Friday, August 25, 2017

Saturn Direct with Dispositor Jupiter in Some Juicy Territory

 Photos: Willow

The engine for concrete progress in the material world, Saturn, turned direct early this morning at 21 degrees Sagittarius, and we're ready to take on a new chunk of growth, development, and achievement in the public sphere. Plans slowly start to solidify and take form. Our positions have been fortified, and we're now setting our sights on the next leg up the mountain.

Saturn will now move through the last decan of Sagittarius in one sweep before entering its own sign of Capricorn at December solstice. More on the Saturn in Capricorn transit is available in this article, "Saturn in Capricorn: An Astrological Overview for Long-Term Strategic Planning."

We're ready for one final push toward achievement and greatness in the sign of scholarly Sagittarius, structuring our lives according to our own truth and guiding philosophies, making commitments and decisions under the ultimate authority of our own wisdom and knowledge.

Achievements in academia, medicine, law, or publishing are particularly highlighted, but again, the greatest Saturn in late Sagittarius achievement may be the commitment to living by our own truth, our own ethics, and our own philosophies, even when they are not aligned with those of the society or collective around us. 

There's a bit of a shake-up indicated in the status-quo-as-you-go as Saturn moves through the last leg of Sagittarius, and our wild-and-free spirits lead the way on this.

The dispositor (key influence) of Saturn in Sagittarius is Jupiter, currently transiting relationship, society, and justice-oriented Libra. 

Jupiter in Via Combusta Libra is heading into some mighty juicy territory as Saturn gets going direct again in Sagittarius, and this indicates some sparkle and flash in the social/relational realms this September.

You may recall from previous articles that Jupiter in Libra is currently in air-fire kite formation with Mars in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. This kite will be activated again by transiting Venus in Leo September 12 - 17.

Jupiter in Libra is also just about to form its final opposition to Goddess of Discord Eris at 22 degrees Aries (September 1 - 5), which brings Eris themes strongly into the kite formation party. This contact to Eris brings up the potential for some social discord and shuffling over the next month, and we have a re-triggering of themes from this February 15, 2017 article, "Necessary Discordant Notes as Uranus Makes Its Final Conjunction to Eris in Aries":

"The most well-known story about Eris involves a big social snub. Eris was not invited to a prominent wedding that was going on, despite the fact that all of Olympus had been invited. The social roster was not complete. Eris had been shut out of the proceedings. As a result, the big smiles and boisterous glad-handing were too phony for her to bear, and she stirred up some drama at their little party to make things seem more fair.

Queen Shit Disturber, that one is.

Eris tossed a golden apple, referred to as the Apple of Discord, into the party. The apple was inscribed with "To the Fairest One," (ingenious) and three goddesses there, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, immediately started quarreling and vying for the prize. They stripped naked for the judge, Paris, and offered him bribes.

Eris played on the vanity of the women involved to great effect, making them look like fools, and, unfortunately, a war was even started over it.

The discovery of dwarf planet Eris in 2005 created discord in our solar system classifications, as well, resulting in the 2006 re-classifications of Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, and Makemake as dwarf planets by the International Astronomical Union. Here again, we have things being stirred up by Eris, but finding a new and more fair structure. That reclassification put feminine Ceres and masculine Pluto on an even playing field, rather than classifying Pluto as a planet and Ceres as an asteroid...

There's a prominent theme here of a person initially being warmly welcomed into the social fold, but his or her presence creating unexpected disruption and discord to the point that the individual is then expelled. The inadvertent golden apple...

The turbulence associated with Eris may come as a shock to those who fit more neatly into standardized social constructs...

The influence of Eris in Aries opposite Jupiter Rx in Libra indicates that discord in relationships and social scenes could have elements of:

-- big snubs and the aftermath of those snubs
-- standard female competitiveness and jockeying for position, especially around looks, appeal, and social and career positioning
-- the benefits of belonging socially versus the difficulties of being left out
-- the difficulties of belonging versus the benefits of staying independent
-- justice, fairness, and balance in social settings
-- the results of shutting certain people or perspectives out of society - anger, upset, disruption, violence, imbalance, injustice, ineffectiveness, skewed ideas of reality
-- the reasons people are left out and whether they are warranted
-- doing your own thing, balancing it with inevitable social disruption
-- disruptive elements (golden apples) brought into social structures that change the game
-- acts of raw individuality and personal will altering how people are viewed or thought of socially
-- the weight of social mores and customs stirring rebellion
-- social shuffling
-- social breakdowns
-- feisty or even violent changes in social status and position, including on the world stage...

