Friday, March 27, 2020

Mercury in Pisces Leaves the Retrograde Shadow: Guard Your Mind and Your Psychic Space Carefully

Communication and intelligence planet Mercury is just about to leave the retrograde shadow (13 degrees Pisces) on March 30, and as it does, we move out of the longest-feeling (and most surreal) Mercury retrograde process I've ever experienced in my time on Earth. I'm sure most people feel the same way about it.

Mercury is still in the sign of its detriment, mentally and psychically-permeable Pisces, until it enters Aries on April 10. 

Continue to guard your mind and your psychic space carefully. Shut off the information flow when it becomes overwhelming or detrimental to your mental or emotional health. (Better yet - avoid mainstream media entirely.) Look for alternative sources of information that do not leave you with feelings of anxiety, dread, panic, or terror.

Understand that transiting Mercury in Pisces can indicate an overly-impressionable or overly-influenced mind. There is extra sensitivity to words, information, and media now. This effect is intensified as Mercury closes in on a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, exact April 3.

Panic and terror do not serve us. Feeding into mass hysteria or eroding levels of worry do not benefit us. Take good care of your mind and your psychic space, and filter accordingly.

 YouTube Video: Censored Twice Already in 2020 - But I Think I Found an Alternative


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Monday, March 23, 2020

From the Vault: A Re-Post of 'Anger As a Guiding Force' for the New Moon in Aries Conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lilith

We wake tomorrow into a New Moon in Aries that marks a powerful impetus to action. 

We're required to follow our instincts very closely during the following lunar cycle (until April 22) and to check in with our emotional impulses and reactions regularly. We're being asked to use our anger (and the anger of others) as a guiding force, harnessing its raw power for productive and constructive ends.

Even in this time of increasing authoritarian control over our daily lives, there are actions we can take, and indeed, every independent action matters, now more than ever.

The New Moon occurs at 4 degrees Aries early tomorrow morning (1:28 a.m. PDT) at apogee, meaning it is the furthest the Moon can get in its orbit around the Earth. The lunar apogee is symbolized astrologically by Black Moon Lilith. In addition to being conjunct Black Moon Lilith, the New Moon occurs in an exact conjunction to wounded healer Chiron. The presence of both Black Moon Lilith and Chiron in Aries indicates emotional volatility and a certain "edge" to things. 

We're drawing on ancient suppression, ancient frustration, and ancient anger as this lunar cycle unfolds. This is bigger than just us (isn't it always?). This involves historical mistreatment by the violent and authoritarian power structures of this planet - the stepping on human rights, on the human spirit, on the right to live life unharassed and unmanipulated - and the anger from this historical mistreatment is being drawn into our courses of action this lunar month.

The emotion is very raw and very potent. If not channeled productively, it could become destructive, dangerous, toxic.

This is very intricate work, addressing historical sore spots in ourselves and others and doing it with the nuance and precision required, turning this anger, this raw and historical rage coming from every face that has ever felt the boot of tyranny and oppression on this planet, into useful fuel, into energy, action, and inspired movement.

Maintaining physical activity and movement is very important this month, even as these things are harshly constricted and controlled.  

Black Moon Lilith is the wild and raw feminine force that has been suppressed, pinned down, ignored, downplayed, used, abused, spit at. We're drawing from some very deep zones in our emotional landscapes this lunar month, and these areas are refusing to be pushed down, shut up, or controlled any longer. We're standing up and making ourselves count, making ourselves known, in areas where we have been stepped on or discounted previously. Our experiences matter. We matter. And the actions we take now matter, too.

We're standing up for ourselves and for our rights as natural and sovereign human beings this lunar month. As we stand up for ourselves, we stand up for all those who never got that chance - or who do not have that chance now. We reach back into our lineages, both physical and spiritual, and we take action in our own lives that was inaccessible to so many generations prior. We do the things they wish they had had the opportunity to do, and we do it with their backing.    

Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Use of Astrological Timing and Symbolism by the Power Establishment: Orchestrated Attacks around March Equinox

I've been writing for many years about the use of astrology by the power establishment in the planning and timing of orchestrated events. Numerology is also often used, and certain dates of the year are chosen for their potency and symbolism. 

