still in denial of the collective situation with which we find ourselves confronted on this planet, still attached to a 'business as usual' way of life, these squares will provide wake-up calls, at times unpleasant.

For those who have keyed in to the energy of what is being unearthed by Pluto's transit of Capricorn and have done their best to adjust accordingly, things should have a smoother tenor. As smooth as possible, anyway, which is still not all that smooth, in my estimation.

There is a real soul reckoning afoot. Those complicit within corrupt and murderous structures, those cutting corners, those looking the other way or skimming by while reaping the rewards for doing so are going to be faced with some major decisions about what is truly important to them during their trip to this little planet.

Saturn has just entered Libra (July 21) until October 2012, and our challenges now turn to relationship, social justice and the balanced, working partnership of feminine and masculine. The vehicle for the achievement of our highest potential shifts from self-improvement and mastery (Virgo) to working for balance, harmony and justice through relationship with others (Libra).

With a third and final square to Pluto in Capricorn August 21, the awareness of abusive patriarchal power structures is pushed to the surface, and we have the ability to become conscious of the influence of them in our lives while working to build something more dignified and fair (Libra). This is not going to happen overnight, of course. These are deeply embedded power dynamics that will require a great deal of effort and conscious awareness to shift. But the next two years of Saturn in Libra, followed by a period of mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn until September 2015, will give us a good start.

Saturn is the planet of, among other things, karmic challenges. Pluto is the sign of collective power dynamics and the necessary transformation of those dynamics. The influence of both these bodies indicates that it is some serious and long-standing karmic territory we are now traversing. Only a full commitment to getting down to brass tacks together, in a loving, mutually-supportive way, is going to go deep enough to truly be effective.

The relationships we enter into now cannot be entered into lightly. We need people in our lives who can be counted on when the chips are down, in light of the times in which we are living. There will be many decisions about what relationships to enter into, what ones to keep and how to restructure them and what ones are no longer viable moving forward.

The skills of the Pluto in Libra generation come strongly into play, also, as Saturn begins its transit of Libra and conjuncts the natal Plutos. Their relationship alchemy and understanding of core relationship realities will be necessary, especially within morphing work structures, and this generation comes into positions of leadership beginning now.

Getting down to brass tacks as far as true compatibility – meeting mutual, soul-deep needs – becomes even more important this fall with the Venus retrograde in Scorpio.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Aries: the Fourth Reich is Still Vicious and the New Agers are Still Dumbasses. More Change Required.

Jupiter has just conjuncted Uranus at zero Aries (5:27 a.m. Mountain), and I have to say so far, I'm not that impressed. I know we're in early days yet, but let's take a little look-see at some of the scenarios we've got going, shall we?

We've got a bunch of possibly inhuman, definitely inhumane sociopaths trying to start another World War. (Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn)

The same bunch of sociopaths has now poisoned the entire Gulf of Mexico and is possibly pushing for full-on End Times scenarios by bringing all the world's oceans into the mix. (Chiron in Pisces)

And then we've got the New Agers and the New Age/One World Religion-influenced energetically dry humping this aspect for all its worth, waxing poetic about the mind-blowing consciousness shifts and the new day and the ascension to wherever in Christ it is they think they're going. They haven't learned much from the 1960s - the last time Saturn and Uranus opposed. Same escapist fantasies playing out in just slightly different ways. The war in Afghanistan just usurped Vietnam as the longest-running U.S. war...

This doesn't look all that much like a new day to me. It looks very similar to the last time Uranus rolled around the zodiac to Aries. That was April 1927 to March 1935, coinciding with the birth and rise of the Third Reich, the Aryan Nation and all that fun stuff. And let's recall that Hitler was a big fan of Helena Blavatsky, founder of modern-day New Age, and kept a copy of her book The Secret Doctrine at his bedside. New Age spiritual hierarchy and political hierarchy go hand-in-hand. It's fascism - whether political or spiritual.

The war-and-hatred-mongers of the "Holy" Roman Empire (First Reich) morphed into the World War I German state (Second Reich), the Nazis (Third Reich) and now the NWO-ers (Fourth Reich), moving through time and space in lock-step with hideous organization...

We've got reports out now that the Bush Administration conducted illegal and unethical human experimentation and research on detainees in CIA custody - you know, those people in prolonged detention, now being reinforced by Obama, who may not have even been charged with a crime. I wrote on this blog a while back that we weren't far off Nazi scientific experiments on captive human beings. So I was wrong. We're there.

It has also just been reported that Obama has secretly deployed special forces to 75 countries around the world. This is while he was ordering SWAT teams sent to every offshore oil drilling platform in the Gulf, where many different countries are drilling, including China, as I was told by my Chinese English conversation partner. I'm not thinking that's going to go over so well.

We've also got the stage set for more hostility and ramping up toward Iran, ostensibly over their nuclear facilities, at the G8/G20 Summits coming up June 25-27 in Ontario, Canada.

Overt and strategic acts of aggression on the world stage. Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.

Distasteful, distasteful.

