Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sun Conjunct Ceres in Taurus Within the Grand Earth Trine Formation

The Sun and Ceres are currently conjunct at 6 degrees Taurus, forming the Grand Earth Trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn that has been at play at various times over the past six months. The Sun-Ceres conjunction separates starting today, but these bodies are within range of the Grand Earth Trine into early May when Mercury enters Taurus, continuing the practical ease and beneficial effects with an almost-exact formation May 13-14.

The Sun-Ceres conjunction in Taurus happens at my midheaven, so I thought I would post some of the Ceres work I've been doing over the past year:

From March 20, 2012: Happy Astrological New Year and Willow on Ask the Astrologer with Matt Savinar (forced sonogram laws being passed in the United States)

From March 12, 2012: Ceres in Aries and the Fight for Women's Reproductive Rights

From February 12, 2012: February 14: Venus-Ceres in Aries Make a Tense Juno Day Connection To Pluto. Unfinished Business? Baby, You Ain't Kiddin'

From July 24, 2011: Ceres Stationing Retrograde in Aries and Why the Armies Aren't Fighting the Famine

From September 4, 2011: Ceres Rx Slips Back Into Pisces And Why the Armies Aren't Fighting the Famine...Part Two

From July 10, 2011: Ceres Stations Retrograde at Zero Aries Conjunct Uranus and Buying Organic Is a Revolutionary Act (genetically modified alfalfa, the organics industry, cross-pollination of GMOs)

From April 27, 2011: the shorter news article on the same subject that ran in a small town weekly paper, Juno in Virgo Stationing Direct Opposite Ceres in Pisces: Getting the Word Out Bit by Virgoan Bit

From May 29, 2011: Ripple Effect Ceres-Pluto in Capricorn Themes and Radioactivity in Food

You can find all Ceres-related posts under the Ceres tag.

"Ceres is in the league of Lord of the Underworld Pluto and we know that dude means business. So does Ceres. Fuck with Ceres too much, and she has the ability to snuff life out on this planet entirely. This is what they're playing with right now. Still think this is an inconsequential, secondary-at-best influence in the astrological zodiac?"


Kathy said...

I have Ceres and Lilith conjunct my IC in Capricorn. All between 3 to 11 degrees in my fourth house. Lilith is almost exactly trine my Mars in Virgo. To top it all off transiting Pluto has joined all this for a while.

I remember laughing the first time I read a description of Lilith and Ceres. This perfectly described my childhood. I instinctively identified with both.

I vote Ceres and Lilith should be given the same status as Pluto. Did you notice that the astronomers demoted Pluto rather than promote Ceres? I found that amusing.

Lea said...

I am with you, girl. Hear you loud and clear. I am covering this on my blog going after Monsanto right now. I will read your newspaper posts shortly. That she has the power to snuff us all out and that "we" don't know what we are playing with is exactly my take on this. Ceres astrologically is talking, soon it will be louder. Those of us listening, I have to believe, will know what to do when we need to do it. But now, bit by bit getting the word out is the path. Thanks and love ya.