Friday, April 25, 2014

Suicide Prevention Post: You are Loved & You Are Needed. Stay Here With Me.

Photos: Willow

We are in the thick of the Pluto (corruption/death) in Capricorn (business/hierarchy) years, and people are being placed under layers and layers of manufactured stress. These manufactured stresses often stem from corrupt institutions that are being accepted by people as normal, sane, and legitimate.

These corrupt institutions include the money system and stock markets, as well as business and governmental models.

People feel forced to play roles and to keep up in structures that are increasingly insane, inhumane, illegitimate, violent, deadly, and devoid of soul.

People are being ruled through fear, coercion, and artificially-stimulated adrenaline - a very weak foundation, indeed, which works to break people down over the course of time.

Many are unaware of the extreme emotional and psychological violence being perpetuated by these institutions and blame themselves solely for the troubles they are encountering.

All this can break the human psyche down pretty quickly. In fact, the manufactured pressures are designed to do just that.

In an attempt to cope, people are taking pharmaceuticals for which suicidal thoughts or actions are known side effects.

There is also a covert use of energy weapons and electromagnetic frequencies underway that is creating suicidal thinking and actions in people.

If you are feeling suicidal or are having suicidal thoughts, please know that you are not alone in what you are experiencing. It is a widespread phenomenon. Also know that you can move out of the most detrimental suicidal thinking with enough time, awareness, and support. It may require some changes in your life and in the way you think about things, but you can do it.

Suicidal thoughts are temporary - even if they last off-and-on for years. The problems you are experiencing are not as big or impossible as they seem to you, and many of them have been intentionally manufactured by forces outside yourself.

Please know that the pressures being intentionally heaped upon you are not of your doing. You have not created them. You have not done something terribly wrong. You are not a failure.

Hate the state, and hate its violence against life. Don't hate yourself.

Don't allow the state to trick you into hating yourself.

From a previous post:

"In a great many instances, institutions want you to fail. They train you to fail. Because they benefit from, make money from, your failure.

Institutions destroy people. They sometimes destroy people quickly. Usually, however, it's a slow, eroding, toxifying collapse over the course of time...

The current constructs and power dynamics have lost legitimacy in the minds of all but the most conditioned.

What you have to do, pretty babies, is destroy its importance in your mind before it destroys you.

Get out from under the psychological weight of it however you can.

Step right out from under it.

Annihilate it.

Because it will crush you if you give it the chance.

Whatever is oppressing you so heavily right now doesn't matter.

Whatever is stressing you out doesn't matter. It's bullshit. Take responsibility for what's yours and get rid of the rest. Give it up to the universe, your higher power, God.

You're what matters.

You are loved...

To a great extent, our institutions are devoid of humanity. But that doesn't mean we have to be...

One of the ways they crush us is by isolating us. They make us feel as if we're the only ones going through it, as if we're irretrievably damaged goods, as if we'll never have access to what's good in life.

Understand that whenever Pluto is involved, the roots of the situation are immensely complex. Each individual struggling is part of a massive Plutonic network struggling with the same thing...

We have to work to connect with each other, even though it's hard, and to love and care for each other, or they've got us. They've stripped us of one of the primary things that makes life worth living on this planet - our loving, compassionate humanity, given and received...

Understand, if you're going through hell, there are hundreds, thousands, millions more who are going through it right alongside you. They're living almost the exact same story...or worse.

You're never alone. Please reach out when you need to. Express what's going on to those you trust, even though it's hard.

They keep us isolated in shame and embarrassment. Feeling like damaged goods. Feeling abnormal. Don't be ashamed. There isn't one thing we need to be ashamed of. It's the ones enforcing this violence who should be ashamed."

The personal planets are now moving through Taurus and will make tough oppositions to Saturn Rx in Scorpio from the end of April through mid-June. This indicates a time period that could be quite rough on the self-esteem and self-worth.

"These oppositions indicate a time period (late April to mid-June) when resources are tight, money is tight, and accumulation is difficult. We are aware of this tightness even more than usual, and this can create points of acute frustration." You can read about this in more detail here: A New Moon Eclipse in Taurus and Themes of Complex and Hidden Value.

