Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jupiter Direct!

Jupiter is in a multi-aspected direct station right now at 6 degrees Gemini. It goes direct in the early morning of January 30.

Our major benefic planet is ready to turn and unload its cache of blessings on those who have been successfully and responsibly working two Yods and a square to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces over the past couple months.

There's a longer article on the station here:

From January 5, 2013: A Potentially Inflammatory Jupiter Direct Station: Awkward Yods, a Detrimental Sign, and Squares to Chiron and Neptune

The Jupiter in Gemini square to Chiron and Neptune has some major Piscean-era wishful (or deluded) thinking being kicked up, however.

This is a time when telemarketing scams can be potent, greased as they are by all the wounding Neptunian gloss and goo and pixie dust and blind spots. Scammers of all sorts can potentially slip by our bullshit detectors under these influences, particularly the entertaining big talkers (Jupiter in Gemini) and the people with Neptunian mind control techniques at their disposal. Be careful with the phone and internet. And the credit card.

Jupiter stationing in Gemini within these aspects has brought an increase (Jupiter) in mental and psychic energy (Gemini/Pisces). Telepathy. Brains that won't turn off. Ideas, thoughts, and conversations that keep spin, spin, spinning in our heads. These themes continue for the next couple months, but the direct station should bring a break in the intensity. Some relief for any mental and psychic overload.

With the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Pisces in tense aspect, feelings of end-of-era futility have been bubbling to the surface over the past month, as well (including during that semi-nasty Capricorn stellium clustered around Pluto). We have to keep moving through these feelings and keep interacting, despite the weirdness and awkwardness we're experiencing now with the two Yods.

The tense Chiron-Neptune influence also indicates a time period when health can be glitchy. Our systems are quite sensitive now. Old injuries and weird pains can pop up. This can be quite unrelenting or even gruelling, in fact, with the current influence of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio. This is a time to be careful with food, drink, drug, media consumption, who you're around, and general psychic environment.

Understand that Neptune in tough aspect is fucking with us a bit and has been for about a month now.

With Chiron in Pisces involved, we have the opportunity for great psychic and spiritual healing around this Jupiter station but also for "should have known better" wounding. We have to be smart (Gemini) about things in order to sidestep potential pitfalls and move beyond the entrapping Piscean-era karmic loops.

This Jupiter in Gemini station has blessings to bestow, fruitful connections to make, and awesome news to share, as long as we can navigate and avoid the pitfalls of its tricky positioning.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Freedom is Slavery: The "New Energy" Movement, Ethanol, and GMO Corporations

The documentary film Freedom, made by Rebecca and Josh Tickell, was released in the summer of 2011. The film is about alternative fuel sources for transportation, in particular ethanol. It's on Canadian Netflix right now, and my friend just showed it to me the other day. I realize this is old news, but I think it's valid to deconstruct these types of films with Ceres (dwarf planet of grains, cereals, and fertility of the Earth) stationing direct in Gemini (media) and Jupiter in Gemini stationing direct square Chiron-Neptune in Pisces.

Agriculture-related Ceres goes direct at 19 degrees Gemini, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, on February 4, just after the Jupiter station January 30. With the influence of the dark, denied perspective of Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, the underlying manipulators and shapers of personal perspective and public mind are being drawn to the forefront.

With the Gemini-Pisces square highlighted now, this is a good time to deconstruct some of the mind/consciousness control agendas, especially ones with an underlying tone of pseudo-spiritual and an affiliation to agriculture or food.

 From a previous post:

"The use of media to manipulate and shape public perception related to agriculture, food policy, and commodities prices has been a strong theme since a Ceres-Vesta-Jupiter conjunction on the Gemini South Node in July 2012."

The last decan of Gemini has been a very fruitful zone for Ceres. The results of the GM corn/glyphosate animal feeding trial results were published in September 2012, when Ceres was on 28/29 Gemini. Ceres will be back on those degrees March 30 - April 4, just as the 2013 growing season begins. The results of that trial need to be on the minds of every person on this planet this spring.

With Gemini, we're working with information, but information that could have a dual (or multi-layered) purpose. The squares between Jupiter in Gemini and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces increase the chance of deception, manipulation, illusion, and pseudo-spirituality being involved.

So here is some of the information disseminated by Freedom:

Ethanol can be produced quite easily from any plant source. It can even be made from household garbage, and there are companies doing just that.

It's so simple that people can make their own ethanol. Certainly, local areas could produce and distribute their own fuel.

Ethanol could quite easily replace oil and derivatives of oil (gasoline, diesel) in our transportation forms if the political will and the resources were there.

Ethanol is already mixed with most of the gasoline being sold today.

Ethanol can be mixed with regular gasoline in almost any percentage. Currently E10 (10% ethanol, 90% conventional gas) and E15 (15% ethanol, 85% conventional gas) are sold widely. E30 and even E85 are also available at some gas stations.

Vehicles can quite easily be converted to be ethanol-burning. You can buy a kit to convert your vehicle. Ethanol is easier on engines and does not build up in the system.

According to sources in this film, the oil lobby created the backlash against ethanol via mainstream media in the early 2000s. The big claim was that using corn for ethanol would starve people in countries like Africa who counted on those corn imports. According to the sources in this film, that information is incorrect. Only 1% of the corn produced in the United States is meant to be human food, and ethanol production would not divert that variety of corn, they say. To create the ethanol backlash, the oil lobby latched onto one article by one man that said starvation would result from corn-based ethanol production and ran with it. This is how the oil lobby turned public opinion, even environmentalists and green energy proponents, against ethanol.

The truth according to this film is, ethanol from plant sources is a viable option for transportation.

Most countries could grow their own plants and manufacture their own ethanol. Brazil already does.

One of the major problems with the current ethanol quotas is the concept of globalization. Instead of producing enough ethanol for their own countries, Canada and the United States attempt to create a surplus that is sold around the world.

And instead of creating a model for energy self-sufficient countries in other areas of the world, things are set up to create dependence on Canadian or U.S. crops for ethanol.

The primary crop used in the current production of ethanol is corn (though it wouldn't have to be). Within the narrative of Freedom, the push is certainly on for corn-based ethanol as the primary source. It is the most developed ethanol industry at this time. Of the companies currently producing ethanol, corn is by far the most commonly used plant.

In the film Freedom, we see very clearly the hijacked green energy agenda. We see the control of alternative energy sources by the same old cast of corporate/monied characters.

