Tuesday, July 20, 2021

COVID-19 Outbreak Reported in 100 Fully-Vaccinated Sailors on NATO's first 5G Aircraft Carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth


Britain's new HMS Queen Elizabeth is the very first 5G (5th generation wireless) NATO aircraft carrier, packed with military communications equipment. The HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently on its first operational deployment, a world tour, and a COVID-19 outbreak has been reported onboard, affecting around 100 sailors. All sailors and crew have had two doses of the Covid shot. 

The flagship aircraft carrier set sail on May 22, 2021, leading six Royal Navy ships, a Royal Navy submarine, a U.S. Navy destroyer, and a frigate from the Netherlands on a seven-month, multi-country show of military might. 

The illness outbreak among sailors onboard was first reported by the BBC on July 14, 2021. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth: Covid outbreak on Navy flagship 

by Jonathan Beale and Hazel Shearing, BBC News

"An outbreak of Covid-19 has been confirmed on the Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The BBC has been told there have been around 100 cases on the aircraft carrier, which is part way through a world tour.

Several other warships in the fleet accompanying it are also affected.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said all crew on the deployment had received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and the outbreak was being managed." 

This raises questions about the possible links among the new 5G wireless infrastructure, increased radiation/frequency exposures onboard, and the outbreak of illness.

Again, the HMS Queen Elizabeth is the first NATO aircraft carrier equipped with 5G (5th generation) wireless, and on its first operational deployment, an outbreak of illness has been reported onboard.

UK takes back global role as HMS Queen Elizabeth deployed 'Back to projecting our power' 

by Tom Hussey, Express

"Defence secretary Ben Wallace told BBC Breakfast this morning that the new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier will project British power to the world. Speaking live from Portsmouth, where the new NATO 5th generation warship will leave for operations next month, he explained how Britain is delivering on defence capability for NATO. The ship will be packed with high-end military equipment and be flanked by an array of ships, submarines and a Royal marines, Dutch and US armed forces presence...

The aircraft carrier, which is NATO’s first 5th generation aircraft carrier, was made in six shipyards across Britain."

We saw one of the first mass outbreaks of illness in early February 2020 onboard a Diamond Princess cruise ship. The Diamond Princess was also newly equipped with 5G wireless.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Today at the Natural Health and Folk Healing Guild at Ruqqus

Since the North Node of the Moon first entered Gemini (communication, media, message boards) in May 2020, I've been a busy little beaver setting up what are (hopefully) independent message board groups at the site Ruqqus. 

Since the biggest psychological operative in human history first began in February/March of 2020, there has been rampant censorship of anyone who goes against the accepted official narrative. There has been a particular push to censor those concerned about the health damage being caused by the 5G wireless rollout and how it might be related to the current illness outbreaks, but the censorship has also been very forceful toward people who oppose or question the "lockdown" measures, forced masking, or the experimental shots, among others.

I did a video in March 2020 about some of the censorship (both establishment censorship and people censoring each other) that you can see here

These message board groups, called guilds at Ruqqus, exist to collect, store, and share information that is not making it onto mainstream media platforms. They also exist as an online haven for people of like mind on these subjects where we can communicate more freely with each other. I've been reporting and updating there near-daily since March 2020.


Stories and information you can find today at the Natural Health and Folk Healing guild at Ruqqus:


U.S. VAERS data on Covid-19 shots up to July 9, 2021 - almost 2,000 new deaths recorded in a two-day period; almost 4,000 additional deaths recorded in a two-week period from June 25 to July 9, 2021 

 - 463,456 adverse events

- 10,991 deaths

- 9,274 disabled

- 8,832 life threatening

- 19,814 severe allergic reaction

- 2,466 myocarditis/pericarditis

- 1,073 miscarriages

These statistics are for the United States alone, and the numbers are climbing dramatically with each update. Official statistics on adverse reactions generally represent between 1% and 13% of real adverse events.  

