Wednesday, August 26, 2020

It's All Just a Little Bit of (Hurricane) History Repeating - August 24 St. Bartholomew's Day

There are more "unprecedented" and "once in a lifetime" storms on the way to the United States Gulf Coast. Two potential hurricanes, currently being called Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Storm Marco, are scheduled to hit the same area of the Gulf back-to-back.

From August 21, 2020 - Once in a Lifetime: two hurricanes, same time, same place by Joe Mario Pedersen

From August 22, 2020; updated August 26, 2020 - Tropical Storms Headed to the Gulf of Mexico, by Derrick Bryson Taylor

The 2020 hurricane season has been one of the most active seasons on record.

Coincidentally (I think most likely not), we saw massive hurricanes hit the U.S. Gulf Coast just about this time in August 2017 - Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Also coincidentally (I think most likely not), Houston, Texas was devastated by Hurricane Harvey and is now in the path of Tropical Storm Laura. (Incidentally, Laura Bush is the wife of George Bush, Jr.)

To add to this string of Gulf of Mexico coincidences, the immensely destructive Hurricane Katrina made landfall between August 25 and August 29, 2005. Another
particularly powerful and destructive hurricane, Hurricane Andrew, hit Florida on August 24, 1992, dissipating by August 29. Hurricane Andrew was the most destructive hurricane on record in Florida as far as property damage until Hurricane Irma came along in late August 2017.

Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey are tied as the costliest hurricanes on record, each causing about $125 billion in property damage.

Hurricane Katrina was blamed for 1,800 deaths, mostly in and around New Orleans, Louisiana, but intentional mismanagement of the (geo-engineered) situation by the administration of then-President George Bush, Jr. seems a more likely culprit. Bush signed a relief package and ordered military troops to the area on September 2, 2005, a full three days after the hurricane hit. It took even longer for supplies and aid to reach the people who needed it. Poor people without transportation out of the area were not evacuated and were left to languish without food, water, or shelter in sweltering heat. No provisions were made for the evacuation of disabled people. Horrifically, many were left to perish on the roofs of their homes. The Bush Administration's criminally negligent, in fact murderous, response to the emergency has been called a "national disgrace." We can be certain a much different response would have been produced if it had been members of the power elite languishing on those roofs.

Hurricane Andrew - August 24 - 29, 1992

Hurricane Katrina - August 25 - 29, 2005

Hurricane Harvey - August 24 - 29, 2017

Tropical Storms Marco and Laura - August 24 - ?, 2020

We know the power establishment uses certain symbolic dates for the timing of its orchestrated events due to the date's dark occult power. It's come to my attention that August 24 is a Satanic holiday called St. Bartholomew's Day. This day is associated with a massacre of between 5,000 and 30,000 Protestants by Roman Catholics in France on August 23 and 24, 1572. It was believed that the massacre was instigated by Queen Catherine de Medici. In other words, as per usual, the people were tricked into slaughtering each other for the benefit of the so-called elite.

The despicable occultism used by the power establishment involves gaining power through the ritualistic sacrifice of innocent people and particularly mass deaths. Intentionally creating terror, trauma, mental and emotional anguish, and destruction are also prime avenues for increasing this type of perverted and psychopathic power.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Importance of Discernment and Critical Thinking Under the Influence of the Planet's Largest-Ever Psychological Operative

New Age brainwashing and Q Anon brainwashing are converging...

And they're now attempting to take over anti-5G discourse. The idea is making the rounds in anti-5G circles that the Heroic Pussygrabber and Epstein Buddy is in the process of "repurposing" 5G towers and converting them to "healing Tesla frequencies," hooking people in with a pretty severe form of wishful thinking.

In other news, critical thinking skills continue to plummet as human society reaches new levels of gullibility:

5G Towers Have Been Converted to 432HZ Tesla Healing Towers

Please filter the information you're willing to put in your brain, people.

The New Age teaches that mass deaths (being brought about intentionally by the power establishment) are nothing more than "Gaia cleansing herself of density and lower vibrations as the true believers ascend to the New Earth in the 5th dimension." This is how the New Age explains away mass murder committed by the state, and this is the way it will explain away the illnesses and deaths caused by 5G frequencies and the orchestrated pandemic.

With this ideology, "Gaia" is simply shaking the lower-vibrating humans off her pantleg, and once the process is complete, all (New Age) true believers will be safe in the blissful paradise of the 5th dimension. They use different terms for themselves: enlightened, awakened, evolved, visionaries, spiritual warriors, lightworkers.

New Age ideology produces complacency, passivity, brainwashing, groupthink, cliqueyness, and a refusal to think or act for oneself, especially if it contradicts the group. Adherence to New Age thinking produces a near-psychopathic detachment from other people (the lower-vibrators) along with zero sociopolitical awareness or responsibility. These people are taught that they can simply transcend the problems of Earth by "raising their vibrations" or "frequencies." There are no external individuals or entities to hold accountable under this ideology because, they are taught, people are "creating their own reality." As you might imagine, a fairly diabolical level of victim-blaming occurs, and criminal acts committed by the power establishment or other individuals are given a pass. Misuse of the term "karma" is common to simplistically explain why bad things happen.

I've been writing about the insidious influence of New Age since I started writing this blog in 2009. As I discovered when first studying the subject, much of astrology has been merged with New Age beliefs. You can see a collection of articles here:

Deconstructing the New Age Meme Complex

New Age is false light, false truth, false prophets. It's a mind and spiritual control mechanism. Q Anon is a psychological operative and controlled opposition. Trump is just as much a part of the power establishment as any of them, even if he is in a rebelling arm of it.

Monday, August 17, 2020

A Saturn-Uranus Square Series in 2021: Applying the Earth-Based Values of the Embedded Resistance Amidst Structural Changes and Upheaval

"A Saturn-Uranus Square Series in 2021: Applying the Earth-Based Values of the Embedded Resistance Amidst Structural Changes and Upheaval" is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons. Click the button along the top of the page for details. 


"Because we’re working this intricate dance throughout 2021, navigating this complex mix of Saturn with Uranus, our rebellion is embedded in many ways. It’s built right into the fabric of it all. It’s smooth as silk, leaving nothing to latch onto. It’s above reproach. They can’t put their fingers on it, on just how we’re managing to not fall in line, on how it is that we’ve come up with another choice, one they did not offer us.

We’re refusing the manufactured terror. We’re refusing to live in fear. 

Because we are connected to something pure, something real, something loving, something ancient, something true, we are sovereign and powerful beyond these silly authoritarian commands and constructs and protocols. They can’t take our freedom because they didn’t give us our freedom in the first place. It was in-born, and it is with us as long as we do not get fooled into giving it away. 

In times such as these, going about your daily routines (Taurus) is a revolutionary act (Uranus). Simply living life as you’ve always lived, by your own values, is an act of rebellion."