Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Full Moon in Uber Karmic Territory Indicates a Necessary Tune-Up for Health, Diet, & Mental and Psychic Environments

Photo: Willow

We're currently moving to a Full Moon in late Virgo (26 degrees) on March 15/16 opposite the Sun in late Pisces. This area of late Virgo-Pisces is very glitchy, sensitive, and karmic territory at the best of times, and at this late hour of the astrological Piscean era, we need to be oh-so-careful with the themes stirred now.

Our systems are very sensitive at the moment, and even the smallest misstep or over-indulgence could create some undesired effects heading into this Full Moon and for the following two weeks. (Keep particular watch over the Dark of the Moon period in Pisces March 27 - 29 ahead of the Aries New Moon March 30.)

This Virgo Full Moon is the high water mark of the Pisces New Moon lunar cycle that began March 1. That Pisces New Moon occurred conjunct wounded healer Chiron, making holistic health and healing strong themes for the month of March.

With Chiron in Pisces so strongly involved in this lunar cycle, we are working with collective injury, collective dysfunction, and ripple-effect causes of ill health. We are working to sidestep the ways in which we have been collectively set up for ill health.

This Full Moon in Virgo highlights the things we are responsible for personally as far as health and wellness.

Despite what the New Age and all those "creating your own reality" types would have you believe, there is only so much we can do to overcome the layers of poison being heaped upon our systems via air, water, soil, food, toxic psychic environments, media, and energy weapons.

But at this Full Moon, we have to do whatever is in our power to do - and we have to do it right.

This Virgo Full Moon shines a light on any areas of weakness related to health, routine, and overall systemic function, and these areas of weakness are ours to tune up and ours alone.

Virgo is most often about refining things out of our systems rather than adding things in, trimming the fat in all areas. It is the final sign related purely to the self, and, in particular, to the mastery and refinement of the self and the biological system.

This Full Moon in Virgo can take on even a critically important tone, as we are currently completing the final stage of the two-year Mars in Virgo-flavoured goal cycle kicked off by the Mars retrograde in early 2012. This is our last opportunity to focus on perfecting our personal health and function before we are fully immersed in a new goal cycle being initiated by the current Mars retrograde in Libra.

We are about to be immersed more strongly in the lives and habits of other people, entering a two-year period where relating to others becomes a prime focus.

In short, we have to have our own individual systems humming, perfected, and in strong working order so that we can maintain our standards, our health, and our balance as we come more strongly into contact with others.

As the Moon grows full this week, we are looking to tighten up any areas where we have been letting things slide, where we have been a little too soft, and this can involve diet, exercise, organization, cleanliness, details, work/over-work, as well as mental and psychic environments. Bad habits and unhealthy coping techniques we have picked up through our family lines (Moon) are particularly highlighted.

Moving through this Chiron in Pisces-infused lunar cycle, we are looking at the methods we choose for escape, for self-medication, and for anesthetic purposes in an attempt to insulate ourselves from the painful issues facing us personally and as a species at this time.

We are looking to streamline and to eliminate any energy sucks that masquerade as "feel good" activities.

With Virgo, the smallest of changes produce big results.

We may be looking to eliminate television, shopping, alcohol, drugs, sugar, junk food, video games, certain web sites, fantasies, cigarettes, or the like.

Or we may be looking to apply those things only in the most proper and rightful medicinal doses.

Your body will tell you which is the case for you.

This Full Moon is a good time to analyze any emotional eating, addressing underlying feelings rather than covering them up, and applying new comforting techniques.

It is a good time to pinpoint, analyze, and re-jig any addictive behaviours we fall into when desiring escape from the pressures and pains of life on Planet Earth.

Information sources and what we put into our brains may also require tune-ups now. Just as we must limit junk food, we must also limit mental junk food. This is particularly important ahead of Mercury re-entering Pisces, the sign of its fall, on March 17 (4:24 p.m.) for a transit that lasts until April 7. Mercury in Pisces brings its own particular mental and psychic hazards, outlined in this February 3 post: Reeling it Back in Mentally, Verbally, and Psychically During an Era-Shifting Mercury Retrograde.

In light of the third anniversary of the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan and the accumulation of radioactive isotopes in North American water, food, milk, and soil, here is some advice.

How to Avoid Radiation or Reduce Risks Associated with Radiation:

- Stay out of the ocean.
- Avoid sitting or walking on beaches.
- Decrease your time outdoors. Don't run or exercise for prolonged periods outdoors.
- Do not eat Pacific Ocean seafood. Consider eliminating all foods from the sea, if possible, as the contamination is not contained to the Pacific.
- Eat more foods grown in greenhouses.
- Use a Geiger counter on food items before ingesting them. However, please understand that ingestion of radioactive particles can be dangerous to health even when the background radiation levels are relatively low. A Geiger counter will show you only background levels of radiation and only some of the radioactive isotopes present may register. Uranium and Plutonium produce relatively low levels of radioactivity, but they are highly toxic to the human body.
- Stay out of falling rain and snow.
- Do not take unnecessary airplane rides, as this exposes you to high levels of radioactivity. Airline pilots, flight attendants, and celebrities have all shown increases in radiation-related illnesses since March 2011, including passing out in-flight, heart attacks in-flight, seizures, hair loss, rashes, and thyroid problems.
- Boost your immune system with vitamins and minerals (particularly Vitamin C) and natural supplements like garlic, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, dandelion, and the like.
- Consider an iodine supplement to protect your thyroid like J.Crow's Lugol's solution, which is derived from mined crystals, not from seaweed. 
- Have "outside clothes" and "inside clothes." Don't bring shoes or clothing into your home that have been exposed to the outdoors.
- Take baths with baking soda in the water.
- Consider activated charcoal or bentonite clay to remove other toxins, taking stress off your body.
- Drink water filtered by reverse osmosis with added minerals.
- Use your intuition and follow your guidance about how to stay as safe as possible.  

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Organisms in Food: 


The major genetically modified food crops currently being grown are corn, soybeans, canola, and beets for beet sugar.

If you'd like to avoid genetically modified organisms as best you can, avoid all corn, soybean, canola, and sucrose products. This includes things like maltodextrin and lecithin, which are derivatives used in processed foods. Unfortunately, even organic varieties of corn, soybean/soy, canola, or sucrose (beet sugar) cannot be guaranteed 100% GMO-free at this point. Unlabelled GM sweet corn (corn on the cob) is also being sold at supermarkets currently.

Soy and corn are often used as livestock feed, so avoidance of conventional meat, eggs, and dairy is required, as well. Certified organic meat/dairy/eggs or the purchase of products directly from a farmer who you know does not feed GM feed are options for eating as GMO-free as possible.

Other GMO crops include papayas and cotton. There are currently plans to release GM salmon - the first genetically modified animal for human consumption - as well as a GM non-browning apple. 

Another issue involves the commercial planting and growth of GM alfalfa, which began in the United States in 2011, with plans to grow it commercially in Ontario and Quebec in Canada as early as this year. GM alfalfa is the first ever genetically modified, feral, perennial plant released in North American history. Its spread and contamination of the natural alfalfa crop have already begun. Alfalfa is used as livestock feed (hay), so this affects meat, eggs, and dairy directly. Alfalfa is also used as fertilizer in organic agriculture and as the field transition crop from conventional-to-organic. We must ultimately end the sale and growth of GM alfalfa if we are to maintain any semblance of GMO-free agriculture or any certified organic soil.

The Moon enters Virgo on Friday, March 14 at 8:17 a.m. CST. It opposes Neptune in Pisces at 7:41 p.m. that evening. It then moves into an opposition to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces at 12:02 p.m. on March 15. The Virgo Full Moon at 26 degrees will be exact at 11:08 a.m. on March 16.


Jason said...

The only thing I would add is....

If people eat greenhouse be sure to stock up on MSM as it comes from the charges in rain water Green house fruit and Veg is lacking this.

Make sure it sinks to the bottom of the glass, If it floats in Pill or bag form its fake.

Willow said...

Oh, what's MSM, Jason?

Willow said...

I will also add that greenhouses are just a "buying time" sort of thing.

You also have to have a source of water that is uncontaminated.

I see a lot of people online bragging about the fact that they've moved to the country and are growing their food in greenhouses.

Um, yeah. That's really not going to keep you safe that much longer, kids, unless you have a hermetically-sealed bubble to live in with air that doesn't come from the outside.

Anonymous said...

O comes from Rain if Im not mistaken its found naturally on plants grown outside, It helps all manner of stuff. Its a lil bitter tasting but its not bad. It dissolves easily in water, if you body lacks this all kinds of stuff can happen. Or good stuff not happen.

I feel better after taking it and noticed my body wanted more. Im sure all the produce I have grown up eating has been from a green house. Thats why I felt so good after taking it. I usually always feel p ok. But I felt super duper on that stuff. It's a totally naturally Occring Sulfer.

Goes by the Scientific Name of Methylsulfonylmethane

And it does not smell, So thats good.

Yea feels like were all pretty much playing hot particle hopscotch up here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Donna F. said...

Interesting--a few months ago we put a water purifier on the kitchen faucet that provides the bulk of our drinking water. Not only does the water smell/taste/look better, but my "chronic" sinusitis lessened dramatically after just a few days. Prior to the filter, I would be on my second--maybe third--course of antibiotics for a stubborn sinus "infection" by now.

Judd and I are both benefitting from the reading you did for him. Chipping away at the Virgo issues may be tedious at times, but the feeling of freedom when a goal is achieved is an incredible rush! And it leaves room and energy for the GOOD stuff!

Keep doin' what you do, Willow. Nobody does it better!

Willow said...

Glad to hear it, Donna F.! And thanks for the compliment. I'm always glad to hear a reading is doing what I hope it will do. :-)

NotayDaCrabay said...

"That's really not going to keep you safe that much longer, kids, unless you have a hermetically-sealed bubble to live in with air that doesn't come from the outside."

they actually have one of those. it's called the Denver International Airport.