As we move out of the intense stresses of the exact cardinal Grand Cross configuration (April 20 - 23) and into these tight Taurus-Scorpio themes, it will be easy to feel crappy about our finances and our material insecurity. It will be easy to tie our self-worth to our dwindling earning potential or bank accounts. It will be easy to forget our inherent worth.

So we must buck that trend.

Please know that you are loved, and you are needed on this planet. You are worth so much more than any amount of money or material goods. You are so much more than a paycheque.

Please do not forget all the people who need your presence in this world. There are people you don't even know who are glad you are alive. You being on this planet makes life easier and better for so many - even people you have only met in passing, even the slightest of acquaintances, even people you haven't met in the flesh. You don't have to earn any money or live the high life to please these people. All you have to do is be you in the world and keep being you in the world.

Don't forget how much you are loved and how devastating it would be for you not to be here anymore.

And please check in with other people - even those you do not know well. A random kind word or light conversation can make all the difference in the world for someone feeling isolated and miserable.

You can write about anything you are experiencing in the comments section of this post or at The Wicked Web. Both these places are safe for people to be honest about what they (and we) are going through.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A New Moon Eclipse in Taurus and Themes of Complex and Hidden Value

Photos: Willow

Communication planet Mercury moves into earthy Taurus early tomorrow morning (3:16 a.m. CST), joining the Sun in the sign of physical resources, material comfort, and sensual splendour.

It's Taurus season, spring in the northern hemisphere, and the strengthening Sun is stirring an urge to secure our material footing via good, old-fashioned hard work. But it's also stirring a competing desire to laze around soaking up the sunshine and filling our faces.

What's a bull to do? Work hard and then relax hard. The Taurus way.

We've officially come out of our winter slumber in the northern hemisphere, wakened by equinox, Aries season, and the cardinal Grand Cross formations. Now we're ready to dig in from fixed sign Taurus to get this show moving on down the road.

Taurus season is a time to keep our heads down, working independently, accomplishing things gradually and with sustained effort. 

Mercury and soul mate asteroid Juno will join the Sun and Moon in a conjunction in Taurus as we experience a New Moon solar eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus on April 29 (12:14 a.m.). The eclipse ramps the energy of this Taurus New Moon up a few notches, indicating:

Our mind's on our money, and our money's on our mind. To a fairly intense degree.

And it will be, to a certain extent, for the following 28-day lunar cycle.

Taurus is the sign where we work our butts off to move out of the "raw battle for bare survival" of Aries and into a more solid and secure footing in the material world.

Taurus is the sign related to stuff. Accumulation. Physical goods and resources. Comfort. Luxury.

It is a sign related to both money and value, and at this time on consumer corporatist-driven Planet Earth, monetary value and inherent value are almost entirely out of whack.

The work that brings in the most money is often destructive to people, living things, communities, and environments.

Work that is absolutely crucial to the continuing of human society is undervalued or even made completely devoid of monetary value.

People who make plenty of money for the work that they do are often held up as societal success stories, yet the activities they carry out to receive that money can be morally corrupt, spiritually bankrupt, or ethically or legally criminal.

We live in a world where a majority of people desire only to jump through the hoops of the corrupt systems in order to reap the rewards for doing so. 

Reinforcement of tradition is a definite Taurus theme - even when that tradition is killing us.

As we move through the New Moon in Taurus April 29, we are opening into a new layer of understanding around the concept of value. This includes the distance between monetary value placed via fiat currency systems and the things that are truly valuable to life on this planet.

We're carving our own values out just a bit more clearly here while rejecting some of the devoid collective values that have been conditioned into us.

The Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Juno will move through their transits of Taurus and into oppositions to Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will cap off the series of personal planet oppositions to Saturn in June.

Moon in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio - April 29 at 9:56 p.m.
Mercury in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio - May 2 at 6:56 p.m.
Sun in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio - May 10 at 12:28 p.m.
Juno in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio - May 28 at 5:30 p.m.
Venus in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio - June 12 at 10:09 p.m.

