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Hurricane Harvey, the Total Solar Eclipse, and This Era of Unnatural Disaster

Considering what we know about weather warfare and geoengineering, we have to seriously question whether Hurricane Harvey was an intentionally-created or -enhanced storm. Harvey devastated Houston, Texas and many other areas of the state as Saturn stationed direct at 21 degrees Sagittarius on August 25, following the total solar eclipse at 28 degrees Leo on August 21. 

[The next total solar eclipse that will be fully visible in North America occurs on April 8, 2024 at 19 degrees Aries. This is being referred to as the Great North American Eclipse, visible in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and we can expect more orchestrated events around this time.] 

The related flooding is something that has never been seen before in U.S. history. It is being called a 1,000-year flood, with an estimated 100,000 homes and 1 million vehicles destroyed. People's lives have been detrimentally disrupted for years and potentially decades to come.

Houston is the home of former U.S. President and known member of ruling elite secret societies, George Bush, and this fact sticks out to me like a sore thumb.

We're in an era when the powers-that-be are creating "biblical" unnatural catastrophes that are then blamed purely on climate change or other factors. ("Revelations is coming true!")

Unprecedented rainfall and flooding, as well as extremely violent storms, have been experienced around the world with increasing intensity over the past decade. Even before Harvey, the United States had been hard hit with recent massive floods. 

This all plays into the distorted symbolism being intentionally manifested and played out as we shift astrological eras. 

The deluge myths that are being played upon now with these man-made events are cross-cultural, not limited to Noah's Ark in the Christian Bible. From a January 16, 2011 article, "Jupiter at Tail-End Pisces, the Deluge Myths and the Implanting of the Serpent":

"Fragments of cross-cultural deluge myths are suddenly becoming (sur)reality as we traipse through fin-de-Pisces - set off as part of the long-term plan by a version of "God" that is strictly man-made and a version of life on Earth that is strictly symbolic...

If we hone in on North America and the Lenni-Lanapi or Delaware River Indians' version, after the deluge, a period of snake-worship is secretly brought to Earth. Under worship of the God of the snakes, Wakon, this period brings evil, crime, unhappiness, bad weather, death. Just what the doctor ordered for those looking to rid the Earth of 'excess' humanity while controlling the remainder."

If you think weather modification, control of the weather, and weather warfare are strictly wack job conspiracy theory, think again: John F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke about the ability to control the weather to the United Nations General Assembly in 1961. You can't get much more official than that.

Rutgers University climatologist Alan Robock blew the whistle on the CIA's interest in weather warfare in 2015, claiming his department was contacted by the agency about the subject. (Source: "Spy agencies could be funding geo-engineering research in pursuit of weaponising the weather, scientists claims" by Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, February 15, 2015, The Independent)

Robock pointed out that the U.S. government/armed forces used cloud seeding against Cuba in an attempt to increase rain and ruin the sugar harvest.

Robock also pointed to geoengineering during the war against Vietnam, when the United States government/armed forces seeded clouds over the country from 1966 to 1971 to produce an excess of rain and prolong the monsoon season. This secret mission was called Project Popeye, and it ended only after it was exposed by journalist Jack Anderson. (Source: "Controlling the Weather" by Paul Simons, September 24, 2001, The Guardian) Project Popeye was also exposed in the Pentagon Papers, reported on by The Washington Post in 1972.

The Guardian article "Controlling the Weather" also reports on historical tampering with hurricanes. In 1947, U.S. meteorologists seeded the clouds around a hurricane out at sea in a stated attempt to kill it off, but the next day, the hurricane gathered strength and did major damage in Savannah, Georgia.

In 1969, when Hurricane Debbie was 700 miles out at sea, three cloud-seeding missions were flown around the eye of the hurricane. Each time, the hurricane's winds were initially reduced but then picked up again.

During World War II, the United States and New Zealand governments were studying and testing the capabilities of "tsunami bombs" - bombs that would create tsunamis. Project Seal was one of the codenames for these experiments.

We have to wonder what the U.S. government and its scientists have learned since then...

