Friday, February 20, 2009

New Moon in Pisces Saves the Day!

Sweet! I forgot we are heading to a New Moon in Pisces on Tuesday, February 24. So there is actually some reprieve for this end days Piscean stuff. We should get a shot in the arm for fortitude, anyway, as the Sun and Moon come together at 6 degrees Pisces.

Every time this "same old, same old" stuff comes up, I think, not again! Haven't we cleared this stuff out YET? It can feel overwhelming at times, but the New Moon is making me happy in my pants, to use a phrase my pal Jacinda uses.

So I'll keep the faith and withhold judgement about how much Piscean mess there is left to clear until then. heh heh

Death of the Piscean Age Detritus

Man, this tail, tail-end Pisces Era is some irritating shit. I honestly have no patience for it anymore. I have a Pisces South Node in the 8th house, so the whole "been there, done that, let's move on" thing is huge with me. I feel as if I've been waiting for people to get it together for eons now. It doesn't seem to be happening fast enough for my comfort, and when you're constantly in a state of discomfort because people around you are still "getting it," things get irritating fast.

And yeah, you know what? I'm just going to address this now because I can hear the New Agey platitudes as I type. I don't buy The Secret. I'm not a positivity pusher. Your life has been nothing but bunnies and unicorns? Good for you. That doesn't mean other people are doing something wrong in their lives. It means we're working with different conditions. Different dynamics. We're adjusting what we want personally so that it aligns with the best use of energy for the collective. And getting down and dirty, doing the work other people won't touch? Yeah, it's not always pleasant.

So I'm not going to hide my anger right now (Venus in Aries) and turn it into passive aggressive energy...something New Age is so good at. I think there need to be more people willing to talk honestly about their real, personal experiences instead of cramming their heads up some spiritual groupthink ass and repeating programmed idioms word-for-word.

Problem is...if you do publicly talk about the darker or more difficult side of things, you are instantly attacked by these people who believe they're so much more enlightened because they're all love and light and blissy bliss.

Am I the only one who sees their denied dark side waiting on the sidelines with fangs bared? It's still there, no matter how much they deny it, and it's actually more dangerous because it comes out in unconscious, uncontrolled ways.

This is only going to become more apparent as we continue through Sun in Pisces and experience the Venus in Aries retrograde back to 29 degrees Pisces.

Now that that Sun is in Pisces, and all this is in our current moment, it's taking all the Aquarian detachment I can muster to just sit back and watch people fuck themselves over by following Pisces down the drain - and not getting burned by being too close to them while they do it.

A woman came in to the store yesterday during a fairly busy time, disguising herself as a customer, and within minutes had her New Age binder full of diagrams out on the counter preaching to the owner about "energy" and "conscious relating." (Um...pretty ironic?) I was fucking incensed. This is exactly the sort of shit I can't stand with the current New Age establishment...the proselytizing, the lack of healthy/appropriate boundaries and the the way they sort of grease you up with normal conversation and then slyly accost anyone who isn't aware enough of their game to tell them to fuck off. They're as bad as Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't want to read The Watchtower and I don't want to see your little binder presentation on New Age relating techniques.

Does no one get this? I feel as if I'm the only sane person in the looney bin these days.

Then when you do assert your boundaries, they paint you as being too "negative" or "closed" for their marvelous message.

Um, no. I just don't need what you're selling, and I find it ridiculous that you think you can come into someone else's business without being asked and start selling your particular brand of spiritual pablum.

The owner is bad for this stuff, too. He's not conscious of what is going on, so he attracts this Piscean bullshit and then furthers it.

It's hard to explain, but there are certain people who believe they should have the red carpet rolled out for them every time they "grace" you with their presence. The reason they feel this way is generally related to the fact that they are from a supposedly especially "spiritual" culture (India, Tibet, etc.) or because they are New Agey spiritual and supposedly have some sort of special spiritual understanding.

The funny thing is...people who are truly special and truly spiritually wise don't need their spiritual egos massaged in this way. It's mature soul stuff and so very tiring to deal with.

Unfortunately, the owner has a South Node in Leo in the 12th House. So he feeds into this Piscean garbage, pumps up these people's egos, and then when I won't play ball, I'm the bad guy.

I've done a massive purge of this type of stuff since the owner had his stroke and I've been working in the store alone, and now that he's working more, I can't help but be pissed that he's dragging this garbage in again. Argh!

