Friday, December 30, 2016

Navigating the Dreamscape Under a Pisces Stellium

We're currently experiencing a large concentration of bodies and points in Pisces, which, among other things, indicates a period of time when dreams may be more vivid or intense.

There's a lot going on in the unseen, etheric realms when Pisces is strong, and our sleeping hours may involve an even more powerful release of the unconscious than usual.

With transiting Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces, our dreams may have something important to teach us or to tell us. We may experience prophetic or foreshadowing dreams, also, as our spirits inform us of the path ahead through future events - albeit through the strange imagery of the dream world, which may not be comprehensible until said future events are upon us...

We may be working things out via our dreams in a more intense or active way under these astro conditions, solving problems or releasing old traumas. 

This concentration of Pisces energy will continue throughout the month of January, with Venus (as of January 3), Pallas Athene, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, and the South Node of the Moon transiting Pisces.

The veil between the visible and the invisible, the material and the immaterial, becomes thinner when multiple bodies and points crowd the sign of the fishes. Things are watery, slippery, hard to pinpoint, hard to nail down. Even waking life takes on a sense of the surreal and dreamy with synchronicity and "cosmic winks" from the universe more common. 

With aggressive malefic planet Mars in the mix, there may also be an emphasis on nightmares or otherwise unpleasant dreams (letting up by January 27 when Mars enters Aries).

The Pisces concentration picks up some juice yet again in late February with the Sun and Mercury transiting Pisces, until Mercury enters Aries March 13 and the Sun enters Aries, marking equinox, March 20. 

So because the dream life is such a prominent arena at the moment, let's buck the common wisdom that no one cares about other people's dreams except therapists and that's only because therapists are paid to care about them!

I was considering this Mars in Pisces transit, in particular, and its potential correlation to edgy, intense dreams or nightmares.

What type of nightmare do you find most terrifying or disturbing?

I think the one I find most terrifying is when you wake up and for a couple seconds, you see a figure in the room with you. You're aware that you just woke up, so it seems certain that someone (or some thing) is right there with you. It takes a few seconds to realize that no one is there, that it was part of a dream, and those few seconds are truly petrifying.

Recurring dreams are also really interesting. (Again, maybe not other people's recurring dreams, but let's throw caution to the wind on this one!)

I have a few different recurring dreams. One that I've had throughout my life is a dream about tornadoes coming. Sometimes I can see the tornado on its way; sometimes I only know it's coming. Generally there is a panic to get everyone (including pets) into the basement in time. Sometimes, I'm considering what possessions I have time to collect. In some of the dreams, I have to call for help and can't seem to get the number to the ambulance/police right, having to dial again and again. This dream is not all that mysterious, as my mother was in a tornado while pregnant with me and barely escaped before the tornado hit the trailer home she was living in.

The recurring dream I have the most these days is about eating food! This isn't mysterious, either. Since being poisoned by Cipro, I have had to limit my diet to a very small list of items. Most foods are off limits. If I stray from my highly limited diet, even with basic, non-junk foods, there is the possibility that I will trigger a cellulitis infection on my face, which has (horrifyingly) happened three times before. So my dreams usually involve eating some sort of contraband foods, realizing with horror what I've done, and then feeling intense dread that I will wake up the next day with cellulitis. heh

What types of recurring dreams do you have? Can you pinpoint the reasons for them?

Feel free to share your own thoughts/dreams, or feel free to skip this boring post filled with someone else's boring dreams. ;-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Uranus Stationing, a Plutonic Mercury Rx, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a Pixie Cut

We're currently experiencing a highly Plutonic Mercury retrograde in Capricorn/late Sagittarius (December 19 to January 8).

Mercury retrogrades, in general, bring us newly-uncovered information and perspective to process. But this one, infused so greatly with Pluto energy from the Mercury retrograde station conjunct Pluto on December 19, is truly hell-bent on exposing certain things that have been hidden from view.

There is really no holding back the tenacity of this Mercury placement, infused with intense-and-otherworldy Plutonic drive. It will leave no stone unturned.  

The information Mercury is digging up now is molten lava. It gets right to the point. This information is potentially traumatic, potentially triggering, and potentially disgusting.

But it is also empowering. It's always empowering to finally have something exposed that has been going on beneath your nose. 

Mercury is digging things up, in particular, to expose illegitimacy, dishonesty, and nefarious practises (especially business/financial practises).

This process of exposure, of bringing certain (potentially gross) information to light, is working its magic layer-by-layer but will not be complete until the exact Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 29 (17 degrees Capricorn), the exact Mercury-Uranus square January 31 (21 degrees Capricorn/Aries), and finally the Mercury ingress of Aquarius (February 7).

In addition to this Plutonic Mercury retrograde digging around in the muck, Uranus is currently stationing direct at 20 degrees Aries (December 28), which indicates the potential for shocks (Uranus) related to our identities (Aries).

And boy, did I just get one of those.

Yesterday, I discovered that a patron of my site has been ripping me off on her own site. I would go so far as to say that she is patterning herself after me in many ways.

She has lifted obscure astrological information, concepts, article ideas, and even biographical information without a lick of acknowledgement.

It's more than just ripping off my ideas and concepts, though. She is going so far as to rip off my entire style and identity. This is some straight-up Single White Female shit.

As far as I know, I'm the only astrology blogger out there who publicly characterizes herself in certain ways - until Jennifer Jason Leigh in a pixie cut showed up. Her biographical information and information on readings reads like a fleshed-out cut and paste.

Finding out that a years-long patron to your site has been siphoning from you without due credit or acknowledgment, that she has built an entire astrology practise as a watered down imitation of you, is a pretty big shock to digest.

A fairly healthy group of article subjects and analysis has a strong whiff of "Willow's Web Astrology" about it. Even her "opinions" about astrology and the practise of astrology are often regurgitated versions of my own. Hell, she even uses the same obscure email service I use!

As a writer, to see your words and ideas being passed off by another person is a truly surreal and horrifying experience.

But to then realize that the person has adopted your very style and identity? Creepy doesn't begin to describe it. I hope I never experience something like this again. 

