Friday, January 5, 2018

Some Astrological Back-up as Mars Meets Jupiter in Scorpio

Action, aggression, and desire planet, Mars, forms its one and only exact conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio on January 6 (4:39 p.m. PST), and we're required to put some of our hard-won, deep-down knowledge and wisdom into action.

"The year-long transit of Jupiter through Scorpio brings benefit when we successfully draw on
the wisdom we've gleaned and the experience we've gathered from the more difficult and
arduous events of our lives...

"[Themes] may become particularly heated in late December 2017 and early January
2018 as transiting Mars forms its one and only conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio, exact January 6 at 17 degrees. This potentially-inflammatory Mars-Jupiter conjunction may require us to actively reinforce new lines in the sand with others. We may have to fight (Mars) to get beneath the surface artifice to the true story. There is the potential for some aggression around the time of this conjunction, which could include some underhanded moves. Employ the X-Ray vision-wisdom to stay on top of the proceedings."

As astrological back-up, I'm offering a duo of articles on the Jupiter in Scorpio transit for a special price. (Please note: people who were patrons at the time that the articles were published have already received them.)

These are both substantial articles, offering insight into the transit of Jupiter through Scorpio, which lasts until November 2018.

For $11.25, you will receive:

"Jupiter in Scorpio: Wisdom Drawn from the Still Depths of the Soul" - the main Willow's Web Astrology article for the Jupiter in Scorpio transit, originally published September 15, 2017 with themes extending to November 2018

"Jupiter in Scorpio and Successfully Updating the Expression of Scorpio for the Aquarian Era" - originally published October 17, 2017

You can purchase the Jupiter in Scorpio Duo by PayPal or email money transfer.  

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