Friday, October 27, 2017

The Most Terrifying Ghouls and Goblins on Planet Earth Wear Suits and Ties

 At my neighbours' house. Should I call someone???

As Jupiter sets up shop in Scorpio and we enter the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere, we're under some fairly intense astrology. The ugly truth is being exposed under a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio combined with a Venus in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn - or at least, it's starting to make the overall emotional climate a little uneasy, a little anxious, a little agitated.

As the veil between this world and the spirit world thins, we have a particular challenge related to the truth (Sagittarius) about our material circumstances (Saturn) on this planet.

Sagittarius relates to freedom, and Saturn relates to constriction and limitation. As Saturn in Sagittarius closes in on its final exact square to Chiron in Pisces (November 2) at 24 degrees of the signs, we are uncomfortably aware of the ways in which our freedom is being inhibited or hindered and the effects this has on our psychic and spiritual health (Chiron/Pisces).

We are now nearing the end of the Chiron in Pisces transit. The wounded healer has been transiting the sign of spirituality and collective psychic space since February 2011. Chiron will enter Aries in April 2018, retrograding back into late Pisces September 2018 to February 2019, before entering Aries again for the duration of its transit, until April 2027. 

So the truth we are being confronted with as Saturn in Sagittarius forms this final square to Chiron in Pisces (under an 11-degree Taurus Full Moon opposite Sun-Jupiter in Scorpio November 3) is something we've been chewing on for a while now. It's those big issues, those big problems, that seem to have no answers - certainly no easy answers. It's the causes of difficulty or pain we can't quite put our fingers on. It's the bouts of despair or overwhelm or hopelessness that often can't be linked back to a single, specific source.

From a previous article:

"One of the biggest sources of fuel for depression these days is the degree of collective denial we are living with en masse. It's emotionally upsetting, to say the very least. This is the distance between the bottom line reality on this planet and the way most people - including our so-called leaders - are living. The decisions being made and the options being presented don't have much basis in that bottom line reality. Most are living in an artificial state of manufactured reality, and there isn't much that is more depressing to a natural, biological being than living in artifice. Take a look at the animals in the zoo.

We are connected to the living beings who are suffering on this planet, and they're connected to us and to our suffering. And when that suffering is denied, avoided, glossed over, brushed aside, it adds a heaping helping of psychic disturbance to our psyches. Did you really think you were just going to go about your happy, happy life while the majority of this planet suffers under systems and structures that create and reinforce that pain?

We live in a world that wants to separate people into the happy and the unhappy, the joyful and the depressed, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the normal and the abnormal, the positive and the negative.

But those distinctions are not real.

If the scenarios on Planet Earth during transiting Chiron in Pisces (2011 - 2019) teach us anything, it's that what affects one will eventually affect all. There is no real line between the fortunates and the unfortunates. We cannot separate ourselves from the corruption, the murder, the erosion, the destruction, the poisoning that are going on - no matter what dimension you mistakenly believe you are ascending to, no matter how much fake currency you have in your bank account.

The fascists didn't really lose the war.

And now they've gotten into our food, into our water, into our air, into our minds, into our psychic environments, into our relationships, and into the social fabric that holds us together.

They have people chasing money and luxury items and tropical vacations and 200 "likes" on their seductive, social media selfies. They have people chasing a highly skewed idea of "success," all so very poisonous and destructive during the Pluto in Capricorn years.

They have people regimented in inhumane 8 to 5 office schedules that do not take into account the natural ebb and flow of energy in a biological organism.

And they have people convinced that if they can't sustain this grueling Monday to Friday march, they are worthless, damaged, less than whole. In short, if you can't keep up with that relentless, robotic, fluorescently-lit pace, there's something very, very wrong with you.

If you have to work two or three jobs just to keep a roof over your head and food on your table, there's something wrong with you.

If you are a man who can't work 14, 16, 18-hour days, there is something wrong with you.

If you are woman who can't cheerfully whip up culinary delights for her family every night of the week after working a full day, there is something wrong with you.

They have people snowed, that's for sure.

They have people blaming themselves for situations that have been planned and orchestrated to be just this bad...and worse.

