Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Juno Day!! (AKA Valentine's Day)

I'm an astrologer who reads the asteroid Juno as the soul mate asteroid. The day associated with Juno is Feb. 14...also known as Valentine's Day. So Happy Belated Juno Day!

This Juno Day is special because Juno is currently playing a part in the huge Aquarius stellium going on, infusing us with new, future-oriented energy and vision. Juno, Jupiter, the North Node and Mars are all in tight conjuction within two degrees of each other (8 - 10 Aquarius), showing that our soul mates are playing a big role as we make our collective and individual ways forward, as we rapidly evolve and progress as a species and as a planet.

We also have Mercury, the Sun, Neptune and Chiron at various degrees of Aquarius.

Some say this massive Aquarius stellium is the "official" start of the Aquarian Age. I personally think we are going through a multi-layered process of ending Pisces and beginning Aquarius, and when we individually enter this new paradigm differs from person to person. I also think it doesn't really matter what date you use. Many people use Dec. 21, 2012 as the official start, but when you're dealing with periods of 2,000 or so years, you can see that the final few years are the blink of an eye. I think people who have been well aware of this shift and have worked hard to complete Piscean themes in their lives while aligning with the Aquarian energies propelling us forward (we have to do both!) will be ahead of the game. But we possibly also had more to do for the collective due to our awareness, so who's to say? Whatever language you want to use to explain what is going on on the planet is alright with me...whatever personally makes sense.

Anyway, back to Juno...

I like the idea of Juno as the sign relating to soul mates. So to me, where Juno falls in the birth chart refers to an area where we will draw many of these relationships. It also describes the thematic flavour our soul mate interactions/relationships will have. The purpose or reason for them.

I know the term soul mate is highly overused these days. Everyone seems to be on the search for one. But I think many times it is used in a too-superficial and purely romantic (sexy, lovey romantic) way.

Juno-themed relationships are not necessarily sexual. Nor are they supposed to be. Sometimes wires get crossed here because of the depth and intimacy of connection. The next step seems to be taking it to a sexual level, but a lot of times it's just deep emotional/spiritual.

Yes, these relationships can be the sexual, romantic love-type partnerships. (The ones discussed ad nauseum on Valentine's Day.) But more often, I think, soul mates are the people with whom you have relationships based on mutual soul work that can't be done alone. This soul work requires the coming together with another person (or animal friend) and interacting with the hope of getting something done that your soul desires to do/work through/complete.

Often there is a feeling of familiarity when you meet a soul mate because your soul sort of recognizes the person as someone you are meant to merge with in mutually beneficial ways - not necessarily for a long time, but until the charge has been played out. This is another misconception, I think...that soul mate means lifelong mate. Not necessarily, and not in most cases, actually.

I think there is an emphasis on busting through karmically entrapping energetic dynamics with these types of relationships, working through issues and traps in relationship with others. They are not the types of relationships that necessarily always feel good, and this is sometimes confusing. Working through sticky relationship dynamics in close contact with another person is sometimes brutal, but coming through them into new territory is absolutely freeing and empowering. This is the deep, big picture love we show for our soul mates and the gift of these sometimes difficult relationships. Long-term, mutual fulfillment and satisfaction.

Family members, friends, work relationships, lovers, marriage partners, animal friends - actually, anyone we come into contact with can be a soul mate. Any relationship that challenges us and triggers us to grow or become better or stronger in certain ways - in the ways our souls most desire.

Progress in the Juno sign/house is helped along by these relationships. Commitment issues are related to Juno because quite often, soul development has to happen come hell or high water, so you have to be completely committed to your "mission" there. There is a sort of devotion to dealing with the themes that are being brought up, and there is a strong attraction to the people/dynamics that bring up this soul work. They're energetically charged and have a fated quality.

We are born into many of our soul mate relationships. Others we discover along the way. Like a moth to a flame, we can be drawn to someone or some situation (or feeling comfortable with someone you've just met), even when we can't explain why.

All the emphasis on the romantic coupledom on Valentine's Day has never really done it for me since I've been single most of my adult life. But Juno Day does make sense to me. One day per year to celebrate all the soul mate relationships in our lives, all the different forms love can take and the changes in those relationships from year-to-year. So even if you're not in that all-consuming love relationship, you can still make this day meaningful. :)

And with Juno currently in Aquarius (until April 4), let's fall in love with the future we're bringing about together! Our relationships may not be taking the form we expect (Aquarius), but they're taking us somewhere wonderful.

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Bob said...

"soul mates are the people with whom you have relationships based on mutual soul work that can't be done alone. This soul work requires the coming together with another person (or animal friend) and interacting with the hope of getting something done that your soul desires to do/work through/complete."

I like that take on it.