In the video of Hurricane Harvey's path, presented by YouTube vlogger Moe Othman, the hurricane gathers strength and then disappears, gathers strength and then disappears about five times, which is not usual for a hurricane. This unusual path provides evidence of some type of manipulation. 

This video shows Hurricane Harvey being "refueled" by a technique called in-place sequential water vapor generation, WeatherWar101: Hurricane Harvey: Refueled Three Times = 50 Inches

Even more evidence of potential manipulation: as pointed out in Othman's reporting, Hurricane Andrew occurred exactly 25 years prior to Hurricane Harvey and had the same type of path - gaining strength and then disappearing, gaining strength and then disappearing. 

Hurricane Andrew made landfall in Florida on August 24, 1992.

Harvey began to intensify on August 24, 2017, being upgraded from a tropical storm to a hurricane.

(Updated) Some recent research I've found claims Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were created via a technique called In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generation

A particularly chilling detail is that Hurricane Irma, being called the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, is said to have originated over Central Africa on August 24, 2017 - the same date Hurricane Andrew made landfall in 1992 and the same date Hurricane Harvey intensified to hurricane status in 2017.

Even more chilling: a 7.1 magnitude earthquake followed the hurricanes on September 19, 2017 in Mexico. This is the very same day that an 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City in 1985, killing 5,000+ people.

With Saturn currently gaining speed direct in Sagittarius, let's establish (Saturn) what we know (Sagittarius):

We know that numerology and certain dates are utilized by the powers-that-be because of their symbolism and occult power. 

We know that governments around the world have the ability to use weather as a weapon, including seeding clouds to create torrential rainfall.

We know that the spraying of chemtrails creates a blanket of cloud cover (video) - a continual and daily practise in many countries around the world, including the United States and Canada.

We know that the HAARP project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and other technological tools have the ability to create violent weather events.

I've written on the blog before about the fact that I feel the earthquake and tsunami that set off the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis were man-made, potentially via HAARP activity. (See also: tsunami bombs) The clouds seen over Japan immediately following the earthquake certainly appeared suspicious.

I also believe that these unnatural disasters (as well as more traditional war manoeuvres) are being timed according to astrological events.

From a previous article:

"The Fukushima disaster occurred on March 11, 2011, on the very same day that Uranus moved from the last degree of the zodiac (29 Pisces) to the first degree of the zodiac (0 Aries).

Uranus (sudden events, shocks, uranium) + Pisces (ocean, energetic connection of life, end of era/cycle) + Aries (attacks, war, new cycle).

As Uranus entered Aries March 11, 2011, it moved into position for a seven-square series to Pluto in Capricorn (running June 2012 to March 2015) - a square series we last saw during the Great Depression and the lead-up to World War II when Uranus was transiting Aries and Pluto was transiting Cancer (1932 - 1934).

History was about to repeat, Aquarian era depopulation-style.

As soon as I saw the astrology, I knew.

See, naturally-occurring events don't happen that pat. They don't happen that precisely. They rarely follow the astrological symbology to a tee like that - at least, not on that large a scale.

The events that caused the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan were planned to coincide with Uranus moving from the last degree of the zodiac (29 Pisces) to the first degree of the zodiac (0 Aries) - a shocking and traumatic (Uranus) event symbolizing the end of the astrological Piscean era and the beginning of the astrological Aquarian. One era ends, another begins - in a forced, unnatural, and horrific way.

As Uranus entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the first sign of the new cycle, we entered a new era of energy weapons, technology used to attack, and a transhumanist agenda that is attempting to alter the very identity of human beings as natural, biological organisms.

They kicked it off with a bang, to say the least.

As Uranus and Pluto moved into square position, these events were designed to pick up right where World War II left off: a depopulating nuclear war against Japan and against the whole of humanity. But this time it was being waged covertly. In the same way that nuclear attacks have gone undercover with the use of depleted uranium munitions, we are now experiencing sabotage of nuclear reactors as covert nuclear war."

I have experienced unnatural weather events and unprecedented rainfall and flooding first-hand, though on a much smaller scale than the poor residents of Texas.

