Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Opposite a Giant Stellium in Aquarius

Have you seen the moon tonight? It's huge already! And it's not officially full until 7:49 a.m. MST on Monday, Feb. 9.

Very fitting since this is a pretty huge Full Moon energy-wise. We currently have a massive stellium in Aquarius. Counting asteroids, there are six bodies and the North Node in that sign - Mars, Juno, Jupiter, the North Node, the Sun, Chiron and Neptune. Wow.

The Full Leo Moon will be exactly opposite the Sun - Chiron Conjunction at 21 degrees Aquarius. Our Chiron in Aquarius wound is very much in the spotlight right now, as our emotions about it come to a head in our current moment.

Again, this Chiron wound has to do with the wound of the visionary. Being ostracized and considered an oddball by sticking to your vision. Leading into the future even when it's unpopular to do so. Being ahead of one's time. Taking the high road and finding it's a lonely trail. Following the energy of the new even when others can't see what you see and think you're crazy. Doing what's right for the community and for the objective future of the planet even when it isn't personally comfortable to do so...when it means going out on a limb. Dealing with constant change, unexpected events and shocks to the system as we march (mercilessly at times) forward.

You know what? All the people who have kept up the good fight all these years/decades/lifetimes? Well, we're a little pissed off at what we've had to go through to make the vision a reality. We're bitter because of all the crap we've had to put up with from other people who didn't have our clarity of vision. And now that the rest of the world is starting to come around to some of these ideas? Well now, isn't that just great? After we had to sacrifice and take our lumps and have salt thrown in our wounds over it. After we had to be on the outside looking in this whole time. Just faaaaabulous! NOW they freaking start figuring it out...after so much damage has been done! If they had only listened from the get go...

The older generations who have kept the vision strong through unimaginable opposition and struggle...just for the younger generations to swoop in and benefit from all that hard work. As if it were always this way. Hmph!


This is some of the vibe of this wound that could be coming up.

The Leo part of the equation (Moon and South Node are there) brings up a little sadness about not getting the attention we deserved. Having to defer to the community and put off our own fun for the betterment of the group. Having to pour our personal talents into building something for everyone to the point where our own sunshine got a little too consumed and wasn't as visible and recognized as it would have been had circumstances been different.

Whatever house 21 degrees Aquarius falls in in your chart is where the wound will be especially prevalent.

For me, it's in the 7th house, so there is some woundedness coming up right now over the social isolation that my particular life has included. Over the erratic and unpredictable beginnings and endings of my relationships. The extreme level of detachment necessary in my personal relationships because I always understand that I have to defer to the "big picture" universal themes going on. Of course I understand this, and of course I will always defer to a better future and let the universe do what it will in and through my relations with other people. But it's still a bit of a bummer when it leaves you home alone on Saturday nights with your only interaction coming from a computer screen. :) But! It is some comfort to know that I have comrades doing the very same.

A major way we heal our Chiron wound, also, is by pouring our energy into the very area that creates our wound. So working to bring this new way of doing things into our the point where it's actually reality, not just vision...will help us now. Not that it's not going to sting. But we work out the woundedness as we go, sharing it amongst likeminded people.

All the Aquarius planets are ruled by Uranus in Pisces right now, which exactly opposed Saturn in Virgo early morning of February 5. Uranus and Saturn will still be in oppostion formation during the Full Moon, so again, all this is tied in to the structural dissolution and adjustments going on as we are propelled into the new Aquarian paradigm - a planet that works for humanity...all of humanity. And a humanity that works for the planet and its other inhabitants.

We found out at Art of My Heart (the store where I work) that we are being booted out of our location in the mall, just as Saturn and Uranus opposed each other. Structural changes all right. The mall management is going forward with a plan for major renovations at the mall and at the same time is getting rid of all the independently owned businesses and businesses they consider too low-end for their new "Chi Chi La De Da" mall.

Going ahead with Boom Plans...even during a Bust. Hmmm...interesting strategy, guys.


Anonymous said...

Expanding the mall now, eh? I smell one of the bribe brothers. You know, the other Bribe brother to Madoff ... Payoff.

Willow said...

It's got to be something dirty. When it doesn't make sense, that's the only reason...