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Willow's Web Astrology Readings:

 * Natal
* Transits
* Secondary Progressed
* Relationship Synastry
* The Four Major Asteroids and Black Moon Lilith
* Non-astrological advice from Willow

60-minute reading - $150

30-minute reading - $90

To purchase a reading, click the applicable button above and follow the instructions at PayPal, then contact me by e-mail at willowsweb [at] hushmail.com.

The information I need for a reading is:

* date of birth (please write your birth date out in full ex. November 19, 1967)
* time of birth
* location of birth
* preferred reading method (e-mail, mp3 recording, or telephone) 
* any details you would like me to look at during the reading

I don't do predictive astrology, so please don't ask me when you're going to get married. :-)

I use the Placidus house system but can use another system by request.

I do readings and answer e-mails Monday through Friday, with rare exceptions for telephone readings on a Saturday if no times will work during the week.

If you would like more of a two-way, conversational reading, please let me know when you book the reading.

Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your reading.

Readings are available by telephone or e-mail or can be recorded onto mp3 without your participation.

Telephone readings are recorded onto mp3 and e-mailed to you.

I do readings only after payment has been received. Payments must be in Canadian dollars. I also accept cheques or money orders - in Canadian funds, payable in Canada - if PayPal does not work for you.

For more information on the types of readings offered: Willow's Web Astrology readings


Anonymous said...

How do you go doing readings to Australia?

Willow said...

To get it to someone in Australia?

It would be either an e-mail reading or an mp3 recording sent via e-mail.

Anonymous said...

HI Willow
I would like to get a reading but I did not know there were so many available. Can you give a brief description of each of your readings and what they entail?
Thanks so much!

Willow said...

Hi, Anon;

If you click the pink link at the end about 'More info about Willow's Web Astrology readings,' it will take you to a post that outlines the different readings.

You also do not have to choose one type of reading - you can just outline what's going on in your life and/or what type of perspective you are looking to receive.

Let me know if that does not answer your questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Would love a reading, but there is a discrepancy concerning my time of birth. It is only a discrepancy of about one hour, though. Do you rectify charts?

Thanks! :)

Willow said...

Rectifying charts is not a skill I possess. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow, your column is the most real and soulful I have ever found. Thank you for that.
How can one pay in canadian dollars when I livein the united states? Ihpoe that is not a stupid question . I need a reading with you and would appreciate your reply.c.a m

Willow said...

cam, with PayPal, there is an option to pay in Canadian dollars.

If you are sending a money order, please contact me for the details. willowsweb [at] hushmail.com