Monday, June 1, 2020

Pallas Athene's Guidance Along Our Warrior Path

"Pallas Athene's Guidance Along Our Warrior Path" is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.

Friday, May 22, 2020

A Ban 5G Meme Blitz for the New Moon in Gemini

Today's New Moon at 2 degrees Gemini indicates a 28-day lunar cycle with a focus on communication and the circulation of information.

This New Moon officially opens a new navigational focus, as the North Node of the Moon entered Gemini and the South Node of the Moon entered Sagittarius on May 5, where they will remain until January 18, 2022. We're adjusting to new coordinates for our soul-level GPS systems, and this Gemini New Moon indicates that we're launching out on a new track.

With a Gemini North Node, now fully activated by the New Moon, effective communication involves the circulation of "sound byte" information that is quick, light, and easily absorbed.

This is not to say that the subjects we're dealing with are light or easy - far from it in many cases. 

With the South Node of the Moon on the inky-potent 29th or anaretic degree of Sagittarius until July 9, we're drawing on dense, rich, and often complex bodies of knowledge and wisdom, but so as not to become overwhelmed with the weight of it all, we're circulating lighter pieces of information that represent much deeper knowledge or truth.

One of the ways we can do this is with memes. Now, meme culture has certainly dumbed down the discourse in many ways. That can't be denied. Most memes are quite superficial or even straight-up mental garbage. (Astrology memes, I'm looking your way...) We've gotten to the point where fewer and fewer people will look into a subject any deeper than meme level. However, we can also use this meme culture to circulate deeper and more meaningful ideas in the collective discourse.

Winged messenger Mercury is the dispositor of this Gemini New Moon, and it is in very potent position as we enter the lunar cycle. Mercury formed a conjunction to Venus Rx at 20 degrees Gemini early this morning, and both bodies are in exact square aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

The 2-degree Gemini New Moon (exact at 10:39 a.m. today) also fell in a square aspect to Mars in Pisces.

These aspects indicate that "sound bytes" of information, including memes, can have a subtle yet immersive effect in the collective psyche. We can disperse deeper knowledge and more serious information via these light and easy-breezy Gemini channels. In this way, we can get this very serious (I would suggest emergency) situation onto the public radar, hopefully spurring awareness, action, and resistance.

This is a Ban 5G Worldwide Meme Blitz from May 22 to June 20 (Gemini season). If the 5G rollout is an issue that concerns you, please share these memes on your social media, or make and distribute your own.

More memes after the page break...

Monday, May 18, 2020

Channeling Pallas Athene as we Thwart the Advancement of the Technocratic State

As written about in previous articles, the orchestrated pandemic, global authoritarian power grab, and attempted implementation of "medical" martial law around the world have unfolded in lock-step with the astrology. 

For millennia, the powers that be have used astrology to plan and organize their nefarious schemes, and this, perhaps the hugest and most complex nefarious scheme in all of human history, is no exception.

We can see two key periods - March equinox and December solstice 2020 - that indicate major attempted advances of this authoritarian power scheme. I say 'attempted' because that is all it is - attempts by individuals and groups who hold no legitimate authority over us. These are not our leaders - far from it. The power they hold is an illusion, something they try to back up with violence or the threat of violence, coercion, manipulation, poisonings, fakery, tricks, and lies. This is not true power. These people and groups hold no true power over us. 

Awareness of the astrology and the associated themes can assist us in resisting these timed power grabs while retaining our sovereignty, body, mind, and spirit. Once you see through these machinations - the attempts to use astrology and nature's power for evil ends - it all becomes quite pathetic and easily rejected.

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The central aspect that kicked off this worldwide test of the authoritarian power grid was the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn on January 12, 2020 (chart). The Saturn-Pluto conjunction also occurred in close conjunction to Earth Mama Ceres and communication-related Mercury. The conjunction indicated an intensification and consolidation of authoritarian power, but also a grand-scale transformation of power, particularly the vehicles of power.  

Saturn conjunct Pluto - January 12, 2020
Click to enlarge

The Pluto in Capricorn years (2008 – 2023) have coincided with the rise of the corporation as a vehicle for the power elite. In addition, corruption and illegitimacy (Pluto) have been exposed in institutions (Capricorn) of all kinds throughout these years.

