Sunday, March 11, 2018

Juno in Pisces and Our Relationship With Illusion at the end of the Astrological Piscean Era

Soul mate asteroid Juno entered Pisces on February 24, 2018 for a transit that will last until April 28. Juno in Pisces adds a bit of a supernatural element to things - stronger spiritual, psychic, or etheric connections that are working away behind the scenes.

Juno in Pisces indicates a web of ethereal connections that transcend time, space, and location with certain threads being plucked at certain times throughout the transit. As particular threads are plucked, we start to see and sense connections to other people, times, locations, and eras that may have been invisible previously.

Part of the beauty of the human condition is that we are connected at the heart and soul to others who have experienced similar things as we have during their time on the planet. We're never truly alone. These shared experiences create a psychic imprint that is accessible and relatable no matter what era we're living in. It's perhaps the more painful and isolating experiences that create the deepest and most long-lived bonds, the strongest psychic connections that endure through time and space. 

Juno in Pisces connects us at our most vulnerable places, in the most poetically painful or bittersweet of human experiences.

From a previous article: 

"With Juno in Pisces, we are also working with "soul mates" where the connection we have is almost entirely unseen, etheric, and non-tangible. These are individuals we feel some connection to (desired or not) that cannot be fully explained logically. Juno is a complex and often frictional symbol, and this indicates we are working our way out of energetic entanglements we have with people that are almost purely psychic or etheric.  

Simultaneously, we are finding sometimes surprising moments of communion as we see evidence of the unbreakable love of the universe, and our spirits are shored up." 

Juno transiting Pisces indicates a period of time when we are working intricately with our relationship to illusion - a textbook Pisces theme.

With transiting Juno in Pisces, the soul mates in our lives may be helping us with these illusions in some way - perhaps drawing attention to areas where the rose-coloured glasses are a little thick or providing experiences that pop our Neptunian bubbles and bring us back to reality.

Under this transit, we may be bothered more than usual by people trying to portray "the perfect life" or "the perfect relationship" through media or social media. (Narcissistic tendencies are another Piscean/Neptunian theme, and we have more than enough of those going around these days...)

At the same time, we may have soul mates who are helping us to see through these carefully-curated lifestyles and immaculately-filtered images. Once we pop an illusion, once we disrupt the glossy surface sheen, once we see that there is no such thing as "the perfect life" or "the perfect relationship" or "the perfect Instagram filter," there's really no going back. There's no going back to a time when we were fooled by those things.

And at that point, we really have to ask: why are so many people putting so much time, effort, and money into portraying this false image of lifestyle-perfection? Why are people creating lifestyle illusions designed only to make other people covet their lives and what they have?

It's a little pathological, really, isn't it? 

We are now officially in the astrological Age of Aquarius, but there are still plenty of old, Piscean-era ghosts traipsing around and old, Piscean-era illusions left to dissipate.

The high romanticism of the standard Neptunian love story is one illusory element that may need to be put in tighter check under this Juno in Pisces transit. 

Within the pages of a classic English novel, Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester find blissful union, at last, long last, as two halves of the same soul meet in holy matrimony. A fictional love to make your heart ache, feverish that you may never find its equivalent. And in real life, its author Charlotte Bronte marries a clergyman she is merely fond of - no great, melting love of her life - after watching her entire family perish one-by-one, only to die herself while pregnant soon after being wed. 

How's that for a sobering reality check?

How many of the great historical love stories, so implanted in the collective psyche and so sought after, have been myth, illusion, just a good story?

And how many of the great Facebook or Instagram love stories are cut from that same cloth?

We have now planted our flags on the Aquarian-era side of things and are looking to create a more rational and realistic version of romance and of life, in general. Even if we aren't looking to do that - that's the path to greater success, veering away from the highly-idealized and soft-lit versions of love, romance, and "lifestyle" that generally end in disappointment and bad feelings.

We're looking to maintain that beautiful Piscean love and connection, but we're doing it with our feet on the ground, with a keen eye toward egalitarian love, rather than a love that places anyone or anything on a pedestal. 

