Saturday, September 29, 2018

Venus Stations Retrograde in Via Combusta Scorpio October 5: Hematite Shields Up!

Relationship planet Venus is slowing down on the 10 degree of Scorpio, preparing for a retrograde station October 5 (12:05 p.m. PDT).

Venus will be spending an extended amount of time traipsing through Via Combusta (particularly combustible) Scorpio, and Scorpio is considered the sign of Venus' detriment. Scorpio is opposite Taurus, a sign Venus naturally rules and operates within comfortably, so this means we are experiencing an extended dose of relationship themes and dynamics that might not be so comfortable.  

Venus in Scorpio particularly relates to the hidden dynamics of relationships, the emotional and psychological subtext, and that emotional and psychological subtext is not always pretty or easy to navigate.

Co-ruled by war planet Mars and Lord of the Underworld Pluto, the relational themes of Scorpio can be a bit feisty, to say the least. At their worst, they can be downright poisonous, attacking, abusive, or emotionally/psychologically detrimental. 

Crystals and stones can be very helpful in dealing with all kinds of scenarios and dynamics. Some of the stones that are particularly helpful for Scorpio are black, grey, or red in colour.

A particularly helpful substance to use for Scorpio themes is hematite, which is an ore rather than a stone.

From November 1, 2012:

"[With strong Scorpio in the astro atmosphere], people (and energy dynamics, in general) are looking for weak spots, and it's best that we protect ourselves on metaphysical as well as physical levels.

I've found that hematite is a great material for deflecting nasty emotional and psychic energy. I have a pendant and ring I wear a lot, and hematite beads can be made into other jewellery.

Hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide. Some of it is red, and its name was derived from the Greek word for blood. Some varieties are even referred to as "blood ore." I have a hunk of that stuff, and it's pretty primordial feeling.

Did I mention it's good for dealing with 'blood feud' energy?

The hematite that is processed for beads and jewellery becomes a shiny, gun metal grey. It's extremely hard but not brittle. In other words, it can withstand and deflect some major abuse.

Hematite beads

Hematite was discovered on Mars, astrology's war planet, which gives it a sort of hardcore fighting connection.

To me, it's a very Plutonic material. It has an industrial feel and would possibly be too heavy for a strongly lunar or Neptunian person, but I find it protective and shielding in difficult circumstances. It both deflects energy and absorbs and draws it away. It also seems to have a clearing effect on electromagnetic excess.

If you're going into a situation that instantly makes you think "yuck," or if you're going to be in contact with people you will possibly be frictional with, this stuff can help you through it.

Plutonic/Scorpionic types often unintentionally trigger nasty reactions in other people. Hematite can keep us safe from those reactions, which are often directed toward us.

As far as metaphysical protection, one can conjure up in the mind's eye a shiny, gun metal grey hematite shield covering the entire body. Any slings and arrows tossed our way are easily deflected, and nothing can penetrate through it to injure us. As far as I know, it's pretty much indestructible. Just make sure it's covering every inch of exposed self, and pay special attention to buffering your known weak spots.

Whenever your Scorpionic spidey sense starts going off in a bad way and things start looking a little dicey, you can call "Hematite Shield!" and place it around you."

For more of the Venus retrograde through Via Combusta Scorpio/Libra, consider becoming a Willow's Web Astrology patron. Patrons received a juicy and in-depth article on the Venus retrograde in August, and this article is available to all new patrons, as well. 

A Via Combusta Venus Retrograde: Reaching Escape Velocity From Old Hurts, Heartbreaks, and Relational Trauma-Prints

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Equinox with a Full Moon in Aries Conjunct the Wounded Healer: Establishing Social Standards that Reject the Normalization of Narcissism and Extreme Self-Interest

The Sun enters Libra tonight (6:54 p.m. PDT), marking fall equinox in the northern hemisphere as daylight and nighttime hours reach a point of perfect balance.

After an always very-busy Virgo season, we now get a chance to catch our breath and to regain our equilibrium after so much nose-to-the-grindstone and so many never-ending details to take care of. 

Beauty, balance, peace, relationships, and social settings now become a stronger focus.

The Libra Sun joins winged messenger Mercury in Libra in a square aspect to Saturn and Vesta in Capricorn at 2 degrees of the signs (exact September 23 - 25). Earth Mama Ceres will also be in the mix at 8 degrees Libra.

To open this new season, we also experience a spritely and energized Full Moon at 1 degree Aries on September 24 (7:52 p.m.). This Aries Full Moon falls tightly conjunct wounded healer Chiron Rx on the zero degree of Aries, just before Chiron slips back into late Pisces on September 26.

The Aries Full Moon, opposite the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres in Libra and square Saturn and Vesta in Capricorn, forms a tight-and-potent cardinal t-square formation, indicating that some social/relational progress is coming to a head now that could support and sustain us over the long term. 

At the same time, we must work hard under this powerful configuration to put just the right social supports in place in our lives. There's a strong requirement for social leadership, initiation, and standards-setting. We have to keep driving forward (Aries) while also addressing social and relational issues (Libra) that are chronically wounding (Chiron) us or others.

We're required to firmly establish social standards in our own personal relationships and also in the society at large.

This is easier said than done in societies that often seem to be in Downward Spiral Mode as far as manners, fairness, mutuality, and consideration for others (Libra territory).

