Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sun Conjunct Ceres in Taurus Within the Grand Earth Trine Formation

The Sun and Ceres are currently conjunct at 6 degrees Taurus, forming the Grand Earth Trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn that has been at play at various times over the past six months. The Sun-Ceres conjunction separates starting today, but these bodies are within range of the Grand Earth Trine into early May when Mercury enters Taurus, continuing the practical ease and beneficial effects with an almost-exact formation May 13-14.

The Sun-Ceres conjunction in Taurus happens at my midheaven, so I thought I would post some of the Ceres work I've been doing over the past year:

From March 20, 2012: Happy Astrological New Year and Willow on Ask the Astrologer with Matt Savinar (forced sonogram laws being passed in the United States)

From March 12, 2012: Ceres in Aries and the Fight for Women's Reproductive Rights

From February 12, 2012: February 14: Venus-Ceres in Aries Make a Tense Juno Day Connection To Pluto. Unfinished Business? Baby, You Ain't Kiddin'

From July 24, 2011: Ceres Stationing Retrograde in Aries and Why the Armies Aren't Fighting the Famine

From September 4, 2011: Ceres Rx Slips Back Into Pisces And Why the Armies Aren't Fighting the Famine...Part Two

From July 10, 2011: Ceres Stations Retrograde at Zero Aries Conjunct Uranus and Buying Organic Is a Revolutionary Act (genetically modified alfalfa, the organics industry, cross-pollination of GMOs)

From April 27, 2011: the shorter news article on the same subject that ran in a small town weekly paper, Juno in Virgo Stationing Direct Opposite Ceres in Pisces: Getting the Word Out Bit by Virgoan Bit

From May 29, 2011: Ripple Effect Ceres-Pluto in Capricorn Themes and Radioactivity in Food

You can find all Ceres-related posts under the Ceres tag.

"Ceres is in the league of Lord of the Underworld Pluto and we know that dude means business. So does Ceres. Fuck with Ceres too much, and she has the ability to snuff life out on this planet entirely. This is what they're playing with right now. Still think this is an inconsequential, secondary-at-best influence in the astrological zodiac?"

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blogger Cluster$#%!

Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to completely change the editing page, and I've found my posts are loading with no spacing. It seems that you also cannot contact Blogger directly to get an answer on any of these issues. I'll keep trying to solve this. I was hoping to post an article today, but it will be postponed now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saturn Retrograde in Libra Opposite Sun in Aries and A Watched Pot Never Boils

From a previous post:

"The Sun in Aries opposes Saturn Rx in Libra April 15, and the relationship re-structuring going on has to accommodate our whole blazing selves, or it might as well be scrapped."

This is the case, pretty babies, and there's no getting around it.

As the Sun in Aries pushes into an opposition to Saturn Rx at 26 degrees Libra April 15, the asteroid Vesta and true Black Moon Lilith placement form a conjunction at 23 degrees Aries, also opposing Saturn. The soul-level investment here is in being ourselves and being true to ourselves within relationship right down to the last, rough edge. Honouring individuality beyond what the constructs of the relationships say. Honouring our fight and our scrappiness and our will to survive, even when those things are seemingly down to their last embers at this, the end of the astrological Piscean era. This is the flame we won't let die. This is what we bank on. 

In Aries, our money's on us. 

The investment here is in going deep into ourselves, loving every last secret corner where the shame, hatred, rage, grief, and deviation from the norm live. This is our fuel, what keeps us sharp, what edges the competition. Fighting for ourselves down to last breaths. Fighting to be true. 

It's an investment in only those people and those relationships that can contain this version of you, the whole version - no fibs, no lies, no cheating around the edges. This is the exertion of whole self, all chambers firing, and we stretch right out into it with these oppositions. Standing up when we have to. Letting fly when we have to. 