September 11 is a date that we can see has been used in this way:

- September 11, 1973: U.S.-installed murderous dictator Augusto Pinochet is sworn in in Chile after Salvador Allende is assassinated
- September 11, 1990: George Bush Sr. announces the New World Order in a speech to U.S. Congress
- September 11, 2001: World Trade Centers and Building 7 collapse; destruction at the Pentagon

We can also see geo-engineered disasters being timed to certain dates and to certain astrological events: 

It's All Just a Little Bit of (Hurricane) History Repeating - August 24 St. Bartholomew's Day 

Hurricane Harvey, the Total Solar Eclipse, and this Era of Unnatural Disaster

The period on or around March equinox is another commonly used time for events to be rolled out, particularly war attacks, both overt and covert. In Western tropical astrology, the Sun enters Aries at March equinox. Aries is the sign of the warrior and the soldier, ruled by war planet Mars. It is the first sign of the zodiac, an initiatory cardinal sign, and the Sun's ingress of Aries is often chosen as a time to "pounce" with orchestrated events or agendas.

March 11 and March 19/20 are commonly used dates, particularly when Uranus is moving into a new sign or is newly in a sign.

You can read more on the subject here: Uranus ingresses around March equinox and timed war attacks

Recent attacks by the power establishment around March equinox have involved strong Uranus-related symbolism with elements of covert nuclear warfare as well as attacks with covert energy weaponry (5G). Uranus is related to uranium, energy, electrical current, shocks, and unexpected events, among other things.

March 2003 (Uranus ingress of Pisces)

invasion of Iraq 
(air invasion began March 19; ground invasion began March 20)

- overt war attack combined with covert nuclear warfare via depleted uranium munitions dust

March 2011 (Uranus ingress of Aries)

bombing of Libya and Fukushima nuclear disaster 
(Fukushima began on March 11; bombing of Libya began March 19)

- overt war attack combined with covert nuclear warfare involving massive releases of radioactive isotopes and radioactive particles, ongoing to this day

March 2020 (Saturn ingress of Aquarius with dispositor Uranus in early Taurus)

orchestrated pandemic, "medical" martial law, 5G roll-out, stock market turbulence, threat of food and resource shortages, threat of forced vaccination, mass destruction of businesses and livelihoods
(The World Health Organization declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020 - the very same day the Fukushima nuclear disaster began in 2011.)

- covert energy weaponry in the form of immune system-suppressing and de-oxygenating 5G wireless technology

To be honest, I was expecting the big event to come last year, in March 2019, as Uranus re-entered Taurus.

In March 2003, Uranus moved into Pisces. 

In March 2011, Uranus moved into Aries. 

In March 2019, Uranus moved into Taurus. 

It would follow the pattern. 

Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, however, and the big event (orchestrated pandemic and "medical" martial law) is being rolled out around March equinox 2020 as Saturn enters Aquarius. (The World Health Organization first declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, the same day the Fukushima nuclear disaster began in 2011.) 

The global, authoritarian lockdown follows the historic conjunction of Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn in January 2020. As Saturn entered Aquarius at March equinox, it was still within range of this conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. 

Uranus in Taurus acts as the dispositor of (key influence over) Saturn in Aquarius, so Uranus is a very strong influence over the proceedings.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturn enters Aquarius: Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection and Frequency Healing

Saturn enters earliest Aquarius this evening (5:58 p.m. PDT) for an initial stint that lasts until July 1. Saturn will station retrograde at 1 degree Aquarius on May 10, re-entering Capricorn on July 1. It will not leave Aquarius altogether until March 7, 2023, just before Pluto enters the sign on March 23, 2023.

I've written about the major Aquarius ingresses from 2020 to 2023, including some of the more nefarious ways these ingresses and transits are being used by the power establishment. We need this knowledge, as harsh as it may be, in order to understand what we're dealing with, including how we're being manipulated and socially-engineered in ways that do not serve our best interests.

Of course, there are much more beneficial expressions of each of the planets and zodiac signs, as well, and these beneficial expressions can counter-act the manipulative or nefarious uses of the energies. 

The more beneficial, sane, and humane version of the Aquarian era future involves the use of frequency for healing and protection. As the cosmic father figure, Saturn, sets up shop in Aquarius, it has some good, solid, paternal advice for us: protect yourselves from harmful frequencies while simultaneously creating good, healing frequencies.

