Friday, December 18, 2020

Mars Conjunct Eris in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn: Getting Our Golden Apple-Tossing Arms Primed and Ready

Action and goals planet Mars has been moving direct in Aries since November 13 but is still moving through degrees that were covered during its retrograde. This means, we aren't in new territory just yet. Mars has been transiting its own sign of Aries for almost six months now and will fully clear the retrograde shadow on January 2, 2021 before moving into Taurus on January 7.

As of the middle of December 2020, Mars has just regained full speed direct, and as it propels us onto a newly-honed two-year trajectory, it forms a final square aspect to Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn on December 23, 2020. This is a clashing, frictional, and potentially contentious aspect but one that is very dynamic and could clear our path in beneficial ways. We've been working up to this final showdown between Mars and Pluto for months now.

Pluto is currently locked into a square aspect to Goddess of Discord dwarf planet Eris at 23 degrees Aries, and Mars in Aries will form an exact conjunction to Eris while it simultaneously forms the final square to Pluto in Capricorn.

Eris' socially-discordant energy has had a strong influence on the entire Mars retrograde process, and this influence carries forward for the next two years until Mars goes retrograde again in late 2022. Mars made two previous exact conjunctions to Eris on August 15 and October 4, 2020, stationing retrograde at 28 degrees Aries on September 9 while still within orb of the conjunction. 

We can certainly see the discordant social themes alive and well in our societies since Mars entered Aries on June 28 with many contentious issues dividing people and raising ire, even stirring full-on violence or attacks (Mars/Aries). Mask or no mask. Lockdown or no lockdown. Vaccine or no vaccine. 5G or no 5G. Conspiracy or no conspiracy. We've often had to battle our way through these challenging times, actively protecting our individual rights (Aries) on a daily basis.

The influence of often-inflammatory Mars stirring up an already-frictional Eris-Pluto square in the late degrees of cardinal signs indicates that the opening to our new two-year goal path could involve some turbulence as we run up against the established order of things. There are some power issues involved here (Pluto), including the power of the individual and of individual action (Mars/Aries) to create change within the establishment. 

The Mars in Aries retrograde has brought us the gift of self-possession, and it appears we will be putting this gift to good use. We are living within very stressed conditions, and maintaining self-possession and self-containment helps us to live under our own sovereignty while not triggering any hostility or hatefulness for doing so.

The energy of Eris in Aries brings a bit of a feisty, renegade element into the proceedings, and this often pertains to those who have been kept out of the established order of things. It also includes those who are being harmed by the established order or those being denied the right to exist within the established order.

From a June 18, 2012 article: Golden Apples and Discordant Social Shuffling with Saturn in Libra

"The most well-known story about Eris involves a big social snub. Eris was not invited to a prominent wedding that was going on, despite the fact that all of Olympus had been invited. The social roster was not complete. Eris had been shut out of the proceedings. As a result, the big smiles and boisterous glad-handing were too phony for her to bear, and she stirred up some drama at their little party to make things seem more fair.

Queen Shit Disturber, that one is.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Major Concerns Over the Safety and Ethics of Pfizer

Whatever decision people make about the Covid-19 mRNA shots, there is pertinent information to be considered about the risks, and this information will not be shared in a meaningful way in mainstream media.

The Covid-19 shots are fast-tracked, experimental, synthetic messenger RNA "technology" that use lipid nano-particles to deliver mRNA directly into our cells. Messenger RNA has never before been injected en masse into the population.

Because this has been deemed an emergency situation, the usual animal safety trials have been skipped, going directly to human safety trials. The human safety trials were only 90 days long. This means that no long-term effects will be known before people are administered the shots. The mRNA shots have been developed in less than one year. Vaccines are usually developed over a ten to 15-year period before they are deemed safe. (Vaccines are never safe for everyone.)

The synthetic mRNA is injected, enters the cells, and then programs the cells to produce a spike protein that activates an immune response in the body to attack the virus. This has led to concerns about the creation of auto-immune disorders. Anaphylactic allergic reactions have already been seen in people receiving the vaccine.

The Covid-19 mRNA shots, designed to elicit an antibody response, may worsen disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in vaccinated people compared to non-vaccinated, and patients should be informed of this before they consent to receiving the shots. It's expected that elderly people will be particularly susceptible to antibody-dependent enhancement and the worsening of disease after vaccination, and they should specifically be warned about this before they decide whether to get the shots.

Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease

The messenger RNA is in addition to the other components of the shots, many of which can be toxic.

In the few weeks since the Covid-19 shots has been administered, there have been thousands of adverse reactions and dozens of deaths. (Update as of February 2022: shot-related injuries now count in the millions worldwide with at least tens of thousands of deaths.)

