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Astrology's Gorgeous Cycles, Intricacies, and Energetic Imprints: a Reactivation of the Jupiter Square Neptune Themes

The study of astrology is, in part, the study of cycles and themes. When we view these cycles and themes through the astrological lens, we gain valuable insight that can help us to be more successful (or at least, less confused!) when we're in the thick of things. 

When a planet transits a particular sign or makes a certain aspect, we often experience themes corresponding to the characteristics of that sign or aspect. 

Zodiac signs, planets, and aspects all have distinct energy signatures and can create energetic imprints that are re-activated later on when other planets, bodies, or points travel through the same area or form that same aspect.

Astrology shows us that everything is intricately and gorgeously connected. This has been understood within Earth's spiritual body of knowledge for millennia, but astrology shows us very clearly and specifically this web of energetic connection. 

Nothing in nature exists in a vacuum. Events occurring in the present are intricately connected to what has gone on in the past, and both past and present are intricately connected to what happens in the future. 

Astrological transits and aspects are a building progression throughout a human life. The work we put in under one transit or aspect - the experience gained and the understanding, awareness, and wisdom we come to - puts a foundation under us for future activations of that same area. This way, we keep growing and developing in life with each successive transit or aspect, with each new layer of the intricate and complex web of life that opens to us.

Consciously working with a particular transit or aspect, gaining awareness of what is required of us, allows us to move on from the lessons once they are learned/integrated and from the challenges once they have been overcome.

We're always working with this astrological progression. Because of this, it's often helpful to look back on previous transits and aspects to keep pertinent themes at the forefront of our minds. It's an exercise in increased awareness and also in maintaining a sense of context. 

A previous article on the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit recently caught my attention. The information in the article has definite parallels to both the astrology and the themes we are experiencing now. 

During Jupiter's transit of Sagittarius (November 9, 2018 to December 3, 2019), Jupiter was in frictional square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. At the time that I wrote the article, transiting Venus and Mars were in Virgo, forming a mutable t-square configuration with Jupiter and Neptune.

We are currently experiencing a re-activation of the astrology and the themes experienced then. The Nodes of the Moon (North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius) are currently in square aspects to transiting Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Virgo. This forms what we might call an energetic mutable Grand Cross. A true Grand Cross is formed with physical bodies in the zodiac. The Nodes of the Moon are calculated points, not physical bodies, but they do indicate similar energy and themes.

Transiting Venus in Virgo forms an exact opposition to Neptune Rx at 18 degrees Pisces on October 18, 2020. Venus will then square the nodal axis exactly on October 20. 

The Nodes of the Moon will be in tight applying squares to Neptune in Pisces for the next few months, forming exact aspects on January 26, 2021. This indicates an extension of the associated themes. Neptune in Pisces will station direct on November 28 within this configuration, indicating a particularly potent - and potentially cloudy/confusing/challenging - period near the end of November.

Venus opposite Neptune within energetic mutable Grand Cross with the Nodes of the Moon - click to enlarge

Currently, the South Node of the Moon is in Sagittarius, re-activating the territory covered by Jupiter in Sagittarius from late 2018 to late 2019 - just before the authoritarian excrement hit the fan, so to speak, in early 2020. 

A Sagittarius South Node indicates somewhat karmic territory related to truth, beliefs, knowledge, ethics, freedom, and guiding philosophies. We've been through this territory before, probably many times, and that experience helps us to navigate society and communication with others (Gemini North Node) without compromising our core truth.

The Gemini North Node indicates a requirement to share our truth in as socially-palatable and accessible a manner as possible, communicating even highly-charged information and ideas in a way that will not stir social/professional angst or a knee-jerk "attacking of the messenger." With dispositor Mercury now retrograde in passionate, emotional, and trigger-happy Scorpio, this is certainly more easily said than done. Nonetheless, this is the task on our plates. 

The influence of Neptune in Pisces indicates some difficulty in getting our perspectives across amidst confusion, deception, and manufactured panic. However, it also indicates spiritual guidance and assistance as we bring perspectives to the table that have been kept invisible within the broader discourse. We're supported from the other side and by our higher power (if we have one) to communicate what needs to be communicated - no more, no less. 

We can draw strongly on our spiritual faith for ongoing support as we are called upon to share information or perspective that is outside the consensus reality. We can endure the discomfort of being this type of messenger because we know we are not speaking simply for ourselves. The words are coming through us, echoing through time, space, and location, because they need to come forward at this time. In many ways, we are acting as a voice for those who are harmed by the established way of doing things - past, present, and future.

As you can see from the following article, threads and themes from the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit square Neptune in Pisces are being re-activated under the current astrology. The energetic imprint set at that time is being re-activated, and, with Mercury retrograde, a review of this information could be helpful for context.