The makers of Freedom interviewed Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture. Vilsack is very pro-ethanol. This might seem a refreshing or surprising perspective coming out of the United States' government these days. Until we look a little deeper.

Tom Vilsack is the ex-Governor of Iowa. Iowa is a U.S. corn belt state. It grows a whole lot of corn. Corn is big business.

As might be expected, Vilsack is a major supporter of Monsanto and their genetically modified corn varieties. Recall that these are the same corn varieties that were found, in the feeding trial results published last September, to cause organ damage, tumours, and premature death in lab rats.

Vilsack has made life very easy for Monsanto and for other GMO corporations at both a state level and now a federal level.

Vilsack was named Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Organization in 2001.

Vilsack, as Secretary of the USDA, announced the unconditional approval of GM alfalfa in January 2011. His agenda is the furthering of agricultural biotechnology. There can be no doubt about that.

Other people interviewed for Freedom raise legitimacy red flags, as well. Many of them make the rounds in films of similar theme.

Deepak Chopra, your standard New Age consciousness control representative, was interviewed for the film. When Deepak is involved, you know the target minds are of the pseudo-spiritual variety. The "we're so enlightened" crowd. The middle and upper-middle class mostly white people who pat themselves on the backs for being so much more enlightened, evolved, and awakened than your standard human dupe. These people are very faddish and very trendy, always looking for the next big thing. They like to be the first to know, the first to try, the first to do it the "enlightened" way. And that's what this film and films like it feed.

The film also interviews Brendan Brazier, a Canadian Ironman athlete. Brazier is one of the people involved in yet another green energy propaganda film, Thrive. Thrive was released in November 2011, just after Freedom, and involves the same hijacked green energy agenda. Thrive was made by Foster Gamble, a Proctor & Gamble heir. It has a more overt "spiritualism" agenda, involving the standard cast of New Age, consciousness control characters as well as controlled opposition conspiracy folks.

The messages of Freedom and Thrive are very similar and very problematic, aside from the interests involved. Both films further the idea that we don't have to alter our energy consumption, the amount we drive, or how dependant we are on vehicles at all. We can continue with full-on car culture, planning cities and towns around car use, and we don't have to alter human society, energy consumption, or the way we do transportation at all.
All we need is a cheap, clean source of fuel, and we can continue with the cancerous, exponential, warp speed direction toward "growth" we are currently following.

Because that isn't unhealthy or detrimental to life at all, is it? 

Freedom uses the standard game associated with controlled opposition - opposition that is shaped and directed to suit the ends of the very groups supposedly being opposed.

You take some good information, some information that could really be helpful, that could really improve conditions on this planet if it were in the right hands, applied in the right ways.
And then you envelop that good information with corrupt, hidden agendas.

People swallow the good information, and, without knowing it, swallow the poisonous agendas right down with it.

The New Age does this all the time, and we see strong New Age influences in both Freedom and Thrive.

So the fundamental ideas are there. The basic information about ethanol is compelling.

But there are so many ways we could go at this moment on Planet Earth as far as energy. And we have to look to who benefits from this particular corn-based ethanol trajectory. We have to deconstruct the control structure of it (Pluto in Capricorn era).

The film Freedom focuses on the idea of higher corn yields being a solution to the energy problems. In fact, this is the one aspect of the original "people are going to starve" article that is not questioned by the filmmakers.

The common line being put forth these days is that genetically modified, chemical-intensive crops produce higher yields. In fact, many farmers are being taught that GM crops are the only way to feed the growing population of the world.

Monsanto is the largest producer of genetically modified corn seed. It also produces the most popular chemical herbicide in the world, Roundup. (This is a primary reason chemical corporation Monsanto got into the seed business in the first place - to sell more Roundup.)

The global use of Roundup is set to double by 2017, according to Global Industry Analysts of San Jose, California. They predict farmers will be using 1.35 million tonnes of glyphosate worldwide by 2017, up from 740,000 tonnes in 2012. This increase, they say, will be due to an increased adoption of no-till crop practises as well as the increased growing of genetically modified crops.

Recall that this is the same glyphosate (and the same GM corn) that devastated the health of lab rats and brought on premature death during a feeding trial, even at exposure levels considered safe by the government and the GMO industry.

So if corn-based ethanol becomes the go-to energy source for all our transportation, and countries around the world start producing more corn, guess who ultimately benefits from the currently-shaped trajectory? And guess who then dominates and controls not only the seed supply, but also the fuel supply?

"The position of Ceres in Cancer within cardinal Grand Cross/t-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn indicates we are moving through an acute directional point involving intensified moves by "agrisciences" corporations into the uncharted, technology-based territory of genetically modified seeds/foods and other synthetic additions like growth hormones. These are to become "the industry standard."

These formations also indicate a crucial necessity to take new, independent, and somewhat radical directions as individuals and like-minded groups take control of their own food supplies, making them autonomous and outside the corporate models."

Ethanol could potentially solve our transportation problems. At the very least, it could be a temporary next step in the necessary transition out of oil.

But as long as ethanol and other forms of alternative energy are tied up in the same corrupted control mechanisms, we're trading one dirty energy for another. The "new energy" movement takes us right back into an old energy control paradigm.

From a previous post:

"Agriculture-related dwarf planet Ceres stationed retrograde at 3 degrees Cancer on October 31 within a cardinal Grand Cross with Venus in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn.

This configuration brings food and agriculture issues to prominence, particularly as they relate to increased corporate globalization (Pluto in Capricorn) and the direction into biotechnology (Uranus in Aries).

Ceres maintains its strong influence into mid-2013, forming a cardinal t-square May 5-7 that will still be within orb during the third Uranus in Aries - Pluto in Capricorn square May 20, 2013.

These are high stakes times for the future of food and, correspondingly, for life on this planet."

Ceres will be direct in Gemini until April 5, making the first third of 2013 a time when public opinion and the disseminating of information on food and agriculture issues are highlighted.

Ceres re-enters Cancer April 5 and will be within range of the cardinal t-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn by mid-April.

The 2013 growing season is a make or break as far as the future of natural/non-GMO food on this planet.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Crisp, Cool, Refreshing Aquarius With a Side of Saturn in Scorpio Dread

The Sun and Mercury are currently conjunct in early Aquarius, and we are officially in Aquarius season. Take a breath of wintry fresh air (in the northern hemisphere) to clear your head.

