Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, WWA Blog!

Oh-so-fine at age nine! Today is the nine-year anniversary of my very first blog post on February 25, 2008. A lot has happened since then, to say the least.

Thank-you for everything you have provided for me and for those who read from around the world, WWA blog! You're a wonder of nature.

If you've been considering becoming a patron but holding off, I would encourage you to make the move now so that you will receive the Venus retrograde 2017 article. This article (6,400+ words) is rich, detailed, and highly relevant as Venus pulls into its retrograde station March 4. This is the most recent patron article, which means, if you become a patron now, you will receive this article as part of your patronage. Once a new patron article is published, you would have to pay for the Venus article separately in order to receive it.

Or if a patronage is not your bag, consider a one-time offering in honour of the blog's Big Number Nine birthday. People who make either of these one-time offerings will receive a copy of the Venus retrograde 2017 article:

Happy Birthday, WWA Blog - $10


Happy Birthday, WWA Blog - $20

Willow's Web Astrology will keep on keeping on however it is able. But as most of you are aware, survival is becoming more difficult - for everyone, but particularly for independent enterprises such as this and for people who go against the grain in some way. So if Willow's Web Astrology blog has helped you or inspired you at some point, consider becoming a patron. Buy a zine or a few to distribute. Consider sponsoring the donation or distribution of a zine (see below). Or purchase a snazzy piece of jewellery or some photograph prints.

I love this blog. Here's to nine more years!

(Oh, Jesus...)

Buy a Zine and Willow Will Release it Into the Wild!

I have a new option for people who would like to sponsor the release of a zine into the wild but who do not have the time or inclination to do it themselves. (I know most people are stretched for time and energy these days.) You can purchase a zine along with the basic postage cost, and I will send that little zine on its way to an effective landing spot. You can select the location where you would like the zine to be sent, or you can leave it up to me. You can also add a bumper sticker to the Stop GM Alfalfa zine, if you're feelin' it. 

If interested, please contact me at willowsweb [at]

Some possibilities for sponsoring the release of a zine:

- sending the zine to a media outlet, a politician, a public figure, a friend, a journalism school, a community group, an activist group, etc.

- donation of a zine to a zine library: this gets the zine out into the zine-reading public and ensures that it is available to people to read for free

- donation of a zine to an anarchist/community bookstore that sells zines: this provides a little cash for the bookstore - many of which are struggling to survive - when the zine sells and also gets the zine out into the public

- distributing it in some public place at random: in a park, at a bus shelter, at a Farmers Market. This adds the exciting element of chance! Who knows who might come across it?

- or come up with your own idea for distribution

Thank-you as always for reading!

Happiest of Birthdays, WWA blog!

Information on WWA zines can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, WWA!!!
You are a fountain of knowledge and inspiration!
Here's to a million hits today, and millions more in the future.
May your sponsors be many,your your deadlines manageable,
and all your enemies eat shit and die :-)



Willow said...

hahaha! Thank-you so much, d!