This isn't flattering. This isn't "being influential." This is theft. It's a version of identity theft and a form of fraud.

Just one example of many: in February 2016, I sent out two patron videos talking about how I would be writing an article on a particular subject matter for Hexagon Astrology Magazine. I had been assigned this brilliant article topic by the editor, and as with much of the content in Hexagon, I have never seen it covered by another astrology blogger or publication.

Mere days after the second patron video was sent out, guess who had slapped up an article on her site on the exact same topic?

All I can say is, it must be sad to be a pale imitation of an original...

This woman is skipping steps. She is passing off my observations as her own and coming across as a "seasoned pro" when she is far from it.

She has built her astrology blog and practise on the energy, work, and talent of another astrologer without giving a lick of acknowledgment or due credit. This a false foundation, not something that has been painstakingly earned every step of the way like Willow's Web Astrology.

So I've done what I know to do. I cancelled her patronage, of course. I called her out in multiple places on her blog, though she has since deleted my comments. And I've compiled a list of instances where she has ripped me off for my own records.

I really do feel sickened by this heap of Plutonic-molten information I uncovered. But I also feel that it has helped me get rid of some rot that desperately needed to go.

This woman (and any of her fans and cohorts) are not welcome at my site.

I would love to name this broad publicly. She deserves to be shamed for what she has tried to pass off as her own original style, identity, and work.

But I will leave it up to the universe to deal with her.

Obscure reference alert (which may subsequently be lifted): You can't pass fake Willow off any more than you can pass fake Sassy Magazine off to discerning teens circa 1994! I remember being so crushed, bewildered, and angry when I received that first watered-down version of Sassy in my mailbox, the one now owned and published by the makers of superficial and brainless Teen Magazine.

Just know that there are people out there desperate for an astrological platform who will do some pretty messed up things to get some attention and play.

But whatever Mercury is working on uncovering and exposing in your own life at the moment, be grateful for it, even if it feels like a sucker punch to the gut (like this does). It's ultimately making you smarter about something. It's changing dynamics that need to be changed. It's making you more protective and wily and cunning. It's making you more successful.

But under this Uranus direct station in Aries, you may have to stand up and fight for what's rightfully yours in order to get there.

The Sun and Mercury form their interior conjunction at 7 degrees Capricorn tomorrow, as Uranus stations direct. We have come to a moment of clarification in the Mercury retrograde process.

This is followed by a New Moon conjunct Mercury at 7 degrees Capricorn later tomorrow night (10:53 p.m. PST).

The information coming to light now may change our entire emotional stance on something. It may force us to take control in certain ways. And take control we certainly will during the following lunar cycle and the rest of Capricorn season - or we will surely suffer the consequences.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ceres in Aries Triggering the Uranus-Pluto Square: the Goddess of Grains in a Gluten-Free World

Earth Mama dwarf planet Ceres is currently in late Aries in tight conjunction to stationing Uranus and in loose square to Pluto in Capricorn. In other words, the Goddess of grains, agriculture, and the fertility of the Earth is triggering the Uranus-Pluto square.

Ceres moved retrograde into late Aries in mid-October, and it stationed direct, tightly conjunct Uranus, on December 8, 2016.

Ceres and Uranus are still in that tight conjunction as Uranus now prepares to station direct at 20 degrees Aries on December 28.

This is an indicator that food, agriculture, and nourishment themes - especially those that are new in human history - are being electrified and shaken up. This is also an indicator that an immediate and perhaps radical change in course may be required in these areas, and it likely needs to be self-directed.

Ceres in Aries in general indicates a battle (Aries) regarding our nourishment (Ceres) that may also involve human rights and genetics.

Uranus is an indicator of technology, including biotechnology, and the insidious introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods into the general food supply is one area being lit up by this Ceres-Uranus conjunction.

The results of yet another animal feeding trial were recently released (under this Ceres-Uranus conjunction) that indicate health damage in lab rats fed a diet of GM Bt corn. This is corn that has been genetically modified to have insecticide built right into the plants, and it is grown widely in Canada and the United States.

The Egyptian study showed that after only 90 days, the intestines of the lab rats were damaged by diets of this corn:

"In the GM-fed rats, some areas of the villi – finger-like structures in the intestine that absorb nutrients from food – were damaged. They were distorted and flattened, with some cells joined together. The damage can clearly be seen in the images included in the study. The crypts (mucosal glands) were disrupted and blood vessels were congested. Signs of inflammation – white blood cell infiltration – were seen around areas of damage. In addition, the cells of the intestinal lining were abnormal in structure.

Other signs of damage included increased shedding of mucosal cells, increased numbers of mucous-secreting goblet cells, and higher rates of division of cells lining the crypts."

(Source: Claire Robinson,

This was the third Egyptian feeding trial study that showed health damage in rats fed GM Bt corn. The first study showed changes in organs, blood biochemistry, and body weights. The second study showed toxic effects on the liver and kidneys, as well as damage to the intestines.

Now, none of this should come as a surprise, as the Bt technology was designed to literally blow up the digestive systems of insects that eat the plants!

Damage to the intestines will have adverse effects throughout the biological system, as anyone with Leaky Gut Syndrome or any number of other digestive disorders will tell you. "Health begins in the gut" is a common natural health motto, and gut/intestinal issues are considered the roots of many ailments including digestive and auto-immune disorders, allergies, candida overgrowth, arthritis, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and many more.

Much of the population is unaware that the big GMO corporations are turning us into the biggest science experiment in human history, that our very DNA is being altered without our consent and against our will via genetically modified organisms and chemical pesticides and herbicides that have been implanted in our foods and in the foods of our livestock.

Ceres transiting Aries and triggering the Uranus-Pluto square with Uranus stationing direct indicates a time for action, a battle to nourish ourselves while also battling to eliminate those things that are not nourishing to us.

The areas where GMOs are most prevalent are in processed foods and in animal products. Processed food products on supermarket shelves currently made with conventional corn, soy, or canola are very likely to contain at least some GM material. Genetically modified corn, alfalfa, and soy are also common livestock feeds.