I've seen flooding of the agricultural zones of the prairie provinces of Canada over the past seven years, particularly in my home province of Saskatchewan. This is recurring flooding that has destroyed crops en masse, as well as property and homes, and it is flooding that has not been experienced before in remembered history.

I wrote about the unprecedented wild weather in Saskatchewan in late July/August of 2010 under the massively potent cardinal t-square involving Jupiter-Uranus in Aries, Mars-Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. That flooding led to 114 communities declaring themselves disaster areas, as well as widespread crop failure.

The next year was more of the same - widespread flooding of southeastern Saskatchewan in May 2011, when only one-third of the crop land in the area could be sowed. The cardinal t-square between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn was still strongly in effect at that time.

Then in June 2014, the Saskatchewan village I was living in (as well as many other communities) was almost entirely flooded after receiving torrential rain for around 48 hours straight. This was a type of rain and a type of flooding that we do not get in the prairies, outside the past number of years. I can't remember a single other time when my area flooded in a similar fashion prior to these events, and neither could my father, a lifelong resident of the area.

I wrote about that flood in this article from July 13, 2014, "The Cardinal Configurations and Orchestrated Disasters in Major Food-Producing Areas." The flooding in 2014 occurred right in the thick of the Uranus in Aries - Pluto in Capricorn square series (2012 - 2015). Transiting Mars was in Libra at the time of the flood, and the Sun and Moon were in Cancer, creating a Cardinal Grand Cross formation with Uranus and Pluto. (All WWA articles related to weather modification can be found under that label on the right side of the page or at this link.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course - people from areas around the world could chronicle similar patterns and anomalies in weather in recent years. 

The flooding of some agricultural areas has coincided with severe droughts in others. Coincidental?  Droughts in California, Texas, Montana, and North Dakota in recent years, to name a few, have prompted massive sell-offs in livestock, as there is no feed for the animals.

To be blunt about it: the Great Depression was just a warm-up for these fucks.

There's no better way to control people than by starving them out or destroying their homes and businesses, their ability to make a living. This has been a historical practise of establishment wealth and power against those with much less wealth and power, and it goes across races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. This includes people being "tractored off" their farm land during the Great Depression of the 1930s, often leading to starvation or malnutrition and being forced into what amounted to slave labour.

Three hundred-year floods...500-year droughts...1,000-year floods...

"Unprecedented," "largest natural disaster in history," "unseen before in our lifetimes," "record-setting rainfall," "record-setting flooding," "most powerful earthquake ever recorded."

And all happening within the past ten years. Does this seem a little suspicious? Do you notice a pattern?

It's orchestrated.

Nostradamus may have predicted this stuff, but he didn't finger the people responsible. Yes, there are actual individuals responsible for this. We're being ruled by straight-up psychopaths with no regard for human life. In fact, they desire to drastically depopulate the Earth and are following plans to that end. It sure would be nice to expose them in a way that could not be refuted... 

There are so many devastated lives and broken hearts in the wake of these hurricanes and earthquakes. It's monstrous in scope, and I'm so sorry to everyone affected.

But this is the power structure of Planet Earth. This is what's being intentionally brought down upon us. We can't be happy to just go along with this system as long as we have a reasonably comfortable life, as long as it doesn't affect us or our loved ones directly. We all need to see it. We all need to know in no uncertain terms who's responsible. With that awareness comes real power.

I've come to understand, after more than a decade of intensive observation, that the nefarious crimes of the big-league power players on this planet are often planned to coincide with astrological events. They are harnessing nature's energy to assist in their vicious deeds, and they are also employing a sick occult symbolism that has become a trademark of this corrupt web of power.

Hurricane Harvey was timed to coincide with the over-the-top Leo New Moon total solar eclipse on August 21.

Harvey made landfall on August 25, just as Saturn stationed direct at 21 degrees Sagittarius. This was followed by days of torrential rainfall. Saturn (the establishment, the father) stationing in the sign of religion, culture, and myth indicates a concrete "deluge myth" event tying in to the occult symbolism/mythology used by the power elite.


Willow said...

I posted this article to the Reddit astrology page (a public board), and it was deleted by the Admin.

