Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moderating The Urge to Let Fly As Mercury Stations Direct in Sagittarius

Communication and intelligence planet Mercury is about to go direct (December 22 at 5:51 p.m. PST) in the sign of its detriment (Sagittarius) in square aspect to foggy Neptune in Pisces, and oh goodness, people are going to want to let fly. 

There are some pent-up things on our minds, being held (for now) on the tips of our tongues. There are some blazing truths we're just itching to lay down in the most dramatic and effective ways possible. We're pretty well ready to give the whole damned planet a piece of our mind.


This urge is exacerbated by an applying conjunction between war planet Mars and truth-related Jupiter, both transiting Scorpio. The exact Mars-Jupiter conjunction occurs January 6, 2018 at 17 degrees, and there is pressure building as far as ripping the lid off the underlying (and often intolerable) reality of things.

But with Mercury conjunctions to moderate Saturn still fresh in our minds - exact November 27 and December 6, moving to a final one January 12 - we might just think better of this. We might decide to take some time before speaking or communicating. We might express our fiery-potent truth in a more moderate, responsible, or purposeful way. We might find new places to apply our powerful perspectives, ones that will provide more substantial public positioning for long-term success and influence.

Basically, it's a marathon, not a sprint. 

Sagittarius isn't known as the most patient sign, however, and Mercury isn't known as the most patient planet. 

With Mercury stationing direct in Sagittarius, a sign the messenger isn't very comfortable in, there's a higher likelihood that we will be a little unintentionally blundering in our communication styles. Verbally stepping on a few toes. Inadvertently insulting people with an innocent, offhand comment or observation. General foot-in-mouth tendencies. Potentially a little obtuse as far as the effect our words and perspectives have on others.

Consciously reining things in a little and working to say things as precisely as possible are helpful tactics. 

The Mercury in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces indicates some collectively-karmic conversation, exchanges, and information flow. Mercurial connections and interactions have an element of "divine dispersion" involved now that is somewhat out of our control. Certain words/ideas/concepts/information are going to be dispersed through us and through our exchanges in order to reach their targets. It's up to us to lay it down as succinctly as possible and then to let it go.

Remember: with the energy of an extended Mercury-Black Moon Lilith conjunction in Sagittarius still in strong effect, conversations and written or verbal exchanges can be quite loaded. Words are more powerful (and potentially inflammatory) than usual and can hang in the air.

Certain subjects are like quicksand. Crystallized rhetoric combined with charged emotions could drag us into exhausting back-and-forth and round-and-round exchanges that get us nowhere. 

We don't want any "I wish I could take that back" scenarios unfolding here because, under these energies, the fallout from certain exchanges letting people know how you really think about it all! could literally last for years. (So no ugly holiday scenes, even if your tongue has teeth marks in it from biting it so much...)

With Mercury somewhat frustrated in Sagittarius until entering Capricorn on January 10 (combined with that Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio), many will be looking to unload verbally and will take pretty much any excuse to do so. We're going to have to duck and weave a little to avoid becoming verbal dumping grounds. Don't inadvertently provide a soapbox. Manage your emotional reactions so that you don't get drawn into a big old waste of time and energy masquerading as a conversation or discussion.

Understand, as Mercury makes this uncomfortable station in this uncomfortable sign in this uncomfortable square to Neptune, that we're all a bit mentally raw. We're all a little overwhelmed. We're all sick of the bullshit we see going on all around us, every day. 

Hold people accountable for their stuff, but ultimately, keep your gaze where it belongs - on the corrupt and hierarchical power structures and the power players pulling strings within those structures. Don't blame each other or humanity as a whole for the socially-engineered Hell being intentionally brought down upon us by the inhumane power web that has taken hold on Planet Earth.

Each truth plays its part in the greater whole. Say what you need to say, but don't get hung up on the results or the effects of that expression. That's not up to you. The universe will pick up your words and give them the wings they need, mysteriously and miraculously ensuring that your blazing arrows of truth reach their rightful targets. 

Mercury enters Capricorn on January 10 at 9:09 p.m.


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