Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Patrons of Willow's Web Astrology

The underlying idea for patronage of Willow's Web Astrology is: a currency exchange. Value given for value received.

If you regularly find valuable insight and information from Willow's Web Astrology, a patronage is a way of offering value in return for that insight and information. This keeps things balanced, it keeps things fair, and it ensures that this source of valuable astrology and analysis does not become depleted. It ensures that the astrology keeps flowing from a deep, deep source.

If you are a patron, the underlying idea is that you want Willow's Web Astrology to continue, and this includes as a business.

There is an old school Piscean-era idea (now less and less relevant) that "spiritual work" should be done for free. The idea is that if you charge for your work, you are something of a scheister, a charlatan, or a swindler.

I simply have to call bullshit on that one.

Many of us doing "spiritual" work (I just call it work, by the way) must pay the same rents, the same bills, and the same expenses as those doing "less spiritual" work. (Honestly, you can see how characterizing some work as "spiritual" and some as "less spiritual" is fairly ridiculous, can't you?)

I don't live in a monastery. I don't live in a convent. I don't live in an ashram. I don't have a parsonage provided for me.

I don't have an organization to provide the basics of living to me. I provide those for myself.

It's come to my attention that some occasional readers are not aware of this fact, but astrology is my full-time business. Willow's Web Astrology is a business, and I work as a professional astrologer. I run this business according to metaphysical rules as much as by rules of the physical plane, but it is a business nonetheless.

I would never ask anyone to work for free. So why would people expect me to?

I would never expect people to charge less than their work is worth. But for some reason, my work, by its very nature, is often devalued.

A patronage is meant to cover the totality of what is provided by Willow's Web Astrology in a 365-day period. 

The idea of a patronage should not be how much extra you can get from Willow for your patronage amount.

The idea is that you are paying for the value you receive organically, without demanding anything more than what naturally comes to you.

I can only write what comes through me to write. I can't force the issue, or it could have dangerous results for me and for readers. With this blog, it has to be quality over quantity.

If you do not find that you are receiving the full value for your patronage amount, I'm sorry to hear that, but it's your responsibility to determine that and to cancel your patronage if this is the case. Astrological tastes can certainly shift over the years, and it is not uncommon for people to move on from an astrology blog, including from mine.

There are certain articles - particularly detailed, energy-intensive, and in-depth articles - for which I must charge an additional fee. This means, even if you are a much-appreciated patron of Willow's Web, you will not necessarily receive every article I write for that patronage amount. There may be the odd article that everyone has to pay for, patrons included.

I'm very highly tuned to what's fair. I'm a Libra Sun, after all. I will not charge for an article unless I know it's the right thing to do and unless I have to. If I know it's the right thing to do, however, it's fully sanctioned both on this Earth and off, and no one else has a say in it.

I thank all patrons of Willow's Web Astrology and all customers who purchase my articles. Without you, this site would not have continued - at least, not with most of the content being provided for "free."

But I also have to ensure that people are becoming patrons for the right reasons.

If you feel you aren't getting your money's worth, if you're angry that I charge for some of my work, if you're miffed that you have to pay to get full articles, or if you resent the fact that I must make a living running my business, I would kindly ask you to reconsider your patronage. There is no anger or hard feelings on my part. It's just that I only want the right energy coming in in the form of currency.

I'm doing nothing below board here. I do not feel guilty for charging what I charge. I feel that the amounts I charge for readings, for patronages, and for additional articles are fully reasonable. I have a niche audience, and please believe me when I say: I'm not getting rich doing this. Far from it. But I do need to make a basic living if I am to continue this work.

It doesn't matter to me what other astrologers are doing. I'm not other astrologers. And contrary to what some nasty pieces of work have suggested over the years, you will not find my particular brand of astrology or astrological analysis elsewhere. It's unique in the true sense of the word.

Knowing that, I will not abuse my position. I will never keep anyone on the hook or charge an excessive amount for my work.

I'm from good, old, working class prairie stock, and I understand the value of a (non-inflated) hard-earned dollar. I understand that many are going through tough financial times now. But I also understand that under the current systems people can't work for free, especially when that work is top quality and energy-intensive.