From August 19, 2019: The Mutable T-Square Effect and Putting Our Truth Into Practical Action

Expansion planet Jupiter, strong in its own sign, stationed direct at 14 degrees Sagittarius on August 11, 2019 - the same day revolution-or-bust planet Uranus went retrograde at six degrees Taurus. 

With Jupiter still very slow in the zodiac, we are experiencing a concentration of themes involving the Sagittarian subjects of philosophy, knowledge, beliefs, and truth.

The Cosmic Spotlight is shining a particularly intense light on what we believe and what we know to be true, which may require us to stand in our own beliefs and truth even if this is not popular with others.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we're making a renewed commitment to living our truth. This sounds simple but is actually quite a complex process with many hard angles to navigate. 

In many ways, this is a quiet truth, a quietly guiding truth, that lifts us up and over the corruption, deceit, manipulation, and general wrongheadedness that characterizes so much of (manufactured) human society these days. It's a truth we can cling to while surrounded by upsetting falsity.

We're being asked to get clear on what we really believe to be true and how much it matters to us. Would we be willing to stand in that truth even in the face of a hostile majority? Would we be willing to back others up?

We're being asked how far we can compromise our beliefs and our truth in order to navigate the systems and structures as they exist. These systems and structures - and the power dynamics inherent within them - often attempt to force a top-down version of (manipulated) truth down our throats, demanding absolute compliance and a willingness to superimpose the manufactured philosophies of The Machine over our own guiding philosophies and better judgement.

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 9, 2018, and it will transit the sign of its domicile until entering Capricorn on December 3, 2019. Jupiter has been working on the square to Neptune in Pisces for most of its transit of Sagittarius, forming exact square aspects:

- January 13, 2019 at 14 degrees
- June 16, 2019 at 18 degrees
- September 21, 2019 at 17 degrees

With the themes of Jupiter in Sagittarius so strong, we're peeling our way down to the core truth amidst challenging, illusory, even dangerously deceitful conditions. Fakery and glossy half-truth abound with so many pretty, smiling faces representing these things to much acclaim on both public and private stages.

With Jupiter coming into its third and final exact square to Neptune, we're at a culmination point, a final testing point, involving the ongoing challenge of determining what is real from what is fake, what is true from what is false, what is concrete from what is illusory, what is meaningful from what is diversionary. For the most part, we are required to determine these things for ourselves.

One of the Jupiter square Neptune themes I've written about in the past is controlled opposition. From November 19, 2018: "Jupiter Square Neptune and How to Spot Controlled Opposition."

Once you clearly see and understand the dynamics, once you can sense the dynamics, it is much harder to be taken in by these slippery, snake-charming individuals...

There are many charlatans, many phonies, many egotists, many people intensely lacking in integrity who are being placed on pedestals, who are being turned into celebrities, even if just the YouTube or Instagram varieties. 

It's up to us to peel the layers of phoniness and ego-fakery, to nullify their influence, to unseat the pedestal-sitters and attention-clamourers in our own minds, rather than being taken in by it all. It's up to us to see through it. To be bemused by their gall, rather than taken in by their charm and charisma, by the intoxicating aura of fame, celebrity, popularity.

The real truth is quiet. It keeps its own counsel. It doesn't need to blow up on Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or any of the mainstream media channels to be legitimized.

Though it would certainly be nice, the truth needs no mass legitimization.

[The mutable t-square with Venus and Mars in Virgo] indicates a strongly transitional time that requires ongoing adaptation and adjustment with our duties and roles. We're being challenged under these mutable t-squares to clarify our personal philosophies, beliefs, and truth and to then put these into precise and practical action in the material world, even in the smallest and simplest of ways. 

Taking on this (somewhat sticky) challenge now ensures that we do not have to deal with the unpleasant ramifications of compromising our truth or ourselves. Having a backbone now, despite the difficulty, holds form in many ways for the next years of our lives.


As you can see, this article, written 18 months prior to the global "lockdown," provides some pertinent themes that have parallels to current circumstances. There is certainly intense pressure to "conform and comply" to official narratives that are full of holes, if not entirely insane. 

If we did our Jupiter square Neptune work at the time, if we took a stand for our personal truth, knowledge, ethics, and philosophies then, conditions could be a little easier on us now, and we could be assisted with some beneficial movement and development.

The current South Node in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces indicates we are drawing on a long spiritual lineage that has been working for freedom and truth on this planet for many generations. This is a rich and powerful lineage, but one that has has taken some devastatingly hard knocks, to say the least.

Once you see the whole scheme, once you connect your micro experiences to the broader macro agendas, there is no unseeing or unknowing it.

Some people are simply born without blinders. These people have existed throughout human history. We honour and acknowledge the often-severe difficulties they've experienced, and we honour and acknowledge the difficulties we, too, experience on this path. The burdens are shared, as well as the glories. Onward through this tough territory is the only way forward. 

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