Individuals may find themselves compelled to act as Eris figures, providing necessary "discordant notes" in social settings when bringing new voices and perspectives to the standard discourse and decision-making tables.

Following in the Eris mythology, many (most) of us haven't been invited to the current decision-making tables. But under these aspects, with the spirit of Eris in Aries so strong, we're going to show up anyway. We're going to plunk ourselves down and take our places, extended via formal invitation or not.

On the other hand, we may decide we don't even want a place at the stinky old table. We may be counting our blessings that we didn't get an invitation to their stuffy party. We may decide to say "to hell with it" to the whole kit and kaboodle and do things our own way. This is a distinct possibility under these aspects, too...

Under these aspects, there's a stronger understanding of our natural-born rights as sovereign human beings, and most of us understand, at least on an intuitive level, that the way things are going on this planet - including in many supposed alternative circles - infringes on these rights considerably.

There is a desire and an effort under these aspects to achieve greater independence, autonomy, and personal freedom - for everyone who wants these things. There is a drive to doing things on our own, under our own steam, by our own rules - but also to join with others who live by similar ethics.

Things are breaking wide open now. The rules are changing because they just don't work for the full social spectrum - and never did.

Overall, we can expect some dissent, discord, and disruption under these aspects, as well as a social shuffling and re-classification process as things shake out under the agitating energies.

We have a whole new rezoning process underway as far as personal and social "lines in the sand." We don't want our toes stepped on, and we don't want to step on the toes of other people."

So as Saturn grinds back into forward motion again in last-decan Sagittarius, there is the potential for some golden apples to be tossed into the social ring, creating a little necessary disruption in the standardized way of things. There could also be some ripple effects emanating from previously-thrown apples...

The potentially disruptive social/relational element carries through the month of September with Jupiter in Libra moving into its final opposition to revolutionary Uranus in Aries, exact on September 27. We're looking for new-era relational dynamics, win-win social scenarios, and the most productive and meaningful of social connections. This may indicate some breaks from standard social orders and rules for relating.

The winds of Aquarian change may not go over so well for those who like the standard social orders and rules for relating just fine.

The trick is to maintain regularity, tradition, and social structure wherever this is beneficial, but to also bring in new ways of relating and doing things where they are needed and where they make sense.

We aren't going in guns a-blazing, alienating those of a more conservative or structured nature. But we also aren't circling the wagons and shutting out new people or ways of doing things that would ultimately be beneficial to the scene.

Successfully striking this balance keeps Saturn, Uranus, and Eris happy - not an easy feat.

Ultimately, a social structure that does not work for all members of the society is not a fully successful structure. Keeping certain people shut out of society, on the outside looking in, can breed hatred, resentment, and even violence.

We are looking to broaden things a little in ways that make sense. We're looking for the next logical step to take that can be agreed upon (or at the very least, allowed/tolerated) by all involved.

In between its opposition to Eris in early September and its opposition to Uranus in late September, Jupiter in Libra will receive a little cosmic assistance from conjunctions to highly fortunate fixed stars Spica (September 6 - 11) and Arcturus (September 12 - 16). This indicates that socially discordant notes will be kept to a manageable level, as long as the necessary adjustments are made within the established social order.

If not...well, there's plenty of cage-rattling energy here. The universe will likely do its thing with or without our assistance. 

Our social contributions are in the spotlight over the next six weeks as Jupiter completes its transit of Libra, and this particularly involves social contributions that lead the way into new-era social energy and dynamics. Make sure the contributions you make are meaningful to you and that they are a true reflection of who you are and what you're about. These are the contributions that will have the strongest and most long-lasting impact.


Deb said...

I freaking LOVE that Eris! 0:) She totes understands me.

But, yes, this article definitely resonates with me at this time. Definitely pursuing my own way of doing certain things, at my own time, while still welcoming folks from all different walks of life for events (I've been leading a growing social group in my region for a few months now, and I'm excited about what September has in store for us).

Thank you SOOOOO much for your work! <3

Willow said...

Yay for leading a social group! And yay for doing things your way!

Yeah, I generally dig what Eris throws down, also.

Thanks for your comment!