I run my business in a way that I feel is fair. I charge the smallest amount I feel is fair for the energy, time, and effort I've put out. Case closed.

I thank you for your support of Willow's Web Astrology, both financial and energetic.

I also thank those who have left wonderful comments on the site over the years, as these have provided necessary encouragement to continue through tough times.

I want Willow's Web Astrology to be a feel good enterprise with no underlying resentments or hard feelings involved.

Please know that I do my very best to provide astrological guidance and insight for these times. But I can only do my best. I can only do what is in my power to do.

The same is true for astrology readings. I do my absolute best with every reading that comes in to me. I give each one my full attention and focus, and I do the reading with the intention that it will help the individual, that it will provide the information and insight the person needs at that time (which is sometimes different from the information and insight he or she wants at that time!).

If Willow's Web Astrology is no longer doing it for you, there may be another astrologer out there who would.

No one is stuck in this Willow's Web. You are all free to come and go as your soul sees fit.

My love and gratitude to my comrades.

Peace out. 


Walter P. said...

Hello Willow this is Walter, you're an awesome astrologer and a very fair person to say the least. I agree with you 100%, your help and guidance was and is invaluable for me, you should charge for every article that you write, especially and more so during this very difficult time of the cardinal cross alignment.
Thank you very much for all your help!!

Willow said...

Thank-you, Walter!

I love that my astrology helps good people like you!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I just paid 8$ for your Grand Cardinal piece and it was worth every penny. Old woman in Alaska

Anonymous said...

You have always been so generous with your time and insights. I remember the first reading I got from you and how it has continued to resonate with me and remain relevant over the past 6-7 years. I see my patronage as a token of gratitude for that reading, because it was worth so much more than the amount you charged. And your blog and articles are worth much more than my patronage amount, too. I thought it was a nice surprise that patrons got some articles for free - it was unexpected and that was not the reason I signed up. It's a nice bonus. But that means that I don't mind at all when you do charge patrons for some articles as well. I value you, as a person and as an astrologer, and I'm happy that I am able to support you, even in this small way. Smooches!!

Cassy said...

100% behind you and everything you say here, Willow. Your articles are thought-provoking, insightful and immensely valuable - in fact this has reminded me I need to purchase the Grand Cardinal Cross Report. Thanks for all that you do, I'm *more* than happy to continue supporting your work.

Cloudia said...

Well and honestly said! Will look into this further, Willow

ALOHA from Honolulu

=^..^= <3

Deb said...

I once ran my own home-based business and the most sage advice I ever got was from a corporate accountant. He told me to never give away my expertise. Over the years his words rang truer and truer as I found whenever I did freebies or deals for friends or relatives, it always backfired or went unappreciated.
You are a talented astrologer and you deserve compensation for sharing your insights. I purchased your Grand Cross Report and felt it was worth every penny. Keep up the awesome work! :-)

Willow said...

In this case, Deb, it's a little trickier.

I'm not doing deals for anyone, but I do provide a certain amount of content on this blog for what appears to be "free." This complicates the situation.

People have also gotten used to getting astrological information and analysis for free on the internet, so that is something I have to re-train people in, also.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts and your reasoning, Willow. It made perfect head and heart sense, and spoke to your Essence. Kind of you, too, to take the time to dissolve any misunderstandings. Off to purchase your article. I use all your articles like a workbook for the time they cover - because your work is consistently quality and keeps me consistently in check with myself and the energies at large.
Head high, heart strong, write on! Many blessings on you and your business. Kathryn

Greg F said...

Dear Willow,

In my present situation, I can only support you by telling you how great and special you are. Be sure when I am able that I will help you with a subscription and by purchasing your pay-per-view articles, and maybe a reading too.

I know you have written before that you don't expect those on limited disability incomes to feel guilty about not supporting you financially, but I hope that if and when my writing career takes off, I can show how much I appreciate your words.

I do feel that this year will bring a big positive change in my life, despite April's looming Grand Cross. The planets are making lots of trines and sextiles to my natal chart. I am so ready for a breakout year!

Love you Willow. You're one of the best!

Willow said...

Yes, patronage is only for those with expendable income, Greg F!

I hope things unfold nicely for you coming out of the Grand Cross.