The Pluto-infused stellium in Capricorn that has been weighing us down in sometimes heinous fashion since the end of December 2012 has shifted, and the hot, tense, pressurized Plutonic energy starts to break up a little.

(Don't forget, however, that Saturn is about to station retrograde in Scorpio February 18, so we can't expect a complete release from the dreadful and the gut-churning.)

Love, money, and relationship planet Venus in Capricorn is still within range of conjunctions to Juno and Pluto in Capricorn, exact January 17. This has kept things tight and serious, but Venus moves out of orb of those conjunctions this week.

Venus enters Aquarius February 1, and this allows us to get even more distance from the pressurized first month of 2013, particularly in relationships and money matters. That ingress is another crisp, cool breath of fresh air moving us beyond compacted Plutonic tensions.

Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter, stationing direct at 6 degrees Gemini, this week, and this is an airy boost that helps keep our minds on the inspiring aspects of our future. We need that.

Mercury in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini January 22, and the Sun in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini January 25.

There is a very nice social and communicative flow for this week, though, anchored by Saturn in Scorpio, it is perhaps not quite as flowing as we might expect. Things remain conceptual, and maybe more conceptual than Saturn would like. The issues we'd really like to see some movement on may remain stubbornly still. You can't force Saturn, and you can't force Scorpio. It unfolds when it unfolds.

Mercury and the Sun will sextile Uranus in Aries and square Saturn in Scorpio over the next 10 days, activating the Yod formations that are in play into late April.

As nice as the trines and sextiles are, the fresh, future-oriented Aquarian flavour is rubbing up against Saturn in Scorpio in a frictional way, with curmudgeonly Saturn just getting settled for a retrograde station at 11 degrees Scorpio February 18.

All the airy movement and inspiration and excitement and ideas can make for a grumpy stationing Saturn. Don't move too fast, say too much, or project too far into the future if you want to maintain emotional/psychological stability now. We definitely want to stay on the right side of this Saturn, and too much gadding about or talking about so-far unrealized future plans is not the way to go about it.

Saturn in Scorpio is the apex or "finger of God" of the most prominent Yod formation for the next couple months. This indicates that Saturn in Scorpio is the achy, uncomfortable, grumbling body we most need to tend and heed.

Our ultra inspiring, breath-of-fresh-air Aquarian plans for the future get a full meal deal Saturnine reality check now related to how fucked up things really are, how fucked up we are because of it, how damaged and damaging the current structural set-ups are, and how much has to be dealt with and resolved before we can really move beyond the dynamics of the past and into a new era.

Mercury in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio January 25, and the Sun in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio January 30. These themes are kicked up, sometimes miserably, around those dates. Don't become overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible conditions. There's wiggle room if you just keep at it.

The beautiful thing about the Scorpio-Aquarius square, highlighted throughout 2013 during a Juno retrograde in Aquarius, is that we are all pretty much damaged by the way things are. We've been damaged by it, and we continue to be damaged by it. The Scorpio-Aquarius square democratizes the damage. We're egalitarian comrades, like it or not, in our inability to remain fully unscathed - physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, psychically, spiritually - by the current ways of doing things on this planet.

Since early October 2012, Saturn has been making a pass over the first decan (10 degrees) of Scorpio. In order to cement our Saturnine progress in early Scorpio, and in order to learn our lessons here well, Saturn will be going back over these degrees in a retrograde period (February 18 - July 7). Saturn will station direct at 4 degrees Scorpio on July 7. People with planets, bodies, or important points in the early degrees of the fixed signs will particularly be feeling this retrograde. There's the potential for major, long-term progress here, but it's challenging, pressurized, and slow-going, to say the least.

If you've been having trouble with the first leg of Saturn in Scorpio, understand that the station in mid-February could kick up some anxiety, some dread, and a feeling of being buried under responsibilities and obligations. An acute and dreadful awareness of the seeming impossibility of what we're being asked to do, especially as it relates to emotional/psychological state and career/finances.

With all this going on, and Venus in Aquarius re-activating the aspects in February, our guiding, future-oriented vision is helpful, energizing, refreshing, interesting, and inspiring. It keeps us interested and keeps us going. 
However, with the square to stationing Saturn in Scorpio, it also stirs some pit-of-stomach dread about the things we have to do, and how we have to make things right, before we get there.

The Saturn station in mid-February could bring a temporary increase in angsty Saturn characteristics: anxiety, dread, depression, listlessness, heaviness, a sense that all is bleak. Just remember that it's temporary. Effects from the station could last from about February 10 into the last week of the month.

To pull yourself out of the bleak, black Saturn in Scorpio hole, focus on your movement into the weird and wild Aquarian future. Don't look back. Don't wallow in problems. (We're post-Piscean era now. Our problems are a bottomless pit.) Keep moving. Keep making concrete steps forward. Count your blessings. Every single seemingly minuscule one.
And keep connecting, keep talking, keep interacting, keep moving around your neighbourhood and local area. Stationing Jupiter in Gemini is laden with blessings it's just itching to bestow...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Aaron Swartz: A Pluto in Scorpio Crushed by the Emotional/Psychological Violence of Institutions

Please note: it is likely Aaron Swartz's death was not a suicide as reported. Regardless of the cause of death, the themes outlined in this article remain true, so I will leave it up.

Twenty-six-year-old internet prodigy-turned-activist Aaron Swartz, of the "information should be shared" hacker school, was found hanged in his New York City apartment on January 11, 2013. An apparent suicide.

Swartz helped develop RSS feeds when he was 14 years old and was a major player behind Reddit, a site for the online sharing of articles and information. Swartz was also politically active, helping to block the "Stop Online Piracy Act" which would have given the United States government new powers to interfere in legitimate internet communication on the basis of copyright infringement. (Remember when they took all those blogs down with no warning for that reason?)

Swartz had been accused of breaking into the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) network in November 2010 and downloading nearly five million academic articles from JSTOR (Journal Storage), a digital library of articles. This was likely an effort toward redistributing privileged academic information from an institution that employed some of the "big American minds."

JSTOR refused to press charges against Swartz, but MIT was unclear about whether they wanted to pursue legal action.

As a result, the Massachussetts' Attorney's office laid charges that, if Swartz were convicted, could have resulted in a 30-year jail sentence and a $1 million fine.

The trial was scheduled to start in February.