Eliminating processed foods and eliminating conventionally-produced supermarket animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) are the most direct and front-line ways to use the Earth Mama warrior energy of Ceres in Aries to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Buy organic animal products and produce whenever your budget will allow - just buy less of it, if necessary. Sourcing food that is up to organic standards directly from farmers and ranchers is often the most affordable (if less convenient) way to go. Even independent farmers and ranchers may feed their livestock GM feed, though, so ask questions and go with a producer with a good reputation whom you feel you can trust.

Another area of nourishment that is often overlooked is our water sources.

Due to the increasingly toxic environments around us, our water sources are becoming less trustworthy.

A recent investigation done by Reuters reporters M.B. Pell and Joshua Schneyer found that there are almost 3,000 communities in the United States that have water with lead levels that are at least double that of Flint, Michigan. You may recall last year's media storm over Flint's water crisis - but as usual, all the media attention in the world does little to illuminate the true depth and breadth of the problem.

With Ceres in Aries conjunct stationing Uranus, triggering the Uranus-Pluto square, independent leadership in the area of our nourishment is primary, as is the elimination (or at least reduction) of multiple layers of poison assaulting our biological systems every day.

Many of you may be aware that I was debilitated by a fluoroquinolone antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) that was prescribed to me for a minor infection in 2009, and this has left me (and hundreds of thousands of others) with a crazy mix of health ailments and symptoms ever since.

Six months ago, I moved to a new province, and in the chaos of the big move, I neglected to pay close enough attention to my water source. The water here is not fluoridated - I made sure of that. But it is chlorinated, and I sort of put it to the back of my mind in favour of other pressing concerns. (I had been vigilant about drinking filtered or natural water in the years prior to this move, but that just goes to show you the mind-fogging effects of the South Node in Pisces with Saturn square Neptune...)

Sure enough, for the past six months, I have experienced a terrible flare of symptoms that has been quite debilitating.

I refined and refined my diet to the point that I could refine it no more, and still the symptoms persisted.

Finally, I asked myself what was different in my life in this new province and considered that it may be the water causing the problems.

After doing my research and weighing my options carefully, I decided on a Big Berkey water filtration system. I had heard about these systems from various "prepper" sites over the years, as well as from an astrologer I had worked with a bit in the past. But I had always shied away from the price tag.

After weighing it out, though, I decided to bite the bullet and make an investment. I also ordered a chlorine-removing shower head system, as I learned that breathing in steamed chlorine during a hot shower was quite terrible for you, as well.

Now, I had always sort of (erroneously) believed that fluoride was the main toxin to avoid in water and that chlorine was one of those "less bad" toxins that our bodies could put up with.

Not this body. Not after being poisoned by Cipro.

So I took the plunge and ordered my Big Berkey.

Assembly was fairly simple (after watching a how-to video on YouTube in preparation), though I did have to prime the filters twice due to not pressing them against the faucet firmly enough the first time.

The system looks like a big coffee urn. You pour the water in the top half, and it trickles down to the bottom half, where you access it from the spigot.

Immediately, immediately, I noticed a decrease in the severity of my symptoms.

I could not smell any chlorine in the filtered water or in the water coming through my shower head filter.

And it was quite delicious-tasting, to boot. 

I'm not saying it was a miracle cure - I don't think there is such thing with moderately severe fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome like I have. But the symptoms were back to being manageable, which is just fabulously great.

This taught me that, no, chlorine is not just a "necessary evil" that we can tolerate because we have to. Chlorine toxifies the system just like fluoride or lead or pharmaceuticals do. Chlorine also kills bacteria, which includes the good bacteria in the gut.

This also taught me that, yes, a system like this is worth the investment. These systems run with either two or four filters. Each filter is good for 11,000 Litres of water before replacement is necessary. Mine has two filters, so that is 22,000 Litres (5,811 Gallons) of water. It is estimated that an adult human being should drink two to three Litres of water per day. If you add some extra water for cooking, these filters are still going to last many, many years before needing to be replaced.

After seeing what a big difference clean water made for my health, I am also reminded - painfully - that we are not going to receive even the most basic of common sense leadership and guidance from our governments or from our institutions on this issue.

Lead is one of the heavy metals that the Berkey filters will take out of the water almost completely, along with aluminum and barium (being dumped into our air, water, and soil continually and in massive amounts via chemtrail spraying), mercury, and many more. These filters will remove chlorine almost entirely. They will remove pharmaceuticals (removal of Ciprofloxacin is even listed on the label). They will remove pathogenic bacteria, pesticides, arsenic, petroleum products. You can also add extra filters to remove fluoride, which I subsequently purchased.

Also high on the list these days - Berkeys have been shown to remove most radioactivity from the water

In other words, there is quite a simple and immediate solution to the problem of contaminated water, a solution that, again, is not being activated or made accessible to the people by our so-called leaders. This solution could be employed while more long-term solutions and upgrades are made to water-related infrastructures. This solution could save lives and it could head off the suffering and expense of ill health. This solution also gives some power back to the people over the quality of their water.

Again, we have to ask ourselves why governments, said to govern for the people, are not providing education, assistance, and guidance to purchase one of these systems, making them available to people of all income levels?

There is no legitimate reason for this. 

Just as with the homelessness and affordable housing crisis, we see that we are on our own with this. Communities are on their own.

Politicians are not our leaders.

Corporations are not our leaders.

Celebrities are not our leaders.

We are our leaders.

And we are our own leaders with relatively few resources at our disposal. Most of the resources have been tied up in Band-Aid solutions and bureaucracy and destructive practises. Most of the resources are not being allocated to the immediate, common sense solutions. 

With Ceres in Aries conjunct stationing Uranus, there is nowhere that our independent leadership is more crucial than with the things that nourish our bodies.

We are in uncharted territory when it comes to food, water, and basic nourishment on this planet. Ceres is in uncharted territory. The Goddess of grains is navigating a gluten-free world, a world where we have to battle, every day, for food and water that nourish rather than poison. This is a world where we have to battle, every day, to eliminate invisible toxins that we are erroneously taught are perfectly safe.