These oppositions stir a valuing and re-valuing process along the Taurus/Scorpio polarity that has been actively underway for the past few years. This is visible work (Taurus) versus hidden work (Scorpio). Physical work (Taurus) versus emotional, psychological, sexual, energetic, or metaphysical work (Scorpio). Monetary value (Taurus) versus value that you can't place a dollar amount on (Scorpio).

I wrote about this ongoing process in a previous post:

"Scorpio works in the energetic realms - mostly hidden. Taurus works in the physical world - quite visible and what most consider "work." Taurus is a sign related to what is most commonly valued these days: money (and all the concrete things you can buy with money). Scorpio relates to complex energetic currencies...

Scorpio is a healing energy. It intuitively knows where the trouble is and gets right to work, divining and digging to trigger multi-layered release points. It isn't just treating symptoms, either. Scorpio knows it's either go deep or go home, and it puts forth immense stores of energy to go to the mat for people, driving right to the root of the problems that keep them locked up, inauthentic, programmed, and less effective than they could otherwise be.

Scorpio digs the poisoned thorns out - and if it's masterful enough, it gets them all.

But Scorpio's mastery is also it's downfall. Here's where the betrayal aspect of the sign comes into play. Scorpio is a liberating energy, an almost magical transformer of all things oppressive and stagnant and intolerable - and its emotional, psychological and psychic currency is woefully undervalued...

What Scorpio does is mostly in the energetic realms, and because so few people have developed the sight to see this type of energy work, people take it and run. Often, they take it and run right back into the same unhealthy patterns and dynamics Scorpio was expending so much energy to extricate them from in the first place...

The currencies of sexual, emotional, psychological, and psychic energy as well as masterful Scorpionic healing abilities require a conscious re-valuing and re-working, eked out one interchange at a time...

Scorpio can work in some very dank territory, navigating some of the most hellish aspects of the human experience, and not only live to tell the tale but also come out stronger for its trouble. And it can help other people do the same, should those people prove worthy of its effort. Scorpio holds ancient understanding about how to navigate some of the trickiest parts, hidden to those too freaked out or creeped out or greenhorn to delve into it. It knows how to apply energy and awareness to the neglected points and unravel people from all kinds of screwed-up messes. It can unhook people from situations that would inevitably bring about downfall. Scorpio's domain is in the hidden truths, the deep and intricate understanding of how energy works, the magic and mystery of life itself.

These abilities - to navigate where others fear to tread - are worth something. They're valuable.

[M]ost of the world is in a mad scramble to figure out just what is of value these days. Is it the dollar, the Euro, the yuan? A big, old chunk of gold, silver? Or how about the mineral rights on some (ever-diminishing) black gold?

What becomes our new dangling carrot, re-adjusted for worldwide economic corruption and collapse? A pile of paper or a lump of metal? Which credit on which computer screen becomes the most coveted of them all?

[P]eople around the world from all different cultures, previously invested fully in the legitimacy of the money systems, are starting to understand the truth about what we value. What we're taught and told to value, what we're coerced to value. How far our value systems have gotten from being related to real value. People are starting to see the money systems, the fiat currencies, the lumps of metal we're told are "worth something" for what they are - belief systems based on very little that's real, propped up by mass psychology and a very crooked, very unjust, and very deadly game...

As inflation combined with rampant unemployment and stagnant wages make money an even more ludicrous situation, it's almost impossible to reconcile how much energy people are being asked to give for so little of real value in return. (This has always been my problem with the money-energy exchange system.)

Scorpio works with energetic exchange. Energy out, energy in. Due to the hidden and misunderstood nature of what it does, Scorpio is currently working within an imbalanced reciprocity system. There's no way to make it balance completely within the current money system (How much does it cost to be busted out of a horror show of a karmic loop that saves you years of time and energy? How much do you get paid to pull someone back from the brink of living purgatory? How much is it worth to improve the conditions of a person's soul?), but there are ways, monetary and non-monetary, to make it more even than it currently is."

