Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ripple Effect Ceres-Pluto in Capricorn Themes and Radioactivity in Food

When Ceres and Pluto came together in early Capricorn this past October during the Venus in Scorpio retrograde, I knew hidden and obscured food issues would be pushed to the surface, especially relating to the corporate control and pollution of food and soil. But we really could have done without such a literal interpretation of this conjunction as radioactivity in the food...

More Iodine-131 has been discovered in milk in California. It has also been found in fish in Hong Kong. Because Iodine-131 is said to have a half-life of 8 days, this indicates that the releases of radioactivity are ongoing and require continual follow-up. Cesium-137 has been found in milk in San Francisco, in strawberries, kale, mushrooms, spinach, arugula and grass in northern California, in rainwater, in topsoil.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency initially refused to do any testing of Canadian milk for radioactivity after the Japanese nuclear disaster began, despite requests from British Columbia dairy farmers themselves to do so. But it seems the CFIA has now decided to do a half-assed job (taking a page from the United States Environmental Protection Agency) and released test results May 25 on 24 samples of milk.

Twenty-four samples? Over almost three months?

It sounds like the same testing standards that were used to test Gulf seafood.

Drink up, people! If nothing was found in 24 samples, obviously the CFIA was right to insist that people were just being silly and alarmist even requesting the tests in the first place.

There are some big holes in these testing standards aside from the tiny sample size:

- They are testing for Iodine-131, Cesium-134 and 137, but they are not testing for plutonium or strontium. Even trace amounts of those would be catastrophic news.

- They are listing the results as MDC: Minimum Detectable Concentration. That doesn't tell us what concentrations were found, who determines the levels considered safe (considering the overload of radiation we get in daily life, I don't think any increase in radioactivity is safe, personally), or if the levels have increased since the nuclear disaster began.

- The CFIA is doing an obligatory job. With something Plutonic like this, you have to dig, dig, dig and leave no stone unturned. You have to monitor and read even trace amounts and take even the slightest fluctuations into consideration. Pluto is the "tip of the iceberg" planet where seemingly small events indicate much larger issues.

- As far as I understand it, the bigger problem is microscopic radioactive particles, which have been detected. The levels of radioactivity involved might be considered low, but it's the ingestion of the particles that causes the problems. Once ingested, the body can't get rid of them, and they accumulate over time.

- All this depends on the CFIA being a transparent, trustworthy organization with the people's best interests at heart doing real testing and providing real results. This is the group that refuses to label genetically modified foods, allowing genetically modified crops free rein in the Canadian landscape. Under Pluto in Capricorn, "transparent" and "trustworthy" are not words I would use to describe government agencies like the CFIA or the U.S. EPA.

As Neptune stations on the zero degree of Pisces, the media blackout on this issue continues to create an absolutely surreal atmosphere where the vast majority of people are none the wiser, simply going about business as usual.

My heart is with the people of Japan.

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Lukiftian said...

People are always trumping up the negative aspects of minimal radiation exposure without also examining some of the positive aspects. What are they? Well off the top of my head, the first is mutation. Consider potassium- we require it to live but it's still mildly radioactive, enough to assist in the mutagenic process. Again, we focus on birth defects, but what about productive mutations, such as... increased resistance to disease... or GMO food... psychic abilities... great artists, scientists, geniuses... increased athletic ability... increased lifespan.... ? The problem is that we consider these 'gifts' from god, than what they actually might be, exposure to radiation.

Willow said...

I'd vote to be a non-participant in the radiation experimentation currently underway with life on planet Earth, myself.

I'm not sure how we decide who dies of exposure, cancer or other radiation-related illnesses, who has deformed babies, etc. and who becomes the Super Irradiated Human Phenom you're talking about.

Sounds a little too "Radioactive Eugenics for the Aquarian Age" for this cat.

Lukiftian said...

Well, meow to that.

But it comes down to control-- doesn't it? --and how much we have over our destinies. I believe we have a certain degree within a greater or larger sphere, but beyond that, it's in the hands of fate whether or not we might prefer otherwise.

the gestalt of Pluto in Capricorn could be the implosion of Big Government everywhere, in a vein similar to the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn heralding the collapse of communism in 1989.

Willow said...

Regardless of how much control we have over our fates, I won't be buying the positive spin in irradiation.

Lukiftian said...

Oh you don't need to buy it, it's drifting over us right now, and it's free!

Great blog, I will be following.