Two full decades of being censored on Planet Earth! What an accomplishment.

Willow said...

During World War II, the Allies were studying and testing capabilities of "tsunami bombs" - bombs that would create tsunamis. Project Seal was one of the codenames for the experiments.

I think it would be amazingly naive to believe that 70 years later these capabilities do not exist and that they are not being used.

Thanks to UndercoverGinger for the research on this.

Gabrielle Barnett said...

Willow, thank you for this post.
I am blown away by it, but somehow, somewhere deep within my soul - I feel the Truth of this.
I'm going to spread the word, slowly the Truth will gather and Out. I can't thank you enough for the work you do, you are a tremendous writer.

Willow said...

Oh, thank-you so much, Gabrielle! Thanks for your comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you have Aquarius in your chart? You seem very smart.

Willow said...

So I posted a second article to test the waters and got shit-swarmed in the comments section by the more establishment-friendly crew. And this is hilarious: the guy who was obsessively commenting on my article and trying to force his views down my throat is the moderator who censored me! haha This all makes sense now.

He claims:

"Resources that discuss conspiracy theories are discouraged in much the same way we discourage palmistry, numerology, and general occult things like that."

So again with the discrimination against intuitive astrology. If that's the policy, they need to make that bias known by stating it as a rule on the front of the Reddit page.

Most astrologers I know are not opposed to palmistry, numerology, tarot, psychic abilities, conspiracy research, etc. It would seem insane to us to even be opposed to those things (so long as they are being practised ethically).

Unknown said...

Isn't this what happened to Atlantis? The Atlataneans were playing with forces of nature and natural laws in order to play God. Things got way out of hand and the mother of all tidal waves and earthquakes (maybe disturbance even of the earth's poles) caused Atlantis to be submerged along with its people, intelligence and advanced socjety. A few got free. . . so they claim. Is this where we are at now? Only now we have plutonic / atomic / hydrogen power in our hands, well in the hands of madmen!!!! Untameable, unpredictable, unstable power!!! So much needless suffering and destruction in the name of self-seeking power!
Thank you for you Willow.

Willow said...

Excellent points, Judith! And thank-you for your comment.

Willow said...

And now we have Hurricane Irma hot on Harvey's heels, "one of the most powerful storms ever recorded."

Willow said...

Oh, surprise, surprise: Hurricane Irma is headed straight for two nuclear power plants in Florida.

Willow said...

Some recent research I found says that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were created using a technique called In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generation:

I don't think talk about chemtrails and HAARP are "drivel" like this guy does, but I'm definitely open to his ideas.

I'm not sure exactly which technology/method is being used to create these unnatural storms/disasters. All I know is that I'm certain they are not naturally-occuring events.

A particularly chilling detail is that Hurricane Irma, being called the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, is said to have originated over Central Africa on August 24 - the same date Hurricane Andrew made landfall in 1992 and the same date Hurricane Harvey began to intensify to hurricane status in 2017.

So there's some creepy numerological tie to August 24.

(It's also my grandmother's birthday, so quick shout-out to her in the afterlife!)

Willow said...

WeatherWar101 video: Hurricane Harvey: Refueled Three Times = 50 Inches

This explains the disappearing and reappearing on radar that Harvey (and Andrew) did. The hurricanes were refueled by bursts of In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generation.

Willow said...

The individual behind WeatherWar101 has had his/her work shut out by the current Big Name Controlled Opposition Geoengineering Crew (Dutchsinse, GeoengineeringWatch, Jim Lee, etc.). He/she talks about it in this interview:

In that video, WeatherWar101 also provides compelling evidence that it is the network of Doppler weather radar stations that are providing the frequencies that are generating the storms.

Willow said...

I wouldn't look to this guy as an authority on everything. He is very much a product of the mainstream scientific mind (only interested in things he can "prove"), and that has its limitations. He would likely turn his nose up at astrology, for example.

I also think that droughts are being intentionally created or exacerbated, particularly in food-producing areas. (He does not.) Though these droughts could also be the unintended dysfunction/results caused by other forms of weather manipulation.

But it's still interesting information to come across and a lot of what he is talking about seems logical to me.

