Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moderating The Urge to Let Fly As Mercury Stations Direct in Sagittarius

Communication and intelligence planet Mercury is about to go direct (December 22 at 5:51 p.m. PST) in the sign of its detriment (Sagittarius) in square aspect to foggy Neptune in Pisces, and oh goodness, people are going to want to let fly. 

There are some pent-up things on our minds, being held (for now) on the tips of our tongues. There are some blazing truths we're just itching to lay down in the most dramatic and effective ways possible. We're pretty well ready to give the whole damned planet a piece of our mind.


This urge is exacerbated by an applying conjunction between war planet Mars and truth-related Jupiter, both transiting Scorpio. The exact Mars-Jupiter conjunction occurs January 6, 2018 at 17 degrees, and there is pressure building as far as ripping the lid off the underlying (and often intolerable) reality of things.

But with Mercury conjunctions to moderate Saturn still fresh in our minds - exact November 27 and December 6, moving to a final one January 12 - we might just think better of this. We might decide to take some time before speaking or communicating. We might express our fiery-potent truth in a more moderate, responsible, or purposeful way. We might find new places to apply our powerful perspectives, ones that will provide more substantial public positioning for long-term success and influence.

Basically, it's a marathon, not a sprint. 

Sagittarius isn't known as the most patient sign, however, and Mercury isn't known as the most patient planet. 

With Mercury stationing direct in Sagittarius, a sign the messenger isn't very comfortable in, there's a higher likelihood that we will be a little unintentionally blundering in our communication styles. Verbally stepping on a few toes. Inadvertently insulting people with an innocent, offhand comment or observation. General foot-in-mouth tendencies. Potentially a little obtuse as far as the effect our words and perspectives have on others.

Consciously reining things in a little and working to say things as precisely as possible are helpful tactics. 

The Mercury in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces indicates some collectively-karmic conversation, exchanges, and information flow. Mercurial connections and interactions have an element of "divine dispersion" involved now that is somewhat out of our control. Certain words/ideas/concepts/information are going to be dispersed through us and through our exchanges in order to reach their targets. It's up to us to lay it down as succinctly as possible and then to let it go.

Remember: with the energy of an extended Mercury-Black Moon Lilith conjunction in Sagittarius still in strong effect, conversations and written or verbal exchanges can be quite loaded. Words are more powerful (and potentially inflammatory) than usual and can hang in the air.

Certain subjects are like quicksand. Crystallized rhetoric combined with charged emotions could drag us into exhausting back-and-forth and round-and-round exchanges that get us nowhere. 

We don't want any "I wish I could take that back" scenarios unfolding here because, under these energies, the fallout from certain exchanges letting people know how you really think about it all! could literally last for years. (So no ugly holiday scenes, even if your tongue has teeth marks in it from biting it so much...)

With Mercury somewhat frustrated in Sagittarius until entering Capricorn on January 10 (combined with that Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio), many will be looking to unload verbally and will take pretty much any excuse to do so. We're going to have to duck and weave a little to avoid becoming verbal dumping grounds. Don't inadvertently provide a soapbox. Manage your emotional reactions so that you don't get drawn into a big old waste of time and energy masquerading as a conversation or discussion.

Understand, as Mercury makes this uncomfortable station in this uncomfortable sign in this uncomfortable square to Neptune, that we're all a bit mentally raw. We're all a little overwhelmed. We're all sick of the bullshit we see going on all around us, every day. 

Hold people accountable for their stuff, but ultimately, keep your gaze where it belongs - on the corrupt and hierarchical power structures and the power players pulling strings within those structures. Don't blame each other or humanity as a whole for the socially-engineered Hell being intentionally brought down upon us by the inhumane power web that has taken hold on Planet Earth.

Each truth plays its part in the greater whole. Say what you need to say, but don't get hung up on the results or the effects of that expression. That's not up to you. The universe will pick up your words and give them the wings they need, mysteriously and miraculously ensuring that your blazing arrows of truth reach their rightful targets. 

Mercury enters Capricorn on January 10 at 9:09 p.m.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

That Black, Black, Black Moon Truth

Bringing more beauty to this world and to my life!

I was part of an art market recently, and the brilliant awesomeness of Aryelle Attridge-Weeks from two tables away was near-blinding! Lucky for me, she is not as scared of other humans as I am (or she fakes it nicely). She suggested an art trade, and she also enjoys cow photos! Perfect. I'm delighted to have her gorgeous watercolour print on my wall. She worked previously as a tattoo apprentice and I love the combination of tattoo culture and fine art.

You can find more from artist, youth worker, social work student, and general fabulous human being, Aryelle Attridge-Weeks at her Instagram page. Prints are $25 each (CND) + shipping. Many to choose from. Contact info and email money transfers to:

Yesterday was the eight-year anniversary of me being poisoned by the fluoroquinolone antibiotic Cipro. There's not a day that goes by that I do not experience some sort of pain, dysfunction, discomfort, or emotional/psychological horror directly caused by this drug.

I was mis-prescribed the terribly dangerous Ciprofloxacin in late 2009 for a very minor urinary tract infection and was never given any warning about the potential side effects, despite a Black Box Warning about tendon rupture that already existed on the drug. The Black Box Warnings did not trickle down to prescribing physicians, and most of the people describing the damage done to us by fluoroquinolone antibiotics have not been believed by the medical establishment.

In light of the current "dark truth-telling" themes with Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn, Venus, Sun, and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, I thought I would interject a little Black Moon-style truth into the following articles, pulled from mainstream media sites. (Bold All Caps, just to be uber punk rock/stereotypical internet activisty...heh)

"The Fascists Got Me With Fluoride Pills" would make a good folk-punk song...

From a July 26, 2016 article by Maggie Fox, "FDA Strengthens Warning on Powerful Antibiotics":

"The Food and Drug Administration strengthened the warnings about one type of antibiotic Tuesday, saying they’re too strong (STRONG = "POTENTIALLY DEADLY OR PERMANENTLY DEBILITATING") to be used for sinus infections, bronchitis and simple urinary tract infections.


The drugs are in a class called fluoroquinolones and include levofloxacin (as known as Levaquin) and ciprofloxacin (Cipro). They can cause serious and sometimes permanent side-effects. (A LAUNDRY LIST OF MORE THAN 50 SYMPTOMS, SOME EXTREME/TERRIFYING, MANY LIFE-THREATENING. THE DAMAGE CAUSED BY THESE DRUGS WILL SHORTEN THE LIVES OF MANY OF THEIR VICTIMS.)

“While these drugs are effective in treating serious bacterial infections, an FDA safety review found that both oral and injectable fluoroquinolones are associated with disabling side effects involving tendons, muscles, joints, nerves and the central nervous system,” the agency said in a statement.

“These side effects can occur hours to weeks after exposure to fluoroquinolones and may potentially be permanent.”

The drugs are worthwhile to use for potentially fatal infections such as plague, anthrax and some types of bacterial pneumonia but not for the more minor stuff, FDA added.