I would encourage anyone - especially those with health ailments - to research Berkey systems. They also make a truly meaningful gift for the people in your life. If you know of families or communities struggling with water quality issues, please spread the word. Berkey - U.S. or Berkey - Canada

Ceres in Aries, infused with the revolutionary, rabble-rousing energy of Uranus, is asking us to take on the leadership through uncharted territory as we move into 2017, making the changes for ourselves, for our fellow humans, and for our communities.

It's in our own hands, no one else.

Ceres continues through late Aries, conjunct Uranus, until entering Taurus February 5, 2017.

Happy Solstice and Happy 2017!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Fringe-Dweller Associations, Survival-Based Subcultures, and the Tiny Home Community Movement

I was recently a guest on Matt Savinar's community radio show to talk about Jupiter in Libra activating the Uranus-Pluto square. I see these aspects as an indicator of the emergence/catalyzing of fringe-dweller associations and survival-based subcultures in the face of increasing fascist controls and abuses. You can read more on the subject in this patron article.

You can listen to the recent radio segment here:

Jupiter in Libra Activating the Uranus-Pluto Square: Fringe-Dwellers and Survival-Based Subcultures

I was speaking about the necessary emergence of alternative housing, including tiny homes, to solve the homelessness and affordable housing crises and also about the need for people and communities to take these matters into their own hands, as the current power structures will not be solving these desperate problems. The lack of effective action up to this point tells the tale, with billions of dollars wasted on inadequate Band-Aid solutions that only keep the nasty cycles going.

Today, that evil data-mining site we all use nowadays told me of a tiny home community in Oregon that has been created for the homeless. Another community is being planned for people who have jobs but can't afford a place to live due to the prohibitive cost of rents.

Upon further research, these tiny home communities are popping up all over the place because, quite simply, they are a common sense solution to the problem. Facebook Page: Tiny Communities

The creative potential of these communities to solve housing and social problems is huge. The possibilities are truly exciting.

A tiny home community has been developed in Los Angeles, California specifically for homeless teens. Each tiny home costs just $1,200 to build.

So let's just put this on the record: there is no legitimate reason why our governments are not spearheading major initiatives like this, as well as tackling more long-term solutions to the affordable housing crisis. At the very least, governments should be fully supporting the people behind these initiatives as well as training and supporting people to build their own alternative shelters.

The fact that this is not happening en masse, that people are on their own with this stuff, is a blatant sign of the corruption and inhumanity of the power structures on this planet. It is a blatant sign that our governments are failing us miserably. It is a blatant sign that - especially in the astrological Aquarian Age - politicians are not our leaders.

We are our leaders.

Luckily, the corrupt and control-based power structures of Planet Earth are no match - have never been any match - for human ingenuity, adaptability, and the desire to end needless suffering.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Happily Uranian Holiday Season

 Santa's Beach House!

This appears to be a very Uranian holiday season, as we experience yet another era-shift shake-up in our relations with others (particularly family).

We generally come into closer contact with the people in our lives during the holidays, and this close contact illuminates the path we need to take in order to get out of some classic karmic emotional pits related to this time of year.

The holidays aren't necessarily warm and cozy and wonderful for everyone, and this strong Uranian energy suggests that we can make some changes to address that fact this year.

The astrological Aquarian era is about creating fluid, common sense rules and structures that work for the individuals involved, rather than forcing people to fit within rigid, pre-set ways of doing things.

As we move through the holidays and close out the year 2016, the planet leading the way into the new astrological era, Uranus, is stationing direct at 20 degrees Aries (exact station December 28), and this body's erratic, up-and-down, off-and-on energy permeates the holiday scene. 

There is a little agitation here, and for good reason.

This is an excerpt from the article, "A Happily Uranian Holiday Season." It is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius Conjunct Juno: We Bear the Burden of This Truth With a Little Help From Our Friends

 Photos: Willow

We experience a New Moon in lively Sagittarius on November 29 as the Sun and Moon come together exactly conjunct soul mate asteroid Juno at 7 degrees (4:18 a.m. PST).

This Sagittarius New Moon falls tightly square the nodal axis (North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces), as well as Neptune, which is still regaining speed direct at 9 degrees Pisces in a separating conjunction with the South Node.

At the time of the New Moon, wounded healer Chiron will be stationing direct in challenging square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius (November 30), potentially creating some fairly intense personal/collective pain-waves.

This is not easy territory to navigate, with various patches of emotional and psychic quicksand threatening to take us under into the swirl and whirl and confusion of the end-of-Piscean-era energy. A painful memory, an insensitive comment, a triggering image - pretty much anything could bring us into an acute awareness of how rough it's been. A creeping sense of overwhelm can permeate things now, and we may have to fight the urge to give up the seemingly futile battle with a resounding, "Screw it!"

Now, there are certain battles we really do need to disengage from. Certain battles really are futile and are becoming moreso as we hurtle beyond the Piscean era paradigm and into astrological Aquarius.

The false dichotomy of the Hegelian dialectic (Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, etc.) is one of those battles, as much of the population wastes time and energy fighting "the other side" rather than focusing energy and attention on the big picture, on the real problems, on the more important common battles that actually draw us together.

These aspects indicate particular challenge for those who know and express an understanding of things that is not commonly accepted.

With a Sagittarius New Moon exactly conjunct Juno, we can draw strength and inspiration from the others out there who know the things we know, who see the things we see, and who are willing to speak up about it when necessary. We can draw strength and inspiration from the others out there willing to live their lives bearing and doing right by these unpopular truths.

There are others out there being opposed because of the truths they understand, carry, and deliver. This has been a theme throughout human history. And there are others who feel just as beleaguered and exhausted by the bearing of these unpopular truths at the end of the road for the astrological Piscean era.

How is it possible to continue, to gather the strength and energy, time and time again, to cut through the mind control, the distraction, and the carefully manufactured lies that have been accepted as truth?

How it is possible to continue the battle against misleading media, deceitful corporate communications and advertising, and maya-inducing controlled opposition agents, all with budgets in the millions or even billions of dollars?

