Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Venus in Exaltation to Soften the Edges

Venus enters Pisces, the sign of its exaltation, on April 5 (2:31 p.m. CST) where it will remain until May 2. This is the love, money, and relationship planet in a sign it thoroughly enjoys being in, and we love it when the love planet is enjoying itself!

Venus in Pisces taps us into the universe's love and guidance at a heart level, and it elevates our interpersonal relationships, placing them within the context of their ultimate spiritual purpose.

Venus in Pisces is soft, it's sensitive, it's sweet, it's kind, it's glowing with love and compassion for all the living creatures on this planet.

So the love is flowing this month - in interpersonal relationships, from psychic communication and connections, from dreams, from guides, and from loving spirit itself.

Venus transiting Pisces for the month of April works to soothe and smooth some of rough edges and tough angles of this cardinal Grand Cross-flavoured month - and yes, there are plenty of rough edges and tough angles to navigate.

With Venus transiting Pisces, we're more strongly aware of our personal relationship with spirit and with the loving guidance that seems to come to us when we need it most. We're tapped in to the broader spiritual meaning and purpose of some of the interpersonal connections in our lives - including the most challenging ones - and it is from this point of increased understanding that we relate.

Ultimately, the people and relationships the universe brings our way have a broader meaning. We're doing something important here on this planet - though we can sometimes lose sight of that in the day-to-day struggle - and we're here doing it together. Our hands are clasped, we walk together, though our physical bodies may be miles (or lifetimes) apart.

With Venus transiting Pisces, it is easier to grasp and to experience the spiritual purpose of human lives and relationships. We can see and sense the etheric connections that link us, that weave us into the same web of love, beauty, meaning, and togetherness.

It's true that we are experiencing levels of suffering on this planet that need not exist. It's true that we are experiencing suffering that is being intentionally brought down upon us. Because of this, this suffering seems to have no real purpose, no necessity.

Venus in Pisces helps us to see the struggles, the pain, and the suffering as part of the same whole, alleviating us from our isolated sorrow about the state of it all. Anyone with a loving heart feels sorrow about the levels of suffering being experienced on this planet, and anyone with a loving heart desires to alleviate that suffering wherever possible. This is not sorrow that anyone bears alone. With Venus transiting Pisces, we are aware of how these struggles and challenges link us to every human being that has walked this Earth and to every human being who one day will.

Our hearts are wide open when Venus is transiting Pisces, and we have to take it all - the joy, the love, the beauty, the meaning, along with the struggles, the pain, the challenges, and the disappointments.

We are also challenged, at the change of the eras, to love smarter - without detrimental self-sacrifice, without foolishness, without denial, without delusion - and these challenges are with us throughout the month. As Venus moves to a conjunction to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces on April 20, we are becoming aware of the areas where we have been too open-hearted, too trusting, too giving, too go-with-the-flow, and part of our healing process now involves tightening those areas up while applying new boundaries.

Overall, however, Venus in Pisces brings some beautiful water magic and some delightful relational flow this month.

Venus will conjunct Neptune in Pisces April 11, and our hearts are full to the brim, overcome with the beauty of these odd little lives together on this odd little planet. (Though the Moon in Virgo opposing certainly works to keep our feet on the ground. Nothing like a few irritating details from mundane life to step on that Neptune buzz!)

Lesser Benefic Venus in Pisces then forms a gorgeous trine to Greater Benefic Jupiter in Cancer on April 17. This, too, has hearts and emotions singing, as we are so very sensitive to all that is going on around us.

At the same time, Venus will sextile Pluto in Capricorn (April 18), bringing a sense of shared struggle and loving collective effort to the battle for survival on this planet in the face of capital, finance, corporate business, and Global Government run amok.

Finally, on April 24, Venus in Pisces will form a trine to Saturn Rx in Scorpio, and we gratefully surrender some of the deep, dark realities we are uncovering to their place within the whole. Under this Venus-Saturn trine, we are better able to keep an open and loving heart in the face of the intense emotional, psychological, and financial struggles we are facing on the planet. We are able to bring even the darkest and bleakest of realities back to the loving whole, back to the spiritual intent under the ultimate responsibility of God, spirit, or our higher powers.

This is a trine that can lighten the load at a time, following the exact cardinal Grand Cross April 20 - 23, when we may feel as if we are breaking under the pressure. It brings us some much-needed love. If we've given it everything we had to give, if we have not shirked, we will likely receive a loving boost from the universe here, along with some rejuvenation at the heart level that increases our gratitude for these oh-so-brief lifetimes on this planet, no matter how difficult they may be.

The underlying spiritual framework of our relationships and of our human societies is peeking at us this month in delightful ways. We may come to understand more fully how we fit into the broader web of human relationships, and we may start to see new meaning and importance in some of the small, daily interactions we often erroneously shrug off as meaningless. Those who are most invisible and taken for granted in our societies are often some of the most important players, acting as glue that holds complex webs of relationships together.

