Monday, January 21, 2013

Crisp, Cool, Refreshing Aquarius With a Side of Saturn in Scorpio Dread

The Sun and Mercury are currently conjunct in early Aquarius, and we are officially in Aquarius season. Take a breath of wintry fresh air (in the northern hemisphere) to clear your head.

The Pluto-infused stellium in Capricorn that has been weighing us down in sometimes heinous fashion since the end of December 2012 has shifted, and the hot, tense, pressurized Plutonic energy starts to break up a little.

(Don't forget, however, that Saturn is about to station retrograde in Scorpio February 18, so we can't expect a complete release from the dreadful and the gut-churning.)

Love, money, and relationship planet Venus in Capricorn is still within range of conjunctions to Juno and Pluto in Capricorn, exact January 17. This has kept things tight and serious, but Venus moves out of orb of those conjunctions this week.

Venus enters Aquarius February 1, and this allows us to get even more distance from the pressurized first month of 2013, particularly in relationships and money matters. That ingress is another crisp, cool breath of fresh air moving us beyond compacted Plutonic tensions.

Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter, stationing direct at 6 degrees Gemini, this week, and this is an airy boost that helps keep our minds on the inspiring aspects of our future. We need that.

Mercury in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini January 22, and the Sun in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini January 25.

There is a very nice social and communicative flow for this week, though, anchored by Saturn in Scorpio, it is perhaps not quite as flowing as we might expect. Things remain conceptual, and maybe more conceptual than Saturn would like. The issues we'd really like to see some movement on may remain stubbornly still. You can't force Saturn, and you can't force Scorpio. It unfolds when it unfolds.

Mercury and the Sun will sextile Uranus in Aries and square Saturn in Scorpio over the next 10 days, activating the Yod formations that are in play into late April.

As nice as the trines and sextiles are, the fresh, future-oriented Aquarian flavour is rubbing up against Saturn in Scorpio in a frictional way, with curmudgeonly Saturn just getting settled for a retrograde station at 11 degrees Scorpio February 18.

All the airy movement and inspiration and excitement and ideas can make for a grumpy stationing Saturn. Don't move too fast, say too much, or project too far into the future if you want to maintain emotional/psychological stability now. We definitely want to stay on the right side of this Saturn, and too much gadding about or talking about so-far unrealized future plans is not the way to go about it.

Saturn in Scorpio is the apex or "finger of God" of the most prominent Yod formation for the next couple months. This indicates that Saturn in Scorpio is the achy, uncomfortable, grumbling body we most need to tend and heed.

Our ultra inspiring, breath-of-fresh-air Aquarian plans for the future get a full meal deal Saturnine reality check now related to how fucked up things really are, how fucked up we are because of it, how damaged and damaging the current structural set-ups are, and how much has to be dealt with and resolved before we can really move beyond the dynamics of the past and into a new era.

Mercury in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio January 25, and the Sun in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio January 30. These themes are kicked up, sometimes miserably, around those dates. Don't become overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible conditions. There's wiggle room if you just keep at it.

The beautiful thing about the Scorpio-Aquarius square, highlighted throughout 2013 during a Juno retrograde in Aquarius, is that we are all pretty much damaged by the way things are. We've been damaged by it, and we continue to be damaged by it. The Scorpio-Aquarius square democratizes the damage. We're egalitarian comrades, like it or not, in our inability to remain fully unscathed - physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, psychically, spiritually - by the current ways of doing things on this planet.

Since early October 2012, Saturn has been making a pass over the first decan (10 degrees) of Scorpio. In order to cement our Saturnine progress in early Scorpio, and in order to learn our lessons here well, Saturn will be going back over these degrees in a retrograde period (February 18 - July 7). Saturn will station direct at 4 degrees Scorpio on July 7. People with planets, bodies, or important points in the early degrees of the fixed signs will particularly be feeling this retrograde. There's the potential for major, long-term progress here, but it's challenging, pressurized, and slow-going, to say the least.

If you've been having trouble with the first leg of Saturn in Scorpio, understand that the station in mid-February could kick up some anxiety, some dread, and a feeling of being buried under responsibilities and obligations. An acute and dreadful awareness of the seeming impossibility of what we're being asked to do, especially as it relates to emotional/psychological state and career/finances.

With all this going on, and Venus in Aquarius re-activating the aspects in February, our guiding, future-oriented vision is helpful, energizing, refreshing, interesting, and inspiring. It keeps us interested and keeps us going. 
However, with the square to stationing Saturn in Scorpio, it also stirs some pit-of-stomach dread about the things we have to do, and how we have to make things right, before we get there.

The Saturn station in mid-February could bring a temporary increase in angsty Saturn characteristics: anxiety, dread, depression, listlessness, heaviness, a sense that all is bleak. Just remember that it's temporary. Effects from the station could last from about February 10 into the last week of the month.

To pull yourself out of the bleak, black Saturn in Scorpio hole, focus on your movement into the weird and wild Aquarian future. Don't look back. Don't wallow in problems. (We're post-Piscean era now. Our problems are a bottomless pit.) Keep moving. Keep making concrete steps forward. Count your blessings. Every single seemingly minuscule one.
And keep connecting, keep talking, keep interacting, keep moving around your neighbourhood and local area. Stationing Jupiter in Gemini is laden with blessings it's just itching to bestow...


jahnaBanana said...

imagine, if you will, Saturn in Scorp, moving back and forth over your ascendant (10Sco) shuttling between 12 and 1. *This* is my challenge! WHOA!
Good thing i'm older (51) while it's happening or i'd be shopping for a long strong rope!
Always LOVE your posts and LEARN so much from them. Thanks for being you! <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this!

wotching said...

Thank you, Willow, for once again telling it like it is, and in such a way that offers the way to grounding these *ggrrr* pressures.

Coming to a movie theatre near you: "the Dreadful and the Gut-churning". yoikes....:-)

You are one mighty dudette!

Kat Daffodil said...

Good advice. I have been spending time in the bottom pit of Scorpio in the 4rh house this month - so focusing on Aquarius was actually good advice. Thanks.