So far, it looks to me like the same tired and cliched bunch of crap we've been dealing with all Piscean era and beyond. Uranus and Jupiter both retrograde back into late Pisces within three months.

There are inspiring signs of life, don't get me wrong. We're making huge progress, and the supposed power held by these forces is much less than the power we hold - but that doesn't help the people, animals and plantlife being hurt and killed in their wake. That is most certainly not illusionary.

I have to say, the lack of holistic spiritual insight and understanding coming from the scientific community (and from the pseudo-spiritual community) these days leaves me grimacing, but if there is one thing Uranus is known for, it's lightning fast change. So fingers crossed that the master Piscean lessons will gain traction just in time. We keep reinforcing them in hopes of that...

But of course, most people let up and look away at exactly the wrong times. Saturn in Virgo is grinding out the details we need to pay attention to. It's demanding correction from us. And instead, you have people floating off into their fuzzy wuzzy crown chakra pink clouds or burying their heads in distraction. Tsk, tsk, says Saturn in late Virgo. Get it together.

Speaking of, I've noticed the New Age beast morphing a little lately with the Aries influence. This morphing is coming about also due to Saturn in Virgo - it only took the New Agers two-and-a-half years to finally figure Virgo out and work it into their schtick.

So the big new trend is "edgy" New Age. "I'm an individualistic rebel" New Age. The new fad: setting yourself up as non-New Age, which is a very common practise - I've written about that before - but specifically as some sort of renegade or edgy truth-teller type who's on the outs with the mainstream New Agers. These people have twigged to the fact that the "love and light, bliss bunny" schpiel is a little played (a lot played). They've figured out that that's not going to do it for anyone with even an ounce of cool, sociological awareness or critical thinking skills, so they're starting to mock that paradigm a little as "soft" - to set themselves up outside it.

They also bring "the shadow" in, to the point that this is a current NA key term. Listen for it. As with everything New Age, they'll glom onto whatever they can to further their underlying agenda and ideology, including the darker, more taboo energies of the zodiac like Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, Eros, Eris, whatever. Of course, it's all superficial, and anyone with keen discernment can pick this out.

When you cut right through all the pseudo-alternative bullshit, it's the same ideology, the same spiritual materialism. They're snapped into the same system of spiritual hierarchy where they're higher up on the manufactured ladder of "superiour spiritual consciousness" and they have to save the poor, ignorant masses by imparting their guru-inspired brilliance. They spout the same idioms - they just sneak them in with a little more panache than your stereotypical traditional New Ager. Like Obama, they've figured out how to manipulate with the egalitarian Aquarian "be your own leader" language.

I've got a couple people who try to post comments on my site who do this. (REJECT!) They try to cosy up to me and mirror the things I'm saying, but then they try to sneak in their little grain of New Age poison.

The most recent one being that I've "given consent" for being poisoned by Cipro and basically that I should just shut my mouth and bliss out about it all.

You know why people have to go through shit like this? Because dumb fucks like you have spent your entire lives abnegating responsibility, keeping your heads buried in the powdery fine Arizona desert sand, blessed by Tibetan monks and pissed on by sacred camels that shit precious gemstones.

You know why life is so hard or so intense for the people who actually care about what happens on this planet and live accordingly? Because you don't. You talk and say nothing. You walk all around the issues that actually matter. You pass the buck. And the buck stops with the people who are sterling-charactered enough that they'll dig in and get the job done, even when you won't look at it.

So don't give me all that "spiritually superiour to the common person" horseshit. Most of them are way up on you without even trying. And most people are faced with rock-and-a-hard-place decisions due to collective circumstances on this planet, so spare me all that free will junk, too.

My critiques here may seem a little acerbic to people who don't work with the energies I do, but believe me - me mouthing off about this, anyone mouthing off about this, is necessary and will stay necessary for the next decade at least.

Uranus in Aries means we all have to be exactly who we are, exerting our identities and shooting from the hip whenever necessary to forge ahead into a real Aquarian paradigm. If we don't break out of the programmed identities and desires, we don't get to any real freedom or peace. We slide backward into more of the same, and I don't have the energy for that game anymore. A lot of us don't.

When we look at the situation with Uranus in Aries this time around, it's different from last time in that the Second World War came after the last Uranus transit of Aries, during Uranus in Taurus.

This time, the warmongers are trying to trigger a war right out of the gate - before we've even fully cleared Pisces. That's interesting. And it seems a little foolhardy and slapdash to me. They've really got to have every last detail, every bit of luck on their side to get this horror show off the ground. Saturn in Virgo doesn't like a rush. It has to do everything just so. And I'm not sure every last i has been dotted and every last t has been crossed.

The pressure from the square to Pluto in Capricorn combined with the timing of the astrological Aquarian era has them rushing, slapping things together that need time to gel and fuse.

So we'll see how this all shakes down.

What we can do is keep going, keep the faith, keep digging, stay aware, keep staring them down. We can keep driving for the alternative with as much vigour as we can muster.

We can stay with God, the loving source, the creator, spirit, the universe, your moral compass, whatever you call it - that's what we can do. And that's enough.