A statement released by Swartz's family places blame squarely on the shoulders of MIT and the Attorney's office:

"Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s office and at MIT contributed to his death. The US Attorney’s office pursued an exceptionally harsh array of charges, carrying potentially over 30 years in prison, to punish an alleged crime that had no victims. Meanwhile, unlike JSTOR, MIT refused to stand up for Aaron and its own community’s most cherished principles."

After Swartz's death, some academics published their articles on Twitter for free in tribute to him.

For anyone still unaware, we're embedded in the long, hard Pluto in Capricorn years at this point (until 2024), and these years involve a theme of death (Pluto) by institution (Capricorn).

A 26-year-old computer prodigy - more than likely of prodigy-level sensitivity - facing 30 years in prison with a $1 million fine for sharing academic work from one of the brain trusts of U.S. academia. You see the overwhelming weight of the situation.

Aaron Swartz was emotionally and psychologically crushed to death under the weight of threatened institutional violence (Pluto in Capricorn).

He was a member of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (1983 to 1995). This is a generation under tremendous pressure right now as Saturn conjuncts their natal Pluto placements (2012 - 2015) and the full karmic weight of the collective situation is brought down on them, through their personal lives.

The sign of Scorpio bears the brunt of how fucked up everything is. It all circles back to bite someone in the ass, and the Pluto in Scorpios, as a generation, are reaping the consequences of decades of irresponsible energetic buck-passing on the part of their elders.

They're being sacrificed, if you want to get right down to it.

Make no mistake. This is how Scorpio is killed. At the very least, it's how Scorpio is damaged.

You crush its central nervous system. You step on it with tremendous downward force. You weigh it down from overhead until it can't tolerate the pressure. This is a favourite tactic during the Pluto in Capricorn years.

Heap on as many toxic threats, toxic debts, toxic institutions, toxic procedures, toxic red tape, toxic food, toxic air, toxic information, toxic energy fields as you can. Weaken the systems until they implode on their own.

No fuss, no muss. Self-annihilating problems clean themselves right up.

This is one of the ways that the toxic pharmaceuticals and immunizations being handed out like candy these days work to flatten people - they fuck with the central nervous system. They trigger suicidal thoughts. They make it seem hopeless to continue living.

This is the way toxic debt loads are used to flatten people. Train people from childhood to buy, to fill emotional and spiritual starvation with consumer goods, produced by slave labour somewhere far away. And then to rot under the stinking weight of it all. Under their debt to it all.

This is the way the violent, corrupted, top-down institutions are used to flatten people: Put people through hell. Scare them. Fuck with them. Tie up their time and energy. Invade their emotional, psychological, and psychic space. Leave no comfort. Threaten them with long-term confinement in their version of hell. Use the institutional muscle at your disposal (police, lawyers, judges, prisons).

Scorpio is the sign of intense regeneration and healing, but there's only so much it can handle. We're past the point of tolerance in a number of cases.

And, if this was suicide, it appears Aaron Swartz was one of those cases.

Aaron had natal Pluto at 7 degrees Scorpio conjunct Venus at 10 degrees. His natal Ceres (12 degrees Scorpio) and Sun (15 degrees Scorpio) were also conjunct. (Pluto-Venus-Ceres-Sun in Scorpio)

Transiting Saturn had just completed the first conjunction to his natal Pluto in Scorpio and was conjunct his natal Venus at the time of his death. Saturn would have stationed retrograde on that point on February 18. What this initial pass of Saturn would have been kicking up for Aaron was the understanding that he couldn't escape this one. Saturn was going to retrograde (go back) over his Venus and Pluto placements, and this would be applying intense pressure at various times into late 2013. Swartz was in the shit, as they say, and there would have been the classic Saturnine dread that the current troubles were going to last forever. He was going to trial. That much would have been certain. And the potential results of that trial would have been consuming his psyche to a relentless extent.

In addition to Saturn on this potentially difficult point, Mars in Aquarius had just formed a square to Saturn in Scorpio. The exact Mars-Saturn square occurred on January 7 at 10 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius and triggered Swartz's natal Pluto and Venus in Scorpio (square Moon-Mars in Aquarius). It was still within a three-degree orb at the time of his death.

Swartz's natal Mars was also in Aquarius. He was heading into a Mars return (January 18) with Saturn in Scorpio squaring, and the outlook for the next two years of his life, caught up in a horrendously overblown and terrifying trial, was not pleasing, to say the least.

Swartz would have sensed the extent to which his will (Mars) was going to be thwarted. His freedom was about to be intensely curtailed by the legal system for what would feel to him to be a lengthy (Saturn) period of time. Maybe even for 30 hellish years - a full Saturn cycle. The possibility of that would have been absolutely horrifying to a natal Mars in Aquarius disposited by Uranus in Sagittarius. Eccentric freedom of movement and independence were primary.

So the horror of all this would have been real, but it also would have been overblown and intensified to the extreme at the time of his death, inflamed by the Mars-Saturn square and the contacts to his natal Venus and Pluto placements.

The emotional impact would have been exacerbated further by Swartz's natal Moon in Aquarius, within range of a notoriously tough Saturn square to the natal Moon. This is another layer of the extremely difficult emotional/psychological territory Aaron was traversing. Huge collective energy stirred by the Saturn-Pluto-Venus contacts would have overwhelmed the personal emotional function (Moon) as well as his interpersonal relationships (Venus) at times. A strong, often overwhelming feeling of no escape. The emotional detachment of Moon in Aquarius could apparently not provide the objective context necessary for Aaron to survive this.

The Mars-Saturn square is associated with male suicide. The last time Mars squared Saturn, it was in the signs Cancer and Libra in August 2011. I wrote at the time about Ryan Rypien, a professional hockey player (fighter/enforcer) who commited suicide under that aspect. You can read more about that here: Mars-Saturn Square: Survival Guide For the Breaking Point

"News hit a few days ago of the suicide of National Hockey League hockey player Ryan Rypien. Rypien had just been traded from the Vancouver Canucks to the city where I’m currently stationed, a city where he had played as a junior. Instead of showing up for work, he was found dead at his home in Alberta August 15. Ryan was at the fateful age of 27, soon to be entering his Saturn return. He had endured years of depression, speaking publicly about it and taking time off twice from his hockey career to have it treated. The death of his girlfriend in a car accident when he was a junior player and captain of the Regina Pats was more than likely a contributing factor to his ongoing depression, and the stress of a move and a brand new hockey club under the Cardinal Grand Cross – facing down that Mars-Saturn square - were more than likely contributing factors in his decision to end his life...