“FDA-approved fluoroquinolones include levofloxacin (Levaquin), ciprofloxacin (Cipro), ciprofloxacin extended-release tablets, moxifloxacin (Avelox), ofloxacin and gemifloxacin (Factive),” the statement said.

“The labeling changes include an updated Boxed Warning and revisions to the Warnings and Precautions section of the label about the risk of disabling and potentially irreversible adverse reactions that can occur together.”"


From a January 27, 2017 article by Michelle Llamas, "Canada Expands Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Warning":

"Health Canada linked antibiotics called fluoroquinolones to a wide range of disabling side effects and wants manufacturers to update medication labels, CBC News reported.

The action by Health Canada follows safety communications by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advising health care professionals to only use antibiotics such as Cipro, Avelox and Levaquin as a last resort because the risks may outweigh the benefits.


A Summary Safety Review published by Health Canada on Jan 23 identified reports of persistent and disabling side effects. These side effects include tendonitis/tendinopathy, peripheral neuropathy and central nervous system disorders.

In addition to these side effects, Health Canada reviewed reports of known side effects linked to fluoroquinolones, such as:

  • Worsening of myasthenia gravis (a chronic autoimmune disease)
  • Hypersensitivity and serious skin reactions
  • Mental disorders
  • Depression and suicide/self-injury
  • Convulsions (seizure)
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Phototoxicity (light sensitivity)
  • Vision disorders
The Canadian agency said it would continue to monitor the safety of these drugs. (THESE DRUGS ARE NOT SAFE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM UNLESS IT IS A LIFE-AND-DEATH SITUATION, AND EVEN THEN, TAKING THEM SHOULD BE CONSIDERED CAREFULLY.) It is currently working with the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN) and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) to conduct additional studies.

“Health Canada recommended that the safety information for all fluoroquinolone products be updated to include information about this rare but serious risk,” the agency said in its Summary Safety Review.


“Health Canada is working with manufacturers to update the safety information of all systemic (taken by mouth or by injection) fluoroquinolone products marketed in Canada.”

FDA Linked Drugs to ‘Permanent, Disabling Side Effects’

About 26 million Americans take a fluoroquinolone antibiotic each year. Because they treat a wide variety of infections from sinus infections to anthrax, prescriptions skyrocketed over the past several years.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates doctors write about half the prescriptions in the U.S. for viral conditions such as the flu or a cold, the Washington Post reported. These illnesses do not respond to antibiotics. (PHARMACEUTICALS-DRIVEN MEDICINE - A TERRIFYING, INSANE, AND INEFFECTIVE THING)

In July 2016, the FDA approved drug label changes to warn of “disabling and potentially permanent side effects and to limit their use in patients with less serious bacterial infections.”

According to the FDA, the disabling side effects involve “tendons, muscles, joints, nerves and the central nervous system.” The agency warns “these side effects can occur hours to weeks after exposure to fluoroquinolones and may potentially be permanent.”


The latest studies on fluoroquinolones link them to dangerous aortic aneurysms (ruptures) and aortic dissections (tears). Researchers suspect the drugs break down the body’s collagen, a substance that makes up tendons and the lining of the aorta.

One 2015 JAMA study found a two-fold increase in risk of aortic aneurysm and dissection. Another in BMJ found a three-fold increase in risk of aortic aneurysm.

Thousands of Adverse Events and Lawsuits, an independent site run by researchers, combed the FDA’s data over the course of 10 years. It found 80,000 adverse drug reactions possibly associated with Levaquin and generic levofloxacin, including 1,000 deaths. For Cipro and generic ciprofloxacin, the total was 79,000 adverse events including 1,700 deaths.


Thousands of patients document their fluoroquinolone injuries across the internet on patient forums. Some filed lawsuits, claiming drugmakers failed to warn about serious side effects.

At one time, Johnson&johnson faced several thousand lawsuits over Levaquin. Some are still pending before Judge John R. Tunheim in Minnesota. A separate multidistrict litigation for other fluoroquinolones — also before Judge Tunheim — currently has more than 700 lawsuits. 


All WWA "Cipro is Evil" articles


"Pluto Stationing Retrograde in Capricorn: From Millions Against Monsanto to Billions Against Bayer" from April 13, 2017

A companion YouTube video: Billions Against Bayer-Monsanto April 28, 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Know What You Believe, and Believe in What You Know

Look at that face! 
Photos: Willow

Mercury retrograde December 2 - 22, 2017, from 29 degrees to 13 degrees Sagittarius

Communication planet Mercury has just stationed retrograde (December 2) on the potent anaretic (29th) degree of truth-telling Sagittarius in close conjunction to Saturn and Black Moon Lilith.

This indicates that we're receiving some mental processing time, some final integration of truth and understanding we've been gathering throughout the entire Saturn in Sagittarius transit (December 2014 - December 2017). 

With the strong influence of Black Moon Lilith on the Mercury retrograde process, this truth and understanding may have some dark elements or difficult angles.

Certain truths - about ourselves, about our world, and about our places in that world - are sinking in here, and we'll ultimately be shored up, supported, and validated (Saturn) in that truth.

With the strong influence of Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, some of the truth requiring full integration now is a little difficult to swallow. Some of the truth and understanding we carry - and that we are being called on to share in the world - may be difficult for others (or ourselves) to accept. Sharing what we know may bring us into frictional contact with others and with the society around us. It may put us at odds with accepted consensus reality. So there is an element of drawing on our deepest faith and also on our sense of duty and responsibility. These are things that can fortify us in challenging messenger roles. 

The information and perspective we are being called on to share may involve truth that the mainstream society refuses or even violently rejects. This may be truth - deep, dark, and concentrated - that society will do almost anything to deny, silence, or stuff down.

Under these placements, our voices, our words, may unintentionally trigger others, especially those of a more establishment-friendly perspective (even alternative-establishment).

This Mercury retrograde brings some final perspective on the last three years of our lives.

We're in the final stages of fully accepting ourselves and our places in the world - including the marginalized, ostracized, or opposed aspects of our experiences (Black Moon Lilith). We're in the final stages of structuring our lives according to our own truth and guiding philosophies, even when that brings us into frictional contact with the rest of society. We're making a firm and resolute commitment to making decisions based in the ultimate authority (Saturn) of our own wisdom and knowledge (Sagittarius), even when that makes us a contentious or controversial character (Black Moon Lilith).

It's our responsibility (Saturn) to share what we know (Sagittarius) if that knowledge is needed in this world. It's our responsibility to live by our beliefs and by our truth, even when that is not an easy thing to do, even when it inconveniences us or sets us apart. 

The world needs truth-laid-bare now. It's desperate for it, starving for it.

The world needs people who are willing to live by natural ways, by natural rhythms. 

It needs people willing to supercede "the way things are" with their own methods when things have gone off the rails, as they have in so many cases. 

The world needs people who are willing to apply the sage truth, knowledge, and wisdom that have sustained us through the ages, through all manner of corruption and violence, through brutally harsh and hard times.

The world is crying out for the blazing arrows of Sagittarian truth, penetrating the intentionally-manufactured artifice and falsity that threaten to choke us out.