A 27-degree Pisces New Moon conjunct wounded healer Chiron on March 17 (Happy St. Pat's!) stirs the associated themes, and this continues through the following 28-day lunar cycle. 

Juno will form a conjunction to Neptune at 14 degrees Pisces on March 26, 2018, and the soul mate lessons here involve the differentiation between real Piscean love, spirituality, understanding, and communion...and the highly-illusory, highly glossed-up cardboard cutout versions we see portrayed so often through media and social media.

Chiron is very potent in late Pisces during this lunar month, traversing the final degrees of the zodiac. Big, collective karmic wallops possible. 

On a personal level, we may find ourselves a little haunted, a little hamstrung by all the psychic threads we're connected to, even beyond this Pisces season. But the fiery-potent 26-degree Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus and Eris on April 15 releases us from some of the old etheric webs. It burns up some of these webs, simultaneously lighting the way into new territory and fresher dynamics.

The Aries New Moon on April 15 also opens us into the Chiron in Aries transit (2018 - 2027), which begins on April 17. Mercury will station direct at 4 degrees Aries in a conjunction to Chiron on April 15, as well.

Juno enters Aries on April 28, 2018, following the Chiron ingress of Aries April 17. Juno and Chiron will form a conjunction at zero degrees Aries, the first degree of the zodiac, on April 29, indicating some refreshing movement out of the reach of old ghosts, old illusions, and old Neptunian bubbles. 

This Juno-Chiron conjunction at zero Aries - such a potent initiatory degree - provides the cosmic impetus to carve our way out of "Image Factory Hell" once and for all. Let's use it!

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Cardinal Clashes Force Movement While Retrogrades Simultaneously Slow External Development

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mars Square Chiron Marks the Seventh Anniversary of the (Ongoing) Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Mars in Sagittarius is closing in on a square to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces (exact March 14) at 28 degrees of the signs. 

With Chiron in the late degrees of water sign Pisces, entering Aries April 17, 2018, the painful (Chiron) truth (Sagittarius) about the state of the world's oceans (Pisces) is coming to an acute point (Mars), and nowhere is our attention more urgently required than with the state of the Fukushima-contaminated Pacific Ocean.

The Mars-Chiron square occurs as a marker of the seventh anniversary of the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan on March 11. 

The initial explosions at the nuclear power plant in March 2011 released large quantities of radioactive isotopes and particles into the atmosphere and jet stream. Many different isotopes were aerosolized and released at that time, including but not limited to Cesium, Strontium, Iodine, Uranium, Xenon, and Plutonium. The half-lives of the isotopes vary: Cesium 134 has a half-life of two years. Cesium 137 has a half-life of 30 years. Strontium 90 has a half-life of 28.8 years. Many Plutonium isotopes have half-lives in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years. 

The radioactive isotopes and particles came down in precipitation all over North America and are most likely still coming down. Even with extremely spotty and under-funded testing, Fukushima-signature isotopes Cesium 134 and 137, along with others, have been found in fish, seaweed, water, sand, and produce along the West Coast of Canada and the United States since 2011 and continuing to recent times

Radioactive isotopes/particles are poisonous to ingest, in addition to releasing radiation. They bio-accumulate in the body, so contamination levels may seem relatively low, but continual ingestion over time accumulates into much bigger doses. In a process called bio-magnification, tiny fish are eaten by small fish; small fish are eaten by medium fish; medium fish are eaten by large fish; large fish are eaten by us, and at each stage, the radioactive contamination is magnified.

Despite what the nuclear industry and profiteering governments/scientists would like you to believe, there is no safe level of man-made radiation exposure.

Continual exposure to even low-dose radiation can cause catastrophic health damage. 

Being continually irradiated internally by ingested man-made radioactive isotopes is very different from the limited external radiation exposure that comes from things like X-Rays or airplane rides.

Naturally-occurring radioactivity in things like bananas and potatoes is also very different from man-made radioactive isotopes, which bombard the body in combinations and concentrations and with a constancy of exposure that we would not come into contact with naturally.