The oppositions of the bodies in Taurus to Saturn Rx in Scorpio indicate a time when we will have to value ourselves more highly and with more nuance than society is willing to. This is a time when we are uncovering and holding fast to our full and complex value, ensuring that it is integrated into the fabric of our lives, particularly in career.

These oppositions indicate a time period (late April to mid-June) when resources are tight, money is tight, and accumulation is difficult. We are aware of this tightness even more than usual, and this can create points of acute frustration.

Under these conditions, people will be tempted to sell themselves short, to settle for less, and to offer their work, time, and energy in situations where they are not being fully valued, seen, appreciated, or supported. The desire for progress will tempt people to enter entanglements that will ultimately leave them at a deficit.

These oppositions indicate that there is a tough balance to strike here. It involves playing chicken with security fears while buying time and holding out for what we truly need, every last step of the way.

With Saturn Rx in Scorpio involved, we have to dig deeply for the self-confidence and self-worth required to get through now, especially when we find ourselves among those not being fully valued for their complex roles in the world. (Most of us.)

Or when we find ourselves among those whose livelihoods were sacrificed to keep the machine rolling. (Many of us.)

We have to dig deeply now to grasp and validate our hidden work - the energetic work, the emotional and psychological support work, the crisis intervention work, the metaphysical magic - that we so diligently tend to, despite the devaluing of our efforts.

We have to dig deeply to ensure that we are being valued for everything we give and everything we do, even when those around us do not have the eyes to see it fully.

We hold our true value right down to our cores, and the constructs around us are forced to adjust, to step it up. 

We also have to be willing to see that hidden value in others, bringing it to the surface and to conscious awareness whenever possible.

Things are very tight on this valuing/devaluing line for the next little while.

We feel we're worth more...because we are. We're worth more than the fiat currency system says we're worth. We're worth more than any currency system, actually. We're more than a paycheque or a savings account or a pile of luxury goods or a lump of gold.

And all too often, our best qualities are being squandered.

If Taurus season teaches us anything, it's this: appreciate quality and value where you find it in others, and focus on those who appreciate the quality and value in you.

Keep it that simple, and let go of the rest.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Series of Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipses in Aries/Libra Intensifies Relationship Re-Balancing & Re-Structuring for 2014-2015

The intensity is building ahead of the Full Moon total lunar eclipse in Libra early Tuesday morning (1:42 a.m. CST). Sizzle and spice and all things nice (and not so nice).

Relationship issues are being pushed to a head here, and it's going to be difficult to hide how we really feel about it all with Juno, the Sun, and Mercury opposing from aggressive Aries.

Communication and ideas planet Mercury in Aries is currently activating the cardinal Grand Cross formation (exact Monday, April 14), and our words and interactions have long-term ripple effects now. Make sure your tongue is fighting just the right battles.

We need to know when to speak up and exert ourselves and when to yield to others. Determining which is which under these stressed conditions is not always simple. 

Adding to the intensity of the cardinal Grand Cross-flavoured eclipse season, Pluto is stationing retrograde at 13 degrees Capricorn on April 14, as well. This indicates a greasy and nauseated energetic moulting process involving complex power issues that are also putting us on edge.

There is a strong requirement to move relations into "new era" territory now, guided by what really works for the individuals involved - rough edges and all. Fight for new life under new-era rules in your relationships, or watch things wither.

Locking ourselves into old school relationship dynamics out of fear or out of a sense of false security simply will not do.

Tuesday's eclipse is the first in a series of four Full Moon total lunar eclipses that will occur along the Aries-Libra polarity:

April 14, 2014 - Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra, opposite the Aries Sun
October 8, 2014 - Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Aries, opposite the Libra Sun
April 4, 2015 - Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Libra, opposite the Aries Sun
September 27, 2015 - Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aries, opposite the Libra Sun

These are cardinal Moon eclipses, again, indicating that new direction and new social leadership will be required in relationships of all kinds throughout this period.