This may be quiet wisdom, unassuming, low key. But it's willing to say its piece when necessary. And it's necessary now. 

With this Mercury retrograde in the sign of its detriment, Sagittarius, we're being given some time to put words to our truth, to verbally express aspects of who we are and what we believe that might be difficult to sum up in everyday conversation. We're wrapping our minds around just what it is we believe, and we're finding ways to make it understood by others.

As Mercury moves back and forth over conjunctions to Saturn (exact November 27 and December 6 in late Sagittarius with a third and final conjunction at 2 degrees Capricorn on January 12, 2018), we are being placed in solidified positions from which to share our truth, from which to express the knowledge and understanding we've come to, in particular, over the past three years. 

Allow yourself to be positioned in this place of truth. We need people speaking and living from that place. We need your voice, clear and true, speaking your own quiet wisdom in the craziness of these times.

You can expect concrete opportunities (Saturn) to share what you know as Mercury does its retrograde thing in Sagittarius. But we also need to recognize the instances when it is not in our best interests to share our truth. We are all quite energetically stretched at this point in the proceedings on Planet Earth. There is only so much truth-telling energy to go around, especially considering the exhausting opposition, misinformation, and collective mind control that must so often be battled. 

With the cautionary and restrictive influence of Saturn on our sometimes-loose-lipped messenger planet, there are times when it's best to just keep it zipped. There are times when staying silent is a protective thing, when it keeps precious knowledge and information out of the wrong minds. There are times when we're just too tired (Saturn) to struggle with it, and that's OK.

Creating and maintaining public platforms from which to share the knowledge we carry require a lot of time, effort, and energy. Not all avenues are worth our while, especially if they're thick with opposition, rhetoric, and social friction. Fighting to have our voices heard may not be the best use of our (limited) energy and resources.

So we are also determining, during this Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, when to withhold our knowledge and wisdom, when to protect it from the fray, which might trample, pillage, or devalue it.

The Mercury-Saturn conjunctions indicate a time of particular mental (Mercury) fatigue (Saturn) between November 27, 2017 and January 12, 2018. Keep this in mind when interacting with others, and keep your demands on them as streamlined and reasonable as possible. This especially goes for people in Mercurial jobs like postal workers, mail carriers, couriers, retail employees, call centre workers, and others who have an intensely busy time each year in December. Avoid mental overload in yourself, and do what you can not to burden others.

We're reading the air and the emotional climate. Under an extended Black Moon Lilith-Mercury Rx conjunction in Sagittarius, words/perspectives can be quite triggering. We can catch an edge quite easily which may then escalate into a full-on, raging philosophical battle. Religious, beliefs-based, and cultural differences could be particularly incendiary. 

At the same time, many of the aspects ahead indicate cosmic and social support for us, positioned in our own truth, sharing precious wisdom with a world so desperately in need of it.

The world needs this truth. It's just a bit dicey to get it out there. So we are perhaps looking for the smaller and more low-key openings, for the avenues that provide an "open shot." We're looking to launch those necessary blazing arrows and then retreat to the safety of the shadows, to the safety of our own sanctioned positions.

For those who still have a working connection to their own soul, truth has a certain undeniable energy. This energy will reach the people it's meant to reach. It will worm its way in somehow. It will penetrate complex layers of artifice, even if this takes some time (Saturn).

During this Mercury retrograde, we may be coming into contact with the results of previous truth-telling efforts. We may see certain truths finally sinking in in the collective. We may see people applying wiser and more mature methods.  

Mercury Rx in Sagittarius will back into a second exact conjunction to Saturn on December 6, and on the same day, action planet Mars at 28 degrees Libra will form supportive sextile aspects to both Mercury and Saturn at 28 degrees Sagittarius. This indicates a social push or impetus to be who you are and to speak what you know. Again, there is a bit of an edge to this, to sharing your truth in a world so unaccustomed to dealing in the genuine, but this edge is also what propels you forward. Working with this edge brings new energy and new avenues for advancement. Mars in Libra sextile Mercury Rx in Sagittarius indicates the courage required within the social/relational realms to be true to yourself and to what you know. 

Mercury Rx in Sagittarius will then form a flowing trine to Uranus Rx in Aries on December 10, indicating new position within a community of people that accepts who you are and what you have to say. And if that community hasn't fully materialized? This also indicates the ability to stand on your own two feet in your own truth whenever necessary. It indicates a long-range vision and perspective that can sustain us even when we have to stand apart from the crowd. (Likely a near-constant condition for many WWA readers!)

The Sun and Mercury Rx form their interior conjunction on December 12 at 20 degrees Sagittarius, and this is followed by a Mercury Rx-Venus conjunction at 17 degrees Sagittarius on December 15. Black Moon Lilith will also be forming tight conjunctions to the Sun, Mercury Rx, and Venus in Sagittarius at this time. This indicates a stretch of time between December 12 and 15 when powerful and perhaps unsettling truths/perspectives are circulating.

Mercury will go direct at 13 degrees Sagittarius on December 22, allowing us to interact from a newly shored-up and solidified position, which may include new public platforms from which to share what we know and what we understand.

Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, and we enter a period of three years when we are required to put what we know and what we understand into concrete practise. We're required to be large-and-in-charge of what we know, and we're required to build our truth right into the structures and rules of our lives. 

Mercury direct will catch up to Saturn, newly in Capricorn, on January 12, 2018, forming a conjunction at 2 degrees of the sign. We're officially looking forward, looking for concrete opportunities to live by our own beliefs, by our own truth, and by our own philosophies. 

Whatever we commit ourselves to from this point forward must be rooted in this - in the ultimate truth we have come to during the three-year Saturn in Sagittarius transit. 

As Mercury and Saturn come together in early Capricorn, people need to know what they believe because choices and decisions made from here will have long-reaching and long-term effects.

Know what you believe, and believe in what you know.

A commitment of time, effort, and energy is on its way, and this commitment must be made with full knowledge and awareness. 

Your knowledge and wisdom - shared at the right times, in the right ways - can help others to avoid missteps and wrong turns that could swallow up years of their lives. Understand your power now. Understand the power of your authentic voice. Gather your courage. You are a beacon of what is right and true. Stand strong in that.  

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Saturn in Capricorn Transit is Kicked Off With a Six-Planet Stellium

This article is available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons, or it can be purchased for $11.25 by PayPal or email money transfer. It includes information about an upcoming six-planet stellium in Capricorn, as well as themes surrounding the Saturn in Aquarius transit and six-planet stellium in Aquarius in 2021.

A companion YouTube video for this article can be viewed here.

A previous article with similar themes from December 31, 2011: "Sun Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: The Awareness of How Deep it Really Goes Is Lit Up This NYE"

Until the end of 2017, all new Willow's Web Astrology patrons will receive the main Saturn in Capricorn article (7,000+ words) as a bonus.   

