Friday, December 9, 2016

Fringe-Dweller Associations, Survival-Based Subcultures, and the Tiny Home Community Movement

I was recently a guest on Matt Savinar's community radio show to talk about Jupiter in Libra activating the Uranus-Pluto square. I see these aspects as an indicator of the emergence/catalyzing of fringe-dweller associations and survival-based subcultures in the face of increasing fascist controls and abuses. You can read more on the subject in this patron article.

You can listen to the recent radio segment here:

Jupiter in Libra Activating the Uranus-Pluto Square: Fringe-Dwellers and Survival-Based Subcultures

I was speaking about the necessary emergence of alternative housing, including tiny homes, to solve the homelessness and affordable housing crises and also about the need for people and communities to take these matters into their own hands, as the current power structures will not be solving these desperate problems. The lack of effective action up to this point tells the tale, with billions of dollars wasted on inadequate Band-Aid solutions that only keep the nasty cycles going.

Today, that evil data-mining site we all use nowadays told me of a tiny home community in Oregon that has been created for the homeless. Another community is being planned for people who have jobs but can't afford a place to live due to the prohibitive cost of rents.

Upon further research, these tiny home communities are popping up all over the place because, quite simply, they are a common sense solution to the problem. Facebook Page: Tiny Communities

The creative potential of these communities to solve housing and social problems is huge. The possibilities are truly exciting.

A tiny home community has been developed in Los Angeles, California specifically for homeless teens. Each tiny home costs just $1,200 to build.

So let's just put this on the record: there is no legitimate reason why our governments are not spearheading major initiatives like this, as well as tackling more long-term solutions to the affordable housing crisis. At the very least, governments should be fully supporting the people behind these initiatives as well as training and supporting people to build their own alternative shelters.

The fact that this is not happening en masse, that people are on their own with this stuff, is a blatant sign of the corruption and inhumanity of the power structures on this planet. It is a blatant sign that our governments are failing us miserably. It is a blatant sign that - especially in the astrological Aquarian Age - politicians are not our leaders.

We are our leaders.

Luckily, the corrupt and control-based power structures of Planet Earth are no match - have never been any match - for human ingenuity, adaptability, and the desire to end needless suffering.


TheUndercoverGinger said...

Tiny Homes = the Anti-Trump Tower

Willow said...

Yes, they are! Anti-ostentation. Anti-nouveau riche gaudiness.

I think a little village of tiny homes and studios may work better as an affordable artist co-op, too - better than trying to get a giant warehouse up to code.

The only problem, of course - most cities won't allow them...yet!

AstroAng said...

My cousin now diseased started tent city in Portland. Jack Tafari? He was homeless for years and kicked out of Canada.we are British. I think he helped set up dignity village 2001.. tiny houses? What a great man in many ways after he got out if a Vancouver jail. Drugs but cleaned up. Thought you might be interested.

Willow said...

I'm sorry it has been so hard for so long. There is no reason for it.

Thanks for letting us know about Jack. He sounds like a very good and enterprising soul.

TheUndercoverGinger said...

Tiny houses be like . . .

NRohrs said...

Once again, Willow, you've nailed it.
You've made a powerful statement about the tragic imbalance of power, money, and resources in favor of big business, which basically owns the government where I live (the United States of the almighty dollar).
As one of my heroes, poet, activist, & humanitarian, Patti Smith, put it over 25 years ago, it's still true that "People Have the Power."

Even if we have to do it by building one tiny house at a time.
Thanks again for being a strong voice for change.