Mars square Saturn is an indicator that we’re challenged to do things we don’t really want to do right now, things we don’t feel we have the strength to do at this point, and it’s kicking up anxiety and dread."

For Rypien, it was a stressful and potentially depressing (balmy Vancouver to freezing Winnipeg) career move (Mars-Saturn) coming at a time of weakened emotional health, under detrimental aspects.

The current aspect, Mars in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Swartz's Venus-Pluto, indicates an extreme curtailing of personal activity, freedom, and enjoyment of life. Again, because of the collective karmic weight of Saturn-Pluto in Scorpio, the force of it was too much for one individual to contain. Swartz worked with broad, philosophical issues, issues that affected millions or billions of people, and the energetic weight of all this coming down on him was too much. As with many strongly Plutonic individuals, he was fighting battles that were far bigger than himself. Dangerous yet necessary work.

But his relative youth and inexperience (Mars) were detrimental to him as he experienced Saturn on his natal Pluto and Venus. He couldn't see his way out. Interacting with older activists with strong legal perspective could have been beneficial.

As Pluto, one of Scorpio's ruling planets, transits Capricorn, people are being crushed under the weight of institutional violence. But they're also being crushed by the fear of what could happen. Institutional fear intentionally used as a weapon.

We are living with inhumane institutions. This is nothing new. Two million U.S. citizens sitting in prisons can tell you that much. The mentally ill, the homeless, sick war veterans, those who can't get enough food to eat, those without health insurance. They can all tell the tale.

Most of us can tell it, actually.

With Pluto in a slow-burn transit of the sign of the hierarchical institution, Capricorn, it's just being fully exposed. 

In a great many instances, institutions want you to fail. They train you to fail. Because they benefit from, make money from, your failure.

Institutions destroy people. They sometimes destroy people quickly. Usually, however, it's a slow, eroding, toxifying collapse over the course of time. Aaron Swartz had enough notoriety and enough middle-to-upper-middle class technology connections that his story hit the headlines in a big way. The vast majority of these stories don't, especially if they involve people of a certain race and/or class. Especially if it's been accepted as "just the way things are."

The current constructs and power dynamics have lost legitimacy in the minds of all but the most conditioned.

What you have to do, pretty babies, is destroy its importance in your mind before it destroys you.

Get out from under the psychological weight of it however you can.

Step right out from under it.

Annihilate it.

Because it will crush you if you give it the chance.

Whatever is oppressing you so heavily right now doesn't matter.

Whatever is stressing you out doesn't matter. It's bullshit. Take responsibility for what's yours and get rid of the rest. Give it up to the universe, your higher power, God.

You're what matters.

You are loved.

Aaron Swartz is who mattered in that situation. Not a bunch of academic articles. Not a bunch of lawyers or universities trying to be the biggest, most fascist cunts they could possibly be. Swinging their dicks around by the letter of the (too often corrupted) law.

To a great extent, our institutions are devoid of humanity. But that doesn't mean we have to be.

Swartz's Venus (love) placement was in the sign of its detriment, Scorpio. Conjunct Pluto and square Moon-Mars in Aquarius, this indicates a sense of being isolated with what he faced, most likely throughout life. Transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Venus - and sitting there for months during a retrograde station - was cutting off the love flow even more.

One of the ways they crush us is by isolating us. They make us feel as if we're the only ones going through it, as if we're irretrievably damaged goods, as if we'll never have access to what's good in life.

Understand that whenever Pluto is involved, the roots of the situation are immensely complex. Each individual struggling is part of a massive Plutonic network struggling with the same thing. Venus, Juno, and Pluto are currently conjunct in Capricorn. We are not alone with this. You are not alone with this. Aaron wasn't alone with it, though he probably felt that way.

We have to work to connect with each other, even though it's hard, and to love and care for each other, or they've got us. They've stripped us of one of the primary things that makes life worth living on this planet - our loving, compassionate humanity, given and received.

Aaron Swartz fought to get necessary information to the people. He believed in the free flow of knowledge. Natal Saturn-Uranus-Juno in Sagittarius. His belief was an Aquarian era belief: if people need to know something, they should have access to what they need to know. This benefits, improves, and advances dignified human life. Aaron was a water-bearer. Aries North Node disposited by Mars in Aquarius.

I'm a water-bearer, too. I know that astrology, applied properly and responsibly, can save lives. I think astrology could possibly have saved Aaron Swartz's life. Astrology is another example of knowledge being kept from people when they need it.

You see how transits can provide temporary increases in difficult themes and pressures. The key word, though, is temporary. To get a road map of these transits and their timing, rather than being left alone with the nightmarish emotional and psychological weight of them, could have helped keep Aaron here, and that would have benefited a lot of people.

Aaron had public opinion on his side. MIT itself seemed wishy washy on the charges. The trial would have been arduous, but, even if convicted, he probably would not have been left with anywhere near the maximum sentence or fine.

Saturn in Scorpio would have been a maturing transit for Aaron. If he had lived through it, he would have gone from free-wheeling young prodigy to seasoned, stealthy, strategic freedom fighter. One here for the long haul.

He blazed out, and I wish he hadn't.

What I want to say right now is this: we're going through some rough, early-Aquarius waters on this planet over the next few years. I want you all to live through it with me. To do what we need to do to create change. And to be stronger for it.

Understand, if you're going through hell, there are hundreds, thousands, millions more who are going through it right alongside you. They're living almost the exact same story...or worse.

You're never alone. Please reach out when you need to. Express what's going on to those you trust, even though it's hard.

They keep us isolated in shame and embarrassment. Feeling like damaged goods. Feeling abnormal. Don't be ashamed. There isn't one thing we need to be ashamed of. It's the ones enforcing this violence who should be ashamed.

Reach out. Get the support you need. Don't let their hell constructs take you down.

Pluto in Scorpios, this is for you: You know something about astrology if you are reading this site. You see this stuff. You know what your peers are going through over the next couple years - even if they don't - because the astrology sets the scene.

Please know that astrology is here to help you. Good, responsible, properly applied astrology is one of the only things that helps the hardcore Scorpio/Pluto cases. Access it when you need it, and use the knowledge to help the people around you.