 Individual Articles:

Jupiter in Scorpio: Wisdom Drawn from the Still Depths of the Soul 
- this 5,000+-word article delineates and interprets the year-long Jupiter in Scorpio transit

Saturn in Capricorn: An Astrological Overview for Long-Term Strategic Planning 
- this 7,000+-word article delineates and interprets the three-year Saturn in Capricorn transit and includes information about the Chiron ingress of Aries and the Uranus ingress of Taurus

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Saturn in Late Sage Squares the Wounded Healer: We Shall Exhibit Reckless Glee About the Hardness of This Life!

As Saturn completes its transit of the sign of the centaur in a loosening square (as of November 2) to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces, we're channeling the buoyant and insouciant spirit of Sagittarius in the face of all difficulties. 

We shall exhibit reckless glee about the hardness of this life!

How hilariously difficult this human existence can be! How humourously impossible the collective conditions in which we find ourselves! You want us to untie which knots? And they have been knotted tight for how long now?

You really do have to laugh a little about it all, don't you? 

Illuminati Hollywood itself couldn't have come up with a grander or more complex collective clusterfuck for us to navigate!

Luckily for us, Sagittarius is a highly humourous sign. It can find the amusing zest and zeal in almost any situation. So as no-nonsense Saturn has been transiting the sign (since December 24, 2014), we have been challenged to apply this Sagittarian humour and zest for life within even the most sombre and trying of circumstances.

(And I hope, wonderful readers, that you always perceive the (dark) humour running through this writing, as well as the inspirational and empowering intent as I cut a swath through muck and mire and nefarious shenanigans a-plenty...)

As Saturn now completes the transit of Sagittarius, entering Capricorn December 19, 2017, we're putting the final touches on this foundation of inspiration, humour, buoyancy, and high spiritedness, which will then support us and sustain us through the challenges ahead.

(And yes, friends, it appears that the Saturn in Capricorn transit within long-term conjunction to Pluto will provide plenty of opportunities to apply what we've learned as far as that Sagittarian levity...)

As Saturn has made its way through this sign of never-say-die optimism, we've worked our way into inspiring new levels of understanding (Sagittarius) about ourselves within our material realities (Saturn). 

One of the prime truths of this transit through nature-based Sagittarius is this: we knew the right way to go all along. Left to our own devices, guided by our own desire for broadened horizons, we've naturally taken the right path, forged ahead into the most meaningful of experiences, and come into the full truth of the matter all on our own. 

From a previous article about Saturn in late Sagittarius:

"We're ready for one final push toward achievement and greatness in the sign of scholarly Sagittarius, structuring our lives according to our own truth and guiding philosophies, making commitments and decisions under the ultimate authority of our own wisdom and knowledge.

Achievements in academia, medicine, law, or publishing are particularly highlighted, but again, the greatest Saturn in late Sagittarius achievement may be the commitment to living by our own truth, our own ethics, and our own philosophies, even when they are not aligned with those of the society or collective around us."

During the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius, we have been challenged to accept ourselves fully and utterly, particularly when aspects of us do not fit the standard moulds. We have been brought into a fuller understanding that those areas where we have to plant our own flags, live by our own truth, and stand in our own guidance often provide the richest of wisdom and experiences. They often provide the greatest benefit, the most colour, the grandest meaning.

As Saturn now moves through the final degrees of Sagittarius before entering Capricorn at solstice, we're required to crystallize these sage lessons.

We're required to not only accept our own truth and our own path through this life but to absolutely delight in them! To honour them! To be grateful for these truths we have come to and for this wisdom-foundation we have painstakingly put in place, even though it was hard. Sometimes too hard. 

We will need this crystallized wisdom-foundation, this deep respect for the ultimate authority of our own personal truth, and this absolute acceptance of who we are on this path that only we could carve out. We'll need this for the times ahead. 

The personal planets will soon move through Sagittarius, as well, activating the Saturn-Chiron square and providing active opportunities to cement our positions within our own truth and wisdom. 

Communication planet Mercury will transit Sagittarius November 5, 2017 to January 10, 2018, including a retrograde period December 2 - 22, 2017.

The Sun will transit Sagittarius, shining a light on these themes, from November 21 - December 21, 2017. The Sun and Moon will meet at 26 degrees Sagittarius on December 17, marking a New Moon conjunct Venus and Saturn.

Relationship planet Venus will transit Sagittarius December 1 - 24, 2017.

And finally, action planet Mars will transit Sagittarius January 26 - March 17, 2018, stirring up some of the residual themes after Saturn has entered Capricorn.

So as Saturn clicks through the last degrees of Sagittarius within square aspect to Chiron in Pisces, work on that last bit of positioning, those last points of deep and complete and utter acceptance of who and what you really are as a natural being on this planet, as a mighty and magical and sovereign entity, living under the ultimate authority of your own truth, your own path, your own ethics, your own values, your own philosophy, and your own understanding of how to make this life as meaningful as it possibly can be.

Honour those points where you don't fit, where you don't agree, where you break from the standardized rhetoric. Accept these points, but go farther than that - warm yourself with your roaring delight in them! It's the honouring of your own truth - within a society that wants you doing anything but that, within a society doing everything in its power to separate you from that - that makes you a most cherished soul, indeed.

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- this 5,000+-word article delineates and interprets the year-long Jupiter in Scorpio transit

Saturn in Capricorn: An Astrological Overview for Long-Term Strategic Planning 
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Friday, October 27, 2017

The Most Terrifying Ghouls and Goblins on Planet Earth Wear Suits and Ties

 At my neighbours' house. Should I call someone???

As Jupiter sets up shop in Scorpio and we enter the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere, we're under some fairly intense astrology. The ugly truth is being exposed under a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio combined with a Venus in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn - or at least, it's starting to make the overall emotional climate a little uneasy, a little anxious, a little agitated.

As the veil between this world and the spirit world thins, we have a particular challenge related to the truth (Sagittarius) about our material circumstances (Saturn) on this planet.

Sagittarius relates to freedom, and Saturn relates to constriction and limitation. As Saturn in Sagittarius closes in on its final exact square to Chiron in Pisces (November 2) at 24 degrees of the signs, we are uncomfortably aware of the ways in which our freedom is being inhibited or hindered and the effects this has on our psychic and spiritual health (Chiron/Pisces).

We are now nearing the end of the Chiron in Pisces transit. The wounded healer has been transiting the sign of spirituality and collective psychic space since February 2011. Chiron will enter Aries in April 2018, retrograding back into late Pisces September 2018 to February 2019, before entering Aries again for the duration of its transit, until April 2027. 

So the truth we are being confronted with as Saturn in Sagittarius forms this final square to Chiron in Pisces (under an 11-degree Taurus Full Moon opposite Sun-Jupiter in Scorpio November 3) is something we've been chewing on for a while now. It's those big issues, those big problems, that seem to have no answers - certainly no easy answers. It's the causes of difficulty or pain we can't quite put our fingers on. It's the bouts of despair or overwhelm or hopelessness that often can't be linked back to a single, specific source.

From a previous article:

"One of the biggest sources of fuel for depression these days is the degree of collective denial we are living with en masse. It's emotionally upsetting, to say the very least. This is the distance between the bottom line reality on this planet and the way most people - including our so-called leaders - are living. The decisions being made and the options being presented don't have much basis in that bottom line reality. Most are living in an artificial state of manufactured reality, and there isn't much that is more depressing to a natural, biological being than living in artifice. Take a look at the animals in the zoo.