Willow said...

And now an 8.1 earthquake has hit Mexico, killing at least 60 people. This is said to the be strongest earthquake in the country in 80 years.

Really, y'all...all this is naturally-occuring? No.

Unknown said...

Hello Willow,
On a whim one night last week I looked at your site (as you are in my favorites) and was blown away by your post re Harvey and UnNatural Storms. Well researched, documented, etc. I've been sending it to everyone I know.
And the editor at Reddit sounds like he needs an enema. Good luck for him shitting his BIG head out of his ass.
And Irma, which in German means Warrior Goddess. And that (I think) planned to land and do it's destruction on 9/11. Oh, my. Such a coincidence.
The only immediate family I have left to me resides now in Tampa, FL. I gave them "gifts" several years ago of "Princess Phones for land lines. They looked at me like I was CRAZY. They are both glad tonight that they have them. And somehow, I feel redeemed. But don't care.
Me and my cousins have been sending our Star Wars sabers out in thought to slash down the eye of the hurricane. Seems to be working so far.
You keep on keeping on Willow, and don't let the small minded "keeper's at Reddit" slow you down. You are a gift inj my universe, and I will become a Patron when I can.

Willow said...

Ahh, I love the Star Wars sabers to slash down the hurricane! And excellent foresight with the phones, also. It would be nice if everyone would realize we aren't crazy, wouldn't it? ha.

Thanks for the compliments and for sharing the article. :-)

Willow said...

And the "coincidences" continue:

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico that followed the recent hurricanes occurred September 19, 2017.

This is the same day that an 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City in 1985, killing 5,000+ people.



So Hurricane Harvey hits August 24, 2017, and Hurricane Andrew hit the same day in 1992.

Then two earthquakes hit Mexico City on the exact same day: September 19.

How can people believe this to be naturally-occurring coincidence?

Willow said...

The release of the movie Geostorm:

"In plain sight" foreshadowing warps to real time. Except it's lagging behind real time now due to four different release delays.

I also love how the reviewer claims technology that can control the weather is "unfathomably insane." As outlined in this article, it's been proven and admitted that the U.S. government has been using weather wars on its enemies since at least the 1960s (Project Popeye/cloud seeding). Even as far back as World War II, they were testing "tsunami bombs" that could create massive tsunamis (Project Seal).

It's also well known that technology like HAARP and in-place sequential water vapor generation can create violent weather events.

Technology that can control weather is not conspiracy theory. It's conspiracy fact. But yes..."unfathomably insane" according to mainstream media journalists. Stellar journalism, there! A kindergartner could do better research.

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Harvey (2017) was DELIBERATE.

Check out this link to NATURE / Hurricane weather warfare reference material:

Ted Owens Space Intelligences contact could accurately predict the EXACT circumstances of Hurricanes impacting on Yewess coastlines from 1960's to 1980's.

The correlation with Hurricane Harvey and the terrorist bombardment of Rakka is right there :

In August 2017 the New$ World Order was attacking Rakka in Syria with one terrorist missile bomb artillery shell every 8 minutes for the month of August (total about 6000 terrorist attacks).

Intensity of Coalition’s Raqqa bombardment greater than for all of Afghanistan, official data shows

So NATURE/Intelligences reacted created and directed Hurricane Harvey to visit Yewston, on Gulf of Mexico and in Yewess state of Texass, where their favorite battle cry seems to be

"Praise the Lord and Pass the Am Yew Nition"

The Yew Knighted States Government actively covers up the ENTIRE SUBJECT about Intelligences and correlations between Yewman warfare and responses by NATURE / ALLAH ALMIGHTY GOD to deviate destructive DANGEROUS Yewmanism... Fascism... Racism.

Example of Law Enforcement by Nature:

In September 1973, an Intelligence, i.e. a Space Intelligence, sent telepathic VISIONS that depicted

1. a cockpit view of the 911 Pentagon swoop and crash
2. the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
3. the space shuttle Challenger explosion

Just do a web search for

"Black Pearl 911 in 973"

(11 September 1973 : the same day when the New$ World Order installed $talin Augusto Pinochet as dictator supreme over Chile.