Under this Full Moon in Aries conjunct wounded healer Chiron, it's important that we not take our cues from an increasingly sick and narcissistic society. We're required to blaze our own trails through relationships and social spheres, setting our own standards and making sure these are being met.

The transit of Chiron through Aries (2018 - 2027) indicates an unfortunate ramping up of wounding (Chiron) narcissistic tendencies (Aries). During this transit, extreme selfishness and self-interest, a "me-first" attitude, can become normalized to a destructive degree unless we are willing to push back.  

As responsible members of Planet Earth, we must establish and reinforce healthy social standards that reject this normalization of narcissism and extreme self-interest. 

As we move into this Libra season, we're required to actively counter-balance any social ills we are seeing or experiencing.

And with Chiron on the potent zero degree of Aries at this Full Moon, the birth point of the zodiac, the time is now to plant a flag for healthy and mutually-beneficial social standards. The time is now to lead by example within our relationships and social spheres, burning away any manipulations or general not-right dynamics. 

With the influence of Ceres in Libra, we're nurturing and encouraging beneficial social dynamics while gently and skillfully refusing those that fall short of our standards.

Chiron moves back into Aries on February 17, 2019 for a transit that lasts until 2027, and this brings these related themes to the forefront again. So break new ground under this Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron Rx. Set your standards. Do this relational/societal trail-blazing now, and you'll thank yourself later.


Willow's Web Astrology on YouTube: Narcissism, Gaslighting, and Rejecting the Cult of Image

Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Re-Post With Wounded Healer Chiron Making a Final Pass Through Late Pisces - "Chiron in Late Pisces: Spiritual Solidarity with Leslie Demeniuk and Those Unjustly Imprisoned, Past, Present, and Future"

Wounded healer Chiron, currently retrograde, slips back into late Pisces on September 26, stirring the highly karmic "end of the zodiac" zone until re-entering Aries on February 17, 2019.

With Chiron in this extra-potent area of the zodiac, we're coming into contact with some big collective karma and big collective lessons - the Grand Finale of the entire Chiron in Pisces transit. 

In Pisces, we're coming into a fuller understanding of the connections between collective wounds and pain and personal wounds and pain. In most cases, the things that wound and hurt us are things that are wounding and hurting many others around the world. Understanding and applying this can bring us to a state of spiritual transcendence about our own suffering and the suffering of others.

Pisces is a sign related to institutions and prisons, and with Chiron in late Pisces, we see a very painful theme involving individuals serving prison time as proxies. These proxies are bearing the extreme burden of prison sentences that should actually be served by those heading reckless and violent corporations and institutions that are causing so much harm and destruction in human society. 

This article from August 1, 2017, when transiting Chiron was in late Pisces, clearly outlines one element of this very broad issue. The North Node of the Moon (successful, soul-driven path forward) is at 29 degrees Pisces in Leslie Demeniuk's natal chart, and this point is currently being re-activated by transiting Chiron:


Chiron in Late Pisces: Spiritual Solidarity with Leslie Demeniuk and Those Unjustly Imprisoned, Past, Present, and Future

 Photos: Willow

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: the Re-Valuing of Astrology and the Mad Scorpio Skillz

I work at a couple casual jobs to supplement my astrology practise and writing, and I discovered that my Scorpio co-worker enjoys astrology. I sent her a copy of her birth chart and told her a few things about it, and she surprised me with this beautiful pottery mug as a thank you. I was delighted and a little amazed. This might seem like a small thing, but it was actually a somewhat profound experience for me. It's quite rare to come across a person who truly values astrology and astrological insight in my physical (non-online) life. 

Unfortunately, real astrology and astrological work continue to be chronically de-valued within most of society, even as "sound byte" pop astrology surges in popularity. I talked a little about that phenomenon in this video: "What is Astrology?"

Many people who do appreciate and utilize astrology maintain it as a "dirty little secret" in their lives for fear of judgment in a society that brands astrologers and people who "believe in" astrology as kooks or at the very least as silly and naive.

("I don't believe in astrology. I use it because it works." - Antero Alli)

This kind gesture and act of recognition from my Scorpio co-worker reminded me of one of the best qualities of Scorpio - the ability to suss out the neglected, the under-valued, the put upon, the languishing, and to feed it some desperately-needed energy and support, to inject new life. This is one of the most magical and under-recognized abilities of the sign of Scorpio.

This mutual exchange between me and my co-worker was one of the good Figure 8 dynamics associated with the sign. And I like it. I like it a whole lot.

Venus entered Scorpio this morning, and we now start to get down to brass tacks as far as the meaning and themes of the upcoming Venus retrograde in Scorpio/Libra (October 5 - November 16). With a Venus retrograde in Scorpio, along with Greater Benefic Jupiter completing its transit of the sign, the time is ripe for the re-valuing of astrology and all the Scorpionic skillz that are so often under-recognized, under-respected, and under-valued.

It's time to stop the chronic mockery and under-valuing of astrology. It's time to give astrology and real working astrologers the respect they deserve. This is only fair. And with Venus retrograding back into justice-oriented Libra, fairness is a big element of this retrograde process.

As an illustration of the insidious (and quite insane) de-valuing of astrology and astrologers, I'm re-posting an excerpt from an old article about a truly shit-tastic comment left on my blog like a steaming pile of cow dung (Scorpio/Pluto relate to excrement, too, let's not forget). I've fielded similar commentary throughout my decade+ as a professional astrologer, continuing to the present day.

There are a whole lot of assholes out there. And doesn't Venus in Scorpio know it?