We are connected to the living beings who are suffering on this planet, and they're connected to us and to our suffering. And when that suffering is denied, avoided, glossed over, brushed aside, it adds a heaping helping of psychic disturbance to our psyches. Did you really think you were just going to go about your happy, happy life while the majority of this planet suffers under systems and structures that create and reinforce that pain?

We live in a world that wants to separate people into the happy and the unhappy, the joyful and the depressed, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the normal and the abnormal, the positive and the negative.

But those distinctions are not real.

If the scenarios on Planet Earth during transiting Chiron in Pisces (2011 - 2019) teach us anything, it's that what affects one will eventually affect all. There is no real line between the fortunates and the unfortunates. We cannot separate ourselves from the corruption, the murder, the erosion, the destruction, the poisoning that are going on - no matter what dimension you mistakenly believe you are ascending to, no matter how much fake currency you have in your bank account.

The fascists didn't really lose the war.

And now they've gotten into our food, into our water, into our air, into our minds, into our psychic environments, into our relationships, and into the social fabric that holds us together.

They have people chasing money and luxury items and tropical vacations and 200 "likes" on their seductive, social media selfies. They have people chasing a highly skewed idea of "success," all so very poisonous and destructive during the Pluto in Capricorn years.

They have people regimented in inhumane 8 to 5 office schedules that do not take into account the natural ebb and flow of energy in a biological organism.

And they have people convinced that if they can't sustain this grueling Monday to Friday march, they are worthless, damaged, less than whole. In short, if you can't keep up with that relentless, robotic, fluorescently-lit pace, there's something very, very wrong with you.

If you have to work two or three jobs just to keep a roof over your head and food on your table, there's something wrong with you.

If you are a man who can't work 14, 16, 18-hour days, there is something wrong with you.

If you are woman who can't cheerfully whip up culinary delights for her family every night of the week after working a full day, there is something wrong with you.

They have people snowed, that's for sure.

They have people blaming themselves for situations that have been planned and orchestrated to be just this bad...and worse.

There is a natural ebb and flow to the energy of a human being. The Moon cycles are a big indicator of this. But we are in the Pluto in Capricorn years: caffeine and drug-fueled to keep us going and going and going. We are in a series of years when it's considered a sickness if you need to rest, if you need to slow down, if you need to just stop for a little while.

We're convinced by a toxic pharmaceutical-pushing medical establishment that we need to be medicated. We need to be more "up" or more "down" or more something in order to be normal, sane, healthy.

Not once does that medical establishment look at the insanity of the constant merry-go-round. Not once does it look at the intentional disruption of the biological systems on this planet. Not once does it look at our food, our water, our air, our mental, psychic, and physical environments.

And so it misses the point."

I live in a country where people often go on about how lucky we are to be free. As we move to Remembrance Day on November 11, this will be a common sentiment, as it is every year.

The truth is, though (and I know I will stir ire for saying this): we aren't free.

We have more freedoms in Canada relative to those in countries under more overtly oppressive regimes, but we are not free to live our lives as we would truly wish to. 

We in Canada live under the same coercive systems, the same hierarchical pyramid schemes, the same oppressive, police state-enforced laws, the same corrupt money systems that control and manipulate human life all over this planet. 

We're living by the same engineered rhythms, on the same artificial schedules, within the same manufactured constructs.

People are doing work they would not naturally do (at least, not in the same ways), living and working on schedules they would not naturally keep. 

They are moving and constricting their bodies in ways that are not natural to them. They are following daily paths that would not be followed (at least not so rigidly) if left up to their own volition.

They're making choices from prepackaged, socially-engineered options that have been set out for them.

They're living a forced life they would not naturally live - if they weren't being coerced by violence or threat of violence, by deprivation or threat of deprivation, by homelessness or threat of homelessness, by death or threat of death. 

We're living under a coercive control structure that has now spread its vile tentacles into every nation on the planet.

I say this in the gentlest and most compassionate and most loving of ways:

We are not free. Not in the material realm.

This is not the way human beings were meant to be living.

This is not the way human societies were meant to be functioning.

People's time is being stolen. The best of their energy, their ideas, their talents, their ingenuity is being stolen. 

But this system, this indoctrination, this coercion has been so internalized, so assimilated, that people - in their highly regimented and harassed lives - really do believe they are free.

And those who cannot fit into the systems as they exist are free to languish - in poverty, discomfort, lack, addiction, anxiety, deprivation, illness, isolation, mental and psychic disturbance. 

There are now more people using prescription opioid painkillers in the U.S. of A. than are smoking cigarettes (27 million). Deaths due to opioid painkillers now surpass car crash deaths (49,700 per year). And all as the United States of America continues to lock down those poppy fields via the longest war/violent occupation in American history in Afghanistan...

Those who cannot fit in to this system are written off as lazy, layabouts, lost causes, deserving of their suffering and struggle. 

There's a line of manufactured resentment and hatred created between those who trudge along within the systems and those who simply don't have the ability (or the will) to do so.

We don't have to be living this way. Always keep this at the forefront. This inhumane system has been manufactured for us. It's artificial. And the solutions that could solve humanity's problems have been intentionally kept suppressed, undeveloped, inaccessible.

In order to resolve a problematic element of our circumstances, we have to understand and accept exactly where we are. This is a Saturn lesson. Denying where we are, glossing over it, blocking it out (travel! shopping! sex! food! alcohol! drugs! sugar! cellphones! selfies! media!) - none of that really works as a long-term solution.

As Saturn in Sagittarius forms its final square to Chiron in Pisces, we have to understand the ways in which we, and our fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth, are not free on a physical/material level in order to maintain and protect our spiritual freedom and health.

Because if we aren't aware of the ways in which we are not free, we can more easily slip into accepting their manufactured versions of The Free Life (TM) as the real thing, and this is hugely detrimental to psychic, spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Reality on Planet Earth is scarier than anything we could conjure up for All Hallow's Eve! The power-holders in suits and ties are far more terrifying than any monstrous costume we could create. 

But we have to see this, understand it, and accept it as an element of our current realities in order to move into something better, something more fitting, something more dignified.

We have help. From every soul who has been done dirty on this planet. From every soul that was duped into believing something that wasn't true. From every soul that had its precious time stolen on this planet. From every soul manipulated into living a life that was not naturally its to live.

As the veil grows thin, we feel these spirits around us. We feel their support, their desire to assist us in the material realm as we live in this potent current moment. We gather to honour this shared struggle, to heal these wounds, and to draw strength from this spiritual lineage for the battles left ahead.

Happy All Hallow's Eve and Merry Samhain from your anarchist astro-reporter, Willow! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio and Successfully Updating the Expression of Scorpio For the Aquarian Era

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio: Going Beyond the Tip of the Plutonic Iceberg to Get to the Full Truth of the Matter

As mentioned in the Jupiter in Scorpio patron article, one theme we can expect during this transit is the blowing up (Jupiter) of sex scandals (Scorpio), particularly involving webs of power. 