Aaron Swartz information source: The Telegraph obituaries

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Under the Bleak, Institutional Lighting of Pluto in Capricorn Until the End of the Month

The Pluto-infused sea goat stellium continues to dominate the zodiac, and the reverberations from this one can have that distinctly Plutonic feel: intense, pressurized, gut-churning, horrifying, nauseating, exhausting, bleak, demanding everything we have.

When the overall energetic atmosphere really makes you want to puke, you know some big things are unfolding from the depths...

Small consolation.

So we're under pressure now. Coal to diamond stuff. Things have an edge to them that may leave us emotionally or psychologically shell-shocked. A little shredded.

Going to the other end of the spectrum, Cancer, will give us some balance with this stellium, and this involves extreme care - self-care and care for others who are getting it rough at this time. This is a time to baby ourselves, no guilt.

Things are coming up from the depths now, things that can no longer be contained by those who carry them.

The energy has to move, and it has to move responsibly. Old constructs cannot contain us.

We're at the points where feminine-directed change, soul-directed change cannot be denied. These points have been uncovered - for the time being. We can see them, but we have to work quickly before the soil is kicked over and they are again obscured.

We're setting things up and being set up within the next echelon of things as we move through January 2013. This is a tricky process. But there are long-term frameworks being set up now, particularly through relationships, partnerships, and people on similar soul trips, that have to sustain us for the long haul. This is serious. We have to build it right. Every step has to be sound. These frameworks build on the past but also advance well beyond the constructs of the past toward a mind's eye vision for a desirable (livable? tolerable?) future on this planet. A future we'd actually choose to take part in, if it were up to us.

This is some gut-lurching Plutonic progress toward the future...

Dreadful and bird-flipping exhilarating at the same time.

Love, money, and relationship planet Venus in Capricorn triggers the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod formation January 14 through 17. It will quincunx Jupiter in Gemini January 14, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn January 16, and sextile Saturn in Scorpio January 17.

This kicks up awkwardness, a feeling of being alien, some loneliness and anomie - but also the possibility for major breakthroughs in communication, connection, and understanding. We're interacting from very odd angles here, but the interactions are meaningful, as long as enough restraint and mutual respect can be mustered.

Keep your eye on the big picture during the second half of January. Push through the odd Yods. Forgive yourself and others for awkwardness or for being weird. Understand that this is a time when we can feel disconnected, isolated, and depressed. It's in the air. It's in the transits. There's not much we can do but work with it.

We feel Venus in applying conjunction to Pluto all this week, and this is not comfortable territory for our lovely and lovey aesthete Venus. Everything is under bleak, institutional Pluto in Capricorn lighting for the next couple weeks. Relationships can make us want to die a little. No worries. It goes with the territory. This is a temporary increase in pressure that starts to be alleviated after the Venus-Pluto conjunction is exact January 17.

Soul mate asteroid Juno is also conjunct Pluto at this time, making things extra spicy, and this forms a Venus-Juno-Pluto conjunction. I've written in detail about that in a paid article for 2013: Venus, Juno, and Pluto: the Reconfiguring and Renegotiation of Marriage and Commitment in 2013

Venus will be in Capricorn at both the beginning of 2013 and at the end of 2013, which includes the next Venus retrograde period (December 21, 2013 to January 30, 2014).

As we open into Gregorian 2013, initial frameworks are being set up with an eye toward the relational soil-turning and shifts indicated by the Venus retrograde at the end of 2013. Some first steps are being taken. Some decisions are being made as far as how to build upon initial foundations. The people and relationship themes in our lives now simmer throughout the year and come back into full focus during the Venus retrograde in Capricorn at the end of 2013.

Venus in Capricorn comes out of the conjunction to Pluto January 17 and moves into the degrees of its next retrograde period January 19 - 30 (13 to 29 degrees Capricorn). These are important degrees. Taking stock of relationships and partnerships - both personal and professional - at this time and making solid, strategic goals and moves related to where you want to go can provide stronger positioning for what is to come at the end of the year.

Commitments that are made and solidified during the last 10 days of January have a longer-term feel. Make your decisions wisely for mutually successful partnerships (and partners), and only take the steps you are sure of. Going too fast is never a good thing when Capricorn is involved, especially not when the dispositing planet is Saturn in Scorpio. Potentially nasty missteps from rushing or caving under pressure, when we'd so desperately like to put something else in place.

You can be sure that whatever is coming up naturally and organically in your life relationship-wise now has some legs. It has some roots. It is complex beyond what is currently visible. And for the most part, it has no easy answers.

We're past the easy part of the examination, if you hadn't noticed.

This involves love, relationship, marriage, money, business, career, and frameworks for collective progress.

With Pluto involved, it also involves the macro level.

The Idle No More movement, spurred by Canada's native people and gaining support worldwide, is one example of this macro-level context. It seems that some things will get done through meetings between native chiefs and the federal government. But the problems, the corruption, and the power imbalances run throughout the structures and institutions of native government, failing the people, just as in non-native. There is a whole reconfiguring necessary here, too. Nothing that is fixed overnight.

The Idle No More movement originated in my home province of Saskatchewan, a place with a history of grassroots movements. This is where Canada's universal health care system was born. This is where labour rights have been battled out for decades upon decades. This is a province where shit gets real.

And let me tell you, though its advances are inspiring, the Idle No More movement has barely scratched the surface.

It isn't just the native folks who are at an "enough's enough" point.

There are many, many people of particular energetic make-ups that are hanging on by the skin of their teeth at this point, attempting to survive the sheer insanity and toxicity of the Pluto in Capricorn, early Aquarian era versions of "progress" and "success."

We all have some highly legitimate beefs here.

Once the people and the issues start dove-tailing in true, organic, and necessary fashion (IF they do), we'll start to see the real momentum behind the force for deep, systemic and structural change. The joined forces of the Plutonic emissaries. The ones who don't quit till it's quitting time.

And it's not even close to quitting time.

Juno will be welded to Pluto's side into early February, keeping the often harsh Plutonic themes humming. We're working with our soul mates here - with those of like mind, but also those we're frictional with. We're the motivating thorns in their sides, and they're ours.

The Sun and Mercury form an exterior conjunction at 28 degrees Capricorn on January 18. Both bodies enter Aquarius January 19, and from there, the Capricorn stellium starts to break up.

The bleak, institutional lighting starts to lift a little.