The truth is: we can do it because it needs to be done. The force is with us, so to speak. We can do it because a single word of truth applied at the right time in the right way can cut through millenia of establishment bullcrap, billions of deceitful words and phrases and concepts and lecturers and authors and pundits.

We can do it because we have soul mates (Juno) out there who know and understand and carry similar truth themselves (Sagittarius).

This New Moon in Sagittarius opens us into a "new truth portal" and a month-long lunar cycle that involves encounters with these truth-bearing soul mates that can inspire us and energize us and renew our faith in this righteous yet difficult/treacherous/exasperating path.

Relationship planet Venus in Capricorn is exactly square Uranus in Aries on the day of this Sagittarius New Moon, indicating that a team effort moves us beyond crystallized, old-era set-ups. We can see how our combined efforts and diligence are creating cracks in the structural realities of the establishment. With continued efforts, these cracks become fissures and the fissures become crevasses and the crevasses break things down until we can simply step - together - out of the rubble and into something different, into something better. We wear down the seemingly impenetrable rocks with the truth; we weaken them until no self-respecting human can deny what we see and know and understand.  

The strong emphasis on mutable energy at this New Moon (with the Sun, Moon, Juno, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and the Nodes of the Moon in mutable signs) indicates a December involving many changes. Things are in a state of flux this December, but that does not mean there will not be solid and meaningful progress amidst all the activity. As written about in the most recent patron article, Saturn is now charging through 17 - 21 degrees Sagittarius in one pass only, indicating that some long-desired and hard-earned progress could fall into place as we close out 2016. This is progress that could solidify our positions in beneficial ways, sustaining us for years to come.

So we're tired. We're sick of the crap. We're fed up feeling as if we're the only ones who took the red pill. And we're wondering how we can eke out the meaning, the strength, and the energy to continue the battle for what we consider truthful and right.

But so are our Juno in Sagittarius soul mates.

Despite the isolation abyss-zones indicated by Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces, we're not alone in any of this. Those who know things that are kept out of the mainstream discourse are in very good company.

We do not bear the burden of knowing and seeing and understanding these things alone. Though we may be physically or socially isolated in our awareness, this is a shared burden, a burden that is shared from heart-to-heart across generations and millenia, across time and space.

We bear these truths because we know how to. We bear them because it's a matter of personal pride and honour. We bear them because to let them drop only allows the bastards on this planet to win, to continue the nasty, nasty things they are doing. And to let them drop only increases the weight on others who know and see and understand, our Juno in Sagittarius soul mates. 

So keep telling your truth, keep standing up for what you feel is right, keep living by the light of your own philosophy and understanding of things. Keep sharing information and perspective, even when you fear it is futile to do so. It isn't.

And the energy from the others living by the flames of their own righteous little souls will sustain and fortify during the month ahead...

With the Virgo North Node leading the way, it is a very specific application of truth and perspective that unlocks things. It is the puncturing of half-truth blanket statements that do not hold up under further scrutiny or analysis. It is a practical and moderate tongue, a modest clarification of matters that is mindful of energy conservation. It is a precise pinpointing of errors in judgement or discernment. 

The Moon enters Sagittarius November 28 at 12:46 p.m. with the Juno-infused New Moon at 7 degrees on November 29 at 4:18 a.m.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Chiron Stationing Direct in Pisces and the Natural Reaction of Depression Under Highly Challenging Collective Circumstances

 Photos: Willow

Wounded healer Chiron is stationing direct at the moment at 20 degrees Pisces (November 30), bringing the need for clarity around how our personal pain is intricately tied to the broader collective pain and pain-inducing dynamics.

This body in this sign moving through a station can bring a definite "emotional wet blanket" effect.

On the heels of the Neptune direct station exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces on November 19, the pain we are shouldering due to our collective circumstances is intensified.

Thanks to a comment made by one of WWA's intuitive and researching readers, I've updated a previous post on the subject from October 25, 2013. The themes still very much apply and may help to put things into helpful context:

"Depression is often talked about as if it is a disease, and it certainly can be.

But depression is also a natural bio-chemical response to the state of things on this planet. This is what most people miss. Or maybe it's what they choose to gloss over because then they are not in control. Then the issues snowball. They become huge and unmanageable via the usually prescribed methods. And there is no real solution - only understanding, acceptance, love, endurance, and a willingness to stare it all down, to expose it.

One of the biggest sources of fuel for depression these days is the degree of collective denial we are living with en masse. It's emotionally upsetting, to say the very least. This is the distance between the bottom line reality on this planet and the way most people - including our so-called leaders - are living. The decisions being made and the options being presented don't have much basis in that bottom line reality. Most are living in an artificial state of manufactured reality, and there isn't much that is more depressing to a natural, biological being than living in artifice. Take a look at the animals in the zoo.

We are connected to the living beings who are suffering on this planet, and they're connected to us and to our suffering. And when that suffering is denied, avoided, glossed over, brushed aside, it adds a heaping helping of psychic disturbance to our psyches. Did you really think you were just going to go about your happy, happy life while the majority of this planet suffers under systems and structures that create and reinforce that pain? That's not how life on this round, rotating ball really works.

You remember what went on in Iraq? What's still going on? Well, the devastation and pain from that is monstrous, unimaginable, and it has ripple effects that haven't even gotten started yet. We're going to be dealing with this one for centuries.

You know the nightmare going on in Fukushima these days? That affects you. It affects all of us. It seeps into our psyches, whether we pay it any conscious heed or not. We're tied to the water on this planet, to the creatures in that water. We're tied to the workers on the Fukushima front lines who are being irradiated as I type. We're tied to the emotional and psychic states of other living beings. We can't separate ourselves from this "terrible tragedy that's happening somewhere else." We're teetering on the brink, right here, right now, and we have been since March 11, 2011.

You remember when we thought the oil gusher and massive, criminal dosing of Core-exit in the Gulf of Mexico was the big collective problem? Doesn't Chiron in Pisces have a funny way of putting things in context for us?

We live in a world that wants to separate people into the happy and the unhappy, the joyful and the depressed, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the normal and the abnormal, the positive and the negative.

