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Freedom is Slavery: The "New Energy" Movement, Ethanol, and GMO Corporations

The documentary film Freedom, made by Rebecca and Josh Tickell, was released in the summer of 2011. The film is about alternative fuel sources for transportation, in particular ethanol. It's on Canadian Netflix right now, and my friend just showed it to me the other day. I realize this is old news, but I think it's valid to deconstruct these types of films with Ceres (dwarf planet of grains, cereals, and fertility of the Earth) stationing direct in Gemini (media) and Jupiter in Gemini stationing direct square Chiron-Neptune in Pisces.

Agriculture-related Ceres goes direct at 19 degrees Gemini, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, on February 4, just after the Jupiter station January 30. With the influence of the dark, denied perspective of Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, the underlying manipulators and shapers of personal perspective and public mind are being drawn to the forefront.

With the Gemini-Pisces square highlighted now, this is a good time to deconstruct some of the mind/consciousness control agendas, especially ones with an underlying tone of pseudo-spiritual and an affiliation to agriculture or food.

 From a previous post:

"The use of media to manipulate and shape public perception related to agriculture, food policy, and commodities prices has been a strong theme since a Ceres-Vesta-Jupiter conjunction on the Gemini South Node in July 2012."

The last decan of Gemini has been a very fruitful zone for Ceres. The results of the GM corn/glyphosate animal feeding trial results were published in September 2012, when Ceres was on 28/29 Gemini. Ceres will be back on those degrees March 30 - April 4, just as the 2013 growing season begins. The results of that trial need to be on the minds of every person on this planet this spring.

With Gemini, we're working with information, but information that could have a dual (or multi-layered) purpose. The squares between Jupiter in Gemini and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces increase the chance of deception, manipulation, illusion, and pseudo-spirituality being involved.

So here is some of the information disseminated by Freedom:

Ethanol can be produced quite easily from any plant source. It can even be made from household garbage, and there are companies doing just that.

It's so simple that people can make their own ethanol. Certainly, local areas could produce and distribute their own fuel.

Ethanol could quite easily replace oil and derivatives of oil (gasoline, diesel) in our transportation forms if the political will and the resources were there.

Ethanol is already mixed with most of the gasoline being sold today.

Ethanol can be mixed with regular gasoline in almost any percentage. Currently E10 (10% ethanol, 90% conventional gas) and E15 (15% ethanol, 85% conventional gas) are sold widely. E30 and even E85 are also available at some gas stations.

Vehicles can quite easily be converted to be ethanol-burning. You can buy a kit to convert your vehicle. Ethanol is easier on engines and does not build up in the system.

According to sources in this film, the oil lobby created the backlash against ethanol via mainstream media in the early 2000s. The big claim was that using corn for ethanol would starve people in countries like Africa who counted on those corn imports. According to the sources in this film, that information is incorrect. Only 1% of the corn produced in the United States is meant to be human food, and ethanol production would not divert that variety of corn, they say. To create the ethanol backlash, the oil lobby latched onto one article by one man that said starvation would result from corn-based ethanol production and ran with it. This is how the oil lobby turned public opinion, even environmentalists and green energy proponents, against ethanol.

The truth according to this film is, ethanol from plant sources is a viable option for transportation.

Most countries could grow their own plants and manufacture their own ethanol. Brazil already does.

One of the major problems with the current ethanol quotas is the concept of globalization. Instead of producing enough ethanol for their own countries, Canada and the United States attempt to create a surplus that is sold around the world.

And instead of creating a model for energy self-sufficient countries in other areas of the world, things are set up to create dependence on Canadian or U.S. crops for ethanol.

The primary crop used in the current production of ethanol is corn (though it wouldn't have to be). Within the narrative of Freedom, the push is certainly on for corn-based ethanol as the primary source. It is the most developed ethanol industry at this time. Of the companies currently producing ethanol, corn is by far the most commonly used plant.

