Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Check-In with the Asteroids

The major asteroids (along with dwarf planet Ceres) generally do their thing in the background of the primary astrological discourse. Becoming more strongly aware of their positioning in both the natal chart and in the current transits can illuminate their themes so that we can both support and be supported by the activity of these feminine bodies.

Earth Mother dwarf planet Ceres is currently moving direct through late Capricorn after a retrograde period from June 3 to September 14, 2015. This indicates that we nurture others most deeply now by taking care of business, and we are nurtured ourselves by those who do the same. We are nurtured and supported by those who keep a stiff upper lip, working diligently to get the job done, and we nurture others by displaying that same commitment to excellence. Responsibility, structure, and the successful meeting of goals, especially financial and business-related goals, are nourishing to us now. Ceres in Capricorn indicates that we are traversing areas where women or the feminine force can take stronger leadership roles, and this includes with food, agriculture, and purchasing power.

Women and the feminine force are coming into stronger authority within the structures as they exist. This is happening out of necessity more than anything else. This position is cemented as Ceres stationed direct at 25 degrees Capricorn on September 14, 2015, completing the transit of Capricorn October 27. 

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