But those distinctions are not real.

If the scenarios on planet Earth during transiting Chiron in Pisces (2011 - 2019) teach us anything, it's that what affects one will eventually affect all. There is no real line between the fortunates and the unfortunates. We cannot separate ourselves from the corruption, the murder, the erosion, the destruction, the poisoning that is going on - no matter what dimension you mistakenly believe you are ascending to, no matter how much fake currency you have in your bank account.

The fascists didn't really lose the war.

And now they've gotten into our food, into our water, into our air, into our minds, into our psychic environments, into our relationships, and into the social fabric that holds us together.

They have people chasing money and luxury items and tropical vacations and 200 "likes" on their seductive, social media selfies. They have people chasing a highly skewed idea of "success," all so very poisonous and destructive during the Pluto in Capricorn years.

They have people regimented in inhumane 8 to 5 office schedules that do not take into account the natural ebb and flow of energy in a biological organism.

And they have people convinced that if they can't sustain this grueling Monday to Friday march, they are worthless, damaged, less than whole. In short, if you can't keep up with that relentless, robotic, fluorescently-lit pace, there's something very, very wrong with you.

If you have to work two or three jobs just to keep a roof over your head and food on your table, there's something wrong with you.

If you are a man who can't work 14, 16, 18-hour days, there is something wrong with you.

If you are woman who can't cheerfully whip up culinary delights for her family every night of the week after working a full day, there is something wrong with you.

They have people snowed, that's for sure.

They have people blaming themselves for situations that have been planned and orchestrated to be just this bad...and worse.

There is a natural ebb and flow to the energy of a human being. The Moon cycles are a big indicator of this. But we are in the Pluto in Capricorn years: caffeine and drug-fueled to keep us going and going and going. We are in a series of years when it's considered a sickness if you need to rest, if you need to slow down, if you need to just stop for a little while.

We're convinced by a toxic pharmaceutical-pushing medical establishment that we need to be medicated. We need to be more "up" or more "down" or more something in order to be normal, sane, healthy.

Not once does that medical establishment look at the insanity of the constant merry-go-round. Not once does it look at the intentional disruption of the biological systems on this planet. Not once does it look at our food, our water, our air, our mental, psychic, and physical environments.

And so it misses the point.

With the North Node of the Moon in Virgo until May 2017, it's our job to get to the point. To root this the fuck out so that it stops preying on us.

It's our job to make the connections between a) how we feel and b) what is going on on this planet that could be leading us to feel that way.

It's our job not to make ourselves pathological just because our biology is responding in a perfectly understandable fashion to stressful and frightening situations.

It's our job to understand depression as a natural and normal reaction to a world that has gone way off course. It's our job to integrate it as much as possible, to keep our emotional states as fluid as possible, to feel it all, right down deep, but not to allow it to drag us under and keep us there.

We're moving to a New Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius on November 29 that will square Neptune in Pisces and the nodal axis.

This means we are also coming to the Dark of the Moon period, one of those natural energetic low points I was talking about. Again, understand the insanity of a system that ignores this fundamental energy cycle, this Moon cycle, this ebb and flow, this soul root. Don't make the natural reactions of your biology and emotional chemistry into the insane things.

Again, putting personal feelings and reactions into their broader context is necessary. Things are being planned and orchestrated now, just as they were in the 1930s when we last found ourselves in the aftermath of a Uranus-Pluto square series. There is evil on this planet attempting to direct us into a death march, and the only way we don't succumb to the depression of this is to continually expose it, rip the mask off it, get pissed off about it, talk about it, laugh at it, and look at the ugly, ugly things it is doing so that we can break its hold and its manipulation wherever we can.

Getting to the deep-down emotional and psychological roots is necessary. Understanding the pathology of the structures, the power hierarchies, the relentless corporate pace, and understanding our natural reactions to that pathology, is necessary.

To get out from under the most detrimental weight of all this, we have to put it into context. We have to see it clearly. We have to stop blaming ourselves. We have to put our emotional and psychological reactions into their proper context until they don't seem insane at all. Until they seem downright valiant!

As we move through the "new truth portal" of the Sagittarius New Moon with Chiron stationing direct in Pisces, if you do nothing else, break out of the current medical establishment mindset that makes individuals sick, damaged, and pathological without any correlations made to the sick, damaged, and pathological collective structures and ways of doing things.

Refuse the weight of this bullshit diagnosis. Refuse all the bullshit diagnoses. Don't make your emotional reactions to these upsetting times a bad thing, a wrong thing. Trust your emotional body, and follow its cues and impulses in order to stay the course.

Strength to you all, and keep your spirits up!"

This is a photo of a Christmas cactus I inherited from my lively and fun-loving Sagittarian Grandma. These cacti flower when the sunlight hours start to get short, reminding us to slow down, conserve energy, and take time to appreciate small beauties! 

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Disturbance in the Force: Neptune Stationing Direct Exactly Conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Pisces

I woke up this morning, came out of my bedroom, and found this. A mystery bowl sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. At first, I just stared at it and thought I must be seeing something of supernatural origin. Then I remembered I heard a noise last night that woke me up but was too lazy/sleepy/unconcerned to investigate. I assume the bowl fell off the heap of clean dishes, rolled across the floor, and came to a rest in upright position as you see it here.

But then I put the bowl back on the pile of dishes, looked to my right, and saw a sponge sitting in the middle of the sink. This sponge had been resting firmly on the side of the sink when I went to bed last night. I hadn't used it in a few days. So there was really no logical explanation (Virgo North Node) for how that sponge got into the sink.

Neptune stationing weirdliness! It's to be expected under the current astrological conditions.

From the November 8, 2016 post, "Neptune Stationing Symptoms: A Friendly Reminder from Your Anarchist Astro-Reporter":

"Everything is a bit weirder and a bit more surreal under the energy of these stations. The veil between the material and the immaterial is just a bit thinner. Taps on the shoulder from the universe are a bit stronger. We perceive the other side communicating with us a bit more clearly."