There is no evidence the Covid shots will stop transmission or that they will stop a person from getting the virus. The declared hope is that they will lessen symptoms in the people who do become ill. 

Because this type of technology is so new, it is unknown what unintended and unplanned effects it could have in the body or how harmful these effects could be. Of course, people react in different ways to things put into their bodies, whether that be food, caffeine, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, or vaccines. 

In 2018, researchers discovered that changes to messenger RNA could inactivate tumour-suppressing proteins, thereby promoting cancer in the body. The research pinpointed previously unknown drivers of cancer. 

The unintended and unplanned effects of new technologies being used in medical applications were again illustrated in 2018 in studies produced on CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) or gene editing technology. That technology snips DNA at a particular point, and from there, a gene can be disabled or different genetic material can be inserted. CRISPR technology is also used to genetically modify seeds. 

The technology was shown to have many unintended and unplanned effects after the "edits" were made. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Faux Aquarian Corporate Do-Gooding and Mastering the Plutonic Sociological Imagination as Pluto Nears the End of its Transit of Capricorn

As Jupiter and Saturn prepare to leave Capricorn (corporations, institutions, structure) for Aquarius (groups, global issues, social engineering), our intelligence is being terribly insulted with the announcement of a new group of self-appointed corporate global "Guardians," brought together by Pope Francis and the Vatican.

From December 9, 2020: Pope Francis Partners With Corporate Titans To Make Capitalism More Inclusive And Fair: Is This For Real Or Just Corporate Virtue Signaling? by Jack Kelly

This group, calling itself the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, claims it will come together to save the world through hiring more women and people of colour, switching to renewable energy, and promoting the recycling of water. 

This is common Aquarian Era schtick, and we must be aware of these transparent, faux do-gooding manipulations ahead of the Pluto in Aquarius years (2023 to 2044). Saturn transits Aquarius from 2020 to 2023, and there is a major attempt to establish and cement these types of "woke corporate" manipulations ahead of the Pluto transit. It's corporate re-branding for the Aquarian Era with strong themes involving global organization, (false) humanitarianism, "green" environmentalism, and the supposed elevation of humanity.

The list of self-appointed global corporate "Guardians" is absolutely farcical, including Rockefeller, Rothschild, Dupont, and British Petroleum, among other highly illustrious members, not to mention the Vatican itself.

The corporations and groups declaring themselves our trusted global "Guardians" are some of the worst criminals on Earth, including literal mass murderers. Let's be very clear on this - using renewable energy and hiring women and minorities does not miraculously make these criminals into good people when they've knowingly profited - and continue to profit - from the injury and murder of millions.

As Pluto transitions between Capricorn and Aquarius, the multi-billion dollar transnational corporations and institutions (Capricorn) that have created so much misery and toxicity on this planet will now attempt to morph into Humanitarian Global Governor Superheroes (Aquarius). They've profited massively from the problems they've created and will now attempt to cash in by selling us the supposed solutions - still steeped in the same control, coercion, and corruption at their Plutonic core. 

It is, in fact, the owners and executives of many of these corporations and institutions who should be under the watch of "Guardians" - prison guards in maximum security prisons. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Aquarius Stellium of 2021 as the Centre of a Continuum: Drawing on Ripples from 60 Years in the Past and Sending Ripples 60 Years into the Future

"The Aquarius Stellium of 2021 as the Centre of a Continuum: Drawing on Ripples from 60 Years in the Past and Sending Ripples 60 Years into the Future" is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons. If you regularly find Willow's Web Astrology valuable, please consider becoming a patron. Patrons receive in-depth astrology articles to their email inboxes that are not available on the public blog. An excerpt:



February 1962: 7-planet stellium in Aquarius - click to enlarge

Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and South Node of the Moon

Lesser Benefic Venus and Greater Benefic Jupiter are tightly conjunct.

This chart is the New Moon total solar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius on February 4, 1962. This was heralded as the beginning of the astrological Aquarian Era. We can see this as an early propulsion into stronger Aquarian energy and themes but still with a strong Piscean Era overlay.

This New Moon stellium followed the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 25 degrees Capricorn on February 19, 1961.




 February 2021: 6-planet or 7-body stellium in Aquarius - click to enlarge

Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and asteroid Pallas Athene

Lesser Benefic Venus and Greater Benefic Jupiter are exactly conjunct.

