Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Decidedly Feminine Grand Fire Trine Forms For Equinox: Take Full Advantage

 Hallowe'en Preview!
Witchy Woman

Venus (love/females) in Leo, Pallas Athene (female warrior) in Sagittarius, and Uranus (revolution/shaking things up) in Aries are currently forming a gorgeous and dynamic Grand Fire Trine strongly in effect through the end of this upcoming week.

All three bodies are forming flowing, 120-degree aspects to each other from the fire signs, indicating creativity, exuberance, and inspiration as we move through equinox and into fall in the northern hemisphere. (The Sun enters Libra, marking equal hours of light and dark, on September 23.)

Venus in Leo forms an exact trine to Pallas Athene at 18 degrees Sagittarius on September 20/21 and then moves into an exact trine to Uranus at 19 degrees Aries on September 22.

Pallas Athene in Sagittarius forms an exact trine to Uranus at 19 degrees Aries on September 24.

All this indicates that the female/feminine force is leading the way in creating a future we'd actually like to live through on this planet. Join this heart-surge, and blaze your own path through.

Venus in Leo is just getting back up to full speed direct after a retrograde period from July 25 to September 6. We are officially in a new eight-year creative cycle, and things are absolutely ripe for new creations, new styles, and new ways of showing our love to the world (and to ourselves). Reach to the full depth and breadth of your heart, and express what is there. You will not be sorry.

Take some risks with your personal style, clothing, hair, make-up, or artistic pursuits this week. Try a new look that you've been contemplating for a while. We're expressing the Aquarian-era versions of ourselves now, and a little shake-up of personal style and expression proves refreshing and catalytic.  

Saturn has just re-entered Sagittarius (September 17), coming out of hell-friendly late Scorpio, and this in and of itself is reason to play a little!

With the influence of the female warrior in Sagittarius, there's some battling of patriarchal b.s. involved here. There's also some battling within ourselves as we reveal - and live - our own truth and nothing else, shedding internalized rules that need no longer apply in our lives or in our selves.

There is freedom from old ways, selves, constructs, and relationships here. Just pick up your own creative thread and go with it. Delight yourself, and you will delight the world. (Or at least, those who are important for you to delight.)
Catch the wave from the gorgeous fire energy this upcoming week, and be you, fabulous you.

Take no prisoners. Make no excuses. There's no one else quite like you. Show this to the world this week. Be radically yourself, come what may.

Shine on, beauties!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Saturn Re-Enters Sagittarius

Saturn is now completing its last couple days in inky-potent late Scorpio, re-entering Sagittarius on September 17 at 8:49 p.m. CST, where it will remain until December 20, 2017.

Saturn is still moving through its retrograde shadow at this time, meaning the challenges on our plates are somewhat familiar to us. We've been working on them for a while. 

Saturn will now move through the first four degrees of Sagittarius, bringing challenge, progress, and/or resolution related to events and situations that first gained prominence in our lives from late December 2014 to mid-March 2015. 

Saturn clears its retrograde shadow on November 7, 2015, entering the next leg of its journey in the sign of the sage. 

I will take the opportunity to re-post an excerpt from my article on the Saturn in Sagittarius transit. Please note: this is not a new article. It was originally released at the beginning of January 2015. For readers who are not patrons, the article is available in its entirety for $12 by PayPal or by email money transfer.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Freeing Suppressed Truths With Our Blazing Arrows of Righteousness - originally posted on the blog January 2, 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius December 23, 2014 - December 20, 2017
Saturn retrograde March 14 – August 1, 2015
Saturn is back in Scorpio June 14 - September 17, 2015

Pallas Athene in Sagittarius December 28, 2014 - November 1, 2015
Pallas Athene retrograde period April 20 - August 11, 2015 

With Saturn transiting Sagittarius, there is certain knowledge we absolutely must have in order to navigate the times successfully. If we do not already have this knowledge securely under our belts, we must obtain it step-by-step over the next three years.

Over the next three years, we will be confronted - personally and collectively - with situations that bring us to a broader understanding of the truth. This will not always be pleasant. Contrary to what many may believe, we are not promised a walk-in-the-park Saturn transit just because the taskmaster planet has moved on from deep, dark Scorpio. There will be a lightening of emotional and psychological loads in some ways, but challenges certainly remain.

We are challenged to build on what we learned and saw and came to understand while Saturn in Scorpio was holding our noses in the corrupt power structures and difficult emotional/psychological subtext of Planet Earth.

We cannot just forget about it and go searching for greener pastures elsewhere - though many will try...

Fear Driving People to Regressive Belief Systems and Figureheads 

Coming through the sometimes bleak awareness of down-and-dirty reality on Planet Earth brought front and centre by the Saturn in Scorpio transit, people will be searching for meaning, for a candle in the window, for something to buoy their spirits. But we do not find these things without effort (Saturn). Strong caution is advised if new meaning and solace are found too quickly or seemingly too easily...

Animal and Nature Guides - What They're Showing Us Isn't Always Pretty  

The situation with sea life in the Pacific Ocean is another instance where the animals are telling us things that aren’t very pretty. In fact, they’re pretty horrifying. Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began in March 2011, sea life has been disappearing from the Pacific, most visibly in the tidal pools. Not a single baby orca whale has survived off the West Coast since 2011. Multiple animals are showing up sick, convulsing, with lesions. Multiple populations are collapsing. The sea life in the Pacific is screaming for our attention, and this will continue throughout the Saturn in Sagittarius transit...