Black Moon Lilith and Vesta are here to make sure we don't compromise ourselves detrimentally one iota, that we don't try to squeeze ourselves into a relationship two sizes too small, that we don't attempt to dull any of our feisty edge or whitewash any of our colour as Saturn tries to convince us that we're running out of time, past our prime. 

There is no moment but this moment, and every day, in every way, we're getting better, truer, stronger. This is what Black Moon Lilith and Vesta are whispering, together, in our ears as we bloom into weird and wild Aquarius. 

Invest in yourself, in this moment. This is the most important relationship you'll ever have. 

The Aquarius Moon sextiles the Aries bodies/points and trines Saturn retrograde in Libra on April 15, the day of the Sun-Saturn opposition. We're willing to set ourselves apart, to risk it. It's the refusal to be anything but ourselves, the refusal to be dimmed or dulled that re-builds the world. 

The Moon continues on its way, meeting Vesta in exact conjunction in late Aries April 20 with both bodies in exact opposition to Saturn Rx in Libra. The themes continue. 

Saturn retrograde in Libra reminds us that, when it comes to relationships, a watched pot never boils. The worry and heaviness and sense of arduous delay brought to the topic of relationship by Saturn dissipates only when we're too busy doing our own thing to concern ourselves with it. 

And all this Aries opposing gives us the perfect opportunity to stop watching. Stop waiting. Just go.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're Pissed Off or Fine With Things, Irritated or Content, Aggravated or Accepting. Probably All at the Same Time.

The combination of the now-loosening Venus-Mars-Neptune mutable t-square, Pluto in Capricorn stationing retrograde (April 10), Mars in Virgo stationing direct (April 14), and Mercury traipsing through the last degrees of Pisces (until April 16) is making for some highly-strung, highly-changeable, and highly-odd astro conditions. 

We can go from irritation to rage to despair to all-is-right-with-the-world to a chirpy, chatty phone conversation about monumental future plans in minutes flat. 

Mars stationing direct opposite Neptune in Pisces has us dreaming, kicking up all kinds of oddness, and we can wake up enraged, floating, or paralyzed under the intensity of it all. Possibly all three or more. 

This combination of stations and aspects is all over the place, and though we're certainly working with tension, friction, and frustration at this point, there's a lot of give here with all the mutable energy. This provides much-appreciated grease for the wheels as Lord of the Underworld Pluto permeates the skies with its inky influence and war/aggression planet Mars stops any progress in any direction, either forward or backward. 

At this point, we just have to go with the weird while sort of continuing as if things are functional. (Though I have to admit, all the internet problems I've been having over the past month have pushed me right to the brink.) 

Pluto going retrograde in Capricorn provides a change in direction that brings us ever-closer to the first of the seven Uranus in Aries - Pluto in Capricorn squares, and, as of April 10, we start to feel the squeeze in earnest. 

Pluto is moving backward and Uranus is moving forward, on an inevitable course toward that initial square June 24. 

Venus in Gemini is crossing the South Node currently, and excessive conversation - particularly certain topics of conversation with certain people - are to be avoided. At the same time, Venus is sextile Uranus in Aries (exact April 9), and we split yet another set of relationship paradigm atoms on our way to the Venus Transit June 5. We shift from one relationship track to another repeatedly between now and then, but we have to continually choose something new. 

The Sun in Aries opposes Saturn Rx in Libra April 15, and the relationship re-structuring going on has to accommodate our whole blazing selves, or it might as well be scrapped. 

Keep paddling, little duckies.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Get (And Keep) a Man, Zodiac-Style

Ladies, if you want to get yourselves a man, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it’s as easy as the subtle manipulation of his Venus sign! 

Venus is what he loves, see, and if you want him to love you forever and ever, just keep hitting the old Venus spot. We all know that once you’ve gotten yourself a man, the next trick is holding onto him. The beautiful thing about Venus is: it’s also a key to keeping him! Just use these simple tricks of the astrological trade, and the days of crying your lonely, single ass to sleep every night will be OVER! 

