Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Equinox with a Full Moon in Aries Conjunct the Wounded Healer: Establishing Social Standards that Reject the Normalization of Narcissism and Extreme Self-Interest

The Sun enters Libra tonight (6:54 p.m. PDT), marking fall equinox in the northern hemisphere as daylight and nighttime hours reach a point of perfect balance.

After an always very-busy Virgo season, we now get a chance to catch our breath and to regain our equilibrium after so much nose-to-the-grindstone and so many never-ending details to take care of. 

Beauty, balance, peace, relationships, and social settings now become a stronger focus.

The Libra Sun joins winged messenger Mercury in Libra in a square aspect to Saturn and Vesta in Capricorn at 2 degrees of the signs (exact September 23 - 25). Earth Mama Ceres will also be in the mix at 8 degrees Libra.

To open this new season, we also experience a spritely and energized Full Moon at 1 degree Aries on September 24 (7:52 p.m.). This Aries Full Moon falls tightly conjunct wounded healer Chiron Rx on the zero degree of Aries, just before Chiron slips back into late Pisces on September 26.

The Aries Full Moon, opposite the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres in Libra and square Saturn and Vesta in Capricorn, forms a tight-and-potent cardinal t-square formation, indicating that some social/relational progress is coming to a head now that could support and sustain us over the long term. 

At the same time, we must work hard under this powerful configuration to put just the right social supports in place in our lives. There's a strong requirement for social leadership, initiation, and standards-setting. We have to keep driving forward (Aries) while also addressing social and relational issues (Libra) that are chronically wounding (Chiron) us or others.

We're required to firmly establish social standards in our own personal relationships and also in the society at large.

This is easier said than done in societies that often seem to be in Downward Spiral Mode as far as manners, fairness, mutuality, and consideration for others (Libra territory).

Under this Full Moon in Aries conjunct wounded healer Chiron, it's important that we not take our cues from an increasingly sick and narcissistic society. We're required to blaze our own trails through relationships and social spheres, setting our own standards and making sure these are being met.

The transit of Chiron through Aries (2018 - 2027) indicates an unfortunate ramping up of wounding (Chiron) narcissistic tendencies (Aries). During this transit, extreme selfishness and self-interest, a "me-first" attitude, can become normalized to a destructive degree unless we are willing to push back.  

As responsible members of Planet Earth, we must establish and reinforce healthy social standards that reject this normalization of narcissism and extreme self-interest. 

As we move into this Libra season, we're required to actively counter-balance any social ills we are seeing or experiencing.

And with Chiron on the potent zero degree of Aries at this Full Moon, the birth point of the zodiac, the time is now to plant a flag for healthy and mutually-beneficial social standards. The time is now to lead by example within our relationships and social spheres, burning away any manipulations or general not-right dynamics. 

With the influence of Ceres in Libra, we're nurturing and encouraging beneficial social dynamics while gently and skillfully refusing those that fall short of our standards.

Chiron moves back into Aries on February 17, 2019 for a transit that lasts until 2027, and this brings these related themes to the forefront again. So break new ground under this Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron Rx. Set your standards. Do this relational/societal trail-blazing now, and you'll thank yourself later.

Willow's Web Astrology on YouTube: Narcissism, Gaslighting, and Rejecting the Cult of Image


Anonymous said...

Consistently excellent writing is a hallmark of yours, Willow. i try to not put too big a hickey on your ass, but i slip the chain time to time. :-)

I gotta say, that is a absolutely gorgeous photo.


Willow said...

bahahaha! Hey, thanks for the compliment. I rarely get comments on here anymore, so it's good to hear from someone on this lonely web. :-)

That's my Ma's photo! It's her front yard. It would be perfect if you couldn't also see three oil flares blazing away within a mile radius of their house, buttttt...I'll just focus on the nice sunsets for now.

Anonymous said...

She captured the perfect moment! The whole pumpjacks and flares image on the sea of grass is just jarring. :-(

We have beautiful sunsets on the Gulf. I dread the day they are spoiled with wind towers or rigs on the horizon.

Willow said...

Hopefully you'll never have to see that where you are!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you. I hope so as well.

You've done some beautiful fall foliage images, Willow,and you've so much source material where you are. I for one would love to see more if you're willing and have the time.
Hell, stick a link to Renegade Heifer Photography in there and maybe get a bit of business, lol.

(no need to post this, you know- just me to you. It can be a bit of a lonely web- I'll shoot the shit with you anytime :) ).