Things are being shaken up along the "me" versus "we" polarity, as a new relationship backdrop comes into play for the new astrological era. 

We have also entered a new, two-year personal goal cycle, being kicked off by the Mars retrograde period in Libra, where relationship direction and re-direction figure strongly. We are working out a new balance between men and women, masculine and feminine, "me" and "we," self and other. And we're doing it all within a potentially confusing and pressure-fueled collective scene.

This Mars in Libra-flavoured cycle is an intense mash-up of the Aries/Libra themes with the action planet that rules Aries being challenged by Libra themes into spring 2016.

From a previous report:

"Most people are going to want (Mars) a relationship (Libra)...This desire will be acute and even overpowering, at times.

But let's be stark-reality honest here. There are a whole lot of people on this planet that don't know which way is up right now. They don't know which way is up in their own lives, let alone when they bring another person in...

In a state of balance, Mars in Libra does know what it wants, and it likely wants togetherness and long-term relationships.

But out of balance, as transiting Mars in Libra will be at times within highly-stressful cardinal Grand Cross formation, you get some unpleasant behaviours popping up, especially socially...

Under the cardinal Grand Crosses, we are struggling with a huge amount of change, shifting, and upheaval on a grand, global scale. There is a lot of chaos - much of it orchestrated - and this affects personal relationships."

You can read more about the grand-scale relationship re-structuring being kicked off in my report for 2014. * PLEASE NOTE: * This article was released at the beginning of the year and has already been sent out to patrons:

Venus and Mars Retrograde: Cardinal Relationship Shifts and a Fight for Right Human Relations in 2014 - $15


Friday, April 4, 2014

The Lunar Angles

We started this cardinal Grand Cross-flavoured month off with a bang with an Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus on March 30 that activated the first wave of the cardinal Grand Cross configurations. This was a cardinal New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac, which indicated a 28-day lunar cycle involving the forging ahead into new emotional territory. Conjunct Uranus in Aries, this involves the emergence into full individuality and self-sovereignty, and this process has its traumatic moments. Accepting who we really are in 2014 and what that really means moving forward is not a simple thing.

The Moon will re-activate the Grand Cross from the other three cardinal signs throughout the month, indicating ongoing emotional adjustments and inner progress required in relation to the dynamism, the pressures, and the rapid, out-of-nowhere movement of this month.

The Moon enters cardinal Cancer on April 5 (3:40 p.m. CST), activating the Grand Cross on April 6 and 7.

The Cancer Moon will also square the Aries Sun on April 7 (2:31 a.m.), marking the First Quarter Moon. This generally indicates a period of internal pressure which forces us to take action in some way to further the themes of the New Moon cycle. 

However, the Moon also squares Mars retrograde in Libra April 7 (6:34 a.m.) as we open into that First Quarter Moon. This Moon-Mars square is challenging and has the potential to frustrate on a fairly intense level. What we're feeling (Moon) and what we're doing (Mars) are somewhat at odds due to the broader circumstances in which we find ourselves. It's difficult to get emotional needs met under the stressed conditions, especially when they involve other people.

Recall that our fiery pal Mars is highly stressed at the moment. The action planet is in pretty much the opposite condition it prefers - retrograde, in the sign of its detriment, being pressured on all sides by the cardinal Grand Cross. Can you say "frustrated will?" Can you say "delayed action?" Can you say "under the universe's thumb?"

Emotional pressures may force us to act, but there is no guarantee that our actions will be effective or that they will take us directly to our goals. Movements made (or not made) - especially in relationship - are highly karmic this month and have ripple-effects we cannot fully predict.

The Moon enters Libra, another cardinal sign, on April 13 (2:33 a.m.), activating the Grand Cross on April 14. This does increase the possibility of us keeping our emotional cool, but the conjunction to Mars Rx in Libra (April 14 at 10:00 a.m.) makes for some antsy and irritated social energy, particularly when involving relationships with family or those who feel like family.

