Willow's Web Astrology: small and potent, just like Pluto.

Born after a tornado during the Via Combusta. I grew up on a cattle ranch on the Saskatchewan prairie and have since lived and worked in many locations across three provinces and a territory.

My background in journalism brought me into contact with the limitations of the mainstream media, and I've written Willow's Web Astrology blog now since February 2008. I practise Western tropical astrology professionally as a navigational tool and spiritual art, gleaning and sharing some of the advice, guidance, and wisdom it has to offer us. A humbling task.

I'm a self-taught astrologer of the DIY, spiritual anarchist tradition and a strong critic of New Age.

My whole life is a protest; my whole life is a prayer.

If you like my style and what I have to say, reading information can be found under the 'Purchase a Reading' button.

I'm unaffiliated.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Willow..your style is awesome ! Thank you for your honest & amazing insight into Astrology!

Coming here has helped in me in so many ways (born June 1985..)I have Pluto in Scorpio & also Saturn in Scorpio :-/
So i am very seriously grateful for your wisdom!

Many many thanx!

Cathryn Moe said...

Dear Willow, I have been an Astrologer for many years. I have even written/write weekly/monthly horoscopes for CNN Magazine in Tokyo, Metropolis Magazine in Tokyo, www.metropolis.co.jp the past 17 years, the Guernsey Globe Newspaper on Guernsey in the Channel Islands,UK, The Leither in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland and I-On Edinburgh Magazine, and Fashion Five O Magazine www.fashionfiveo.com in San Diego, California. I write this so you will know I love Astrology. I am very shy (Mars at 27 degrees Pisces in the 6th House) so have never written a comment on any Astrology website ever. However, you are SO WONDERFUL, so FULL OF PASSION, and SO ACCURATE, I just had to write to say how much I appreciate YOU, your courage, your heart, your willingness, your hard work, and how very much I look forward to everything you write, and everything you share! I pray for your recovery beyond anything you may ever expect. Much Love, Cathryn Moe

Kate said...

Oh hey there! How nice to find someone writing about astrology with a class analysis. <3 Thanks for your work.

LeoSunScorpioRising said...

I read your August 1, 2008 article entitled "Leo" and found it remarkably spot on. I remember the year clearly and very well for various reasons. Reading your words describing the cosmic path at the time shown a bright light on difficulties at the time. One of your latest, "Jupiter Enters Cancer at Lunar Apogee: The Wisdom of Our Pitch Blackest Emotional Experiences", was exceptional in laying out the case of the Black Moon Lillith. Appreciate what you're doing here.

Greg F said...

I like your new photographs. Your brightly-colored jacket makes a nice contrast to the grays and browns of the background.

Bless you for your excellent job as our Friendly Anarchist Aastro-Reporter.

You rock, Willow!

Melissa said...

The Food Label That Has Kraft, Nestle, And Coca-Cola Shaking In Their Boot


Anonymous said...

Dear Willow,
Hello Fellow Floxie!
I listened to your interview on Matt Savinar's astrology show. However, the segment where you listed everything that helped you heal from fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome seemed to be missing. Could you reiterate what worked for you? In case you are interested, I document my own struggles with the condition on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lizmik1980
Thank you so much!
P.S. Congrats that astrology is working for you. I'm a hobby tarot card reader myself.

Willow said...

I'll be doing a new segment on what has helped me to recover in the future! It will be up on YouTube a little later.

Willow said...

The Cipro recovery videos are up on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPTuKxUiW2OxRkKb3mwrYg/videos

Anonymous said...

Dear Willow

I just watched your tube video on dating an as pie, and had to find a place to write you to say "Thank you" for this! I think you must have dated my bf before me! I am a norm. I am also a Libra! And every single thing you spoke about was right on target. It's amazing. I watched all other youtube's on as pie/dating an as pie and none were done by a norm. I have been dating him for 2 years and now live with him. I feel I always have to push him to speak about something or take Me somewhere. Its getting bad. I am starting to feel insecure and feel like am I the crazy one here. He shows emotions to his cat!-when he comes home or wakes up-or leaves. Im lucky to get a quick peck somewhere on my face besides my lips,lol. I wish I can keep in touch with you-do you have a fb? I like astrology too.

Willow said...

Hi, Anon...

I found that it was helpful not to take it personally, but there are definitely some challenges, that's for sure. All the best to you and your bf!

I don't have a public FB page, no.