In light of the themes, I'd like to share some information I've compiled on EMF protection and frequency healing. EMF protection combined with the creation of healing and balancing frequencies are, of course, more important now than ever as dangerous and deadly 5G "super-speed" wireless continues to be rolled out, amidst huge public opposition, all over the world. 

I recently purchased some EMF protection from a site called Iyashi Source. It comes in the form of a carbon-based mineral called Shieldite that absorbs electromagnetic radiation we're exposed to through things like wireless internet, cell phones, cell towers, power lines, and smart meters. I bought a pyramid-shaped block for my home and also a pendant to wear in public and when I'm working at the computer.

I also purchased an Iyashi zero point wand at the same time. From what I understand, this wand is basically concentrated crystal/frequency healing. It is said to align the body's frequencies in a way that aids and speeds healing, and it is also said to help repair some of the damage done to the body by EMFs (though, it will not protect from EMFs - that's the Shieldite). 

(Yeah, I know. A magic healing wand! Woo-woo! You can also call it a pen, if you like, because it looks a lot like a pen.) 

Iyashi Source EMF protection and frequency healing

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

New Moon in Aries at Apogee Conjunct Chiron: Resisting "Medical" Martial Law, the Surreptitious 5G Roll-out, and the Expansion of Authoritarian Control in Our Daily Lives

March equinox 2020 is a pivotal point in time when we can either allow and accept the expansion of authoritarian control in our daily lives or we can push back and reject it in ways that will disrupt the advancement of the control-based frameworks. 

There are several key points throughout 2020 that must be met with awareness of these control-based machinations and manipulations, and the period around equinox (March 19) and the New Moon in Aries (March 24) is one of these. 

March equinox 2020 has some particularly powerful "launch point" energies, and the things set in motion now, following into the spring season, could have very long-term ramifications, for good or ill.

March equinox is a time when the power establishment often launches war-based attacks, either overt or covert, and we are most certainly under attack as the daylight hours and nighttime hours move into perfect balance.

5G Towers Are Being Surreptitiously Installed in U.S. Schools During the Forced Shutdowns

One of the most pressing situations underway is the surreptitious roll-out of deadly 5G technology as the public is kept terrorized and distracted by an orchestrated pandemic. A recent video produced by LogicBeforeAuthority (linked above) has exposed the fact that 5G towers are being installed in U.S. schools during the forced shutdowns. The companies installing the towers are being instructed to call themselves "disinfecting companies" that are there to clean the (closed) schools so as to fly below the radar and avoid public dissent. These companies are being required to sign non-disclosure agreements. The installation of 5G is going on at closed schools across the United States at this very moment, unrolling like a perfectly executed, perfectly coordinated military manoeuvre.

As this is a lock-step global roll-out of not only 5G technology but of the famed "New World Order" control grid, the installation of these energy weapons is going on now and will continue going on in the future in locations world-wide. 

I wrote about this in the March 14, 2020 article, "Major Aquarius Ingresses 2020 - 2023: Resisting 5G Technology, Energy Weapons, and the Creation of Digitized Dystopian Hell." 

Another psychological operative and machination of mass diversion going on at the moment are continued information drops from the President of the United States and from a supposed inner circle insider known as Q Anon as they convince people that accepting medical martial law is "all part of the grand plan" in removing the bad guys and gals from power. Both the President and Q Anon are controlled opposition. They are providing what are referred to as limited hangouts, pieces of insider information that convince people (wrongly) that these agents are part of the "good side" and that they are doing everything they can to expose and eliminate corruption. 

If that is actually the case, why is the 5G roll-out continuing unabated? In fact, why are forced shutdowns and medical martial law being used to surreptitiously install the 5G towers at U.S. schools with as little public dissent as possible? Why is Fukushima fallout not getting even a mention as we mark the nine year anniversary with announcements that more than a million tons of radioactively-contaminated water will be released directly into the Pacific? Why is the corrupt, Zionist-owned banking system continuing unabated? Why are unregulated stock market derivatives schemes continuing to cause economic crisis and lack for millions of people? Why is an ex-member of Goldman Sachs still in charge of the U.S. Treasury? Why is most of the hierarchical pyramid scheme of criminal power continuing to operate untouched? Why are many of the real power players (particularly of Jesuit and Zionist background) not being exposed and arrested? 