Timeline: Dr. Charles Hoffe and the Destruction of Lytton, BC

A British Columbia doctor spoke out publicly about the high levels of severe injuries he was seeing in patients to whom he had administered the Covid shots - one in 225 of his patients. Dr. Hoffe was then censured professionally and further threatened in media. His town of Lytton, British Columbia recorded the highest temperatures ever recorded in Canada for three days in a row in late June 2021. An extremely fast-moving fire swept in and destroyed 90 percent of the town in a matter of minutes, also destroying Dr. Hoffe's uninsured medical clinic. This is a timeline of the events with links.


1996 Report Presented to the United States Air Force - "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025"

From the report:

"In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map.

A high-risk, high-reward endeavor, weather-modification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom. While some segments of society will always be reluctant to examine controversial issues such as weather-modification, the tremendous military capabilities that could result from this field are ignored at our own peril. From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary. Some of the potential capabilities a weather-modification system could provide to a war-fighting commander in chief (CINC) are listed in table 1."

This is very pertinent information for this Geoengineered Summer of 2021 with record-breaking, extended heatwaves, droughts, forest fires, deadly flooding, tornadoes, and more. Much of this severe weather is being blamed on the usual suspect - "climate change" - and the narrative is being used to further a program of New Green Fascism under the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals. There is also a 5G tie-in as the technological infrastructure for the creation of globalized weather warfare and SmartWeather (TM).

Thursday, July 8, 2021

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Turquoise and dzi beads (a gift from Nepal) with agate, onyx, and Bali sterling silver


In honour of the sizzling conjunction of Venus and Mars in Leo (exact July 13), I'm holding a 25% off sale at Willow's Web Astrology Etsy Shop.

- jewellery, photography, and punk art 

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Friday, July 2, 2021

The Danger of Reliving the Fall of Atlantis During the Pluto in Aquarius Transit (2023 - 2044)

Nukes on the Moon, 100,000 Satellites Weaponizing Space, and Technocratic Scientific Arrogance Running Amok

As first Saturn, then Jupiter, then Pluto ingress Aquarius between 2020 and 2023, we're experiencing a fairly extreme immersion into the perils and problems of technocratic scientific arrogance. There is an astrologically-timed advancement underway of a technology-dominated version of life on this planet that is entirely to the detriment of most of the biological life here.

I've written about this attempted technocratic takeover in previous articles, including this one: 

Major Aquarius Ingresses 2020 - 2023: Resisting 5G Technology, Energy Weapons, and the Creation of Digitized Dystopian Hell

This is the type of Aquarian Age arrogance that makes billionaire madmen into false Gods, celebrating and hero-worshiping them as they commit unimaginable horrors against life on this planet simply because they have the money, the power, and the public relations team to do it.  

The insanity knows no bounds.

NASA is planning to put a nuclear power plant on the moon by 2026

This should go without saying, but no one has the right to contaminate the Moon, the celestial bodies, or space in general with nuclear waste or any other form of toxic radiation.

I posted that "nuke on the Moon" article on my (anti-nuclear) Fukushima message board at Ruqqus and had to delete it because it was swarmed by pro-nuke Millennials and Gen Z-ers who thought it was an absolutely grand idea. 

The thing that should be realized is that Millennials and Generation Z have been indoctrinated since birth into thinking that nuclear and wireless are "safe, clean, and green" and that they will "save us from climate change." They believe that being chauffeured around in nuclear-powered autonomous electric cars is the answer to our environmental woes. They believe that faster download speeds and refrigerators that tell you when they need refilling are absolute necessities of modern day living, even if it means constant irradiation, monitoring, and surveillance through the 5G grid.

It's terrifically unfortunate that the dangers and horrors of radiation, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste have not been passed down through the generations at a mass level. It's a highly whitewashed, "radiation is (mostly) safe, and nuclear power is our best option" version of reality that is being implanted in young minds these days.