The exact conjunction of Neptune and the South Node of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces occurs today, and the Neptune direct station occurs November 19, so the weirdliness reaches its peak over the next few days with the Sun traversing the last degrees of otherworldly Scorpio. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Keeping it in Context


Your anarchist astro-reporter, Willow, on the psychic and emotional aftermath of the U.S. presidential election and how to keep it all in perspective:


SoundCloud: U.S. Election Fallout


YouTube: U.S. Election Fallout



This discussion is courtesy of Matt Savinar and his KOWS 107.3 FM community radio show, Ask the Astrologer, out of Occidental, California. You can listen to Matt's show live online every Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific.

More on the astrology of the time and its effects can be found in this November 8, 2016 article: Neptune Stationing Symptoms: A Friendly Reminder from Your Anarchist Astro-Reporter

And speaking of keeping things in context (ahem), Happy Full Moon in Taurus at perigee!

Photo by my dear Mum from her kitchen window on the cattle ranch in Saskatchewan. You can't get much more Taurean than that!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Intense Social Transformation with Survival-Based Subcultures and Fringe-Dweller Associations Emerging

 Photo: Willow

In many cases, common sense and common human decency cannot be applied within the current structural set-ups. This goes against protocol, you see. It's just not how things are done.

Ultimately, there are people sitting at the top of pyramid scheme hierarchies who have not truly earned their positions of power and leadership. These people are afforded a certain leniency and a certain level of freedom that are not offered to those struggling on the lower echelons of the power structures. Their lives are relatively easy and luxurious simply because they are living off the sweat, labour, talent, and intelligence of those beneath them on the rungs of power. Their ease is supported by the discomfort, struggle, and misery of those forced into disadvantaged positions out of economic necessity. And these unjust dynamics are built into most of the institutions, businesses, and structural set-ups in existence. 

If Lord of the Underworld Pluto transiting Capricorn has taught us one thing, it's that the structural hierarchies of Planet Earth are illegitimate to the point of criminality in many cases (moral if not legal).

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn throws a spotlight on all this illegitimacy and unfairness. With the first square intensifying into late November, we can't just put a happy face on it anymore. We're all out of happy faces.  

This is an excerpt from the patron article, "Intense Social Transformation with Survival-Based Subcultures and Fringe-Dweller Associations Emerging." It is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons, or it is available for $10.25 by PayPal or email money transfer for non-patrons.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Neptune Stationing Symptoms: A Friendly Reminder from Your Anarchist Astro-Reporter

Psychedelic Haight-Ashbury, no Photoshopping
Photo: Willow

Neptune is slowing in the zodiac to station direct November 19, and it is exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces.

This Neptune-South Node conjunction intensifies the effects of the Neptune direct station, and it also adds an element of increased caution related to blind spots, spaceiness, wishful thinking, illusions, and areas of psychic vulnerability.

There are many nasty karmic loops and ass-biting scenarios associated with the South Node of the Moon, in particular the Pisces South Node, and in particular the Pisces South Node with Neptune stationing direct in exact conjunction!

I've woven together and updated some information from a few past articles on the subject to describe the conditions under which we find ourselves at the moment, with much of the world under the intense illusions of engineered U.S. presidential election maya. One of these illusions is the belief that there is any real choice between the two candidates, that either one would alter the violent and fascistic trajectory that has already been set out and followed to the pre-planned letter for decades, centuries, and millenia now. The belief that a woman in office will be kinder and gentler or that the billionaire male candidate in office will be "anti-establishment" (with his cozy Goldman Sachs and high finance cronies) is yet more of this mind-fogging maya.

(Just like Obomba was supposed to be the great hope for the people and for race relations...)

So let's just say we have some fairly major collective illusions being played out under this particularly potent Neptune station conjunct the South Node, with election theatrics and related mainstream media mind control diverting the public's attention from much more important matters.

The Moon will be in Pisces during the U.S. presidential election (November 8 - 10) to boot, forming conjunctions to Neptune and the South Node in the early morning of November 9.

Physical reality can feel heavy and burdensome as Neptune energy concentrates in the astro atmosphere, as it is doing now. This effect is exacerbated, again, as Neptune stations in exact conjunction to the karmic pitfall-oriented South Node of the Moon. People are under the effect of illusion and delusion more strongly now, and decisions and commitments can be reversed very easily. Things are not entirely as they seem (ahem, watch for those false flags) with Neptune in Pisces flooding the psyche so strongly.

Wounded healer Chiron is also slowing to station direct in Pisces (at 20 degrees on December 1). This can heighten the psychically painful aspects of our collective situation and inter-related circumstances on Planet Earth. The false divisions being created among the people by our so-called leaders are particularly painful to experience under Chiron in Pisces. Ultimately, this placement teaches us that those divisions, too, are part of the mind-fuck illusions being used to deceive us and to divert us from our real, unified collective power.

From a previous post (updated): "Hollow-gut disappointments hang around us like stale fumes. End-of-era love relationships are a confusing, disorienting mess. The idea that our dreams are not special, that we're not special under egalitarian Aquarius, can erode us at the heart. The discrepancy between where we hoped we'd be at this point versus where we really are is staggering at times - both personally and on a broader societal or collective level.

Anyone aware of the circumstances of humanity on Planet Earth at this time will find them humbling, to say the least.

Some lingering depression, disappointment, disillusionment, despondency, or a sense of utter futility about carrying on from here can be expected. There's an unfulfilled sadness in the air, in the collective psyche, so watch to make sure you or your loved ones don't tip too far into the psychic bleak.

The new guy wasn't who you hoped he was. The new job that seemed so interesting turned out to be more of the same. The daily grind seems increasingly dull, painful, pointless, hopeless. Reaching for the bottle, for the bong, for junk food, or for the credit card are all possibilities to dull the pain, to desensitize.

This is standard end-of-era backwash, however. More end-of-Pisces clearing. Fool me once, shame on you, Neptune. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Keep moving, keep flowing, and keep laughing at the insanity of the situations with which we are faced in this foul year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen...

Because it's also funny.

Isn't it?

To be set up with these seemingly impossible clusterfuck scenarios during our lifetimes on Planet Earth?

