Friday, February 20, 2009

Death of the Piscean Age Detritus

Man, this tail, tail-end Pisces Era is some irritating shit. I honestly have no patience for it anymore. I have a Pisces South Node in the 8th house, so the whole "been there, done that, let's move on" thing is huge with me. I feel as if I've been waiting for people to get it together for eons now. It doesn't seem to be happening fast enough for my comfort, and when you're constantly in a state of discomfort because people around you are still "getting it," things get irritating fast.

And yeah, you know what? I'm just going to address this now because I can hear the New Agey platitudes as I type. I don't buy The Secret. I'm not a positivity pusher. Your life has been nothing but bunnies and unicorns? Good for you. That doesn't mean other people are doing something wrong in their lives. It means we're working with different conditions. Different dynamics. We're adjusting what we want personally so that it aligns with the best use of energy for the collective. And getting down and dirty, doing the work other people won't touch? Yeah, it's not always pleasant.

So I'm not going to hide my anger right now (Venus in Aries) and turn it into passive aggressive energy...something New Age is so good at. I think there need to be more people willing to talk honestly about their real, personal experiences instead of cramming their heads up some spiritual groupthink ass and repeating programmed idioms word-for-word.

Problem is...if you do publicly talk about the darker or more difficult side of things, you are instantly attacked by these people who believe they're so much more enlightened because they're all love and light and blissy bliss.

Am I the only one who sees their denied dark side waiting on the sidelines with fangs bared? It's still there, no matter how much they deny it, and it's actually more dangerous because it comes out in unconscious, uncontrolled ways.

This is only going to become more apparent as we continue through Sun in Pisces and experience the Venus in Aries retrograde back to 29 degrees Pisces.

Now that that Sun is in Pisces, and all this is in our current moment, it's taking all the Aquarian detachment I can muster to just sit back and watch people fuck themselves over by following Pisces down the drain - and not getting burned by being too close to them while they do it.

A woman came in to the store yesterday during a fairly busy time, disguising herself as a customer, and within minutes had her New Age binder full of diagrams out on the counter preaching to the owner about "energy" and "conscious relating." (Um...pretty ironic?) I was fucking incensed. This is exactly the sort of shit I can't stand with the current New Age establishment...the proselytizing, the lack of healthy/appropriate boundaries and the the way they sort of grease you up with normal conversation and then slyly accost anyone who isn't aware enough of their game to tell them to fuck off. They're as bad as Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't want to read The Watchtower and I don't want to see your little binder presentation on New Age relating techniques.

Does no one get this? I feel as if I'm the only sane person in the looney bin these days.

Then when you do assert your boundaries, they paint you as being too "negative" or "closed" for their marvelous message.

Um, no. I just don't need what you're selling, and I find it ridiculous that you think you can come into someone else's business without being asked and start selling your particular brand of spiritual pablum.

The owner is bad for this stuff, too. He's not conscious of what is going on, so he attracts this Piscean bullshit and then furthers it.

It's hard to explain, but there are certain people who believe they should have the red carpet rolled out for them every time they "grace" you with their presence. The reason they feel this way is generally related to the fact that they are from a supposedly especially "spiritual" culture (India, Tibet, etc.) or because they are New Agey spiritual and supposedly have some sort of special spiritual understanding.

The funny thing is...people who are truly special and truly spiritually wise don't need their spiritual egos massaged in this way. It's mature soul stuff and so very tiring to deal with.

Unfortunately, the owner has a South Node in Leo in the 12th House. So he feeds into this Piscean garbage, pumps up these people's egos, and then when I won't play ball, I'm the bad guy.

I've done a massive purge of this type of stuff since the owner had his stroke and I've been working in the store alone, and now that he's working more, I can't help but be pissed that he's dragging this garbage in again. Argh!

But truly, my line in the sand has been drawn. I'm done with the Piscean shitshow. All aboard the Aquarian train!


Anonymous said...

You got jokes.. And I shouldn't laugh..(but I constantly giggle anyway..especially when people say things that need to be said but others will get a wee pissed at.. but moving on)

Life isn't unicorn, bunnies rainbows and sunshine. There is some pretty useful stuff that hides in shadow.. In fact darkness is pretty helpful in general.

And yeah I do see what you are saying about New Agey pushiness. People do get a little carried away and slightly arrogant.. and I find myself there at least once a day thinking that I should try to heal shit that really isn't my business and no one asked me to be involved in..

The joy of Pisces is boundaries and responsibility. I don't envy your south node... bless your heart you must really be over all of it.. but at least you can kick us all in the ass and keep some of us on track when we get lost in the Neptunian mists of bullshit forgetting that we were the ones who are responsible for our own paths..

it's a long response.. but thanks for this post man..

savia said...

Wooo wooo. Chuga chuga chuga chuga. Wooo wooo.

I will be right next to you on that train, lady. I have had enough of the Picean shit, too.