But truly, my line in the sand has been drawn. I'm done with the Piscean shitshow. All aboard the Aquarian train!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Juno Day!! (AKA Valentine's Day)

I'm an astrologer who reads the asteroid Juno as the soul mate asteroid. The day associated with Juno is Feb. 14...also known as Valentine's Day. So Happy Belated Juno Day!

This Juno Day is special because Juno is currently playing a part in the huge Aquarius stellium going on, infusing us with new, future-oriented energy and vision. Juno, Jupiter, the North Node and Mars are all in tight conjuction within two degrees of each other (8 - 10 Aquarius), showing that our soul mates are playing a big role as we make our collective and individual ways forward, as we rapidly evolve and progress as a species and as a planet.

We also have Mercury, the Sun, Neptune and Chiron at various degrees of Aquarius.

Some say this massive Aquarius stellium is the "official" start of the Aquarian Age. I personally think we are going through a multi-layered process of ending Pisces and beginning Aquarius, and when we individually enter this new paradigm differs from person to person. I also think it doesn't really matter what date you use. Many people use Dec. 21, 2012 as the official start, but when you're dealing with periods of 2,000 or so years, you can see that the final few years are the blink of an eye. I think people who have been well aware of this shift and have worked hard to complete Piscean themes in their lives while aligning with the Aquarian energies propelling us forward (we have to do both!) will be ahead of the game. But we possibly also had more to do for the collective due to our awareness, so who's to say? Whatever language you want to use to explain what is going on on the planet is alright with me...whatever personally makes sense.

Anyway, back to Juno...

I like the idea of Juno as the sign relating to soul mates. So to me, where Juno falls in the birth chart refers to an area where we will draw many of these relationships. It also describes the thematic flavour our soul mate interactions/relationships will have. The purpose or reason for them.

I know the term soul mate is highly overused these days. Everyone seems to be on the search for one. But I think many times it is used in a too-superficial and purely romantic (sexy, lovey romantic) way.

Juno-themed relationships are not necessarily sexual. Nor are they supposed to be. Sometimes wires get crossed here because of the depth and intimacy of connection. The next step seems to be taking it to a sexual level, but a lot of times it's just deep emotional/spiritual.

Yes, these relationships can be the sexual, romantic love-type partnerships. (The ones discussed ad nauseum on Valentine's Day.) But more often, I think, soul mates are the people with whom you have relationships based on mutual soul work that can't be done alone. This soul work requires the coming together with another person (or animal friend) and interacting with the hope of getting something done that your soul desires to do/work through/complete.

Often there is a feeling of familiarity when you meet a soul mate because your soul sort of recognizes the person as someone you are meant to merge with in mutually beneficial ways - not necessarily for a long time, but until the charge has been played out. This is another misconception, I think...that soul mate means lifelong mate. Not necessarily, and not in most cases, actually.

I think there is an emphasis on busting through karmically entrapping energetic dynamics with these types of relationships, working through issues and traps in relationship with others. They are not the types of relationships that necessarily always feel good, and this is sometimes confusing. Working through sticky relationship dynamics in close contact with another person is sometimes brutal, but coming through them into new territory is absolutely freeing and empowering. This is the deep, big picture love we show for our soul mates and the gift of these sometimes difficult relationships. Long-term, mutual fulfillment and satisfaction.

Family members, friends, work relationships, lovers, marriage partners, animal friends - actually, anyone we come into contact with can be a soul mate. Any relationship that challenges us and triggers us to grow or become better or stronger in certain ways - in the ways our souls most desire.

Progress in the Juno sign/house is helped along by these relationships. Commitment issues are related to Juno because quite often, soul development has to happen come hell or high water, so you have to be completely committed to your "mission" there. There is a sort of devotion to dealing with the themes that are being brought up, and there is a strong attraction to the people/dynamics that bring up this soul work. They're energetically charged and have a fated quality.

We are born into many of our soul mate relationships. Others we discover along the way. Like a moth to a flame, we can be drawn to someone or some situation (or feeling comfortable with someone you've just met), even when we can't explain why.