Venus in Aries: Go out and shoot yourself a buck. Anything over a four-point should do. Strap it to the roof of your car. If you can borrow a Jeep, Bronco, or Hummer, even better. Grab a couple six packs of his favourite brew, and drive over to his place with your rifle in the back seat to show off your kill. 

Venus in Taurus: Talk about money a lot. Make it clear how important it is to you. Leave copies of your credit card statements lying around to show him how high your credit limit is. Get involved in the newest hedge funds, and brag about the returns. Talk about how you dumped currency and bought metals.

Venus in Gemini: To keep him interested, never answer his calls or texts right away. Leave them for a few days if you really want to get him hot and bothered. Talk about all the other messages you’re fielding to prove how uber connected and in demand you are. “Accidentally” send him an ambiguous text meant for some other guy just to keep him guessing. 

Venus in Cancer: The key to this man’s heart is all about emulating his Mama! Look at old pictures of his Ma when she was your age, and subtly copy her style. Dress like she did. Do your hair and make-up like she did. Meet him every day after work with lipstick on, an adoring smile, and a plate of chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven. 

Venus in Leo: Buy paintings from local artists and prominently hang them to show what a big supporter you are of the local art scene. Take him to performance art pieces and poetry night at the local pub, even if you don't like it, to show him how artsy you are. Try out for a local theatre troupe, even if calling your acting skills “wooden” would be charitable. Show off your star power. Of course, it goes without saying that a lady should never outshine her man. He’s the real star here, and the more you keep that in mind, the more in love he’ll be! 

Venus in Virgo: Hire a housecleaner to come in and covertly clean your apartment to an immaculate shine before each of his visits. Strip your bed (in front of him) and wash the sheets in hot water after every time you do the deed. Casually mention that you floss three times a day. Buy a top-of-the-line juicer. Hide junk food, and fill your refrigerator with leafy greens. 

Venus in Libra: Make it known how in-demand socially you are by constantly talking about all the fascinating, cultured, and hip people who want to hang with you. Make it difficult for him to schedule a date into your almost-frantic social calendar. Call and re-schedule a few times to drive home the point. Leave a subtle impression that he wasn’t your first choice for a Saturday night. 

Venus in Scorpio: The key here is continually proving what a hardcore freak you are in the sack. Leave whips, handcuffs, chains, and ball gags lying around your apartment – not just in the bedroom! Maybe put a cage up. Mirrors on the ceiling, a video camera set up near the bed, and a stripper pole are de rigeur. 

Venus in Sagittarius: What’s really going to do it for this guy is making it known how much freedom you need in relationships. Don’t worry if it isn’t true – by the time he figures out the real story, he’ll be hooked on you! Talk about your plans to study philosophy in Paris, and make it known that he shouldn’t wait around. Do some speed research on wine, and talk about how you’ve always wanted to take a trip to wine country to experience the great whites and reds. 

Venus in Capricorn: The key to this guy’s heart is in showing him how impressive and upwardly-mobile you are. Talk about how you’re crushing your competition at work. Brag about how much your boss loves you. Repeat the basic points of your Five Year Plan like a mantra every morning, and make sure he can hear you. 

Venus in Aquarius: Here, it's all about making it clear to him how outside the box you are. Throw a vegan, soy-free potluck and invite all the freakiest people you know. Talk about alternative working models and the suppression of Tesla technology. Ride a community-owned bicycle to get around, even if you have been a staunch car driver up until then. Dye your hair pink or purple. Get a septum ring. 

Venus in Pisces: The key here is in proving your superiour spiritual development. Talk about your dreams a lot, and make them seem really symbolic and profound. Talk about the multi-dimensional experiences you’ve had, and make it clear that you can’t really be bothered with the concerns of the material world. Name drop a couple gurus, and work the popular spiritual catch phrases of the day into casual conversation. Work these Venus tips, ladies, and you will go from sad and lonely single to ecstatic and loved-up couple in no time!  

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