Pluto in Aquarius (2023 - 2043) indicates two decades characterized by the rise of technology as a vehicle for the power elite. 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Dark of the Moon Group Meditation or Prayer on May 21 to Stop 5G and Nullify Illegitimate Power on Earth

If you're so inclined, please join me on May 21 for a group meditation or prayer during the Dark of the Moon in Taurus with a focus on removing 5G technology from Earth and nullifying the power of those who are harming us and other living things on this planet. They have no legitimate authority over us. Let's not pretend they do.

We're clearing harmful frequencies and connecting with the natural healing frequencies of our bodies and of Earth. We're connecting to the power of the love we have for life and for living things on this planet. We're receiving protection from harm, and we're asking for protection from harm for other living things. We're connecting to the immense power of the unbreakable, unshakeable resistance. We're asking for the removal of 5G technology and of all harmful technologies on Earth. We're asking for the nullification of violent and illegitimate power in all forms.

We're requesting that elected officials and others in positions of power who are ignoring the mountain of evidence showing 5G dangers be given the full weight of their decisions, that they be required to carry the full burden and the full knowledge of the harm being caused, and the harm that will be caused in future, as a result of their actions or inaction.

We should not carry the burden of that knowledge. They should carry the burden of that knowledge. We're asking that they be made fully aware that they will be held accountable for not using their power to block and stop 5G.

The Dark of the Moon or Balsamic phase is a time for stillness and meditation each month. It's a time for making deep inner connections and realizations. The Dark of the Moon is a time for gathering powerful insights from all that we've experienced during the previous lunar cycle, while intuitively positioning ourselves for the new lunar cycle to come.

The Balsamic Moon will be in fixed earth sign Taurus, a good Moon for connecting deeply to the Earth and to the rhythms of nature.

The Balsamic Moon in Taurus leads into a 2-degree New Moon in Gemini on May 22 (10:39 a.m. PST). This Gemini New Moon is disposited by winged messenger Mercury, which is in very powerful position at the time. Mercury will form a conjunction to Venus (newly retrograde) at 20 degrees Gemini on May 22, the day of the New Moon. Both Mercury and Venus in Gemini will be in exact square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The North Node of the Moon is also newly in Gemini, as of May 5, making Mercury the strongest guiding planet in the zodiac.

This astrology indicates an excellent time for sending spiritual or conscience-based messages out into the "etheric airwaves." We're putting the universe on notice. We will not allow the rollout of this harmful technology. We will not stand by while people are harmed and killed by this technology or any other technology. We will not allow ourselves to be herded into heavily-controlled, heavily-surveilled, and highly-irradiated SmartCities. We will not turn our biology or our energy over to those who wish to make us something other than natural, biological human beings. We are sending powerful waves of resistance out into the ethers that will counteract the harmful microwaves and millimetre waves with which we are being bombarded. We connect with the vast power and support of our lineage - the long lineage of resistance to illegitimate and violent power on Earth.

Please lend your power, your energy, your spirit, your conscience, and your ingenuity to the battle to stop 5G technology and all that is connected to it.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

My Most Pilfered and Ripped-Off Article of All Time From 2009! The Vilification of Virgoan Analysis and Scorpionic Intuition Within the New Age Meme Complex

Copyright © 2008-2020 Willow's Web Astrology. 

What follows is a re-post of an article I wrote and published in June 2009 that has the dubious honour of being the most pilfered and ripped-off article I've ever written! It comes from a series of articles I did on deconstructing the New Age meme complex. These are a couple others from the same time period in 2009:

From April 21, 2009: Saturn in Virgo Calls Bullshit on The Secret/Law of Attraction Phenomenon

From May 29, 2009: New Age Solipsism 

You can see all Willow's Web Astrology articles on Deconstructing the New Age Meme Complex here.

Also see Dark Moon Podcast #3 - Deconstructing the Cult Mind and Pyramid Scheme Power

I've seen the article I'm re-posting here regurgitated and passed off by unscrupulous individuals more than once now. Beware the New Agers who try to pass themselves off as New Age critics. (Their softball attempts at reforming a poisonous mind and spiritual control mechanism, all while regurgitating New Age 101 ideology, certainly give them away.) The most recent time I saw the article regurgitated was by a fan of Hitler. It's funny this person is against New Age, since Hitler was a big fan of it. Spiritual supremacy and racial supremacy are one and the same.