There is a natural ebb and flow to the energy of a human being. The Moon cycles are a big indicator of this. But we are in the Pluto in Capricorn years: caffeine and drug-fueled to keep us going and going and going. We are in a series of years when it's considered a sickness if you need to rest, if you need to slow down, if you need to just stop for a little while.

We're convinced by a toxic pharmaceutical-pushing medical establishment that we need to be medicated. We need to be more "up" or more "down" or more something in order to be normal, sane, healthy.

Not once does that medical establishment look at the insanity of the constant merry-go-round. Not once does it look at the intentional disruption of the biological systems on this planet. Not once does it look at our food, our water, our air, our mental, psychic, and physical environments.

And so it misses the point."

I live in a country where people often go on about how lucky we are to be free. As we move to Remembrance Day on November 11, this will be a common sentiment, as it is every year.

The truth is, though (and I know I will stir ire for saying this): we aren't free.

We have more freedoms in Canada relative to those in countries under more overtly oppressive regimes, but we are not free to live our lives as we would truly wish to. 

We in Canada live under the same coercive systems, the same hierarchical pyramid schemes, the same oppressive, police state-enforced laws, the same corrupt money systems that control and manipulate human life all over this planet. 

We're living by the same engineered rhythms, on the same artificial schedules, within the same manufactured constructs.

People are doing work they would not naturally do (at least, not in the same ways), living and working on schedules they would not naturally keep. 

They are moving and constricting their bodies in ways that are not natural to them. They are following daily paths that would not be followed (at least not so rigidly) if left up to their own volition.

They're making choices from prepackaged, socially-engineered options that have been set out for them.

They're living a forced life they would not naturally live - if they weren't being coerced by violence or threat of violence, by deprivation or threat of deprivation, by homelessness or threat of homelessness, by death or threat of death. 

We're living under a coercive control structure that has now spread its vile tentacles into every nation on the planet.

I say this in the gentlest and most compassionate and most loving of ways:

We are not free. Not in the material realm.

This is not the way human beings were meant to be living.

This is not the way human societies were meant to be functioning.

People's time is being stolen. The best of their energy, their ideas, their talents, their ingenuity is being stolen. 

But this system, this indoctrination, this coercion has been so internalized, so assimilated, that people - in their highly regimented and harassed lives - really do believe they are free.

And those who cannot fit into the systems as they exist are free to languish - in poverty, discomfort, lack, addiction, anxiety, deprivation, illness, isolation, mental and psychic disturbance. 

There are now more people using prescription opioid painkillers in the U.S. of A. than are smoking cigarettes (27 million). Deaths due to opioid painkillers now surpass car crash deaths (49,700 per year). And all as the United States of America continues to lock down those poppy fields via the longest war/violent occupation in American history in Afghanistan...

Those who cannot fit in to this system are written off as lazy, layabouts, lost causes, deserving of their suffering and struggle. 

There's a line of manufactured resentment and hatred created between those who trudge along within the systems and those who simply don't have the ability (or the will) to do so.

We don't have to be living this way. Always keep this at the forefront. This inhumane system has been manufactured for us. It's artificial. And the solutions that could solve humanity's problems have been intentionally kept suppressed, undeveloped, inaccessible.

In order to resolve a problematic element of our circumstances, we have to understand and accept exactly where we are. This is a Saturn lesson. Denying where we are, glossing over it, blocking it out (travel! shopping! sex! food! alcohol! drugs! sugar! cellphones! selfies! media!) - none of that really works as a long-term solution.

As Saturn in Sagittarius forms its final square to Chiron in Pisces, we have to understand the ways in which we, and our fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth, are not free on a physical/material level in order to maintain and protect our spiritual freedom and health.

Because if we aren't aware of the ways in which we are not free, we can more easily slip into accepting their manufactured versions of The Free Life (TM) as the real thing, and this is hugely detrimental to psychic, spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Reality on Planet Earth is scarier than anything we could conjure up for All Hallow's Eve! The power-holders in suits and ties are far more terrifying than any monstrous costume we could create. 

But we have to see this, understand it, and accept it as an element of our current realities in order to move into something better, something more fitting, something more dignified.