One of the stories blowing up in mainstream media just as Jupiter entered Scorpio (October 10) involves a group of women, including multiple well-known actresses, accusing powerful Hollywood film producer and Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein of sex-based crimes ranging from sexual harassment to rape. According to accusations, it seems Ole Harv expected more than just a standard screen test to get hired on his films. 

At the time of the Jupiter ingress, the Sun and Mercury were conjunct in Libra (arts, beauty, justice), forming frictional squares to Pluto in Capricorn (toxic business/corporate hierarchy, toxic power dynamics). 

Further developments stemming from the time around the ingress can be expected when Mercury catches up to Jupiter in early Scorpio October 18, as Venus in Libra squares Pluto October 27, and then as Mars in Libra squares Pluto November 19. 

Now, one could see this as a simple Jupiter in Scorpio theme - the spectacular (Jupiter) outing of one nasty character misusing his power and prestige in heinous and sexually-based ways (Scorpio). 

The truth is, though (and with Jupiter, we're going for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth), this is just the tip of the Plutonic iceberg as far as the corrupt-to-the-core Hollywood machine.

Where Pluto or Scorpio is involved, if anything does manage to surface in the mainstream psyche (including through mainstream media coverage), it is just the beginning of the uncovering process, the initial catalyst. In order to bring about real, grand-scale change from what is exposed, we have to pick up that single thread, follow it, and keep following it: unraveling things, deconstructing things, digging, digging, digging, and seeing where it ultimately leads.

There's a relentlessness required - not often found within the glossy facades of Hollywood. 

We have to be looking at all elements of corrupt power, at how the entire machine works, rather than focusing on individual scenarios as isolated events.

The truth is: Hollywood is known for this. It's pretty well always been known for this. The "casting couch" is a well-known phenomenon. 

If true, these allegations against Harvey Weinstein describe disgusting crimes committed against women by a disgusting man. But as gross and heinous as this is, it should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. This is far from a lone wolf situation. This is far from an isolated case. The entire Hollywood machine, as well as the corporate music and modeling industries, have been set up this way. They have been built on a foundation of sexual abuse and depravity. 

Lop one head off, and there are a hundred more where it came from.

The sexual abuse and programming of Hollywood actors and actresses, as well as mainstream music stars and models, is a well-researched phenomenon. And the use of these programmed stars to implant certain ideas, images, symbols, and behaviours into the public - beginning from childhood - is well-documented, as well. (MK Ultra, Monarch programming, Sex Kitten programming, etc.) These men and women are programmed to be hyper-sexualized ideals up there on the screen or stage, projecting a very dark and twisted version of human sexuality to then be emulated by their adoring fans. This is a foundational tenet of the entire corporate entertainment industry.

Former child actors have been attempting to blow the lid off pedophilia in Hollywood for decades. It was suspected that the death of Corey Haim, for example, was connected to his plan to out the pedophiles responsible for his abuse in Hollywood. Haim's friend Corey Feldman, another former child star, has also been vocal on the subject. Feldman has said, "I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia."

Celebrity "meltdowns" are also very well-publicized (Britney Spears, Selma Blair, Amanda Bynes, Mischa Barton, Kanye West, Katy Perry, and model Karen Mulder to name a few) that involve breaks from their programming. This often involves the surfacing of accusations of sexual abuse, which are later hushed up when the star is "feeling better." 

Rose McGowan is one of the actresses accusing Weinstein of sexual misconduct. McGowan has been vocal (including on Twitter in October 2016) about being raped by a high-ranking Hollywood executive in the past, claiming it was an "open secret" in the industry.

McGowan got her first Hollywood break in director Gregg Araki's 1995 film, The Doom Generation. This film is textbook Illuminati programming, involving hyper-sexualized and hyper-violent imagery. (Similar themes can be seen in Araki's 1997 follow-up, Nowhere.) McGowan's career continued along a trajectory where her physical appearance and sexuality were primary.

About a month before the Weinstein story broke, I saw an April 2017 podcast involving an interview of McGowan done by actress and producer Illeana Douglas. The shocking thing to me about the interview was how many times McGowan mentioned trauma, cruelty, and abuse relating to her stardom in Hollywood with absolutely no follow-through from Douglas. McGowan's comments were shrugged off by "I play by the Hollywood rules" Douglas, and this, I think, is a clear indication of the overall climate around these issues. They are hushed up, glossed over, or given a very superficial treatment if they are addressed.

It's very unlikely that Douglas was unaware of the highly-public accusations McGowan had made against that Hollywood executive...

At the 21:45 mark of the podcast interview, McGowan says about her stardom, "I found it largely traumatizing, most of it, to be honest with you."

At the 29:16 mark, she speaks again about traumatizing experiences on movie sets.

At the 32:20 mark, she speaks about "arrogance" and "cruelty" on movie sets.

At the 40:10 mark, she talks about becoming "unfamous" and changing her appearance. She starts to say "programming" (40:25) but stops herself, changing it to "hits all your buttons." She talks about "disappearing" into another person/character. She also talks about being forced to have a certain appearance, "looking like a freak" at awards shows. This theme of "forced appearance" was also an element of the Britney Spears "meltdown" in 2007 when she shaved her head because, it was reported, she said she was tired of people touching her all the time when having her hair and make-up done. McGowan also speaks about cutting her hair very short/shaving it as a move toward empowerment and independence over her appearance.

At 51:15 of the interview, McGowan talks about her directorial work having a theme of: what society does to girls and women.

At 52:20, she says she has been asked, "What did you learn from the men you worked with?" and her response was, "What not to do." McGowan says this in a very serious tone, and it obviously warrants some follow-up, but Douglas laughs and shrugs it off by saying, "That's so funny!"

At the 52:41 point of the interview, McGowan talks about a memoir she is writing about the "Cult of Hollywood," how it permeates the world and what it does. 

Again, there was no follow-up from Douglas on any of the comments made by McGowan. McGowan also seemed very dissociated while doing the interview, a common reaction to trauma. 

So we have huge mainstream media coverage of the Weinstein issue because it involves "luminaries" of the Hollywood machine, like Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie. People are scintillated by it, and those involved get the benefit of the worldwide spotlight to broadcast their plights.

The truth is, though, this type of sexually-based crime and intimidation goes on regularly within the patriarchal hierarchies of Planet Earth. It's built right into the fabric of the power structures.

From worldwide sex trafficking and slavery (including of children), to sexual molestation in the Catholic Church, to rape in the military, to #pizzagate, to husbands raping their wives, to sexual intimidation in workplaces around the world - it's a global theme involving the most heinous abuses of power.

Real advancement on these issues has to go far deeper than the Hollywood level.

And in fact, real advancement must involve the rejection of the Hollywood machine, in general.

It must involve the rejection of Hollywood's detrimental and brainwashing products. It must involve the rejection of the concept of "fame," in general - which will inevitably be considered more and more bizarre the further we get into egalitarian Aquarian times.