I've heard the same arguments from young nuke-lovers (and young 5G wireless-lovers) again and again on heavy replay. This is a sample.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Refuse to be Cocooned! Moving Out of the Piscean Era Tendency of Giving Till it Hurts

The river looking like an abstract painting 

Photos: Willow 

Does anyone remember the 1985 movie Cocoon where the old people find alien pods in a swimming pool? The pods emit an energy that makes the old people feel like a million bucks. At first, only a few oldsters know about the pods and use the pool on the downlow. They visit once in a while, swim around, feel good, and then go back to their regular lives with renewed energy and vigour, end of story. 

But before long, the other oldsters in the seniors community want to know why those guys are feeling so good. Soon, everyone finds out about the swimming pool full of alien pods, and all hell breaks loose. Hordes of seniors jump in the pool, practically dry humping the pods. They're all having a heck of a time, swimming around, laughing, doing cannon balls, trying to break the pods open to see what's inside. But unknowingly, their antics drain the pods of all their energy, spoiling the fun for both the aliens and themselves. 

(Energy healing + aliens = a strong Pisces-to-Aquarius themed film)

This is why I'm using the phrase "being cocooned" to describe some Old Pisces dynamics. 

"Being cocooned" happens when someone in your vicinity is attracted to your spiritual energy and then tries to get closer and closer to the source of it through you. They might sense in you a calmness, a peaceful groundedness, an inner knowing or strength, and they desire to be in that place, too. To try to get to the source of this and to understand it for themselves, people will create situations where you are in a tight dynamic of energetic interaction with them. 

For example, they might ask you one question after another to keep you talking, putting you under the microscope and examining you in an intense way.

They might lock you into a one-sided conversation where they do almost all the talking, requiring you to listen and process the word-energy they're downloading into you. 

They might delve into their personal problems in inappropriate ways, pushing the emotional energy or trauma of their situations onto you in an attempt for you to process it - or maybe just to relieve themselves of the burden for a few moments. This is the classic over-share, and it can happen even with people you've just met. 

People might find flimsy excuses to come into repeated contact with you.  

Or they might try to set the dynamics up in an attempt to make you feel as if they have something you need. (The opposite of what's really going on.)

People might be curious about the spiritual energy or healing energy they feel coming from you, especially in times of uncertainty or crisis. They might want to know what you know and how you've gotten to that place. They want that spiritual peace and that calm sense of knowing, and these dynamics allow them to take it in as if by osmosis. 

To a small extent, depending on personal tolerance levels, this can be OK. The problem comes when people start dry humping your pod!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Hexagon Astrology Magazine: A Blazing, Shooting Star of an Astrological Publication (2015 - 2016)

Hexagon Astrology Magazine: Smart. Sharp. Subversive. 

Hexagon Astrology Magazine was a blazing, shooting star of a publication that ran for three white-hot issues (Summer 2015, Spring 2016, and Summer 2016). Hexagon burned brilliantly and brightly for a short time and left a lasting impression. I can't even express the Herculean effort that went into this publication by its creator, Editor, and contributing writer Matt Savinar. It was a near-otherwordly feat, and I don't use that phrase lightly. Epic effort by Matt and secondarily, by others who contributed to the making of this magazine. 

Hexagon Astrology Magazine was available by subscription or at Barnes and Noble bookstores across the United States. My copies of Hexagon are among my most cherished possessions!

A lot of the articles I contributed to Hexagon are available (in pre-edited form) on the blog, linked below for your perusal: 

 Hexagon Issue #1 - Summer 2015

Hexagon #1, Summer 2015 - Ladies of the Zodiac...It's Showtime! by Willow

Hexagon #1, Summer 2015 - Sagittarius Season Storytime and Tales from the Fascist Police State by Willow (Updated to "Tales from the Police State" in the magazine.)  

Hexagon #1, Summer 2015 - Saturn in Libra and Beauty at Every Age - AKA Society (Libra) Makes Me Tired (Saturn) by Willow (Updated to "Saturn in Scorpio and Beauty at Any Age" to reflect the Saturn in Scorpio transit at the time of the magazine's publication.) 