In the film Freedom, we see very clearly the hijacked green energy agenda. We see the control of alternative energy sources by the same old cast of corporate/monied characters.

The makers of Freedom interviewed Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture. Vilsack is very pro-ethanol. This might seem a refreshing or surprising perspective coming out of the United States' government these days. Until we look a little deeper.

Tom Vilsack is the ex-Governor of Iowa. Iowa is a U.S. corn belt state. It grows a whole lot of corn. Corn is big business.

As might be expected, Vilsack is a major supporter of Monsanto and their genetically modified corn varieties. Recall that these are the same corn varieties that were found, in the feeding trial results published last September, to cause organ damage, tumours, and premature death in lab rats.

Vilsack has made life very easy for Monsanto and for other GMO corporations at both a state level and now a federal level.

Vilsack was named Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Organization in 2001.

Vilsack, as Secretary of the USDA, announced the unconditional approval of GM alfalfa in January 2011. His agenda is the furthering of agricultural biotechnology. There can be no doubt about that.

Other people interviewed for Freedom raise legitimacy red flags, as well. Many of them make the rounds in films of similar theme.

Deepak Chopra, your standard New Age consciousness control representative, was interviewed for the film. When Deepak is involved, you know the target minds are of the pseudo-spiritual variety. The "we're so enlightened" crowd. The middle and upper-middle class mostly white people who pat themselves on the backs for being so much more enlightened, evolved, and awakened than your standard human dupe. These people are very faddish and very trendy, always looking for the next big thing. They like to be the first to know, the first to try, the first to do it the "enlightened" way. And that's what this film and films like it feed.

The film also interviews Brendan Brazier, a Canadian Ironman athlete. Brazier is one of the people involved in yet another green energy propaganda film, Thrive. Thrive was released in November 2011, just after Freedom, and involves the same hijacked green energy agenda. Thrive was made by Foster Gamble, a Proctor & Gamble heir. It has a more overt "spiritualism" agenda, involving the standard cast of New Age, consciousness control characters as well as controlled opposition conspiracy folks.

The messages of Freedom and Thrive are very similar and very problematic, aside from the interests involved. Both films further the idea that we don't have to alter our energy consumption, the amount we drive, or how dependant we are on vehicles at all. We can continue with full-on car culture, planning cities and towns around car use, and we don't have to alter human society, energy consumption, or the way we do transportation at all.
All we need is a cheap, clean source of fuel, and we can continue with the cancerous, exponential, warp speed direction toward "growth" we are currently following.

Because that isn't unhealthy or detrimental to life at all, is it? 

Freedom uses the standard game associated with controlled opposition - opposition that is shaped and directed to suit the ends of the very groups supposedly being opposed.

You take some good information, some information that could really be helpful, that could really improve conditions on this planet if it were in the right hands, applied in the right ways.
And then you envelop that good information with corrupt, hidden agendas.

People swallow the good information, and, without knowing it, swallow the poisonous agendas right down with it.

The New Age does this all the time, and we see strong New Age influences in both Freedom and Thrive.

So the fundamental ideas are there. The basic information about ethanol is compelling.

But there are so many ways we could go at this moment on Planet Earth as far as energy. And we have to look to who benefits from this particular corn-based ethanol trajectory. We have to deconstruct the control structure of it (Pluto in Capricorn era).

The film Freedom focuses on the idea of higher corn yields being a solution to the energy problems. In fact, this is the one aspect of the original "people are going to starve" article that is not questioned by the filmmakers.

The common line being put forth these days is that genetically modified, chemical-intensive crops produce higher yields. In fact, many farmers are being taught that GM crops are the only way to feed the growing population of the world.

Monsanto is the largest producer of genetically modified corn seed. It also produces the most popular chemical herbicide in the world, Roundup. (This is a primary reason chemical corporation Monsanto got into the seed business in the first place - to sell more Roundup.)

