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Happy Birthday, WWA Blog!

Oh-so-fine at age nine! Today is the nine-year anniversary of my very first blog post on February 25, 2008. A lot has happened since then, to say the least.

Thank-you for everything you have provided for me and for those who read from around the world, WWA blog! You're a wonder of nature.

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Happiest of Birthdays, WWA blog!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Necessary Discordant Notes as Uranus Makes Its Final Conjunction to Eris in Aries

Revolutionary rabble-rouser Uranus is currently moving into its final exact conjunction to Goddess of Discord dwarf planet Eris at 22 degrees Aries, indicating some rebellious and shit-disturbing themes at play, extending to mid-May.

At the same time as the Uranus-Eris conjunction becomes exact, Jupiter retrograde in Libra is backing into oppositions to Eris (February 22) and Uranus (March 2), just as Venus stations retrograde at 13 degrees Aries on March 4.

Eris, Uranus, and Jupiter are within orb of aspects to Pluto in Capricorn, and warrior planet Mars, at home in its own sign of Aries, makes contact with all these bodies in late February, as well.

Mars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn exactly on February 22, followed by a powerhouse conjunction to Uranus-Eris in Aries and opposition to Jupiter Rx in Libra on February 26/27 during the New Moon annular solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune.

Communication planet Mercury will activate the Uranus-Eris energy yet again on March 25/26, forming a conjunction to this somewhat agitated hot spot. The winged messenger will then go retrograde from April 9 - May 3 (4 degrees Taurus to 24 degrees Aries) before stationing direct at 24 degrees Aries in conjunction to Uranus and Eris, stirring things up again in late April/early May.

So what does this indicate?

Things are electric, energized, edgy, antsy, agitated, stirred up. It's time for some changes, including personal shake-ups, breakthroughs, and revolutions that help lead us and others onto new ground.

If the way things are going on Planet Earth doesn't do it for you in some way (or in almost all ways), it's time to let that rebel flag fly. It's time to put ourselves out there a little so we can join - even just psychically - with others of like mind, with others who also sum these times up with a giant "wtf?"

If you have personal bodies or points around 22 degrees of any sign but especially the cardinal signs, you're being activated. 

With the current Eris-Uranus-Mars conjunction in fierce-and-feisty warrior sign Aries, this is no time to hold back. This is no time to stay silent out of habit or fear or a desire to remain socially meek and acceptable. It's time to get your concerns on the map. It's time to throw down.

But, um, politely. And safely. It's time to throw down as politely and safely as possible.

See, it's also not such a great time to go overboard with any soapbox-standing, arguing, debating, aggressiveness, or "I just gotta be me!!!" stuff. Jupiter Rx in Libra is reining things in along those lines for good reason: these are some pretty trigger-happy aspects to navigate. They could even be dangerous or violent if taken to extremes. On a societal level, things are a bit...taut (to say the least). To avoid any social grease fires, we have to work a fairly masterful combination of personal assertion and social yielding. Some interpersonal friction is probably unavoidable, but as long as we don't lose the overall spirit of the thing, we're golden.

These aspects indicate the possibility of some fissures developing or deepening over the next weeks. These could be literal or figurative - seismic activity in the physical Earth, social seismic activity, internal seismic activity for the individual, or all of the above.

Example: as we head to the sixth anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster on March 11 (yes, it's still a global emergency; no, it has not been contained), some information about the nuclear disaster has made its way onto mainstream media, and a recent story about "record-high" levels of radiation recorded at the plant (530 sieverts per hour - highly lethal) went semi-viral on Facebook.

Some key points to keep in mind about those "record-high" radiation levels:

a) these may be the highest readings that have been recorded thus far, but they are almost certainly not the highest radiation levels in existence at the site. Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) officials don't even know where the melted nuclear cores are (they have very likely leaked through their containment into the ground below), let alone have they gotten near them with equipment to record radiation levels.

b) this may be the highest radiation reading that has been released to the public up to this point, but official sources have been lying and covering this situation up for almost six years now. We can't trust the "official data" that has been released or that will be released to tell the whole story.

And c) Even minute levels of radioactive contamination in our food, water, and air that can be ingested are highly toxic to biological organisms, even if the levels of radioactivity are relatively low. Despite the assurances from uranium-happy world governments and scientists, no level of radioactive contamination is safe. And unfortunately, Fukushima signature radioactive fallout has been found in our food, water, milk, and general environment since the disaster began and continues to be detected.