Venus enters Aquarius February 1, and this should also be an official breath of fresh Aquarian air relieving the compacted, stale, and pressurized Plutonic energy we've been working with during the start of 2013. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Potentially Inflammatory Jupiter Direct Station: Awkward Yods, a Detrimental Sign, and Squares to Chiron and Neptune

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, blessings, and all things "big," stations direct at 6 degrees Gemini on January 30, 2013. It starts slowing for this direct station next week.

The station at 6 Gemini occurs on the degree of the most recent Full Moon eclipse (November 28). The eclipse occurred at lunar apogee, or conjunct Black Moon Lilith, and this definitely adds some sass to the Jupiter station.

Jupiter is heavily aspected and under pressure at the moment, quincunxed by Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, sextiled by Uranus in Aries, and squared by Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.

As it stations, Jupiter is a focal point in the zodiac, playing a primary role in two Yod formations strongly in effect into late April. From December 3, 2012: Yods, Oddness, and Awkward Social Angles Create Breakthroughs in Understanding Through April 2013

We're working with the requirements and themes of two Yods involving two very different focal/release points as we move through the first third of 2013.

"[W]e have one finger of God pointing to Jupiter in Gemini and one finger of God pointing to Saturn in Scorpio.

One finger points to expansion, broadening of horizons, interaction, movement, inspiration, enthusiasm, and activity. The other points to restriction, withdrawal, sober second thought, grounding, conservatism, and seriousness.

Jupiter wants to make a big splash with a boisterous expenditure of energy while Saturn wants to stay firmly on the downlow, conserving every last iota. Each placement horrifies the other, to a certain extent.

We're working with two different layers of energy dynamics here.

In Yod A, the base of the Yod - the sextile between Saturn and Pluto - could create a real Debbie Downer effect. Though this is a supportive aspect, things can become too concentrated here, too serious, too severe, too dark. Things could get downright miserly. We could become too much of a closed circuit, finding ourselves in a state of deep, dark, 'cabin fever' stale. If we're too strongly confined by this Saturn-Pluto vortex, the relieving point becomes Jupiter in Gemini: Get some fresh air flowing. Get out there in the world. Talk to people. Enjoy yourself. Move around in your neighbourhood. Search for some new stimulation, some new ideas, some new conversations. Talk about mundane daily affairs. Keep things light. Find out what people are talking about. Discover a new interest.

On the other hand, in Yod B, the base of the Yod - the sextile between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini - could create way too much stimulation. This one can put our brains on overdrive. New ideas could be bouncing around and popping in our heads like popcorn kernels heated by a lightning strike. Over-the-top excitement about the future and an overwhelming drive to move forward could be coursing through our systems, making wheels spin. If we're being charged up with too much Jupiter-Uranus energy, the relieving point then becomes Saturn in Scorpio: Slow down. Wait. Get your feet back on the ground. Get serious about everything that has to be resolved before you go bounding forward. Understand that your big ideas are going to take time to develop and that a lot of them will burn out before they even get off the ground. Adopt more of a "show me the money" stance before you go off half-cocked."

The Yod involving Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini as the base with Saturn in Scorpio as the apex or "finger of God" is the more prominent configuration as we move through the Jupiter direct station. This means, we're challenged to temper the excessive mental stimulation and excitement kicked up by a stationing Jupiter sextile to Uranus with good, old-fashioned Saturnine restraint. Holding our hot little tongues and waiting to see how things settle out first.

With Saturn in Scorpio as the release point/finger of God, we're looking for a better position from which to share our perspectives. If we make interjections out of fear or compulsion now, we risk damaging reputations, public standing, and hard-won positions.

Saturn is holding the fort.

And it's holding the fort against a massive psychic and mental tide that threatens to overwhelm us.

As Jupiter stations direct in Gemini, it is tightly square Chiron in Pisces and more loosely square Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter in Gemini formed its first square to Chiron in Pisces July 24, 2012 at 8 degrees of the signs. Stationing Jupiter in Gemini now forms a second exact square to Chiron January 15, 2013 at 6 degrees. Jupiter stations direct within this square aspect, forming a third and final exact square March 27, 2013 at 11 degrees Gemini/Pisces. This Jupiter-Chiron square, influenced strongly by Neptune in Pisces, is strongly in effect through the end of April 2013, colouring the two Yod formations.

This increases the pressure on an already pressurized Jupiter placement, struggling through the sign of its detriment.

This is one inflammatory Jupiter, and it can have a very big (Jupiter) mouth (Gemini). Communications are loaded. They're a bit screwbally. They're a bit messy. They're confusing. And all sorts of oddness is going to be kicked up by these squares over the next few months.

Transiting Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in Pisces will conjunct Neptune and Chiron and square Jupiter in Gemini at various times throughout February and March. This period will include a Mercury retrograde in Pisces (February 23 - March 17), in the sign of its fall, when the messenger planet will move back and forth over this square, stationing direct conjunct Chiron in Pisces. (Warning in advance: ugh.) The Virgo Full Moon February 25 forms a mutable t-square opposite the Sun-Chiron in Pisces and square Jupiter in Gemini.

Honestly, Virgo is going to hate this shit.

Both the sextile to Uranus in Aries and the squares to Neptune-Chiron are goading us into saying too much. With interactions so highly charged, a few words over the line can create unforeseen damage with long-term ripple effects. Gossip can be deadly. Take things just a bit too far, add just a few too many words or opinions, and you'll have a Plutonic eruption on your hands. An angry alchemical wildfire spurred by one errant comment.

Communicating now is actually a little scary.

Saturn has its work cut out for it keeping us in line verbally and mentally over the next few months.

Coloured so strongly by tense aspects to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, conversations we're having have a meandering - and often highly confusing - wisdom of their own. Words fly off into the psychic abyss, and we're unable to discern their effect. The universe is working through us to get the healing words to the injured places and parties, but it is a struggle to communicate. There are snatches of conversation here and there, broken at will by a force that knows better than we do. Threads are picked up and dropped. Connections peter out. There is not much flow or continuity, but we have to go with it. Even miscommunication has its purpose.

People are going to be under the mistaken impression that they're having a conversation with each other when they're really on two totally different tracks, talking to ghosts, spirits, etheric echoes, replying to long-ago conversations that have just now been understood. There are deja vu moments. Haven't I had this conversation before? Words like perfume, lingering, drawing bittersweet memory. Lost connections like a hole in our hearts.

These squares indicate some mental and emotional chaos. From jubilant to rock-bottom doldrums and back again in the space of an hour.

We can expect some Mercury retrograde-esque effects, even with Mercury direct.