The current smokescreen being used is the "takedown of pedophiles in high places." This is being used to divert attention from the roll-out of 5G technology and the cementing of the authoritarian and psychopathic New World Order as it takes new levels of control over our daily lives.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Major Aquarius Ingresses 2020 - 2023: Resisting 5G Technology, Energy Weapons, and the Creation of Digitized Dystopian Hell

We're currently experiencing an orchestrated global pandemic that was designed, in part, to test the control grid of the power establishment. This is a drill. It's a test. It began in earnest as Saturn and Pluto formed a conjunction in Capricorn (exact January 12, 2020 at 22 degrees) to kick off the new year and the new decade. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is a symbol related to locked-down hierarchical control, particularly involving infrastructures, institutions, corporations, and finance. 

The power establishment is making sure it has the control-based infrastructure in place and that it's all working smoothly, in lock-step. They're monitoring "compliance levels" in the public and within public agencies while keeping those pesky non-compliants under close observation. They're shoring things up and working to stop any dissenting leaks, particularly information-based leaks.

The power establishment, through centralized Global Government bodies like the United Nations and the World Health Organization, is sending top-down directives to media outlets, institutions, and organizations throughout the world, reaching into our daily lives in unprecedented ways. 

They're flexing. They're disrupting our daily lives, not to mention the mental and emotional health of many of the poor people who are buying into it. They're attempting to show us who's in control, who's boss. (Though they actually never will be in charge, no matter how much Earthy control they appear to have...) They're restricting our movements and exerting control over our daily lives to an unprecedented degree, and this is going on world-wide, in lock-step. 

They don't call it the Global Government for nothing...

I wrote more about the subject in this February 27 article, particularly regarding the "terror of contagion" being created and the necessity to neutralize it.

The panic, terror, and mayhem being generated in the public by the absolute saturation of mass media with this subject have risen to epic peaks during a Mercury retrograde and transit through Pisces and late Aquarius. Mercury has now stationed direct (March 9) and will re-enter Pisces tomorrow night (11:42 p.m. PDT). The panic agenda enters a new phase...

Mercury is the planet related to the media, information, and the mind, and we can quite clearly see elements of contagion, dispersion, illusion, and confusion associated with the sign of Pisces. What is not so clear, what is being intentionally obscured, is the element of technology, as well as the shift into a future where people are being controlled and harmed through technology (Aquarius). 

The roll-out of 5G "super-speed" wireless occurred in Wuhan, China, in October 2019. 5G has also been rolled out in viral hotspot countries South Korea, Italy, Australia, and the United States. 5G was even being used aboard those Princess Cruiseline ships. 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mercury Creaks Forward in Late Aquarius

Communication and intelligence planet Mercury is just starting to creak forward, coming out of a powerful direct station at 28 degrees Aquarius on March 9. This indicates that information flow is slowly starting to move forward again. Our minds are a bit over-taxed at the moment, struggling to focus on what's ahead - or even on the task right in front of us. A mental/informational review process is now over, and we're starting to apply the information and perspective we've gathered as we look to the future (Aquarius).

A few interesting things were happening astrologically around this Mercury direct station:

The Sun formed a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces (18 degrees) on March 8, indicating the presence of an unseen hand directing the proceedings, as well as a focus on "the invisible" or on people or subjects being intentionally kept invisible. (Contagion and permeation are also Pisces themes, and we have certainly had an extensive collective focus on those things recently...)

Venus (relationships, society, arts) formed a conjunction to Uranus (community, radical, status quo-shaker) at 4 degrees Taurus, also on March 8, indicating a bit of a creative or social shake-up related to differing values (Taurus). (Not to mention money market turbulence as a result of you know what.)

We also experienced a Virgo Full Moon on March 9 (19 degrees), opposite the Sun, Neptune, and Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. The opposition to Black Moon Lilith (the point of lunar apogee) meant that this Full Moon was at perigee - the closest it comes to Earth in its orbit. That made the Full Moon appear larger and even more beautiful than usual. This, combined with an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, meant that Full Moon emotions and sensitivities were running particularly high.