Nothing that is currently being reported is actual news to Fukushima researchers - the things now being reported as "breaking news" were already surmised years ago - but for people who have been lulled into a false sense of complacency by gatekeepers, nuclear shills, establishment scientists, and controlled media outlets, the information leaking out now may be revelatory, shocking, disturbing...and motivating.

Eris-Uranus-Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn indicates breakout movement and actions taken by individuals in the face of building pressure that cannot be fully contained, and this includes the pressure created by state repression and industry lies.

Basically, things have gotten so bad on so many fronts that it can't be kept quiet anymore. The Fukushima nuclear disaster and ongoing collapse of sweet, wonderful sea creatures in the Pacific Ocean that accelerated dramatically in 2011 are part of this. The story can no longer be entirely denied by the establishment, so bits of the truth are being released to relieve pressure without ever giving people a full understanding of the scope of the situation.

We can expect to see the widening of cracks in establishment facades under these Eris and Uranus-influenced astrological configurations. Informational breakthroughs can be expected in particular when Mercury in Aries activates the Uranus-Eris conjunction in late March and then again in late April/early May.

From a previous post:

"The most well-known story about Eris involves a big social snub. Eris was not invited to a prominent wedding that was going on, despite the fact that all of Olympus had been invited. The social roster was not complete. Eris had been shut out of the proceedings. As a result, the big smiles and boisterous glad-handing were too phony for her to bear, and she stirred up some drama at their little party to make things seem more fair.

Queen Shit Disturber, that one is.

Eris tossed a golden apple, referred to as the Apple of Discord, into the party. The apple was inscribed with "To the Fairest One," (ingenious) and three goddesses there, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, immediately started quarreling and vying for the prize. They stripped naked for the judge, Paris, and offered him bribes.

Eris played on the vanity of the women involved to great effect, making them look like fools, and, unfortunately, a war was even started over it.

The discovery of dwarf planet Eris in 2005 created discord in our solar system classifications, as well, resulting in the 2006 re-classifications of Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, and Makemake as dwarf planets by the International Astronomical Union. Here again, we have things being stirred up by Eris, but finding a new and more fair structure. That reclassification put feminine Ceres and masculine Pluto on an even playing field, rather than classifying Pluto as a planet and Ceres as an asteroid...

There's a prominent theme here of a person initially being warmly welcomed into the social fold, but his or her presence creating unexpected disruption and discord to the point that the individual is then expelled. The inadvertent golden apple...

The turbulence associated with Eris may come as a shock to those who fit more neatly into standardized social constructs...

The influence of Eris in Aries opposite Jupiter Rx in Libra indicates that discord in relationships and social scenes could have elements of:

-- big snubs and the aftermath of those snubs
-- standard female competitiveness and jockeying for position, especially around looks, appeal, and social and career positioning
-- the benefits of belonging socially versus the difficulties of being left out
-- the difficulties of belonging versus the benefits of staying independent
-- justice, fairness, and balance in social settings
-- the results of shutting certain people or perspectives out of society - anger, upset, disruption, violence, imbalance, injustice, ineffectiveness, skewed ideas of reality
-- the reasons people are left out and whether they are warranted
-- doing your own thing, balancing it with inevitable social disruption
-- disruptive elements (golden apples) brought into social structures that change the game
-- acts of raw individuality and personal will altering how people are viewed or thought of socially
-- the weight of social mores and customs stirring rebellion
-- social shuffling
-- social breakdowns
-- feisty or even violent changes in social status and position, including on the world stage"

So we can expect some "golden apples" to be tossed into the social ring, and this could shake things up considerably.

Real information about Fukushima finally gaining traction and hitting the mainstream media in an ongoing way would be one of those potential "golden apples," which could force a mammoth perspective change on the issue for millions of people. (A gal can dream, can't she?)

In light of these astrological themes, people will be standing up, speaking out, and taking action on a number of fronts in ways that could be unexpected or even considered out of character.

Certain actions will be forced. It just won't be a choice anymore.    

Individuals may find themselves compelled to act as Eris figures, providing necessary "discordant notes" in social settings when bringing new voices and perspectives to the standard discourse and decision-making tables.

Following in the Eris mythology, many (most) of us haven't been invited to the current decision-making tables. But under these aspects, with the spirit of Eris in Aries so strong, we're going to show up anyway. We're going to plunk ourselves down and take our places, extended via formal invitation or not.