We have help. From every soul who has been done dirty on this planet. From every soul that was duped into believing something that wasn't true. From every soul that had its precious time stolen on this planet. From every soul manipulated into living a life that was not naturally its to live.

As the veil grows thin, we feel these spirits around us. We feel their support, their desire to assist us in the material realm as we live in this potent current moment. We gather to honour this shared struggle, to heal these wounds, and to draw strength from this spiritual lineage for the battles left ahead.

Happy All Hallow's Eve and Merry Samhain from your anarchist astro-reporter, Willow! 


Robert C said...

Excellent article, well said Willow.

Willow said...

Thanks, Robert C. :-)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing, Willow. Thank you for writing this...

No, in the U.S. of A. as well, we are not free... even though some of us would like to believe this to be the case (and that our supposed freedoms are being stripped away). During a discussion at work the other day, a colleague mentioned as an example of the types of freedoms we have, that we have "the freedom to choose any religion we want", and that is why we need to fight for our freedoms.

I didn't respond, but I did think: "actually, I couldn't choose to keep away from the religion I grew up with-- and even now, telling people I'm not religious or spiritual at all tends to result in awkward interactions."

We've never been free. And we are not free.

Thank you, Willow.

Willow said...

Yes. Thank-you very much for sharing this comment, Anon 2:10.

Willow said...

And I'm often aware that atheist people probably find some of this blog annoying/insufferable because I do talk about spiritual matters/the otherworldly, etc.

I'm not sure how that can be helped because it's the way I perceive life, but I hope it is also understood that I don't mean to stuff it down anyone's throat. I hope there's a feeling of respect and intellectual space so that the common ground is the strongest thing, and the differences in beliefs/views can be non-problematic.

If that makes sense...

Ellen said...

Thank you so much for phrasing so eloquently that which l have felt to be true since Chiron entered Pisces. lt seems like forever and lt is such a lonesome space to be in because like you have said, if you can't keep on with the paradigm there must be something terribly wrong with you. I tried, l did for so very long but l just can't anymore. I know l am correct in my thinking but l sometimes fall back into self-loathing and alienation being at odds with society and it's oppressive control. It is so reassuring to hear a voice that understands what is happening to all of us and that somewhere out there someone thinks similarly.

Thank you for your voice and your beautiful spirit, it is truly remarkable and very much appreciated in these complex times.

BK Lulu said...

this often reminds me of something I saw printed in 1987. "There is no freedom, only different levels of captivity." It struck me as cold and diabolical then (I was a teen then), but the truth can be that way.

There are only different levels of captivity. Let that sink in. This is the world we're in.

Willow said...

Thank-you, Ellen. I agree - the isolation/alienation is pretty ripe. BUT...there are so many who feel this way, including people who do still have the ability to traipse through the crazy constructs. We're not alone, but feeling that way is a definite Chiron in Pisces theme.

BK Lulu, I think freedom does exist, but these highly-controlled constructs are certainly not it. It's a worthwhile thing to work toward, and I would say also a realistic thing because most people crave it, want it, and will work for it if they see a real opportunity.

I think that saying is a little, what would be the word? Deterministic?

Willow said...

A real Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces illustration:

A 12-year-old boy attempted suicide by jumping off an overpass in Virginia. He fell on a vehicle, killing the 22-year-old woman who was driving. She was a graduate student studying counseling with a particular emphasis on kids with behavioural issues/depression.

Anonymous said...


We do not live in a free society, for sure. However, within our own lives, we can do our best to keep ourselves as free as possible. For example, stay out of debt, cultivate simple pleasures, eat as healthy as possible and use natural health remedies, be kind and help each other out with small things - which restores our spirit.

Willow said...

Yes, for sure. That's what I mean when I say that freedom is a realistic thing to work toward and that we have to protect our spiritual freedom on a daily basis. I would not write this blog if I didn't think it was a worthy battle...and also attainable!

At the same time, there is an anarchist tenet: "We're not free until we're all free."

And I would go further to say that freedom is not really secured for anyone until it's secured for everyone. Even then, it would require us to be ever-vigilant to maintain it.

So we have to be looking at the personal ways we can cultivate freedom in our own lives/spheres and also at the macro/collective ways.