Friday, December 30, 2016

Navigating the Dreamscape Under a Pisces Stellium

We're currently experiencing a large concentration of bodies and points in Pisces, which, among other things, indicates a period of time when dreams may be more vivid or intense.

There's a lot going on in the unseen, etheric realms when Pisces is strong, and our sleeping hours may involve an even more powerful release of the unconscious than usual.

With transiting Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces, our dreams may have something important to teach us or to tell us. We may experience prophetic or foreshadowing dreams, also, as our spirits inform us of the path ahead through future events - albeit through the strange imagery of the dream world, which may not be comprehensible until said future events are upon us...

We may be working things out via our dreams in a more intense or active way under these astro conditions, solving problems or releasing old traumas. 

This concentration of Pisces energy will continue throughout the month of January, with Venus (as of January 3), Pallas Athene, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, and the South Node of the Moon transiting Pisces.

The veil between the visible and the invisible, the material and the immaterial, becomes thinner when multiple bodies and points crowd the sign of the fishes. Things are watery, slippery, hard to pinpoint, hard to nail down. Even waking life takes on a sense of the surreal and dreamy with synchronicity and "cosmic winks" from the universe more common. 

With aggressive malefic planet Mars in the mix, there may also be an emphasis on nightmares or otherwise unpleasant dreams (letting up by January 27 when Mars enters Aries).

The Pisces concentration picks up some juice yet again in late February with the Sun and Mercury transiting Pisces, until Mercury enters Aries March 13 and the Sun enters Aries, marking equinox, March 20. 

So because the dream life is such a prominent arena at the moment, let's buck the common wisdom that no one cares about other people's dreams except therapists and that's only because therapists are paid to care about them!

I was considering this Mars in Pisces transit, in particular, and its potential correlation to edgy, intense dreams or nightmares.

What type of nightmare do you find most terrifying or disturbing?

I think the one I find most terrifying is when you wake up and for a couple seconds, you see a figure in the room with you. You're aware that you just woke up, so it seems certain that someone (or some thing) is right there with you. It takes a few seconds to realize that no one is there, that it was part of a dream, and those few seconds are truly petrifying.

Recurring dreams are also really interesting. (Again, maybe not other people's recurring dreams, but let's throw caution to the wind on this one!)

I have a few different recurring dreams. One that I've had throughout my life is a dream about tornadoes coming. Sometimes I can see the tornado on its way; sometimes I only know it's coming. Generally there is a panic to get everyone (including pets) into the basement in time. Sometimes, I'm considering what possessions I have time to collect. In some of the dreams, I have to call for help and can't seem to get the number to the ambulance/police right, having to dial again and again. This dream is not all that mysterious, as my mother was in a tornado while pregnant with me and barely escaped before the tornado hit the trailer home she was living in.

The recurring dream I have the most these days is about eating food! This isn't mysterious, either. Since being poisoned by Cipro, I have had to limit my diet to a very small list of items. Most foods are off limits. If I stray from my highly limited diet, even with basic, non-junk foods, there is the possibility that I will trigger a cellulitis infection on my face, which has (horrifyingly) happened three times before. So my dreams usually involve eating some sort of contraband foods, realizing with horror what I've done, and then feeling intense dread that I will wake up the next day with cellulitis. heh

What types of recurring dreams do you have? Can you pinpoint the reasons for them?

Feel free to share your own thoughts/dreams, or feel free to skip this boring post filled with someone else's boring dreams. ;-)


TG said...

Ahh, where to begin...

OK. Nightmares where I've felt my body lifted off my bed (I'd wake up holding onto my bed post) or had a figure sit beside me (not allowing me to see him/her)?

Those used to suck. I'd see and feel everything... and it all felt so real.

My husband doesn't like dreams that involve someone watching over us, even if the figure (male) pulls up my blanket to cover me (which seems a nice gesture).

I've had dreams about tsunamis, attacks, being chased by a gunman, etc.,.

The most recent nightmares I've had involve snakes. Big slippery ones.

Wishing you sweet dreams!!


Willow said...

Thanks for sharing those!

Hmm...could the recent snake dreams have anything to do with watching Snakes on a Plane?

Wishing you sweet dreams, too!

Also, isn't it cool watching dogs dream? Especially when they get their legs moving because they are running in the dream. Love.

Greg F said...

Hi Willow,

I had a pretty good scary dream recently. I was driving a truck and some other car was on a collision course with it. I braced for impact -- and nearly overturned my end table when I woke up and grabbed it. Hah! Pretty realistic, needless to say.

Besides all the action in Pisces, I have Jupiter transiting my natal Neptune currently. It's a great boost to my creativity, along with Uranus in opposition from Aries. Meanwhile, my natal Uranus is squaring them both from 18.32 Cancer. I feel something big will happen in 2017. Hopefully I'll survive.

Bless you, Willow. You and Toto be careful too. Have a better New Year!

Willow said...

haha...thanks, Greg. F! Thanks for sharing your dream.

Jessiemo said...

Heh heh, funny last para. I'm working on my sleep with a holistic practitioner so that I can get back to remembering the drama I assume I'm having.

Anonymous said...