Real advancement must involve the rejection of those ridiculously over-the-top paycheques for hoodwinking and diverting the populace with their pretty, pretty faces up there on the screen or stage. Actors and musicians need to find more honest and legitimate avenues to pursue their crafts because being part of Illuminati Hollywood is really nothing to celebrate - or to be celebrated for.

Real advancement involves a public that is not looking to gaze starry-eyed at whatever new, carefully-manufactured idol is placed on a pedestal before it.

Real advancement involves a human society that does not waste its time thinking about physical appearance much at all, certainly not to the point of obsession, narcissism, and even unnecessary surgical procedures, as is the case currently. 

People need to get a life!

This Weinstein situation is a potentially-valuable jumping-off point for the Jupiter in Scorpio transit, but we have a very, very long way to go - through much less glamourous territory - in order to create any real and lasting change as far as sexual intimidation, exploitation, abuse, and crimes on this planet.

If there's a rule of thumb for this Jupiter in Scorpio transit, it's this: take it further, dig deeper, and follow your gut as it tells you, "There's more." 

Friday, October 6, 2017

A Quick Shift in Social/Relational Tone As Jupiter Enters Scorpio

We have a final burst of social and relational development/expansion underway as Jupiter completes its transit of cardinal (leadership, initiatory) Libra before entering fixed (steady course, set conditions) Scorpio for a yearlong transit starting October 10.

With Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo until mid-month, squaring Saturn in Sagittarius and opposing Chiron in Pisces, we're seeking to set just the right tone, addressing any nagging details in our relations with others that may require some attention or polishing. There's a particular focus on the way we interact/the way others interact with us in a work setting. 

Practical adjustments and actions, along with pointed conversations, could alleviate some of the building mental and psychic stress indicated by these aspects.

We're working hard in a hands-on way to make things just right in the physical realm (Virgo) so that things are hunky dory in the psychic/metaphysical realms (Pisces), as well. 

We're bringing the skills of the master craftsperson (Virgo) to our relationships and interpersonal dynamics (Venus/Mars). We're looking to apply our personal truth (Sagittarius) in practical, daily ways (Virgo), particularly in our relations with others. We're looking to walk our talk in relationships and social settings in a precise and straight-forward manner, fulfilling the social and work-related functions that feel right for us - nothing more, nothing less. We're looking to remove the influence of detrimental self-sacrifice, unfair projected expectations, illusions, blind spots, and inflated ideals from our relationships and interactions.

As the Sun and Mercury come together in interior conjunction at 15 degrees Libra in square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (October 8/9), there may be some interpersonal friction or complexity urging us into our full social positions. There is a "taking charge" impetus, extending throughout the fall season, which must be balanced with the conciliatory and harmony-seeking nature of Libra. Like sand in our underwear, social irritations and points of friction can produce the impetus and motivation to propel us forward that last little bit as Jupiter completes its transit in the sign of the scales.

Conversation, information flow, the written word, and our own thoughts and perspectives (Mercury) can be particularly motivational as far as any changes that have to be made with that last bit of cardinal sign juice.

It's in our best interests - even if it's a little uncomfortable or scary - to address any nagging details or issues in our relations with others because the social and relational conditions we're in the final stages of creating now will be with us strongly over the next year as Jupiter settles in to its transit of fixed Scorpio. The social/relational course has been set, to a great extent, as Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. The cardinal sign (Libra) initiates; the fixed sign (Scorpio) follows through with what was initiated.

Jupiter will be throwing an immediate (and I mean immediate) spotlight on the emotional and psychological subtext as it enters Scorpio. The social facade that brought us benefit during Jupiter in Libra is going to slip a little, and how people really feel underneath it all will become more apparent, especially as we move through October and November (Scorpio season). Teeth may be bared a little. Backs may get up a little.

So quickly, practically, and proactively addressing any problematic areas is in our best interests before they get blown up under Jupiter in Scorpio. Clear the slate as much as you can, even if it means gathering your courage to do so.

We have an extra layer of challenge now as far as eking out our precise social/relational positioning, as Mars in Virgo forms a square to Saturn in Sagittarius October 11 and an opposition to Chiron in Pisces October 15.

Venus in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius October 8 and oppose Chiron in Pisces October 11.

As Jupiter moves from Libra to Scorpio, the dispositors (key influences) over its expansive proceedings shift from lovely Lesser Benefic Venus to hardcore mofos Mars and Pluto. So things immediately take a more Martian/Plutonic tone, and the social graces that brought us favour under Jupiter in Libra will fall flat if they are not fully authentic and honest, if they are designed to gloss over sticking points or beefs.

The Mars-Saturn square (along with the Mars opposition to Chiron) lays out an initial challenge for the Jupiter transit of Scorpio.

We may feel as if our forward-ho motion is stalled in despair-inducing ways under these aspects. We may feel as if our will is thwarted and our motion painfully restricted. There can be a feeling that any action taken is pointless or that it will not bring desired results. There can be fear related to taking any action at all, creating a feeling of being stuck in the current circumstances or problems. In my observation, the Mars-Saturn square is particularly harsh for men, unfortunately coinciding with an increased possibility of suicide, as Saturn can convince us (erroneously) that our problems will be this tough forever and that there is no way out. The Mars-Saturn square indicates "between a rock and a hard place" frustrations, but remember: any acute challenges are temporary, and things generally seem more difficult than they really are. 

With Mars transiting Virgo, there are small changes, improvements, and adjustments that can move things in the right direction - albeit in a slower fashion than may be desired. Remember that there is wiggle room here - even if it doesn't feel like it. We have to keep trying.

Any wet blanket effects should ease up as we move into the second half of October.

 A more Scorpionic view of the proceedings is wise...

So yes, things are taking a bit of a deeper, darker tone here as we move into the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere. This more serious tone will then be reinforced as Saturn leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn at December solstice, followed by a six-planet stellium in Capricorn in January 2018.

This is nothing to fret over - just be aware of the quick shift in tone, and adjust accordingly, especially in your relations with others. A little more wariness, a little more space given around potential sticking points, playing your cards a little closer to your chest. Foreknowledge can help us to stay out of the interpersonal frictions (or even straight-up meltdowns) that may be stirred up as Jupiter gets its footing in Scorpio. 

For a full treatment of the Jupiter in Scorpio transit: Jupiter in Scorpio: Wisdom Drawn from the Still Depths of the Soul

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Applying the Venus-Mars in Virgo "Relational Editor" Energy and a Reminder of Mars in Virgo Hot or Nots

As mentioned in a previous article, relationship planets Venus and Mars are currently traveling through the zodiac in a conjunction in Virgo (exact October 5 at 19 degrees). This indicates that a little editing, fine-tuning, or tightening up may be required in our relations with others. 

The application of heightened discernment, stronger filters, and higher standards (Virgo) in relationships of all kinds (Venus-Mars) is a theme.

Transiting Venus and Mars in Virgo are currently forming oppositions to Neptune in Pisces, and both bodies form oppositions to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces next month (exact October 10 -  15).

This brings up the possibility for some direct contact with "Neptunian shitbag" behaviours with a requirement to filter these out, making them fully unacceptable in our lives and in our relationships. 

