Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Saturn in Late Sage Squares the Wounded Healer: We Shall Exhibit Reckless Glee About the Hardness of This Life!

As Saturn completes its transit of the sign of the centaur in a loosening square (as of November 2) to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces, we're channeling the buoyant and insouciant spirit of Sagittarius in the face of all difficulties. 

We shall exhibit reckless glee about the hardness of this life!

How hilariously difficult this human existence can be! How humourously impossible the collective conditions in which we find ourselves! You want us to untie which knots? And they have been knotted tight for how long now?

You really do have to laugh a little about it all, don't you? 

Illuminati Hollywood itself couldn't have come up with a grander or more complex collective clusterfuck for us to navigate!

Luckily for us, Sagittarius is a highly humourous sign. It can find the amusing zest and zeal in almost any situation. So as no-nonsense Saturn has been transiting the sign (since December 24, 2014), we have been challenged to apply this Sagittarian humour and zest for life within even the most sombre and trying of circumstances.

(And I hope, wonderful readers, that you always perceive the (dark) humour running through this writing, as well as the inspirational and empowering intent as I cut a swath through muck and mire and nefarious shenanigans a-plenty...)

As Saturn now completes the transit of Sagittarius, entering Capricorn December 19, 2017, we're putting the final touches on this foundation of inspiration, humour, buoyancy, and high spiritedness, which will then support us and sustain us through the challenges ahead.

(And yes, friends, it appears that the Saturn in Capricorn transit within long-term conjunction to Pluto will provide plenty of opportunities to apply what we've learned as far as that Sagittarian levity...)

As Saturn has made its way through this sign of never-say-die optimism, we've worked our way into inspiring new levels of understanding (Sagittarius) about ourselves within our material realities (Saturn). 

One of the prime truths of this transit through nature-based Sagittarius is this: we knew the right way to go all along. Left to our own devices, guided by our own desire for broadened horizons, we've naturally taken the right path, forged ahead into the most meaningful of experiences, and come into the full truth of the matter all on our own. 

From a previous article about Saturn in late Sagittarius:

"We're ready for one final push toward achievement and greatness in the sign of scholarly Sagittarius, structuring our lives according to our own truth and guiding philosophies, making commitments and decisions under the ultimate authority of our own wisdom and knowledge.

Achievements in academia, medicine, law, or publishing are particularly highlighted, but again, the greatest Saturn in late Sagittarius achievement may be the commitment to living by our own truth, our own ethics, and our own philosophies, even when they are not aligned with those of the society or collective around us."

During the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius, we have been challenged to accept ourselves fully and utterly, particularly when aspects of us do not fit the standard moulds. We have been brought into a fuller understanding that those areas where we have to plant our own flags, live by our own truth, and stand in our own guidance often provide the richest of wisdom and experiences. They often provide the greatest benefit, the most colour, the grandest meaning.

As Saturn now moves through the final degrees of Sagittarius before entering Capricorn at solstice, we're required to crystallize these sage lessons.

We're required to not only accept our own truth and our own path through this life but to absolutely delight in them! To honour them! To be grateful for these truths we have come to and for this wisdom-foundation we have painstakingly put in place, even though it was hard. Sometimes too hard. 

We will need this crystallized wisdom-foundation, this deep respect for the ultimate authority of our own personal truth, and this absolute acceptance of who we are on this path that only we could carve out. We'll need this for the times ahead. 

The personal planets will soon move through Sagittarius, as well, activating the Saturn-Chiron square and providing active opportunities to cement our positions within our own truth and wisdom. 

Communication planet Mercury will transit Sagittarius November 5, 2017 to January 10, 2018, including a retrograde period December 2 - 22, 2017.

The Sun will transit Sagittarius, shining a light on these themes, from November 21 - December 21, 2017. The Sun and Moon will meet at 26 degrees Sagittarius on December 17, marking a New Moon conjunct Venus and Saturn.

Relationship planet Venus will transit Sagittarius December 1 - 24, 2017.

And finally, action planet Mars will transit Sagittarius January 26 - March 17, 2018, stirring up some of the residual themes after Saturn has entered Capricorn.

So as Saturn clicks through the last degrees of Sagittarius within square aspect to Chiron in Pisces, work on that last bit of positioning, those last points of deep and complete and utter acceptance of who and what you really are as a natural being on this planet, as a mighty and magical and sovereign entity, living under the ultimate authority of your own truth, your own path, your own ethics, your own values, your own philosophy, and your own understanding of how to make this life as meaningful as it possibly can be.

Honour those points where you don't fit, where you don't agree, where you break from the standardized rhetoric. Accept these points, but go farther than that - warm yourself with your roaring delight in them! It's the honouring of your own truth - within a society that wants you doing anything but that, within a society doing everything in its power to separate you from that - that makes you a most cherished soul, indeed.

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Willow said...

A Saturn square Chiron tip:

One thing I've found that really lifts my mood is raw cacao powder. I usually have it as a drink dissolved in hot water.

Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing the humour in what is happening.

Willow said...

Plutonic people: if you don't fantasize about sucking on the business end of a shotgun at times, you aren't doing it right.

That's the variety of humour I'm talking about. Most would not find that quip humourous, but I do. heh

Maybe we could call it gallow's humour? Pitch black humour? 'Life as dark satire' humour?