Being able to penetrate the rhetoric of establishment academics, scientists, physicians, and media with the cold, hard facts is an ability we will need if we are to be successful moving forward from here.

This is an excerpt from the article "Saturn in Sagittarius: Freeing Suppressed Truths With Our Blazing Arrows of Righteousness," originally sent out to patrons January 2, 2015. It is a 7,100+-word document of astrology magic describing themes and aspects associated with the three-year transit of Saturn through Sagittarius. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Basics

Mercury retrograde symptoms are popping up a little early as we move through the first of three squares between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn (exact today), and this provides a good opportunity to re-post this article on Mercury retrograde basics:

Three times per year, Mercury appears to stop in the sky and then move backward through the zodiac for three weeks before turning direct again. This period of time is called a Mercury retrograde, and it is becoming known by more and more people – even those who are not usually interested in astrology.

Some of the most marked characteristics of Mercury retrograde periods are: information-related confusion or mistakes, plans changing, people changing their minds after receiving new information, difficulty communicating or connecting, and glitchy electronics.

Mercury will station retrograde at 15 degrees Libra on September 17 (12:09 p.m. CST), and it will remain retrograde until turning direct again at 0 degrees Libra on October 9 (8:58 a.m.). Mercury will be moving slowest on the days around the stations (September 15 - 19 and October 7 - 11), and these periods of time could be particularly frustrating with confusion, mental stress, and communication breakdowns.

Traditionally, Mercury retrograde is not considered a good time to sign contracts, make deals, or solidify plans. This is a period of time when we are going back over things, coming into new information and perspective that we may have missed the first time around, and it’s very common to change our minds – sometimes more than once – during this three-week period. It’s a “thinking it over” period of time as we gather, disseminate, and process more information. For this reason, making hard-and-fast decisions during Mercury retrograde can be difficult, if not impossible. We have to be very adaptable, adjusting as perspectives and plans change.

Our minds are basically moving in reverse during Mercury retrograde, and we’re required to slow our brains down. This can be challenging during these often-frenetic times with people glued to cell phones, computers, and social media. However, Mercury retrograde is definitely not a time to push full speed ahead mentally, verbally, or with written communication, or Mercury retrograde “symptoms” will pop up.

Some of the glitchy aspects of Mercury retrograde periods include:

- Communication problems, delays, glitches, mistakes, and misinformation, both written and verbal.

- Telephone lines, internet, TV, radio, faxes, electronics, and computers can go a bit haywire: delayed connections, e-mails or texts that don’t go through, messages sent to the wrong people or messages that seem to disappear into thin air, slow or no internet connections, computer programs that refuse to work, television and telephone problems.

- Transportation problems with both private vehicles and public transportation. Transportation break-downs are more likely. Transportation may be late. We may take the wrong turn. We may receive the wrong directions. Air travel during Mercury retrograde can be especially challenging.

- People have a harder time understanding each other. We're forced to slow down or go back over things in an effort to be understood. We may have to repeat ourselves. Misunderstandings are common that have to be ironed out during or after the Mercury retrograde.

- A feeling of déjà vu: didn’t I just say that? Didn’t we already talk about this? Things come back up for review and revision during Mercury retrograde. Old conversations, connections, ideas, and information come up for a second look. We rediscover crucial information that perhaps we didn’t realize was important before, and we receive missing details so that we can move forward with plans once Mercury goes direct.

- A lot of mental processing related to what’s going on in our lives. "My brain hurts." Headaches, stiff necks, mental overload, and burnout are possible during Mercury retrogrades if we don’t consciously slow things down. Overactive minds can keep us up at night.

- General delays and a feeling that things have slowed down. Having to wait on things, especially electronics.

- Any job involving information or working with the public can be especially stressful during Mercury retrograde periods. This includes reporters, writers, teachers, administrators, data entry, waitresses, bartenders, retail, other service workers, and any job that involves some degree of public speaking or information processing.

So remember: slow it down a little. Don’t force a lot of new information between your ears at this time. Mercury retrograde periods (including the shadow periods when Mercury is in degrees of the zodiac to which it will return during the retrograde) are periods of review and revisiting information and details we may have missed the first time around.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Wrapping Our Minds Around this Summer's Big, Bold Venus Retrograde

Mercury retrograde September 17 - October 9 from 15 to 0 degrees Libra

Venus has just gone direct at 14 degrees Leo (September 6), and we begin in earnest a new eight-year cycle pertaining to love, relationships, values, aesthetic, and money.

This is a complex one, however, with Venus forming squares to Saturn and conjunctions to Jupiter. Getting this new cycle off the ground successfully is going to take a little more time and a little more effort. There are layers upon layers here.

The summer of 2015 was very intense and very concentrated. As with most Venus retrograde periods, it was also bittersweet. An eight-year relationship cycle was coming to a close, and many relationships were coming to a close with it. Many break-ups were announced and acted upon, including, with the strong influence of Saturn, long-term couples. In my community of less than 300 people, three long-term married couples separated over this Venus retrograde summer.

This is an excerpt from the article, "Mercury Rx in Libra and Wrapping Our Minds Around this Summer's Big, Bold Venus Retrograde." It is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.