Has a dream that Trump caused chaos and so everyone was in the streets and dogs were let loose. My beloved chihuahua got out and/or had to leave the country. I was desperate because I realized I'd never again see my pet dog/baby. I remember looking at his documents.... thinking it was a mistake he'd left to Mexico. I had the same dream that I'd lost him twice in one night. Think it was just utter chaos so people weren't looking after their pets. Weird, or what. Then another where my brother and I were hanging out, like when we were teenagers..... It was a release of some kind, since I haven't hung out w/him like that in ages. Brought back a nice time/place somehow in my mind/heart/spirit.

Rob C said...

Occasionally have a dream of being surrounded by millions of slithering snakes. It's just me and a (vaguely post-apocalyptic) landscape of snakes, and fearfully trying to step around them. I'm never attacked though - they take no notice of me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Willow!
Thank-you so much for this one.
I ADORE listening to others relate their dreams! My ears go up in furry points and everything else stops. Hugely interesting. I study this, and could rattle on for quite a while before noticing your eyes have quite rolled over. :-)

I'll stop now.
Lovely, Lovely post!


Willow said...

I just had a dream that I had stayed up on the computer at my parents' place until 4:34 a.m. but didn't know how I had been up so long. I knew that I had "lost time" by interacting with aliens. I knew it was 4:34 as I was getting ready for bed because I checked the clock in the dream and clearly saw this time.

Just woke up, felt compelled to write a comment on another post, checked the clock: 4:34 a.m., of course.

Oh, Pisces.

Willow said...

The dream about the chihuahua going back to Mexico because of Trump is AMAZING!

My parents got a part chihuahua dog about six months ago. He came from California and now resides on the farm in Canada. He must have read the writing on the wall...

Willow said...

I think snake dreams are a particularly powerful release of coiled-up, concentrated psychological and emotional energy. Shedding skins. They definitely connect a person to a deep historical symbol. Very ancient stuff. Could be a symbol of an initiation into some new awareness or personal power, too.

SillyLittleDreamer said...

Not boring at all Willow.

My most frightening dream is being stuck in the same place with the same people or is that my life.

Have you looked into PhoenixRegenetics for the food allergies? Amazing process of clearing vaccinations

and toxins out of your system. The only thing that has worked for me for pain 1 year in.

Good to have the dreams be so intense and meaningful.

SillyLittleDreamer said...

Not boring at all Willow.

Yes, the dreams have been intense and seemingly prophetic of late.

Hope they can help bring a wave of freshness to the new year.

Have you looked into PhoenixRegenetics for your food allergies?

It's the only thing that has worked for my pain 1 year in after trying so many things.

Thanks for your penetrating insight!

Willow said...

Ah, I don't think the underlying energetics/philosophy of PhoenixRegenetics would be for me, but thanks for the thought. I'm glad it worked for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow, I have a reoccurring nightmare/dream I experience from time to time. The story goes like this - as an adult I have moved around quite a lot, from rented crumbling damp flats/houses in different cities. I find myself looking for 'something better' more affordable, nicer landlord...or just running away from something? This is the reality...the reoccurring dream I have is an anxiety ridden scenario where I am looking frantically to find a place to live - so mirroring reality (usually with my kids and our pets). The dream always has an impending sense of doom about it, dark, bewildering and tense. The dream always ends up with me renting some dingy, shitty place where I discover a hidden room. This normally presents itself as a door hidden behind a blistering, peeling strip of mouldy wall paper, or a door concealed behind an old broken domestic appliance. The hidden room is always the same - it's the back room of my grandparents house (reality). Unfortunately as a very small child I was sexually assaulted by my grandfather (this is reality also). Although the assault did not take place in this room - as children we were not allowed to go in the back room. So now the back room comes to me! from time to time, in my dreams. The most disturbing part of the dream is I usually know in my subconscious 'oh I'm having this fucking dream again', and I only ever see the room - no grandfather or even my kids? Although I can 'feel' them, the burden of responsibility and protectiveness for my kids, and even my pets. I usually wake up feeling frantic and nauseous, sometimes it lingers for days.

Willow said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. :-(

Makes sense why you would be having nightmares like that. I hope they will disappear!

Kris said...

I have had the recurring dream since childhood, that I wake and look out my window to see a monster or menace. I run away to my brothers room to wake him. I shake and shake him. He finally wakes up and rolls over and its a monster. I run to my parents room and find monsters in their place. The world is filled with monsters chasing me.

Second, one time only dream that showed me I have everything i need inside; I "wake up" to someone harmful standing by my bed. I can't see details of the face. Terrified but knowning I'm dreaming i seriously try to wake up. While the menace is still there i remember my friend, Dave, telling me that when he has dreams he can't wake up too he concentrates on snapping his head to the right or left during the dream and that this wakes him. So I try to wake myself with a snap of the head, but I'm paralized and can't move any part of me to snap me from the threatening, scary dream. I remember my sons girlfriend was watching tv in the next room when i went to sleep. So i start calling her name. She doesn't come so i start yelling louder. She finally comes running in and holds my hand and talks to me until i calm and relax. I still couldn't open my eyes to see her, but i was able to go back to sleep and it was peaceful. The next day i brought it up to her and thanked her for helping me in the night. She informed me that I had not called out to her and she had not come in to comfort me. I was shocked. It was so real. Scary but comforting now knowing i had the ability to soothe myself.