The global use of Roundup is set to double by 2017, according to Global Industry Analysts of San Jose, California. They predict farmers will be using 1.35 million tonnes of glyphosate worldwide by 2017, up from 740,000 tonnes in 2012. This increase, they say, will be due to an increased adoption of no-till crop practises as well as the increased growing of genetically modified crops.

Recall that this is the same glyphosate (and the same GM corn) that devastated the health of lab rats and brought on premature death during a feeding trial, even at exposure levels considered safe by the government and the GMO industry.

So if corn-based ethanol becomes the go-to energy source for all our transportation, and countries around the world start producing more corn, guess who ultimately benefits from the currently-shaped trajectory? And guess who then dominates and controls not only the seed supply, but also the fuel supply?

"The position of Ceres in Cancer within cardinal Grand Cross/t-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn indicates we are moving through an acute directional point involving intensified moves by "agrisciences" corporations into the uncharted, technology-based territory of genetically modified seeds/foods and other synthetic additions like growth hormones. These are to become "the industry standard."

These formations also indicate a crucial necessity to take new, independent, and somewhat radical directions as individuals and like-minded groups take control of their own food supplies, making them autonomous and outside the corporate models."

Ethanol could potentially solve our transportation problems. At the very least, it could be a temporary next step in the necessary transition out of oil.

But as long as ethanol and other forms of alternative energy are tied up in the same corrupted control mechanisms, we're trading one dirty energy for another. The "new energy" movement takes us right back into an old energy control paradigm.

From a previous post:

"Agriculture-related dwarf planet Ceres stationed retrograde at 3 degrees Cancer on October 31 within a cardinal Grand Cross with Venus in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn.

This configuration brings food and agriculture issues to prominence, particularly as they relate to increased corporate globalization (Pluto in Capricorn) and the direction into biotechnology (Uranus in Aries).

Ceres maintains its strong influence into mid-2013, forming a cardinal t-square May 5-7 that will still be within orb during the third Uranus in Aries - Pluto in Capricorn square May 20, 2013.

These are high stakes times for the future of food and, correspondingly, for life on this planet."

Ceres will be direct in Gemini until April 5, making the first third of 2013 a time when public opinion and the disseminating of information on food and agriculture issues are highlighted.

Ceres re-enters Cancer April 5 and will be within range of the cardinal t-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn by mid-April.

The 2013 growing season is a make or break as far as the future of natural/non-GMO food on this planet.


Moira said...

I just discovered your blog. Excellent astrological analyses. This article pin-pointing Ceres' transits into/out of/back into Cancer and the Pluto-Uranian square is very significant ... as drought and heat and fires affect crops in the US and Australia (I could go on with tsunamis and hurricanes globally ...). It's about time to batten down the hatches, as "they" say.

Anonymous said...

The next Illuminati card coming up is KILL FOR PEACE.
What do you see here?

Willow said...

They've been killing the real people and putting up shills for decades now. That's pretty much the m.o.

Freedom is slavery
War is peace

You know how it goes...

What do YOU see here?

Willow said...

Many NASCAR cars run on ethanol.

Fun fact: the car racing industry developed out of bootlegging moonshine (which is also ethanol). Bootleggers had to soup up their cars (which were run on ethanol) to outrun police and competitors. Those souped up cars were the beginning of car racing like NASCAR.

freeforall said...

Hi Willow,

Don't know if you've ever looked at this fellow's website, but it's very good. He talks about "peak oil" and getting away from the "car culture" and has many articles about a better society. Best part - he is not a New Ager!

Willow said...

I know of Jim Kunstler but haven't checked out his stuff.

My favourite peak oil guy is Matt Savinar!

Buns Magillacutty said...

Matt Savinar? WTF? What is a good upstanding Christian woman like Willow doing reading anything by an unruly troublemaker like Matt Savinar?

Have you no morals woman?

Willow said...

I bet good upstanding Christian women secretly like unruly troublemakers like Matt.

Moira said...

Magdalena was a bit of a radical ... so was Mary.