The struggles of others are tugging at our hearts this month, and we are made aware that, despite the strong sense of isolation often present these days, we do not struggle alone. We all shoulder the burdens of the human condition at this time. 

Use this Venus in Pisces transit to connect with others on a spiritually loving level, even if invisibly.

When you're feeling stressed - and oh boy, are there some stressful points this month - take a moment to check back in with the force that loves you. Under these Venus-fueled water trines, I don't believe support or assistance will be too far away. 

Understand that we are here together for such a very short time. In light of this, love each other in spite of any foibles, in spite of the pain we must endure to love one another on this planet. Forgive everything you can, but don't accept even a lick of mistreatment. Don't keep your heart wide open in areas that have brought you devastation.

Love smarter, not harder. But love, just the same.

And one final note:

Contributing to the "Venus in Pisces easing trend," communication planet Mercury moves out of Pisces, the sign of its detriment, and into Aries on April 7 (9:35 a.m.). This gets sluggish connections firing again, decreases the possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding, and allows information and conversation to start moving in a much snappier way. 


Lea said...

Thank you, Willow. Light in the darkness, Rainbow at the end of the tunnel (well, something like that), Compassionate, Powerful Mother Love blanketing us as we trudge through, slog through the necessities of being Here. You are a hard-nosed astrologer (and I thank you for that with all my heart) but you also find ways to point out,to bring us also to , the Hope, the truth that Beauty , Life, is on our side. And how we can look for it, find it, cooperate with it. Thank you for this article that helped me turn my attention at this dark time to the assistance "the universe" is sending to accompany us down this part of history's trail we find ourselves on this month.

Willow said...

You're welcome, Lea! Thanks for your beautiful comment.

Greg F said...

Your paragraph than begins with--

"Venus in Pisces helps us to see the struggles, the pain, and the suffering as part of the same whole, alleviating us from our isolated sorrow about the state of it all."
--is such beautiful wording, Willow.

It puts into focus how hard the job is, but how steadfast we can be to push back against our aggressors - who have assumed many forms throughout the ages. But it's the same fight no matter whether they are Romans, the Taliban, or multi-national corporations (the scariest of the three?).

I'm glad you're on our side, Willow. Look out, Monsanto!

Jason said...

Thank You Willow this very thing I happened upon Yesterday with a Virgo on a gay site Im on, who says is HIV positive. This is part of the invisible work Im constantly doing. Trying to Undo the HIV establishment from my own little corner of the world.

But as I finished my writing with him I looked at the pictures he took on the subway for for a symbolic clue. & Low and behold, the sign behind him backed me up. The advertisment, for what I do not know. Had the words in caps, in this order..


So I told him man even the sign behind you backs me up. This also happened with The Leo and his horoscope one day was saying I was right about him trying something new as I was trying to get him off the MEDS. Hopefully the Virgo can start to make the connection because the Universe is always backing me up on that.

Also I wanted to thank you because you taught me somewhat proper flow to writing. Even though my Mercury In Pisces, It does not know the exact way. But I pick up on your flow- It has made my writing much clearer and less verbose. Which is so important when trying to get a point across.

I think my verbosity was coming from being unfocused #1 #2 because of a need to be less aggressive. Libra SN. But My Mercury Pluto feels like I get much more done the other way.

Anonymous said...

I spent this morning with a beautiful Mexican woman from south of Mexico City. She came to the States in the late-90's with her husband and baby, and they have not been able to return and visit their families since, and their families live with cartel violence and fear and horrors that we really can't imagine. She worries for her parents and misses them desperately. It's been sixteen years since she's seen them.

I share this because after just reading this post (which was like receiving a gentle, spiritual shower), I was touched by what you wrote about our inner-connectedness.
And my friend this morning reminded me that everyone is carrying heavy burdens in this unfair and too often cruel system we're under, and borders are just imaginary lines. "Love smarter, not harder." A(wo)men

And thank you for that final 'heads-up' on Mercury moving into Aries. I've been waiting to call a realtor and start proceedings to sell my house. Now I know to enjoy a long, last weekend before the hubub. Thank you, Willow. Hope your weekend is full of miracles and pure joy. Kathryn

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, Willow! Your words sing & soar & inspire, & are much needed & appreciated as we navigate along some rocky paths. Thanks also for the reminder that we remain connected, which I believe we do, even across lifetimes.It helps me feel a little less alone on my journey.

Willow said...

Thank-you for these comments, guys.

No, you're not alone, Bette. We're right here with you, slogging this stuff out. :-)

Kind of icky sometimes, though! haha

Liz said...

Yes, thank you so much for this exquisite piece, dear Willow - a breath of fresh air in these cross Grand Cross times, and an enormous help and guidance. I'll be leaning into that Venus in Pisces. And yes, this is what it's all about: "we have to take it all - the joy, the love, the beauty, the meaning, along with the struggles, the pain, the challenges, and the disappointments." Thank you!