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Happy 14th Birthday, WWA Blog!



A big Happy 14th Birthday to my blog today! Oh, the blood, sweat, and tears, I tell ya. 

Have you heard? Willow's Web Astrology blog is one of the Top 100 Astrology Blogs You Must Follow in 2022!

(Well, duh! heh)

I also had the pleasure of being interviewed for recently, in case anyone missed it and would like to check it out.

Thank you for reading, thinking, commenting, sharing, becoming patrons, purchasing readings and lessons, and, above all, being a kick ass member of Willow's Web wherever you are in the world.


Willow's Web Astrology blog Solar Return for 2022

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Friday, February 18, 2022

A Re-Post for Pisces Season: Spiritual Sovereignty as the Long Game Ahead of the Next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

The Sun entered Pisces this morning (10:43 a.m. CST), marking the beginning of Pisces season for 2022. This is a bigger and bolder Pisces season than usual, as we have Cosmic Spotlight and Greater Benefic planet Jupiter transiting the sign, as well.
We will experience a New Moon at 12 degrees Pisces on March 2 that will also be conjunct Jupiter at 14 degrees Pisces. This indicates an opening into an expanded awareness of spiritual (Pisces) law (Jupiter), among other things, and the themes associated with the New Moon and following 28-day lunar cycle may have a longer reach than usual.
I'm re-posting an article below that was first published on November 21, 2020. The article covers some of the themes of the next exact Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, which will occur in 2053 and 2054 at 13 and 14 degrees Pisces. 

Greater Benefic planet Jupiter re-entered Pisces on December 28, 2021, and Jupiter will activate the degrees of the next Saturn-Pluto conjunctions (13 and 14 degrees Pisces) in one pass from February 25 through March 5, 2022. 
The Sun moves from the 12-degree Pisces New Moon on March 2 into an exact conjunction to Jupiter on March 5 at 14 degrees Pisces. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction illuminates themes around spirituality, spiritual law, and spiritual sovereignty, and these themes will extend for the next 46 or so years, through the end of the Pluto in Pisces transit (2043 to 2068).
Because the powers that be on this planet use astrology to plan their (highly nefarious) long games, it benefits the people to plan our own long games using this marvelous tool, as well...
The Sun and Jupiter form their exact conjunction at 14 degrees Pisces just as Venus and Mars form a potent conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius on March 6, 2022. This indicates strong "transition of the eras" themes and re-activates the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius from December 21, 2020. We're driving to the net as far as the type of future we'd like to create and live on this planet while refusing and rejecting the control-based technocratic dystopia being planned for us. 

The spiritual buoyancy indicated by the transit of Jupiter in Pisces reaches a high point in April, as Jupiter and Neptune form a conjunction at 23 degrees Pisces (exact April 12). The divinely glowing energy from this conjunction is extended through the end of the month, as Venus forms an exact conjunction to Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces on April 27. From there, we experience the Conjunction of the Benefics with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction on April 30 at 27 degrees Pisces. Venus and Jupiter will also be conjunct Neptune at the time, which will be at 24 degrees Pisces.

Venus-Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction - April 30, 2022
Click to enlarge.
With Jupiter transiting Pisces, there is an expansive influence related to spirituality, the unseen, and the otherworldly. Developing spiritual sovereignty, spiritual ethics, and spiritual principles and putting them into action in the external world is a key theme of the Jupiter in Pisces transit and also for the upcoming Saturn in Pisces transit (March 7, 2023 to February 13, 2026). Successfully taking this spiritual work on now, under the comparatively benevolent influence of Jupiter in Pisces, heads off some of the considerable challenges that will be experienced as Saturn and Pluto come together in their next behemoth conjunctions in Pisces in 2053 and 2054. If we are not still traipsing through the Earthly plane at that time, the work we successfully complete now will benefit and support those who are. Our loved ones.
The upcoming transit of Saturn in Pisces (March 2023 to February 2026) will activate the degrees of the next Saturn-Pluto conjunctions (13 and 14 Pisces) in three passes: March 26 through April 13, 2024; September 21 through October 27, 2024 (Rx); and December 4, 2024 through January 6, 2025. 