Because I don't have a smoking gun (unlike other times I've been plagiarized like this and this), I can't name these people, but lets just say they're shameless in ripping off other people's work and passing it off as their own. Even more repugnant to me is the fact that I do not support or agree with the ideas spewing from any of the sources that have used my work without permission or attribution.

There are a lot of snaky fucks out there. That might be the biggest understatement you've ever read. To help expose them, I follow this New Age deconstruction article with a more recent article on how to spot controlled opposition. That article will quite likely be co-opted by controlled opposition dipshits, as well, but I hope people with good character can use it to nullify the power and influence of these unethical individuals and groups, with which the current intellectual, spiritual, and political spheres are, unfortunately, rife. 

An original Willow's Web Astrology article from June 1, 2009, The Vilification of Virgoan Analysis and Scorpionic Intuition Within the New Age Meme Complex

"Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense."

- From 1984 by George Orwell

The last post on New Age solipsism got me thinking about how important both Virgoan analysis and Scorpionic intuition are, especially these days, in determining real from fake. It also got me thinking about how both those things are vilified in much of the New Age ideology of the day.

The manipulation of the people has very much gone to the embedded stage. The trick of the day is to mix a grain of truth with a little trend-a-licious language and imagery along with a whole lot of garbage designed to achieve certain hidden, control-based motives - and hope people swallow it whole.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Mercury in Aries Square Stationing Pluto in Capricorn: Information Warfare, Weaponized Propaganda, and Government Mind-Scanning for "Subversive Thoughts"

Have you fallen prey to such dangerous ideas as:


The global authoritarian power regime is anti-human and anti-life? 

You are a free and sovereign human being who can make your own choices in life?


People have the right to refuse vaccinations and medical treatments or procedures?


People have the right to go outside and the right to work without being fined or imprisoned? 


People have the right to question official narratives and seek out independent information sources?


Intense electromagnetic radiation and millimetre waves like those used in directed-energy weapons for military crowd control are not safe for the public to be exposed to, especially on a continual basis?

If any or all of these dangerous ideas have infiltrated your mind, you may have been exposed to "subversive ideologies" that require counter-messaging from your government!


"DARPA Wants to Master the Art of Propaganda," by Dawn Lim:


[DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for developing emerging technologies for use by military. Since this article was released in 2011 and the government's technological capabilities are always far beyond what is acknowledged to the public, it's likely that these technologies and many more are already being used.] 

"The program is called "Narrative Networks." By understanding how stories have shaped your mind, the Pentagon hopes to sniff out who has fallen prey to dangerous ideas...With this knowledge, the military can also target groups vulnerable to terrorists' recruiting tactics with its own counter-messaging...

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dark Moon Podcast #5 from May 2019 - Highly Prescient in Light of Current Circumstances

This is a re-post of a podcast Yerevan and I did in May 2019. It was first published on YouTube on May 20, 2019. In light of the intense censorship going on on all major social media platforms, I made a back-up at Bitchute.

At the time that we did the podcast, wounded healer Chiron was in early Aries, just as it is now. Saturn and Pluto were in close applying conjunction in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto formed their exact conjunction in January 2020, just as the orchestrated excrement began to hit the fan.

Health-based rights, body autonomy, and the infringement on those things by authoritarian institutions were strong themes then, just as they are now. I know we're intuitive astrologers and all, but this podcast was even more prescient than we could have imagined.  

You can find Yerevan at her site, Readings by Yerevan.

Find more Dark Moon podcasts at the Dark Moon Podcast YouTube channel or at the Willow's Web Astrology Bitchute channel

Dark Moon Podcast #5 - Forced Vaccine Agenda

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Venus Retrograde in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces: Navigating the Worldwide Lockdown on Information and Perspectives that Do Not Support the Official Line

"Venus Retrograde in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces: Navigating the Worldwide Lockdown on Information and Perspectives that Do Not Support the Official Line" is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons

Monday, April 13, 2020

A New 'Ban 5G Worldwide!' Group at MeWe and a Sample Letter to Send to Your Mayor and Town/City Councilors

 Thank-you to artist Valerie Jacquemet for the use of this graphic.
You can print this graphic to make posters for community bulletin boards in your town or city.
You can find more signs here. With these, you have to click 'shrink to fit' in your print settings to get them to print on standard-sized paper