This chart is for the New Moon at 23 degrees Aquarius on February 11, 2021. We can see this as an anchoring or foundational point for the astrological Aquarian Era, building on vision and energetic threads coming from the 1962 New Moon eclipse and stellium. In 2021, we have come out of the most intense “one foot in, one foot out” overlapping transition time between the astrological eras. We are now officially being established on Aquarian Era soil. The separation of the ages has occurred, but unlearned or unheeded lessons from the Piscean Era must be immediately integrated if we are to avoid problems or even full-on catastrophe.

The New Moon stellium in Aquarius on February 11, 2021 follows the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius on December 21, 2020. 




February 2080: 8-planet stellium in Aquarius - click to enlarge 

Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Venus, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus

Lesser Benefic Venus and Greater Benefic Jupiter are exactly conjunct, and both bodies are in applying conjunctions to Saturn.

As you can see, with no bodies in Pisces or in water at all, the Piscean Era is moreso in the rearview mirror under the 2080 Aquarius stellium. The version of life on Earth we see here is dependent on many things, including how well we’ve protected the spiritual energy, principles, and wisdom of Earth since the Aquarius stellium of 2021. Which version of the Aquarian Era do we see in 2080: a free humanity independently meeting its own needs and fostering its own well-being, including via technological advances, or a controlled humanity with technological shackles, even merging our biological human forms with machines or other technological elements?

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs at 11 degrees Aquarius on March 15, 2080, just after the formation of this 8-planet stellium.


Amazingly, in all three of these large Aquarius stelliums – 1962, 2021, and 2080 – Greater Benefic Jupiter and Lesser Benefic Venus are tightly or exactly conjunct. The meeting of the benefics indicates good will in all three charts. These Aquarian threads that connect us through time, space, and location have their roots in love and benevolence toward humanity and the human community. These threads are about the importance of relationship and friendship, the importance of the social fabric as it sustains us through the eras. These threads connect those of like mind who have compatible ideas and also those of like heart who have shared love for this planet and for the living things here. These threads connect those who share a heartfelt dream for humanity and for life on this planet, people who have cherished and preserved this heartfelt dream no matter what their era. These threads are about a shared concept of human potential, as well as a willingness to create the conditions that can realize that potential.

These charts with Venus and Jupiter conjunct show a love for humanity and for all life on this planet that is timeless. They show a shared dream and a shared vision that span the eras. Anyone who has lived on this planet and loved this planet is connected at the heart. This is real love, real brotherly and sisterly love, reflected in the beautiful astrological symbology of these charts. We live, we have lived, under the same sky, connected at the heart as Venus and Jupiter conjoin brightly in the heavens. We live or have lived under these stelliums, so similar in energy and make-up. You can never step into the same river twice, but experiencing life under stelliums like these might be as close as it gets astrologically.


This article is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.  

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Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Re-Activation of the Jupiter-Neptune Square Themes - How to Spot Controlled Opposition: Reclaiming the Energy, Passion, & Effectiveness of the Resistance

How to Spot Controlled Opposition: Reclaiming the Energy, Passion, & Effectiveness of the Resistance
This article (after the break) on How to Spot Controlled Opposition was first posted on the blog on November 18, 2019, and it has now been compiled into a zine, available at Etsy.

I wrote this guide when Jupiter was in Sagittarius (truth, dogma) forming a series of three square aspects to Neptune in Pisces (illusions, fog, deception). The Jupiter-Neptune square was strongly in effect from late November 2018 to mid-November 2019 and indicated a primary theme of determining what is real and true from what is illusory and deceptive. 
As written about in a previous article, we are now experiencing a re-activation of the themes of the Jupiter-Neptune square with transiting Neptune in Pisces in square aspects to the nodal axis as we close out 2020 and begin 2021. These squares will be exact January 26, 2021
Tricky and karmically-loaded "truth versus deception" themes are particularly indicated by the square between Neptune in Pisces and the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius. We're addressing manipulation of truth, knowledge, public education, medicine, religion, and spiritual wisdom that has been going on for millennia. We're addressing the ways in which humanity has been blinded and fooled for generations, and this often has an esoteric, sinister occult, or pseudo-spiritual element.
Neptune in Pisces square the Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node indicates truth and perspectives that have been kept invisible within the broader discourse - which perspectives are acceptable and which perspectives are kept out. Truth and perspectives that are mocked, vilified, or attacked. What people believe and how this has been shaped, manufactured, or manipulated by forces that are deceitful or less than fully honest, including mass media.
These themes will be further intensified, potentially dramatically, throughout the month of December as the Sun, Mercury, and then Venus transit Sagittarius, forming conjunctions to the South Node and squares to Neptune in Pisces. The Sun makes these aspects on December 9 and 10; Mercury on December 13 and 14; and Venus on December 30 and 31.