The transit of Saturn through Pisces from March 2023 to February 2026 indicates themes of spiritual crisis, spiritual restriction, and spiritual persecution by authoritarian individuals and infrastructures. It also indicates a requirement to live by our own consciences and spiritual principles in the material world despite censure or external consequences for doing so. (The spiritual consequences for not doing so will be far greater than anything the corrupt power regime of Planet Earth could dish out...) 
There is some hard work coming around these spiritual sovereignty themes, but anything we successfully tackle during these transits makes for an easier time - for ourselves and for the collective - 30+ years hence when Saturn and Pluto come together in Pisces.
The Sabian Symbol for 14 degrees Pisces, activated by the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on March 5, 2022, is:  
An Officer Drilling His Men in a Simulated Attack
Well, consider this article and information:
An Astrologer Drilling Her Readers in a Simulated Attack
This is a spiritual attack drill. The types of spiritual attacks and contraventions of spiritual law that we are experiencing now are only precursors to what is planned for the transit of Pluto in Pisces (2043 to 2068) and, in particular, for the Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in 2053 and 2054. Awareness of power establishment hijinx ahead of time helps us to spiritually protect ourselves and others over the long term.
What follows is a lengthy article, but I think it provides necessary information and context for planning those long games!
As spiritually sovereign beings, we reject the technocratic control being planned for humanity during the Pluto in Aquarius years (2023 to 2044). We reject any artificial and socially-engineered version of life imposed on us top-down without our input or consent. We reject a world where machines (and machine-like people) make our decisions for us based on data-collection, privacy-annihilation, and algorithms. We reject the imposition of manufactured values that are not our values - a key Uranus in Taurus theme. We choose a life that is governed by us from a spiritually-sovereign state, according to our own spiritual guidance, principles, and conscience. 
We know they're coming for the very spirit of us. This is what they cannot control, cannot enslave, cannot contain, no matter what they do to our physical bodies. We can see it coming decades ahead. We can see it coming in the Pluto in Pisces years (2043 to 2068). 
Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction at 14 degrees Pisces on July 10, 2053 and then again at 13 degrees Pisces on February 1, 2054. Authoritarian forms (Saturn) that attempt to bring an annihilation (Pluto) of spirituality and the human spirit (Pisces). This includes the proliferation of false forms of spirituality or a false God. Domination and control through a poisoned or poisonous (Pluto) version of spirituality (Pisces). Poisoning the human spirit.
These silly machinations are all so predictable, aren't they? 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Venus and Mars Travel in Powerful Conjunction, Making Contact with the Intermediary and Outer Planets in Quick Succession

"Venus and Mars Travel in Powerful Conjunction, Making Contact with the Intermediary and Outer Planets in Quick Succession," is an article available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons


Saturday, February 5, 2022

Update for Patrons and Readers

This is an update I just sent out to paid patrons, and I'll post it here for all readers of Willow's Web Astrology:

Hello, WWA patrons!

Well, we certainly find ourselves in exciting times, don't we?

This is a note to thank you all for your patronage, whether you have been a long-time patron or whether you are a relatively recent patron. I appreciate it all.

True to the themes of the Venus Rx in Capricorn article I sent out in October 2021, I have lost a few patrons over the last while, and I have had to discontinue patronage on my end for some patrons, as well. This is to be expected considering the manufactured divisions that are so highly stoked in society at the moment.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage patrons who are no longer compatible with my views to end their patronage at this time. This is said without anger or resentment. You can end your patronage freely and with no hard feelings if the time has come for that, though I do not offer refunds for patron payments already received. 

The stark, Plutonic reality is this: if you are in favour of forced shots, forced masking, vax passing, and other authoritarian "lockdown" measures, you are actually in favour of my death or further injury by the medical system and pharmaceutical industry. Regardless of what side of the ideological fence you might find yourself on, people are dying and becoming disabled or otherwise injured after being coerced against their will into getting the mRNA shots. This is a fact. If you are in favour of these measures, you are creating and supporting a segregated world where people like me are discriminated against terribly on a daily basis, where people like me are being refused necessary services, including health care, where people like me are unable to work and earn a living in the public sphere, where people like me cannot participate in society, where people like me are unable to travel or even leave the country, where people like me are treated with poisonous hostility, hatred, and passive aggressiveness on a daily basis by terribly misguided people. People are committing suicide due to the effects of these illegal mandates, and even I, accustomed to intense opposition and isolation, have to struggle mightily to maintain mental and emotional health under these conditions.

You may recall that I am a pharmaceutical-injured person with permanent debilitation from an antibiotic deemed "perfectly safe" by the medical system and pharmaceutical industry for 30 years, all while killing hundreds of thousands of people and injuring millions worldwide. The Machine does not care that I would be killed or further disabled by these mRNA shots, and I'm well aware of that fact. The Machine does not care that I would be harmed by the wearing of a mask, and I'm well aware of that fact, too.

In light of all this, I cannot ethically accept patronage from people who align with those who are making me and so many others around the world into second class citizens simply because we exert our bodily autonomy and live by our own consciences. I cannot offer my heartfelt work to people who are in favour of my further injury or degradation in society. That's just bad energy all the way around.

Again, this is a matter-of-fact statement on my part with no anger or malice attached to it. I think it's important to be clear and transparent in these times, and this statement is an attempt toward that clarity and transparency as Mercury forms an exact conjunction to Pluto on Friday, February 11.

I wish you strength and good guidance in these times and always.


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