On the other hand, we may decide we don't even want a place at the stinky old table. We may be counting our blessings that we didn't get an invitation to their stuffy party. We may decide to say "to hell with it" to the whole kit and kaboodle and do things our own way. This is a distinct possibility under these aspects, too.

Rebelliousness could take many forms.  

Under these aspects, there's a stronger understanding of our natural-born rights as sovereign human beings, and most of us understand, at least on an intuitive level, that the way things are going on this planet - including in many supposed alternative circles - infringes on these rights considerably.

There is a desire and an effort under these aspects to achieve greater independence, autonomy, and personal freedom - for everyone who wants these things. There is a drive to doing things on our own, under our own steam, by our own rules - but also to join with others who live by similar ethics.

Things are breaking wide open now. The rules are changing because they just don't work for the full social spectrum - and never did.

Overall, we can expect some dissent, discord, and disruption under these aspects, as well as a social shuffling and re-classification process as things shake out under the agitating energies.

We have a whole new rezoning process underway as far as personal and social "lines in the sand." We don't want our toes stepped on, and we don't want to step on the toes of other people.

We can expect new energy and high spirits as a joyous carnival of rebels around the world aligns along threads of common interest amongst the considerable horror of the times in which we're living.

Hey, we're all living in this shitshow! And we can all work toward something preferable, something with more heart and soul and fairness and care. And sanity. Don't forget the sanity.

There's a very strong "don't step on me" vibe under these aspects, so allow people their space while ensuring that you're getting enough room to fully unfurl your own fine self, as well.

With war planet Mars inflaming the Uranus-Eris conjunction, it would not be surprising to see the fools who masquerade as world leaders creating some sort of violent theatrics along these mythological lines.

March equinox, marking the birth point of the astrological new year, is a time when these false leaders often initiate new war offensives. The invasion of Iraq under the Bush Administration was planned for March equinox 2003, and the bombing of Libya under the Obama Administration was planned for March equinox 2011.

We all know this will be the first March equinox (astrological new year) of Trump's reign in the United States, a reign that has already produced a very strong discordant note indeed.

I would be looking to March equinox 2019, with Uranus newly in Taurus, for any major new war offensives from the Trump Administration, as the war offensives planned for March equinox in 2003 and 2011 also coincided with Uranus ingresses (of Pisces in 2003 and Aries in 2011). But we also know the penchant this new U.S. Administration has for aggression, showboating, and dick-swinging, so a violent and repressive marking of territory as the Sun enters Aries would not be out of character.

At the same time, these aspects indicate a very strong possibility that the people are going to have some "golden apples" of their own to toss into the carefully laid and vicious plans of the current world regimes...

Apples at the ready, friends!

Speaking of which, a roving contributor and reader from that fine country to my south recently tossed a few informational golden apples of the "Stop Genetically Modified Alfalfa!" variety on a work-related road trip. He distributed some zines to get the word out about this huge threat to human and animal health and was kind enough to document some of his adventures for us while Stopping GM Alfalfa out in the wild!

 "I took a moon shot (Snow Moon?) as I left the house Saturday morning, the eclipse and Full Moon hopefully auspicious..."

"Stopped at a Cracker Barrel for caffeine and a bite, huge traffic through these, and made the first drop."

* Very nice partially-hidden drop in Tifton, Georgia, complete with sizeable 25% tip to (hopefully) distract the waitress long enough so that the zine can be discovered by her next customer.

"I always laugh when I see these "bridge ices before road" signs and wonder - if you go far enough north, does everyone just know this and they don't bother with signs?"

* Nope. Canada has these signs, too. 

"Had a major drop planned for the University of Georgia, huge campus, and immediately got lost and trapped (with a 30-foot trailer) in an endless loop of narrow roads and crawling traffic and no shops and lost an hour. Finally escaped. Had to settle for a drop at a bus stop just north of the ring road. "Settle" may be too strong - a bus stop actually seems like a pretty good place." 

* Stop GM Alfalfa getting some excellent public exposure in an Athens, Georgia bus shelter 

  "I'm gonna die soon if I don't get some coffee. 
Denny's, middle of nowhere. 
I'm gonna live - they have coffee and quite a good omelet. I picked a corner where t'was easy to make another drop. The awesome waitress made me some java to go."

* A sly zine drop with excellent coverage behind the Ketchup bottle, ensuring almost certain discovery when the next customer needs to douse some fries. 
(Um, "Selfie for Good: Take a Selfie and We'll Donate Ketchup." Insanity.)