Reported this to Linda Moulton Howe of UFO X Files fame.

Linda responded that she had heard similar from other UFO contacts.

UFO's / Nature / Intelligencesoppose Yewman War Criminals.


Under $urveillance/Intimidation by
Ki$$inger / Khazar / KGB (KKK)

the past 45 years for

Pro Peace Anti War
Pro Environment Anti Nuclear

sentiments and activities.

Law of the Boomerang :
"What Goes Around Comes Around..."
i.e. KARMA

P.S. The 1950 Movie "Harvey" featuring James Stewart is a perfect analogy. HARVEY is REAL. Ted Owens was evicted from Texass in the 1960's for practicing Faith Healing. Not a very wise choice on the part of Texass : Space Intelligences have far greater power and influence than any Yewman.

Willow said...

Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities

The Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America,

Aware, because of their geographic proximity, that the effects of weather modification activities carried out by either Party or its nationals may affect the territory of the other;

Noting the diversity of weather modification activities in both Canada and the United States by private parties, by State and Provincial authorities, and by the Federal Governments;

Believing that the existing state of knowledge warrants the expectation of further development over a period of time in the science and technology of weather modification;

Taking into particular consideration the special traditions of prior notification and consultation and the close cooperation that have historically characterized their relations;

Believing that a prompt exchange of pertinent information regarding the nature and extent of weather modification activities of mutual interest may facilitate the development of the technology of weather modification for their mutual benefit;

Recognizing the desirability of the development of international law relating to weather modification activities having transboundary effects;

Have agreed as follows:

Article I

As used in this Agreement:

"Weather modification activities", means activities performed with the intention of producing artificial changes in the composition, behaviour, or dynamics of the atmosphere;

"Weather modification activities of mutual interest" means weather modification activities carried out in or over the territory of a Party within 200 miles of the international boundary; or such activities wherever conducted, which, in the judgment of a Party, may significantly affect the composition, behaviour, or dynamics of the atmosphere over the territory of the other Party;

"Responsible agencies" means the Atmospheric Environment Service of Canada and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States, or such other agencies as the Parties may designate;

"Reporting requirements" means the requirements established by the domestic laws or regulations of the Parties for reporting to the responsible agencies information relating to weather modification activities by persons or entities engaged in weather modification.

Article II

Information relating to weather modification activities of mutual interest acquired by a responsible agency through its reporting requirements or otherwise, shall be transmitted as soon as practicable to the responsible agency of the other Party. Whenever possible, this information shall be transmitted prior to the commencement of such activities. It is anticipated that such information will be transmitted within five working days of its receipt by a responsible agency.

Information to be provided by the responsible agencies shall include copies of relevant reports received through the reporting procedures after the effective date of this Agreement, and such other information and interpretation as the responsible agency might consider appropriate.

Nothing herein shall be construed to require transmission to the other responsible agency of information, the disclosure of which is prohibited by law, or of information which, in the judgment of the responsible agency, is proprietary information...

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Representatives of the two Governments have signed this Agreement.

DONE in duplicate at Washington this twenty sixth day of March 1975 in English and French, each version being equally authentic.

Jeanne Sauvé
For the Government of Canada

Christian A. Herter
For the Government of the United States of America

Willow said...

Mediterranean storm Daniel (almost certainly geo-engineered) creates tremendous flooding that hits Libya September 11, 2023. As outlined, September 11 is a commonly-used date for orchestrated events and attacks.

Of course, this storm and flooding are being blamed on "climate change" and will further fuel the United Nations' Agenda 2030 and the "Sustainable Development Goals." Depopulating rural areas and forcing them into MegaSmartCities, which are basically EMF hotboxes that won't support healthy biological life over time.

The war attack on Libya by NATO occurred March 19, 2011, followed by the assassination of Gaddafi, who was working to get Africa off the U.S. petro-dollar. March equinox is a date commonly used to initiate war, as well. The invasion of Iraq (under false pretenses) occurred at March equinox 2003, following the World Trade Center buildings and Pentagon false flag on September 11, 2001.