I've been working very intensely on Stop 5G efforts for the past six weeks. There are many Stop 5G groups on Facebook from around the world, but Facebook is certainly not the safest place for those types of efforts. After Facebook unceremoniously deleted the Stop 5G UK group, which had 67,000 members, I decided it was time to jump ship. This is a new (and much more private) MeWe group I've set up for actions and information-sharing: 

Ban 5G Worldwide! Action Group at MeWe

This is the group description. Please join if you are interested and in alignment with these efforts:

"This is an independent organizing and information-sharing group with the purpose of banning 5G "super-speed" wireless technology worldwide and reversing its rollout in areas where it already exists. We are also working to make current technologies much safer, reducing electromagnetic exposures as much as possible.

Thousands of independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies exist that show health damage from electromagnetic field exposure, including non-ionizing radiation. The frequency of 5G is many times stronger than current 4G technology (which itself has been proven harmful), and many more 5G towers would be required for this technology - one tower for every few houses! Each of these towers would emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Over 50,000 satellites would also be beaming dangerous 5G frequency down on us from space.

5G technology uses millimetre waves similar to those used in directed-energy weapons called Active Denial Systems in the U.S. and Israeli military. Active Denial Systems are also called "heat rays." They irradiate people and heat the water in the body to an intolerable point, creating the sensation of burning skin. These energy weapons are often used in crowd control.

Because of all this, we do not need more testing to prove the harmful nature of 5G technology. We need to ban 5G while also making the current technologies much safer. 

5G is extremely dangerous to the health of humans, animals, and plants. 

We must resist the creation of hyper-controlled, hyper-surveilled, 5G-driven "SmartCities."

There will be zero tolerance for pro-5G commentary or for controlled opposition in this group." 

There is also a collection of resources showing the dangers of 5G at a message board I set up at Ruqqus: Stop 5G Global Ruqqus guild

I will warn people ahead of time that this group has attracted a number of trolls. I'm removing them and banning them from the group, but it's hard to say how much use this site will be overall. At this point, the guild exists mainly as a collection of resources and links for people to refer to.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mercury Wraps up its (Insanely Long) Transit of Pisces With Many Informational Threads Coming Together

With Mercury in latest Pisces, many threads I've been covering on the blog during this oh-so-long transit are coming together into a coherent scheme. Mercury first entered Pisces way back on February 3, and it feels as if we've lived through an entire year since then.

YouTube has just banned all videos linking the rollout of 5G with the orchestrated pandemic.

(Good thing I made a back-up of Dark Moon Podcast #6 on Bitchute.)

This crackdown on information being shared through social media follows the Event 201 pandemic drill protocols, outlined in this video by Spiro Skouras, that I wrote about in the February 27, 2020 article, "Coronavirus: Neutralizing the 'Terror of Contagion' with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces."

From the article:

"About six weeks before the first reported cases of coronavirus illness, on October 18, 2019, a "global pandemic drill" called Event 201 was held in New York City that was hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (The involvement of ole Bill & Mel should perk up the ears of anyone with even a single conspiracy research bone in the body...) This event brought officials together to play-act a scenario where a pandemic [caused by a novel coronavirus] was unfolding around the world, and the simulation included uber creepy simulated news reports. Members of both the Chinese and United States Centers for Disease Control were involved in the simulation...

In the Event 201 drill, criticism was floated about "misinformation and disinformation" around the virus, including "conspiracy theories" on the internet, which were said to be decreasing public compliance with official bodies. Proposed actions included censoring websites and social media, whole-scale internet shutdowns, and arrests. 
The vaccine truth movement was brought up as a specific target, with a stated desire to "increase trust" in pharmaceuticals companies and government. (Good luck with that.) There was a strong focus on dominating and controlling the public discourse through a centralized body, in this case through the World Health Organization under the United Nations." 

We can see quite clearly (as clearly as possible with Mercury in late Pisces, anyway) how these Event 201 pandemic drill policies are now being rolled out in real life.

YouTube spokesperson: "Now any content that disputes the existence or transmission of Covid-19, as described by the WHO [World Health Organization] and local health authorities, is in violation of YouTube policies.

This includes conspiracy theories which claim that the symptoms are caused by 5G. "