Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Decidedly Feminine Grand Fire Trine Forms For Equinox: Take Full Advantage

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Witchy Woman

Venus (love/females) in Leo, Pallas Athene (female warrior) in Sagittarius, and Uranus (revolution/shaking things up) in Aries are currently forming a gorgeous and dynamic Grand Fire Trine strongly in effect through the end of this upcoming week.

All three bodies are forming flowing, 120-degree aspects to each other from the fire signs, indicating creativity, exuberance, and inspiration as we move through equinox and into fall in the northern hemisphere. (The Sun enters Libra, marking equal hours of light and dark, on September 23.)

Venus in Leo forms an exact trine to Pallas Athene at 18 degrees Sagittarius on September 20/21 and then moves into an exact trine to Uranus at 19 degrees Aries on September 22.

Pallas Athene in Sagittarius forms an exact trine to Uranus at 19 degrees Aries on September 24.

All this indicates that the female/feminine force is leading the way in creating a future we'd actually like to live through on this planet. Join this heart-surge, and blaze your own path through.

Venus in Leo is just getting back up to full speed direct after a retrograde period from July 25 to September 6. We are officially in a new eight-year creative cycle, and things are absolutely ripe for new creations, new styles, and new ways of showing our love to the world (and to ourselves). Reach to the full depth and breadth of your heart, and express what is there. You will not be sorry.

Take some risks with your personal style, clothing, hair, make-up, or artistic pursuits this week. Try a new look that you've been contemplating for a while. We're expressing the Aquarian-era versions of ourselves now, and a little shake-up of personal style and expression proves refreshing and catalytic.  

Saturn has just re-entered Sagittarius (September 17), coming out of hell-friendly late Scorpio, and this in and of itself is reason to play a little!

With the influence of the female warrior in Sagittarius, there's some battling of patriarchal b.s. involved here. There's also some battling within ourselves as we reveal - and live - our own truth and nothing else, shedding internalized rules that need no longer apply in our lives or in our selves.

There is freedom from old ways, selves, constructs, and relationships here. Just pick up your own creative thread and go with it. Delight yourself, and you will delight the world. (Or at least, those who are important for you to delight.)
Catch the wave from the gorgeous fire energy this upcoming week, and be you, fabulous you.

Take no prisoners. Make no excuses. There's no one else quite like you. Show this to the world this week. Be radically yourself, come what may.

Shine on, beauties!

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