Anonymous said...

You list so many things to avoid/not do/not eat. Not a whole left to eat and do since it's all going down the tube. I appreciate your heads-up Willow but sometimes your dark side doesn't support living and trying to balance it out. What's good?

I dig you doing your calling and spiritual work but how do you help bring some more breath to all that is so heavy?

Please address. So many people depend on you and you know it.

Willow said...

Not a whole lot left to eat?


I'd say most things are left to eat, just less crap.

I'm giving people the information they need to go as healthy as possible to get through the next years on this planet. I know what's in conventional food, so if people REALLY want to stay as safe as possible, these are some guidelines to follow.

It's not my problem that people are used to consuming the standard cheap consumer capitalist diet. This is not what people have traditionally eaten.

And it's not up to me to lighten the load for you, Anon.

I don't find this information heavy or dark. I find it realistic, and I find it lightens the load to know it.

You may want to read a more Neptunian astrologer from now on. I'd recommend it. Strongly.

I don't appreciate you calling me dark. And I really don't appreciate you assuming what I know.

Not enjoying the tone of your comment one little bit...

Greg F said...

Bless you,Willow. Thanks for caring.

NotayDaCrabay said...

anon 11:41,

strange, I come here for the optimism.

if you really want darkness, try this guy out:


Willow said...



I guess the thing is, if I didn't have optimism, if I didn't have love in my heart for the living creatures on this planet, and if I didn't want to help as effectively as I can, I certainly wouldn't bother writing this site!

But I'm not an old school Piscean. That's going down the tubes. It's gone, actually, if you've deciphered the writing on the wall.

This is Pisces for the Aquarian Age.

And if you're "relying" on anyone, including me, to prop you up and sugarcoat it all for you, you're in big, big trouble.

If you're looking for something other than what I provide, go elsewhere in search of it. It's really as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the parrhesia, willow. i've got virgo moon and ascending, so i feel exactly what you're writing about tune-ups -- even if i've yet to put it into praxis. and i agree; sometimes people can't handle the weightiness of reality. but we're potentially always on the road to healing, and i think you outline that pretty clearly.

Anonymous said...

Willow, I'm an old gal living back in the country after decades in the city - I grow/preserve all the veggies/fruit I can. That's step 1 in avoiding the crap that now passes as food. I also use supplements to offset the toxins that are everywhere now.

Yes, there are discouraging things: my area's covered with GM canola every year now - hence heavy Roundup - few songbirds are around, our bees are becoming scarce, & most of the butterflies are gone. Yes, people around me are falling ill too soon/too often. Worse, they seem accepting of both illness & whatever treatment is offered, without questioning whether changing their lives could make a difference, or serve as preventative.

There is still beauty to be found & celebrated despite the blighted landscape, & good food to be had if one will work for it & have reasonable expectations of a seasonal diet. I don't need fresh lettuce & strawberries in winter!

Dark? No, I find your perspective honest & realistic. We do live in perilous times, & I for one want to hear straight talk, not fluffy comfort.
We carry on.
Best wishes, Bette

Willow said...

Agreed, Bette.

And for people who are still in the cities without land to grow food, there are farmer's markets and there is organic/natural produce available. Every little bit helps, so I would suggest people utilize what's available in addition to creating more demand for local, healthy foods.

I've gotten organic bread and organic eggs into a rural store around here when everyone said it wasn't possible, wouldn't sell, people would pay extra for it. Turns out that isn't true.

People have historically spent a lot more of their income on food, so the "I can't afford organic" is usually code for "I want to spend my extra income on fun stuff." (Not always, I realize, but often.) It's only through corporate capitalism that people have gotten used to cheap food flown in from countries around the world.

Anonymous said...

Willow, good work on getting some organic foods onto shelves where you live.
Yes, most people have become complacent, often careless, about food - they shrug & insist that the trucks will always come from faraway places. And yes, they expect cheap food ("cheap" of course often comes at the cost of quality/nutrition/safety, not to mention the quality of life of workers, often paid little, who grow& harvest it).
I think you're bang-on that "I can't afford organic" in many cases means that they want the disposable income for more "stuff".
Things are changing, albeit slowly. Most people resist change until forced by circumstance to change.
I'm thinking that Pluto's long trip through Capricorn will have more to expose about that, among other things.

Jason said...


Someone has the En Double U O Blues.
You won't find me taking a picture of myself lying on my back thats for sure!

Is that not every other source out there fluffing. I hope you are so set in a spiritual ways that money is in its place, then truth just flows. Really anon- do not get mad at people who tell you whats going

Take it to the creators.

Personally, I do not depend on Willow. Im not going to die if she dies tomorrow, or writes her next post in a REALLY bright room. She would not want that, I would not want that.

So I walk with her, depend is such a heavy word really.

Willow said...

People who find this post depressing could just take a break from reading things like this for a while.

Eventually, you will likely see that this is basic, matter-of-fact information. Not meant to scare anyone - just to prepare.