Hexagon Issue #2 - Spring 2016

Hexagon #2, Spring 2016 - Saturn in Sagittarius: Freeing Suppressed Truths With Our Blazing Arrows of Righteousness by Willow (This was a patron article, available in full only to patrons or in this issue of Hex Mag!)


 Hexagon Issue #3 - Summer 2016

Hexagon #3, Summer 2016 - Pluto in Capricorn and the Plutonic Sociological Imagination by Willow 

Hexagon #3, Summer 2016 - The Astrology of the Punk Movement (available only in this issue of Hex Mag!)


Hexagon was first published with transiting Mars in Leo and Venus retrograde in Leo. Lots of style, lots of fun and funky expression, and lots of creative mojo. Creative mojo with an edge!

Friday, June 18, 2021

Mars in Leo Forms a Challenging Fixed T-square with Saturn and Uranus: Timeless Love and Beauty Carry Us Through


"Mars in Leo Forms a Challenging Fixed T-square with Saturn and Uranus: Timeless Love and Beauty Carry Us Through" is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.  

Friday, June 11, 2021

Dehydrating Garden Produce to Preserve It

I harvested these berries on June 9, 2021 and dehydrated them in the oven. This was the first time I've dehydrated strawberries, and they turned out nicely.  

The finished product - minus a few that I couldn't help but pop in my mouth, of course! Delicious.

If you're looking for an easy plant to grow, look no further than strawberries. They're a hardy perennial plant, which means that if they like where they're living, they will come back year after year without replanting. The plants also spread out considerably, sending out runners that make new plants at the end of each growing season.

I started out with three or four strawberry plants, and in three years, they have spread out into a very nice bed.

If you don't have actual gardening space, strawberries also do well in containers, so they can be grown on a patio or balcony.  

The strawberry patch:



I dehydrated one full cookie sheet and one small, square baking pan of halved strawberries in the oven. I don't have a dehydrator, but you can obviously also do them in an actual dehydrator.

I washed the berries, hulled them (took off the green tops), and cut them in half.

I lined the cookie sheet and baking pan with parchment paper and dehydrated the halved berries in the oven at 200 degrees. The berries should be placed on the parchment paper cut side up, and there should be a little space around each of the berry pieces. None of the berry pieces should be touching each other. It took about five hours for them all to dehydrate. I flipped the berries over once halfway through. 

I cut my berries in half, but they would dehydrate faster if you cut them into quarters or slices.

The smaller pieces dried faster, and I took them out of the oven at various intervals, leaving the bigger pieces to continue drying.

If you do start this process, make sure you do it on a day when you are going to be home for the duration. You will have to check on the berries at various times. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Conversations About Town During the Dark of the Moon in Gemini

I was running errands this afternoon and noted that we were in the Dark of the Moon in Gemini. The Sun and Moon will come together in a New Moon annular ("ring of fire") solar eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini on June 10 (3:52 a.m. Pacific). This eclipse forms a conjunction to Mercury Rx in Gemini and a square to Neptune in Pisces.
Dark of the Moon periods can be very potent as far as fated events. In the sign of Gemini, this could involve a fated crossing of paths, fated connections, and fated conversations or interactions, particularly involving "dark" subject matter or suppressed or hidden perspectives. In Gemini, these events could be relatively quick and light, occurring as we go about our daily business. The backdrop of the local neighbourhood or local businesses would be fitting. And since we're in the midst of eclipse season, this Dark of the Moon period in Gemini could produce more potent or meaningful contacts than usual. 
This is an illustration of the themes as I experienced them under the Balsamic Moon in Gemini: 
I was the only person in Safeway grocery store without a mask today. A woman (masked) who was in the checkout line ahead of me with her elderly mother (also masked) said, "Good for you!" and tugged at her mask to indicate what she was referring to as she walked out. I laughed and thanked her. (Then I mumbled that it was a medical exemption lest the  masked cashier disapprove of our exchange.) 