From there, the Libra Moon forms a super potent total Full Moon eclipse on April 14/15. Relationship themes and underlying emotions are pushed to a head here. One relational backdrop ends, and a new one is erected under pressurized circumstances. Identity, independence, and self-sovereignty - and how those things fit successfully into new-era relationship constructs - are strong themes. Under this Libra Full Moon eclipse, we are pushed to determine how we really feel about the relationships in our lives and to initiate any changes that must be made in order to support our full identities and the full identities of others.

The Moon enters the final cardinal sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, on April 19 (7:28 p.m.), joining the proceedings for the exact Grand Cross involving Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars Rx in Libra, and Pluto Rx in Capricorn on April 20 and 21. This marks Last Quarter Moon, indicating inner changes required in light of circumstances. The Moon is in its detriment - in a tough sign - in Capricorn, and the conjunction to Hades-dwelling Pluto (April 20 at 6:32 p.m.) is particularly harsh, indicating that we must maintain our responsibilities and get the job done even when the proceedings are not going exactly as we would like. This Last Quarter Moon could produce a "bitter emotional pill" or two to swallow, as well as some degree of emotional deprivation. Fun times!

The Moon will return to Aries on April 26 (4:01 a.m.) until entering Taurus April 28 (8:23 a.m.). This final cardinal Moon in Balsamic phase closes out the jam-packed lunar cycle begun March 30. We experience a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29 (12:14 a.m.).

This month is a little hard on the emotions at times, it's true.

The pressure (emotional and otherwise) is spurring us to take action, but the action planet (Mars) is buried under some fairly adverse conditions at the moment.

The proceedings require some strong objectivity, as we are existing under conditions that are only partially in our control.

If actions or plans crap out this month, understand that further re-direction is required. If your desire for movement is thwarted, understand that your actions would not have taken you to your ultimate goal - or that the ultimate goal requires some honing.

We are being re-positioned this month within some very complex circumstances. Keeping the peace, keeping our balance, and keeping our cool are our challenges.

Dates that may require emotional re-orientation and action under pressure:

April 6/7
April 14/15
April 20/21

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Venus in Exaltation to Soften the Edges

Venus enters Pisces, the sign of its exaltation, on April 5 (2:31 p.m. CST) where it will remain until May 2. This is the love, money, and relationship planet in a sign it thoroughly enjoys being in, and we love it when the love planet is enjoying itself!

Venus in Pisces taps us into the universe's love and guidance at a heart level, and it elevates our interpersonal relationships, placing them within the context of their ultimate spiritual purpose.

Venus in Pisces is soft, it's sensitive, it's sweet, it's kind, it's glowing with love and compassion for all the living creatures on this planet.

So the love is flowing this month - in interpersonal relationships, from psychic communication and connections, from dreams, from guides, and from loving spirit itself.

Venus transiting Pisces for the month of April works to soothe and smooth some of rough edges and tough angles of this cardinal Grand Cross-flavoured month - and yes, there are plenty of rough edges and tough angles to navigate.

With Venus transiting Pisces, we're more strongly aware of our personal relationship with spirit and with the loving guidance that seems to come to us when we need it most. We're tapped in to the broader spiritual meaning and purpose of some of the interpersonal connections in our lives - including the most challenging ones - and it is from this point of increased understanding that we relate.

Ultimately, the people and relationships the universe brings our way have a broader meaning. We're doing something important here on this planet - though we can sometimes lose sight of that in the day-to-day struggle - and we're here doing it together. Our hands are clasped, we walk together, though our physical bodies may be miles (or lifetimes) apart.

With Venus transiting Pisces, it is easier to grasp and to experience the spiritual purpose of human lives and relationships. We can see and sense the etheric connections that link us, that weave us into the same web of love, beauty, meaning, and togetherness.

It's true that we are experiencing levels of suffering on this planet that need not exist. It's true that we are experiencing suffering that is being intentionally brought down upon us. Because of this, this suffering seems to have no real purpose, no necessity.