(Yes, the term SuperMoon has caught on for a Full Moon at perigee, but I find that term a little gimmicky.)

The dispositor of the Virgo Full Moon was Mercury, stationing direct on that same day, March 9, in late Aquarius, and this made communications and connections around that time particularly potent. I talked about that in the February 12 article, "Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: Mental Spaciness and Chaos Firmly Anchored By Some Earthy Assistance."

As all this was unfolding astrologically, I was censored at one message board site on a subject that is being intentionally kept invisible (dangers of Fukushima fallout), attempted to expose that censorship, was banned, found an anti-censorship alternative, and set up shop there. I'm surprised there wasn't smoke coming off my keyboard during those few days, to be honest!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

So You're Woke AF? How Much Do You Know About the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster?

So the young folk are woke af these days, eh?

Why am I not seeing the self-declared awakened brethren talking about the cover-up of the Fukushima nuclear disaster? 

Why am I not seeing the invisible and insidious poisoning of our air, water, food, and soil with radioactive fallout hitting the list of Pet "Woke AF" Issues?

How much do the younger gens really know about the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster and resulting collapse of the Pacific Ocean ecosystem? Not much?

Well, they shouldn't feel too bad. That's exactly how the powers-that-be want it. That's exactly how its been orchestrated. A worldwide media blackout combined with nuclear shills and establishment scientists held up as "experts" whenever it does happen to be covered has proven very effective. 

Now nine years in, the issue is almost entirely buried under a mountain of constantly-churning, constantly-updating information and memes and social media chatter, "woke af" as it may (or may not) be.

Using the passing of time to bury history is a trademark tactic of the power establishment. Suppress it, lie about it, and distract from it long enough, and it completely disappears from the radar screens of the upcoming generations. It's as if it never happened. 

The people who do know about it grow fatigued from bringing the very heavy issues to the surface again and again with little traction or assistance (more often, attacks and resistance). So life moves onward. Other things require time and attention. And it starts to drop.

The truth of it doesn't change. The threat of it and the need for protections don't go away. It's just that it becomes too taxing to keep it publicly exposed in an ongoing way.

In previous generations, this burying of history took longer to occur. The full turning over of the soil might have taken 50 years, even 100. 

Today, in these constantly-updating, constantly-stimulated digitized times, it takes maybe 10 or 15 years for something to be wiped from the public radar screen. In 10 or 15 years, it's considered "ancient history" to the youthful masses, nothing they need worry about in the Ever-Buzzing Now.

Friday, March 6, 2020

The Best Decisions for Us are Made Directly by Us: Neutralizing the ‘Fear and Uncertainty’ Factories to Make Our Own Bold Moves at March Equinox and Beyond

"The Best Decisions for Us are Made Directly by Us: Neutralizing the ‘Fear and Uncertainty’ Factories to Make Our Own Bold Moves at March Equinox and Beyond" is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

WWA Zines Now Available Through The Tower Zine Distro in Hamilton, Ontario


I'm happy to report that my seven zine titles are now being distributed through the Semo Distro at The Tower anarchist social space in Hamilton, Ontario.


The Tower is a radical social space for events, socializing, organizing, and political conversations. They also have a radical library and the Semo Distro, which distributes zines.


Thanks to The Tower for distributing my zines!


WWA Zine Titles:


- Mercury-Black Moon Lilith Contacts, Censorship, and Reporting from the Fringes


- Dystopian Flames: the True Cost of Oil Production on the Canadian Prairies


- Nightmarish Tales of the Pharmaceutical Industry's Crimes Against Humanity - Volumes 1 & 2


 - Deconstructing New Age: the New Age Movement as a Spiritual Control Mechanism


- The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Ongoing Collapse of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem


- Stop Genetically Modified Alfalfa! 


  WWA zines are also available at:


- University of Victoria zine collection in Victoria, British Columbia

- Mount Royal University zine collection in Calgary, Alberta (Dystopian Flames zine only)

- Willow's Web Astrology Etsy shop



With Mercury currently retrograde in late Aquarius (turning direct at 28 degrees on March 9), I'm reminded of one of my favourite zine-related stories of all time which involved the travels of a roving contributor and reader as he surreptitiously distributed my Stop GM Alfalfa zine on a work-related road trip in the southern U.S.