As I was sitting at the bus stop (more Gemini) with my groceries, an elderly woman walked up to the bus bench with her own bags. I asked if she minded me sitting beside her (unmasked). She didn't. She asked if I minded if she kept her mask off. I didn't. She said she had been vaccinated and asked if I was going to get it. I said no.

She asked me how it was to go into stores without a mask, whether I had to show documentation of my medical exemption. I told her people don't have to show documentation to prove a medical exemption but that I had some just in case. I said some stores accept the exemptions and others do not (this is actually discrimination). Her son doesn't wear a mask and hasn't been going anywhere because of the mask mandate. (How terrible.) I told her that if he has severe anxiety from wearing a mask, he has a legitimate medical exemption. She said he was not aware of that and that wearing a mask would definitely cause severe anxiety for him. She said she'd pass that information on to him.

After I dropped my groceries off at home, I went to the second hand bookstore. I asked if I could shop with my medical exemption, and the owner said I could. When I was paying for my books, she asked me if I was going to get the shot. I said no. She said she didn't want to get it either but that she'd been getting a lot of flak from her loved ones because of it. Her doctor also told her she should really get it "because she's aboriginal." (???)

She said she didn't realize there were a lot of people who weren't getting the shot. I said there were a lot of us and that only a little over 50% of Americans had gotten it so far. She said she thinks it's a personal choice. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Respectful Rebellion with Saturn Stationing Retrograde in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Saturn's pulling into the station

Photos: Willow


 Saturn Retrograde: May 23 to October 10, 2021 from 13 degrees to 6 degrees Aquarius

Venus Out of Bounds: May 23 to June 18 and October 9 to December 7, 2021

Taskmaster Saturn goes retrograde at 13 degrees Aquarius on May 23 (2:19 a.m. Pacific). As Saturn appears to slow and then stop in the zodiac, the energy and themes of this planet become concentrated and our burdens and responsibilities can feel dreadfully heavy to carry. Saturn can be a real drag, and we can be more highly aware of just how big a drag during stations like this.

At the same time, Saturn stations indicate a point when position, status, and authority can be shored up or cemented into place. If we've been working long and hard for some type of progress in our lives or out in the world, Saturn stations can be times when we see the fruits of our labour. We get a moment to pause, to reflect, to check our status, and this provides a vantage point from which we can view just how far we've come. Events may also be kicked up around the time of Saturn stations to test us on just how well we've learned previous lessons.

In general terms, the transit of Saturn in Aquarius (March 21, 2020 to March 7, 2023) indicates a challenge laid at our feet to build, establish, and reinforce (Saturn) the type of future and the type of communities (Aquarius) we wish to live within. 

Do we wish to live in a human-centred world where we work to meet the real needs of the people, or do we wish to live in an artificial, technology-dominated world where human beings are a commodity to be controlled, data-mined, and exploited? Do we wish to live a natural life, a life as part of nature, or do we wish to live an artificial life of virtual reality? The influence of technology, particularly top-down control (Saturn) through technology (Aquarius), is a major theme for the Saturn in Aquarius transit.

Saturn Rx will now back into a second exact square to Cosmic Agitator Uranus in Taurus (June 14), and as the squeeze of this square aspect intensifies, we're locked into a period of acute structural change. Many things are changing on many fronts, and people could be sort of losing it under this extremely uncertain and hard-to-pin-down energy. The word "unhinged" comes to mind. Things flying loose. Extreme adaptations to changing conditions. Anxieties or dread nipping at us from multiple angles. Difficulty staying grounded or feeling safe in the material world.

We're required to put extra effort into stability, reliability, normalcy, routine, and personal traditions in order to come through this year in good standing, without being emotionally shredded or left in a shambles by the often-harsh energies. 

Both our emotional and physical anchors must be tended, reinforced, and protected throughout the year and particularly around the times when the Saturn-Uranus square is at its tightest.