 "I spy with my little eye - twin rest areas on each side of the interstate just out of Unionville. Twenty minutes of ramp-swapping, drops 4 and 5."

* The classic "zine slide" into other literature at a rest stop in Unionville, Georgia

Thank-you, roving contributor and golden apple thrower, for documenting your Stopping of GM Alfalfa along that endless highway!


If you're interested in tossing some informational golden apples of your own, check out the WWA zines.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Jupiter Draws the Fixed Star Goodness Into Its Retrograde Period

Planet of expansion and cosmic blessings Jupiter goes retrograde on February 5 (10:52 p.m. PST) at 23 degrees Libra, exactly conjunct highly fortunate fixed star Spica (23 Libra) and tightly conjunct highly fortunate fixed star Arcturus (24 Libra).

The Jupiter retrograde station conjunct two superfantabulous fixed stars draws the fixed star goodness into the following retrograde period. (This is a good thing since Jupiter will go direct again on June 9 at 13 degrees Libra, conjunct unfortunate fixed star, Algorab, indicating that a bit of the nasties could be possible around that time, especially related to society, justice, or other people.)

With Jupiter in retrograde motion, we're shoring up social and relationship-related expansion we've experienced since Jupiter first entered Libra on September 9, 2016. Throughout the retrograde period, we'll be drawing on benefits and goodness from the social networks we've been developing and interacting with since then.

Any social or relational benefits we are experiencing now will come to their full and glorious peak as Jupiter direct forms conjunctions to Spica and Arcturus yet again September 6 - 16, 2017.

The very fortunate fixed star influence indicates a beneficial boost when dealing with all things social and justice-related, and this is carried through the retrograde period. If there are areas that are barely tolerable to you at the moment due to their unfairness, hold on. Things could be restored to a more equitable state as Jupiter Rx goes over the ledgers in Libra. At the very least, you may come into contact with others who find things just as intolerable as you do, finding strength and comfort in numbers.

As Jupiter now goes retrograde in Libra, we're applying the social and relational wisdom we've accumulated through all our social experiences - and maybe most importantly, from the social experiences that didn't turn out quite as we had hoped.

One of the great Jupiter lessons is that some of the deepest wisdom comes after falling flat on our faces. So with Jupiter in relationship-oriented Libra, our social gaffes, our interpersonal frictions, and our general faux pas moments in relation to others are valuable sources of wisdom that can now be applied, making for more successful interactions with other people and with society, in general, as we move forward.

The choices we have made in partnerships of all kinds can now be re-assessed and weighed. We can be grateful for the wisdom our choices have brought and for the richness they have provided, while also making wiser and more balanced choices in future, if necessary.

A Jupiter in Libra retrograde period allows us some time to put our social histories into fuller perspective. With this fuller perspective, we can re-balance relational dynamics, softening our stances in certain areas while becoming more aggressive in others.

There is a quality of withdrawal inherent in any retrograde period, so this is also a good time to practise applying the wisdom of when not to interact, when not to join the social fray, and when not to go along with the crowd.

Sometimes it's in our best interests to put ourselves out there with other people, and sometimes it's in our best interests to keep our own counsel. Sometimes it's in our best interests to enter a public debate or argument, and sometimes it's just not worth the energy expenditure. Sometimes it's in our best interests to push a contentious issue with others, and sometimes it's better to just let that shit slide. With Jupiter in Libra in retrograde motion until early June, we're working this balance like full-on stealth ninjas.

Fixed star Spica is associated with lots of good stuff: fame, wealth, honour, glamour. Arcturus is associated with all that, along with popularity and success through work and travel.

But perhaps the most important thing these mucho beneficial fixed stars provide - including during this Jupiter retrograde in Libra - is a shield from the heat, friction, and general social angst associated with the Via Combusta. 

From the September 3, 2016 patron article (which I would suggest patrons brush up on...), "Jupiter in Libra and a New-Era Shake Up of Relating Patterns":

"The Via Combusta is an area of the zodiac between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio (except for 23 and 24 degrees Libra) known as the burning path or combustible way. Traditionally, it is associated with "unfortunate and ineffectual events…"

When the Via Combusta is strongly highlighted, there is a feeling of running the gauntlet through sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds, collective karma, booby traps, and friction, very often related to relationship dynamics, which are Libra and Scorpio territory. 