Feedback is distorted, full of projection. Don't take it too seriously.

People latch onto one layer of the situation but miss the big picture entirely.

We speak as if in a dream, trying to make ourselves understood. We can talk and talk and talk, trying to make things clear, trying to form a solid connection, and our efforts disappear into the misty Neptunian swamp. Our words are swallowed, diffused, dissipated. We try angle after angle until exhausted.

It can seem pointless to communicate now. Why bother if we're just going to be misunderstood? If we're just going to make it worse trying to explain?

But it isn't pointless.

Communicating is the path of greatest expansion, inspiration, and interest now.

Jupiter is our luck. It's our ace in the hole. And in Gemini, we have to talk. We have to communicate our perspectives and receive the perspectives of others, when meaningful. We have to circulate information, make connections, network, reach out.

And yet, we're going to get nailed for doing so. We're going to hear things that hurt us, and we're going to say things that hurt other people. Conversations are going to go haywire, not as we'd hoped. Our minds will be muddled. The blocked connections and spotty communication can leave us desolate, longing, playing out patterns that have proven unsatisfactory in the past. Waiting for the phone call. Or the text. Or the word through the grapevine.

The illusions of the astrological Piscean era are attempting to attach, to weasel their way in. They're looking for a free ride into Aquarius by filling our minds with the pretty pictures and skewed thoughts that cause us pain and suffering in the end.

This is Piscean era quagmire stuff, ready to come down like a net over our minds if we give it the chance. A net we then have to fight out way out of.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Gemini form a potent force trying to convince us of romanticized things that are not true. This force wants to lure us down dead-end mental pathways yet again.

And here, we say, "Fuck that."

Chiron in Pisces can be a desolate, bottomless pit at the end of astrological Pisces. There is no end to the self-doubt, to the depressing and defeated thoughts, to the hugeness of the pain and problems. With a 2,160-year backlog, we can't possibly wrap our brains around it. We can't possibly find full perspective.

The wounding illusions and distorted romantic ideals are nipping at us as we push into 2013, attempting to infiltrate our minds, to put us off course, to mess with our heads, to overwhelm.

We can't afford to entertain this. We can't afford any Piscean wallowing time.

And we don't have to. It's over.

The astrological Piscean era is over - if we choose to make it so.

Neptune and Chiron are certainly screwing with us as we move into this new Gregorian year. But as long as we keep our eyes on the prize, they are mere irritants to be moved through, to be kicked off our pant legs.

Don't fall for it. Don't doubt the progress you've made. No slipping back. You're here now. We're here now. It's the very first moments of a whole new ballgame.

There's some psychic and mental torture involved here. Some interactions we'd do almost anything to avoid. This can't be helped. Keep moving.

The two Yods in the zodiac indicate major, almost miraculous, breakthroughs in understanding for 2013, but they aren't coming without a whole hell of a lot of irritating conversations and awkward exchanges. Communicating through these aspects is tough, but it also holds the potential for pure glory.

The structural morphing underway during Saturn in Scorpio is fuelled by the connections, conversations, and networking we do now.

Things are tight - very tight - but sliding just the right words shaped by just the right wisdom and perspective into the situation has the universe heaving a satisfied sigh, opening its bag of magic tricks just a bit wider.

With the influence of Pluto and Scorpio, we're being compelled to speak at times, but compulsion is not always the most successful motivation. Use all the Saturnine restraint you can muster. Play your cards close to your chest when you can, but with the Jupiter sextile to Uranus and the squares to Chiron-Neptune, that isn't always going to be possible. If the discomfort of holding your tongue becomes too much, say something. Just say less that you might want to. Choose your words carefully. And understand that they might not bring the exact results for which you had hoped.

This is an angsty placement for Jupiter, there's no doubt about it. By sign and by aspects. As it moves into the direct station at the end of the month, it's hot, inflamed, frustrated, irritated, over-excited.

There's a whole lot to metabolize. Too much, really.

The retrograde of Jupiter (October 4, 2012 to January 30, 2013) has taken us back over the explosive growth and expansion of media we've experienced over the past 12 years, including internet and social media. We now hold new wisdom and new perspective on it all, including of our own context within it.

Mental burn-out is a caution over the next few months, especially through too much exposure to media - mainstream or alternative. There's so much information, chitter chatter Twitter Twatter, and talky talk out there and yet so little with real, longer-term meaning. So little that can draw the sound bites together into a meaningful context.

We're receiving more information than usual from "psychic media," from the unseen realms, and we will need time to process it without constant media bombardment. We are being communicated to through our dreams, and disrupted sleep can be expected. We can expect resurgences of "processing symptoms" at times over the next few months, especially at night.

Jupiter takes 12 years to complete a full cycle through the zodiac. In other words, it won't be back to this particular place for another 12 years.

Wherever Jupiter is in your natal chart, it is gathering wisdom about the next 12 years on this planet. Though outward expansion may be stymied at this time, Jupiter is soaking up the era shift information and the designs for expansion coming to it so intensively now from the universe.

Messages and information coming in now have broader application than we can imagine. The energy thrumming through us contains plans that open us into a whole new energetic atmosphere. We're gaining crucial knowledge about our orientation to that new atmosphere, and as Jupiter stations direct, it is being drawn to us intensively and at times painfully.

There is the possibility for mental and psychic overload here. How could there not be? Look where we are.

Hold onto Saturn like a sweet, sweet life raft. Slow things down. Wait. Keep your feet on the ground. Take the long-term approach. Give yourself a couple challenges to tackle to take your mind off things. Don't let the Uranian charge and electrified over-excitement run you.

Once direct, Jupiter zips through the rest of Gemini, sliding into safe haven Cancer, the sign of its exaltation, on June 25. That's when things really start getting interesting.


From June 12, 2012: Jupiter Enters Gemini Conjunct the South Node and Things Are About to Get (More) Complicated

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Pay-For Article - Venus, Juno, and Pluto: the Reconfiguring and Renegotiation of Marriage and Commitment in 2013

I have a new pay-for article available for 2013. It's just over 5,300 words and follows several transits and aspects throughout the year.

Includes: 2013 outlooks for Juno in Capricorn, Juno in Aquarius, Juno retrograde, Juno square Saturn, Venus in Capricorn, Venus retrograde, Black Moon Lilith in Cancer

Bonus: Willow's Newest "Feminazi Rant" Disguised As Journalistic Astrology Article (tongue firmly in cheek here)

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