Venus in Pisces helps us to see the struggles, the pain, and the suffering as part of the same whole, alleviating us from our isolated sorrow about the state of it all. Anyone with a loving heart feels sorrow about the levels of suffering being experienced on this planet, and anyone with a loving heart desires to alleviate that suffering wherever possible. This is not sorrow that anyone bears alone. With Venus transiting Pisces, we are aware of how these struggles and challenges link us to every human being that has walked this Earth and to every human being who one day will.

Our hearts are wide open when Venus is transiting Pisces, and we have to take it all - the joy, the love, the beauty, the meaning, along with the struggles, the pain, the challenges, and the disappointments.

We are also challenged, at the change of the eras, to love smarter - without detrimental self-sacrifice, without foolishness, without denial, without delusion - and these challenges are with us throughout the month. As Venus moves to a conjunction to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces on April 20, we are becoming aware of the areas where we have been too open-hearted, too trusting, too giving, too go-with-the-flow, and part of our healing process now involves tightening those areas up while applying new boundaries.

Overall, however, Venus in Pisces brings some beautiful water magic and some delightful relational flow this month.

Venus will conjunct Neptune in Pisces April 11, and our hearts are full to the brim, overcome with the beauty of these odd little lives together on this odd little planet. (Though the Moon in Virgo opposing certainly works to keep our feet on the ground. Nothing like a few irritating details from mundane life to step on that Neptune buzz!)

Lesser Benefic Venus in Pisces then forms a gorgeous trine to Greater Benefic Jupiter in Cancer on April 17. This, too, has hearts and emotions singing, as we are so very sensitive to all that is going on around us.

At the same time, Venus will sextile Pluto in Capricorn (April 18), bringing a sense of shared struggle and loving collective effort to the battle for survival on this planet in the face of capital, finance, corporate business, and Global Government run amok.

Finally, on April 24, Venus in Pisces will form a trine to Saturn Rx in Scorpio, and we gratefully surrender some of the deep, dark realities we are uncovering to their place within the whole. Under this Venus-Saturn trine, we are better able to keep an open and loving heart in the face of the intense emotional, psychological, and financial struggles we are facing on the planet. We are able to bring even the darkest and bleakest of realities back to the loving whole, back to the spiritual intent under the ultimate responsibility of God, spirit, or our higher powers.

This is a trine that can lighten the load at a time, following the exact cardinal Grand Cross April 20 - 23, when we may feel as if we are breaking under the pressure. It brings us some much-needed love. If we've given it everything we had to give, if we have not shirked, we will likely receive a loving boost from the universe here, along with some rejuvenation at the heart level that increases our gratitude for these oh-so-brief lifetimes on this planet, no matter how difficult they may be.

The underlying spiritual framework of our relationships and of our human societies is peeking at us this month in delightful ways. We may come to understand more fully how we fit into the broader web of human relationships, and we may start to see new meaning and importance in some of the small, daily interactions we often erroneously shrug off as meaningless. Those who are most invisible and taken for granted in our societies are often some of the most important players, acting as glue that holds complex webs of relationships together.

The struggles of others are tugging at our hearts this month, and we are made aware that, despite the strong sense of isolation often present these days, we do not struggle alone. We all shoulder the burdens of the human condition at this time. 

Use this Venus in Pisces transit to connect with others on a spiritually loving level, even if invisibly.

When you're feeling stressed - and oh boy, are there some stressful points this month - take a moment to check back in with the force that loves you. Under these Venus-fueled water trines, I don't believe support or assistance will be too far away. 

Understand that we are here together for such a very short time. In light of this, love each other in spite of any foibles, in spite of the pain we must endure to love one another on this planet. Forgive everything you can, but don't accept even a lick of mistreatment. Don't keep your heart wide open in areas that have brought you devastation.

Love smarter, not harder. But love, just the same.

And one final note:

Contributing to the "Venus in Pisces easing trend," communication planet Mercury moves out of Pisces, the sign of its detriment, and into Aries on April 7 (9:35 a.m.). This gets sluggish connections firing again, decreases the possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding, and allows information and conversation to start moving in a much snappier way.