All the emphasis on the romantic coupledom on Valentine's Day has never really done it for me since I've been single most of my adult life. But Juno Day does make sense to me. One day per year to celebrate all the soul mate relationships in our lives, all the different forms love can take and the changes in those relationships from year-to-year. So even if you're not in that all-consuming love relationship, you can still make this day meaningful. :)

And with Juno currently in Aquarius (until April 4), let's fall in love with the future we're bringing about together! Our relationships may not be taking the form we expect (Aquarius), but they're taking us somewhere wonderful.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Opposite a Giant Stellium in Aquarius

Have you seen the moon tonight? It's huge already! And it's not officially full until 7:49 a.m. MST on Monday, Feb. 9.

Very fitting since this is a pretty huge Full Moon energy-wise. We currently have a massive stellium in Aquarius. Counting asteroids, there are six bodies and the North Node in that sign - Mars, Juno, Jupiter, the North Node, the Sun, Chiron and Neptune. Wow.

The Full Leo Moon will be exactly opposite the Sun - Chiron Conjunction at 21 degrees Aquarius. Our Chiron in Aquarius wound is very much in the spotlight right now, as our emotions about it come to a head in our current moment.

Again, this Chiron wound has to do with the wound of the visionary. Being ostracized and considered an oddball by sticking to your vision. Leading into the future even when it's unpopular to do so. Being ahead of one's time. Taking the high road and finding it's a lonely trail. Following the energy of the new even when others can't see what you see and think you're crazy. Doing what's right for the community and for the objective future of the planet even when it isn't personally comfortable to do so...when it means going out on a limb. Dealing with constant change, unexpected events and shocks to the system as we march (mercilessly at times) forward.

You know what? All the people who have kept up the good fight all these years/decades/lifetimes? Well, we're a little pissed off at what we've had to go through to make the vision a reality. We're bitter because of all the crap we've had to put up with from other people who didn't have our clarity of vision. And now that the rest of the world is starting to come around to some of these ideas? Well now, isn't that just great? After we had to sacrifice and take our lumps and have salt thrown in our wounds over it. After we had to be on the outside looking in this whole time. Just faaaaabulous! NOW they freaking start figuring it out...after so much damage has been done! If they had only listened from the get go...

The older generations who have kept the vision strong through unimaginable opposition and struggle...just for the younger generations to swoop in and benefit from all that hard work. As if it were always this way. Hmph!


This is some of the vibe of this wound that could be coming up.

The Leo part of the equation (Moon and South Node are there) brings up a little sadness about not getting the attention we deserved. Having to defer to the community and put off our own fun for the betterment of the group. Having to pour our personal talents into building something for everyone to the point where our own sunshine got a little too consumed and wasn't as visible and recognized as it would have been had circumstances been different.

Whatever house 21 degrees Aquarius falls in in your chart is where the wound will be especially prevalent.

For me, it's in the 7th house, so there is some woundedness coming up right now over the social isolation that my particular life has included. Over the erratic and unpredictable beginnings and endings of my relationships. The extreme level of detachment necessary in my personal relationships because I always understand that I have to defer to the "big picture" universal themes going on. Of course I understand this, and of course I will always defer to a better future and let the universe do what it will in and through my relations with other people. But it's still a bit of a bummer when it leaves you home alone on Saturday nights with your only interaction coming from a computer screen. :) But! It is some comfort to know that I have comrades doing the very same.

A major way we heal our Chiron wound, also, is by pouring our energy into the very area that creates our wound. So working to bring this new way of doing things into our the point where it's actually reality, not just vision...will help us now. Not that it's not going to sting. But we work out the woundedness as we go, sharing it amongst likeminded people.

All the Aquarius planets are ruled by Uranus in Pisces right now, which exactly opposed Saturn in Virgo early morning of February 5. Uranus and Saturn will still be in oppostion formation during the Full Moon, so again, all this is tied in to the structural dissolution and adjustments going on as we are propelled into the new Aquarian paradigm - a planet that works for humanity...all of humanity. And a humanity that works for the planet and its other inhabitants.

We found out at Art of My Heart (the store where I work) that we are being booted out of our location in the mall, just as Saturn and Uranus opposed each other. Structural changes all right. The mall management is going forward with a plan for major renovations at the mall and at the same time is getting rid of all the independently owned businesses and businesses they consider too low-end for their new "Chi Chi La De Da" mall.

Going ahead with Boom Plans...even during a Bust. Hmmm...interesting strategy, guys.