It didn't start with us, and it doesn't end with us.

But we do have a prime and shining opportunity to direct things now.

Neptune stationing, like prominent Neptune in the natal chart, can create a sort of stoner effect on even the most sober among us. Air-headed and flaky. Forgetful. Dreamy. Wistful. Pie-in-sky. Avoiding. Self-pitying. Indulgent. La La Land-living.

Stay on track and stay focused on your own newly burgeoning Aquarian-era ideals, despite the Neptunian fog tempting us to go down maudlin back alleys or to take diversionary, wishful-thinking detours."

Pisces is the sign of the most sublime spiritual bliss and also of the harshest disappointments, loss, and devastation known to humankind. It's the idea of the lotus flower, blossoming beautifully out of some of the dankest and most difficult muck this planet has to offer. It is the idea of being invisibly bound together by the trials and tribulations of the human condition but also by the love, sweet love, that brings us through it all.

All this is woven into our reality as these two bodies station direct in Pisces - Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces on November 19 and wounded healer Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces on December 1.

These dual stations can bring some grogginess, some dreaminess, and some general mind fog. Everything is a bit weirder and a bit more surreal under the energy of these stations. The veil between the material and the immaterial is just a bit thinner. Taps on the shoulder from the universe are a bit stronger. We perceive the other side communicating with us a bit more clearly.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, though! Take a meditative approach to all those dutiful and practical Virgo North Node tasks that may seem so daunting now: cleaning, cooking, hygiene, organization, paperwork, and daily details. Give yourself plenty of praise and encouragement for completing even the smallest and simplest of tasks. You flossed your teeth, cleaned your shower, clipped your fingernails? Go, you!

It is these mundane Virgoan tasks that keep us grounded and functioning as the Neptune-South Node conjunction acts to pull us out of the physical dimension.

Neptune Stationing Symptoms:

From "Neptune Stations Direct and Brings the Foggy, the Floaty, the Wispy, and the Surreal," November 9, 2012:

When a planet appears to slow in the zodiac to station either retrograde or direct, we often experience a palpable concentration of that planet's energy and themes.

Neptune is the planet associated with, among other things, dreams; illusions; spiritual communion and guidance; psychic connection; the unconscious; sublime artistic ability; surreality; escapism; oceans; fluids; flooding; permeation; blind spots; smokescreens; fraud; deception; and addictions...

With stationing Neptune permeating the astro atmosphere, we can expect a few of the following symptoms to be kicked up...

- Dreams can be much more vivid and involved. They can have a "journeying" quality, as if we have traveled through many other worlds, and we can wake up feeling more tired than when we went to bed. Prophetic or foreshadowing dreams are more common.

- Sleep can be deeper, as if we're falling off into utter abyss and have to drag ourselves out and back into waking life. We may sleep longer or more often than usual, and people can continue to have a sleepy, dreamy quality throughout the waking hours. The standard afternoon coffee just doesn't cut it!

- We can experience disrupted sleep with odd periods of wakefulness in the night.

- "Cosmic winks" and communication from the universe are more apparent. It can sometimes feel as if the radio or TV is communicating directly to you. A stronger than usual feeling that you are not alone.

- Daydreaming increases. Imagery from the mind's eye is clearer and more active than usual and can be distracting in day-to-day life.

- Our psychic space is more permeable when Neptune is strong, and we have to carefully filter the heightened impressions we're receiving.

- People can be more impressionable, easily swayed, and prone to wishful thinking, particularly with love relationships. We can be convinced of things when Neptune is strong that we could not be convinced of at other times. The standard, "What was I thinking?" In the same way that we can believe a dream we've had is real, it's possible to believe things are one way when all logical conclusions (and later, hindsight) would indicate otherwise.

- We can be more easily deceived by people, missing major character flaws because we're blinded by the good in them, by their "spiritual auras," or by their potential.

- Plumbing problems are more likely. A low water level for flushing toilets, in particular, is common during Neptune stations.

- Personal plumbing issues are also more likely. Urinating more than usual or having to use a (hopefully natural) diuretic to assist urination. (Uva Ursi works well.) Urinary tract irritation is more common when Neptune is strong, so avoid soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol, and increase intake of water and real cranberry juice.

- There can be a strong jonesing for drugs and/or alcohol.

- But we are also more easily altered and affected by drugs and alcohol.

- Food allergies and sensitivities can be heightened. We're craving "fun and easy" foods, but they can have ill effects.

- We can be more sensitive to perfumes and scents.

- There can be a giddy, giggly, intoxicating quality in the air. Neptunian whiffs of ether.

- People can be more sensitive than usual and their feelings more easily hurt. There is stronger sensitivity to the suffering in the world, and people are more easily brought to tears when Neptune is strong. The Neptunian waterworks. People may choose more isolation than usual to offset this heightened sensitivity.

- We can spend money on things, particularly on frivolous things, that we wouldn't ordinarily spend money on. When Neptune is strong, we crave escapism, entertainment, and ease from the daily grind. Pizza delivery and Chinese take-out must see an increase in business!

- The simplest daily tasks can seem irritating and overwhelming. Multi-tasking is more difficult.

- People may embrace their inner dirty hippie and skip a few showers. Personal hygiene is one of those daily tasks that can seem impossibly arduous when Neptune is strong.

- It can be difficult to make ourselves fully understood, as if we are yelling underwater. People may pick up on one layer of what we're saying without grasping the full meaning.

- Generally, a lot of projection is flying around. People could be interacting with their own fabricated versions of who you are, rather than anything based in reality.

- Strongly Neptunian/Piscean people can usually be spotted by a sort of dreamy, shrouded, faraway look around the eyes. The area around the eyes can appear a little shadowed and hollowed-out."

So cut yourself (and others) a little slack as the unseen realms demand more of our energy and mental/psychic space now. Understand that we're all a little haunted right now, and we're all a little confused at times. Maintain focus (especially while driving!), stay active however you can, even in the smallest of ways, and don't let the Piscean/Neptunian anesthetic effect take you under.

We can expect lingering effects into the first part of December.