As we are now hurtling headlong into the astrological era of Aquarius, these behaviours may be less prevalent or at least, a little harder to pinpoint than when we were in full-on tail-end Piscean era. 

At the same time, the slippery flakiness, charm, and shitbaggery that can be associated with Neptune/Pisces do rear their ugly heads, and Venus-Mars in Virgo is a great time to out this stuff, outsmart it, and quietly demand better.

As stated in the previous article, "Mars relates to desire, and in Virgo, only those with shit together - and with a history of having shit together - need apply."

(Again, this involves relationships of all kinds, not just romantic ones.)

As a little humourous yet reality-based reminder of the Neptunian shitbaggery to be on the lookout for, I will re-post an excerpt from an article from December 1, 2011, titled "Mars in Virgo Hot or Nots." This article was written just prior to the last Mars retrograde in Virgo (January to April 2012):

"Warning: This article contains an extraordinary number of occurrences of the word "shit" as well as derivatives of the word "shit." Proceed only if scatological references in relation to human behaviour do not offend...

I saw the 2008 film The Wrestler a few weeks ago, and the main character in the film illustrated the Piscean/Neptunian shitbag quite well. You know the kind.

It's a person who, on one hand, is deeply wonderful, gentle, compassionate, loving, sensitive, human, spiritually-aware - a person who can feel oh-so-good to be around, who has so much potential! This is a person who seems to know you on a special level, who can touch your heart in profound ways.

And then, on the other hand, the person's a shitbag.

The guy in the movie was an aging professional wrestler who was in many respects a lovely man. He was funny, giving, compassionate, a real mentor for up-and-coming wrestlers. He was exciting, sexy, interesting, and he could waltz.

He was also a shitbag. He abandoned his daughter when she was little, preferring to immerse himself in the cheering crowds and artificial (highly Neptunian) world of professional wrestling. He spent his money on alcohol, drugs, and lap dances, screwing random women still hot for his fading star. He lived in past glory, trying to outrun the requirements of the present. He made promises he didn't keep. He let people down. When the going got tough, he cut and ran, taking the easy way out and slipping out of his responsibilities.

The reality didn't live up to the hype - a big Neptune theme.

We've all seen or experienced Neptune at work in relationship. ("But I loooove him!") Neptune glosses over all the shitbag behaviours, leaving only the wonderful. If Neptune is strong enough, it's as if the shitbag behaviours don't even exist. They're invisible, dimmed dramatically by the shining, glowing, rosy light of the wonderful qualities Neptune insists are the whole story.

The shitbag behaviours are skimmed over and forgiven almost immediately, without holding the individual accountable, and nothing changes. It's the same cycle over and over again: shitbag behaviour, disappointment and hurt, forgiveness, being awash with Neptunian love; shitbag behaviour, disappointment and hurt, forgiveness, being awash with Neptunian love...

The damage keeps being done, keeps accumulating, and Neptune keeps covering it all over, focusing only on the lovey dovey goodness.

Until the point comes where enough is enough, and the cycle absolutely has to be broken. It takes a while to get there, but this is where we are now.

There are many deeply-ingrained Piscean era cycles to be, once and for all, broken, cleaned up, and transitioned out of as Mars moves through...Virgo, and they're holding on with a great deal of subtlety and tenacity.

This isn't just straight-up, easily identifiable Neptunian shitbag we're dealing with here, as in The Wrestler. This is immersed into the scene, woven into the energetic fabric. This is a multitude of subtle variations. This is even just the energetic impression of shitbag with little to no identifiable behaviour.

The Neptunian gloss is potent stuff, crystallized and unquestioned in many cases. People have been getting away with this stuff for a good long while...

If we assist it, Mars in Virgo will cut through the gloss in a valiant attempt to address fatal character flaws and make things right through and through. Virgo relates to personal development, and Mars does battle on the fine points here...

For a little helpful guidance on this front, here are some Mars in Virgo HOT or NOTS:

HOT: A person who will defer sex until the right time and the right conditions out of respect for the health and well-being of both parties.

NOT HOT: Someone slobbering in your ear and getting all hot and bothered when you're basically still at handshake stage.

HOT: A person who puts effort into learning the details about you, what you like and don't like, and then applies it precisely.

NOT HOT: Discovering someone you've been dating for weeks can't pronounce your last name correctly.

HOT: People who run their lives like well-oiled machines who would be scandalized if they bounced a cheque.

NOT HOT: Flaky, floaty, space cadets who routinely bounce cheques (if they even have a bank account) and live in a state of constant chaos that spills over into the lives of other people.

HOT: Finding a new boyfriend or girlfriend with carefully cultivated associations and influences who has no problem weeding out detrimental ones. This person has been anticipating you and has created a place that is just right for you in his/her life.

NOT HOT: Discovering your new boyfriend comes with a string of: old exes who call regularly in some variety of life crisis, hard-up buddies looking for a place to crash, down-and-out family members asking for money, slightly obsessive old flames who still have a thing for him, and various shady types always involved in some type of not-quite-above-board situation, bringing you into contact with people you would choose not to be around otherwise. Discovering the place he has created for you is a dirty mattress on the unwashed floor that you have to share with the sleeping-it-off ex-girlfriend of his high school best friend.

HOT: Someone who shows his desire for you by keeping bills up to date, dishes washed, floors vacuumed, and laundry folded, thereby removing stressors so energy can be directed into more *ahem* extracurricular-type activities.

NOT HOT: Someone who forgets his wallet at home, leaves dirty dishes strewn around, and thinks the hamper is wherever his clothes happen to fall. I know a few slobs, and I love them, but I'm here to advise that slobbing is NOT HOT under Mars in Virgo.

HOT: Moderation, temperance, practicality, humility, modesty, earthiness, focused drive and self-direction, attention to detail, awareness of the fine points.

NOT HOT: Escapism, substance abuse, chaos, pie-in-the-sky ideas, ineffectiveness, weak will, scattered energies, being excessively impressionable and easily led astray, allowing oneself to be tossed around by the circumstances of the day.

HOT: Living simply and within one's means.

NOT HOT: Financial over-extension, frivolity, living on (bad) credit.

HOT: A person who has developed a level of self-control and self-mastery.

NOT HOT: Someone looking to be taken care of.

HOT: Taking full responsibility for half-assed behaviour, rectifying it immediately.

NOT HOT: Making vague, weaselly excuses for half-assed behaviour and then continuing it.

HOT: Saying you're going to do something and doing it, on time.

NOT HOT: Saying you're going to do something but then consulting your psychic who tells you not to do it unless six particular signs as well as a white eagle's feather show up within fourteen days. Staying in a state of "tortured" limbo for months, hashing it over ad nauseum with every person you know to the point that people start avoiding your ass."

Venus will be in Virgo until October 14, 2017 and Mars will be in Virgo until October 22. The Venus-Mars conjunction occurs at 19 degrees Virgo on October 5. So if you recognize yourself on the NOT HOT list, you have some time to move yourself onto the HOT list. And if you recognize yourself on the HOT list, congratulations on being a hot commodity!