There's a fire in the Via Combusta and within people with a strong Via Combusta signature that keeps them burning, burning, burning a path through life as you would imagine a shooting star burning an accelerated path through the night's sky. There's a feeling here that one has to keep going, no matter what, through the wreckage of old, crystallized layers that would keep us stultified, constricted, and unsatisfied with old wounds perpetually reopened by a revolving cast of characters. 

The basic goal of the Via Combusta is to reach escape velocity. In space travel, this is the point a space shuttle reaches when its speed and momentum allow it to escape the effects of gravity pulling it back down to Earth. In the case of the Via Combusta, it's about reaching the points of awareness and pure momentum where we escape the gravity of the sticky, tricky wreckage trying to draw us back into old territory, especially involving old constructs and dynamics of relating...

Jupiter will be in the Via Combusta, traveling the burning path, from November 20, 2016 to May 4, 2017, re-entering this zone again on July 15, 2017 and leaving the area entirely on August 22, 2018...

Chronic relationship issues and social frictions could be experienced in an exaggerated way so as to draw our attention to the areas that need a little more “Libra finessing.”

Relationships and social scenes are experiencing a period of growth, expansion, and development during the transit of Jupiter through Libra, but they will also be in a fairly continual state of “transformational morph,” which can be frictional.

Relationship constructs still playing by old era rules will be breaking down, and we will be forced to re-formulate the ways in which we relate to others in an ongoing way.

Ultimately, we are working to reach “relational escape velocity” from problematic relationship themes, particularly those of the astrological Piscean era. These themes have very long roots, collective/ancestral roots, and we will need a heavy dose of wisdom and luck (Jupiter) to move beyond them.

Lucky for us, this is just what Jupiter provides."

With Jupiter in Libra interacting with revolutionary Uranus in Aries and transformational Pluto in Capricorn during much of 2017, we are opening into big new social and relational territory - cardinal sign territory. We have to go, we have to move, we have to shift out of old relational holding patterns, and this isn't without its frictional moments.

But the Jupiter retrograde station conjunct Spica and Arcturus indicates some blessed and protected social expansion that is being shored up, developed, and strengthened over the next four months.

We've bitten off about all we can chew socially and relationship-wise at this point. We've gone about as big as we can go.

At the same time, collective social tensions and divisions have been pushed right to their breaking points.

Now, with Jupiter retrograde in Libra, we go back over the social and relational webs that will sustain us for the next 12 years of our lives and shore things up. We strengthen valuable social ties. We make friends. We make alliances. We inject benevolence and understanding where they are needed. We interact. We learn to allow space for some of the more frictional relating points, some of the potential breaking points. Or we let things break down organically and then re-formulate into something more workable. We grow as social beings. We come to understand our own social context in fuller and deeper ways. We reformulate social scenes to include new and different people with new and different ideas. We learn to honour the potentially-frictional individual differences while organizing around shared collective goals. We expand social frameworks and rules so as to include those who have not fit into them previously. We extend generosity to others in deeper ways, accepting people for who and how they are while appreciating that same acceptance when it is extended to us. And we also fully honour the right not to interact, not to associate, not to join the group or crowd.

Rigid social rules about associating only with a certain class, a certain race, a certain age bracket, a certain sexuality, a certain political or religious mindset, or a certain lifestyle will often become outmoded as we hurtle further into the astrological Aquarian era. Under the benevolence and broad-mindedness of Jupiter in Libra, judging people primarily on how they dress, how they look, how they speak, how much money is in their bank accounts, what music they listen to, what books they read, or what type of car they drive will seem even sillier than usual. (And isn't all that just amazingly silly to begin with?) 

Are we all going to get rich and famous during this transit of Jupiter through Libra, as the Jupiter-Spica-Arcturus sandwich may boast? No. But it's quite possible that we're going to be blessed in ways that make us feel rich and famous. It's quite possible that the people, beauty, and expanded social outlets in our lives, in particular, will make us feel rich and famous - or whatever version of that we'd like to experience. It's also quite possible that our enjoyment of life will be increased in certain ways during this transit that will have ripple effects for the following 12-year Jupiter cycle, and this includes, in particular, the enjoyment of other people and of social settings. It's possible that our sense of peace and our appreciation of beauty will be increased, as well, and this makes one very rich, indeed.

Even under the heat and karmic touchiness of the Via Combusta, relationship issues are not quite so harsh or unforgiving with this highly fortunate fixed star influence drawn into the retrograde proceedings. So let's count our blessings, starting with the people who bring us good luck and cheer just by being in our lives.  

Thank-you to astrologer Rob Tillett for providing good information online on the fixed stars.